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So, it has finally happened. The status anxiety mob, raised on a diet of "we are the people" and Protestant ascendancy on the one hand and knowing their place and serving their masters on the other, have finally decided to found their own extreme right majority supremacist party. I spoke at great length (to zero interest) about the Ulster People's Forum and their relationship to the extreme right so I'll not rake over old ground but I will point out two unusual quirks about the latest addition to right-wing extremism:

1. "Protestant Unionist Loyalists" might have been kept down by their masters in the mainstream unionist parties but do they really believe that the man to properly represent their interests is the millionaire Jim Dowson? As much as I loathed the lasted extreme right loyalist leader, George Seawright, at least he lived among them on the Shankill and had to make ends meet as a taxi driver rather than having umpteen businesses and money spinners on the go. I also wonder what the other "Protestant Unionist Loyalists" in the new party would make of his close relationship to the very very Catholic Justin Barrett? And if memory serves in his waste of trees "The National Way Forward" didn't he advocate the Republic of Ireland reclaiming a big chunk of Northern Ireland for their own? Doesn't sound very Unionist or Loyalist to me.

2. It's a good thing that their website states that they have "no political ambitions" because they have sod all chance of winning any power. The National Front and the BNP were both rejected out of hand so there is no desire for the extreme right and, despite the high profiles afforded to them by the media, the Progressive Unionist Party and especially the Ulster Democratic Party never made any real dent in the big two's support so there is clearly little to no desire for political loyalism either. Still at least it will allow Willie Frazer the chance to keep a close watch on activities and report back to his people *wink*.

And if PUL is what they now want to be called does that mean that William McGrath and John McKeague could legitimately be called PULPs? I'll leave you to work out what the second P stands for. It's shame Liam Adams isn't a PUL too, I suppose.
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So by a mere nine votes old one eye is still leader of the BNP in what could prove to be a final victory. There can be a little question about it - the BNP are fast becoming a spent force. On the face of it all the things are in place for them to be riding high, be it the growth of the extreme right in general across Europe, the emergence of the English Defence League, a group made up of the BNP's natural support group, the fact that we have a government that is determined to attack the poor and vulnerable or the fact that we have an opposition that seems to exist only to endorse the government's hate-filled attitudes. Instead the BNP's support has gone into the toilet and it is continuing down the well-worn road of extreme right in-fighting. Not a month goes by without Griffin dealing out another round of expulsions and no doubt Andrew Brons and his followers will be the next to go, with Brons re-emerging at the head of another silly little party that will last a year or so before giving up the ghost after a couple of double figure vote tallies in Birmingham. In some ways Brons is a more personable sort than Griffin and might have been a better choice as leader (although his involvement in Colin Jordan's openly Nazi National Socialist Movement would have always been a potent way to discredit him) but he is still a comparative nobody and if he does invent his own party nobody will vote for them. As a politically relevant force the BNP looks dead - the desire for their sort of hate-filled rhetoric is unfortunately still there but thankfully they are much to amateurish to take advantage of it. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

And in other news am I to assume we are under yet another bloody denial of service attack?! Does this blasted website ever work anymore?
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When Lenin wrote One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Northern Ireland was nothing but a twinkle in James Craig's eye but here we are facing the age old problem of pointless left-wing division. With the Socialist Party and People Before Profit operating in the same strong anti-cuts milieu I am left to wonder what purpose is served by them opposing each other and splitting what little of the vote they can expect to receive in good old tribal NI. For my own part I am torn in three directions between both of them and the Workers Party, who are preaching a similar brand of gospel. Of the bumf I have seen Paddy Meehan makes probably the strongest case to my mind but the Stiff Little Finger makes good arguments as well whilst the only one I have ever had personal dealings with is Paddy Lynn and I've found him to be a decent sort who will always cut you a fair deal when you buy from his market stall. The rest of them can suck it of course - the SDLP are so bourgeois that it's not even funny any more and the Alliance's fence-sitting "we're so nice but we're really Unionists" act wore out years ago whilst their public endorsement of water charges and their associations with Clagknot's bastards make them beyond the pale. As for Sinn Fein it is amazing how quickly they slipped into being the party of the establishment and how easily some previously admirable community workers became grey-suited, double-dealing, lying politicians whilst they too have made it clear that water charges are their preferred destination. Indeed the way the big five are all tied in to their incestuous Swiss-style permanent coalition with its pro-capitalist and cuts-happy agenda makes a vote for any one of them pointless. Unless you like that sort of thing, of course, in which case you might as well vote for all five of them as they are effectively the same. Which I suppose leaves the Green Party but I’ll be in the cold ground before I vote for that shower. Lovely to see as well that South Belfast is to have two joke candidates with UKIP's Nico Torregrosa having a go here and Charles Smyth awakening Väinämöinen-like from his slumber to unleash the Ayn Rand-loving juggernaut that is Procapitalism upon us once more. Good luck with that lads but I can't see an anti-immigration candidate with a Spanish name and a chap who secured a whopping 22 votes last time worrying McDonnell, Spratt and Maskey too much.

Thus for me council and assembly will both be a 1-2-3 involving the Sticks, the Stiffs and the Socialists with the final order still to be determined (although given that there are ten candidates going after five seats in the council election it really isn't worth my while whatever permutation I go for). As for the referendum I have to say I really couldn't give a monkey's toss one way or the other. I have little to no faith in the whole system of representative democracy anyway so it is no skin off my nose how they choose to arrange the whole charade of choosing sheep to fill the seats. Be it first past the post, alternative vote or any other system isn't it funny how they always end up electing politicians rather than actual human beings? Apart from anything the arguments from both sides have been so childish and lacking in relevance that they might as well have been delivered by Rebecca Black through the medium of "leetspeak". Being the petty, small man that I am deep down I suspect I will vote no simply because this whole referendum is Clagknot's baby and anything that discomforts that smug fucker in the slightest gives me pleasure. And yes I feel so strongly about him that I have decided to use only my second f-word since this old gubbins began. Makes angry face.

And as an odd aside I see that Sinn Fein are standing a candidate for the council elections in the Court electoral area. OK there is a pocket of Fenians on the Crumlin Road, nestling in between the Woodvale and Lower Ardoyne but the chances of Sinn Fein building a support base amongst the residents of Highfield, Glencairn and the rest of the grotty estates that make up the "Greater Shankill" seem about as likely as Neil Lennon being welcome for a jar at the previously mentioned Mountainview tavern. Still they have all that Assembly money sloshing about so I suppose they can afford to waste bits here and there. Heck they even have posters on the Cregagh Road this time around - I wonder what idiot brave soul put those up and was he the same character who "improved" a nearby YCV mural?

So there you have it - on May 5th do yourself a favour and vote for somebody a bit different as we really need a change from the same old rabble that it always is. But I won't be holding my breath.

and stuff

Nov. 12th, 2009 07:21 pm
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So it's time for a by-election again apparently, as somebody looks to replace that repulsive Martin person for a couple of months. I'm not personally sure that it is worth all the expense given that this current mob will be out in the not too distant future but I suppose it is another opportunity for them to take a bit of kicking. Or not seeing as the electorate in that constituency were moronic enough to vote the Speaker in last time despite a perfectly reasonable bunch of other candidates being on offer. For my part I'll never understand people who bother to vote for the Speaker when they know rightly that they only exist because of the silly little conventions in Westminster. I suppose they're the same sort of people who mouthed off about banning smoking in bars despite not having set foot in one in their lives. You know - morons! Voting is pointless enough as it is without voting for a candidate whose sole purpose is to never express an opinion and instead to act as a glorified Jo Frost to a bunch of overgrown toddlers.

But what of the candidates on offer? No surprise to see the standard issue thug running for the BNP. Let's hope that Scotland continues its good record and hands him the usual derisory vote that his mob are used to getting up there. Disappointing meanwhile to see the SSP and Solidarity both standing, as well as a Socialist Labour candidate. Like the left wing vote will not be thin enough to start with it then has to be broken up even more due to personality clashes. Shame. The TILT chap appears to be trumpeting his left-wing credentials too, although judging by that website he is not so much on the left as round the left bend.

I also notice that this by-election is bringing about the previously threatened outbreak of celebrities against people taking money for nothing that I previously ranted about. Mind you, my earlier assault on Esther Rantzen notwithstanding, I didn't realise that the campaign would run out of people so quickly and be forced to go for the real z-list rather than the ultra-famous like the great Esther. We might have expected at least a Tony Roper or a Paul Coia but some Big Brother reject?! I had assumed that the whole point of the initiative was that the slebs were already super-rich and so would not be corrupted by the offer of fringe benefits but, unless he has a secret billion pound business empire that he failed to mention whilst trading his dignity in return for a shot at 100 grand (or whatever the prize money is), I rather suspect that Mr. Hughes would canvass voters with the catchphrase "vote for me...give us your odds, then". And whilst we're at it that baggage handler has had his fifteen minutes of fame and the whole Jury Team business has already ran its course. Ideology and values might be out of fashion in this age of showbiz politics but I don’t think even this society is po-mo enough to vote for a party that has a complete lack of policies as its only policy.

Meanwhile, one guy who certainly doesn't deserve any votes is the ridiculously named wannabe Action Man Mev Brown. According to Mev’s brilliant interpretation the Troubles was just about the Provisional IRA. So all those people killed by the loyalist paramilitaries, the RUC and the British Army were something completely different, I suppose. Nothing more appealing than a Tory Scotsman pontificating about Northern Ireland, is there? I don't know about you, but I rather get the feeling that his two favourite haunts are Murrayfield and his local Loyal Orange Lodge. Still, there is some sanity left as he is yet to attract a single comment on his daft little election blog. I bet he calls his bicycle Desert Storm!

Well that's all I can say about it. Realistically an SNP win will be a decent result, even if the man in question only ends up getting a couple of months of paid mortgage arrears and free plugs. Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.

Lord Jim

Jul. 21st, 2009 08:53 pm
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I was reminded recently of the words of Rolão Preto, a little Portuguese inter-war shithead who attempted to pervert the working classes to his own brand of twisted syndicalism that was actually nought but fascism. After falling out with António de Oliveira Salazar, Preto wrote whilst in exile that "a fascist leader must be forcefully inspired by two watchwords: imagination and courage". It may perhaps be a tad over-egging the pudding to label Jim Allister a fascist but he's not a million miles away given that he leads a purposefully sectarian group that has no concept of minority rights and that is tied up in a sort of nostalgia dell'avvenire for the "good" old days of the Protestant state for a Protestant people established by James Craig. However if indeed the two watchwords of fascist leadership are to be "imagination and courage" (rather than "exploitation" and "eventual, inevitable defeat") then it seems clear that Ulster's own future leader has been ignoring Preto's advice as he seeks to build his own Estado Novo.

As such it is certainly heartening to see the beginning of the end for his little vanity project in the Traditional Unionist Voice. I had always felt that the TUV had something of a cult of personality about it but for that very same reason it was doomed to fail as the one thing dear old Jim lacks is a personality (which is kind of a prerequisite in such circumstances). Charlie Tosh (a man who could only be more well named were he called Dick Wanker) is hardly the sort of man whose talents will be missed but in his departure and his savaging of Jim it is clear that the rest of TUV wont be far behind, unless they have some fetish for being dicked about by a bald man from Crossgar. Allister really should have learned from the past and realised that these one man bands have a tendency to go tits up. Robert McCartney briefly had his moment in the sun but in the end even he, a man of considerable more intellect and presence than Allister, couldn't sustain a party based around himself and so lost most of his followers to the equally short-lived NIUP. And, unlike Allister, McCartney at least had something a bit new to offer in his devotion to full integration rather than Jimmy boy's obsession with turning the clock back to the days of John Miller Andrews. Perhaps Allister should have looked to his namesake in Kilfedder and kept his ambitions small by seeking one constituency to make into his personal fiefdom (and no, I don't mean the public toilet cubicle) but in attempting to ape the only man to ever build a party around himself, Ian Paisley (quite possibly the closest Northern Ireland has ever had to a Salazar of its own), Jim was always doomed to fall short. Hard luck, old son, but it looks like the fat lady is already doing her scales. Not a moment too soon I might add.

And speaking of bald headed men who don't quite have the ability to match up to their ambitions (no, not me, you cheeky gits) it seems that a certain Mr. Eriksson is about to turn up in the Fourth Division. Considering Notts are apparently minted all of a sudden and there are few things that Svennis likes more than a good wad of the folding stuff it could prove a nice little link-up. One can't help but feel however that, if it does happen, the real work will be done by some lower division journeyman like Graham Barrow or Roy McFarland whilst Sven jets off here and there on "scouting" missions that are really free holidays to the exotic locations that he loves. Nice work if you can get it. Lock up your daughters, Nottingham!

Now if you'll excuse me I must head on as for the last few days my nose has been running and I've had a sore throat. As such it seems almost inevitable that I now have swine flu so "enjoy" these posts whilst you still can!

And so on

Jul. 11th, 2008 02:32 pm
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Hardly a shock to see that David Davis has won the Haltemprice and Howden by-election. I would like to begin by saying that I am completely against the 42 day detention rubbish but I still fail to see what this little interlude actually accomplished. All it did was show that Davis is capable of holding a safe Tory seat in an election in which the other two main parties did not take part and in which his only real opposition came from the no hope of getting into Parliament Green Party, the why do they bother English Democrats and a bunch of nutters, hucksters and crackpots including an anti-Semitic failed Hereford United goalkeeper with a Messiah complex, the guy that wrote 'So Macho', an auld eejit from Belfast who bombed at Eurovision, an anti-smoking fascist and a man who should be sectioned. My God, the flaming New Party even stood so it must be a farce.

Davis may argue that the victory is a rejection of the plan but I'm not so sure. The seat was safe Tory anyway and even assuming that everybody who voted for him did so purely because of 42 days, which is a pretty big leap to make, it still represents only the majority of the minority who voted in one pretty piddling little constituency in East Yorkshire. Had every Tory resigned at once like the Unionists did over the Anglo-Irish Agreement it may have had more visual impact but as it is it looks like one has-been trying to draw attention to himself. I also wonder how much the tabloid reading hordes really oppose this move anyway. After all, they are fed a constant diet of "all Muslims are terrorists" and the biggest threat to the people of Diddlebury and Stub Place is al-Qaeda so they are probably going to casually support this stupid law. I'll give Davis his due because he made a principled stand but overall it looks a tad pointless to me.

So that's your lot for another while. The Twelfth, which this year is running to four bloody days given the intercession of a weekend and the refusal of the good stout Protestants to get pissed and burn the Pope on the Sabbath, means that I will be out of the loop until next Wednesday. Try not to miss me too much, won't you.
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You just can't beat Peter Hain, can you? After an admittedly admirable early spell in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa he hightails it to Blighty when the going gets rough, does the Winston Churchill trick of ditching the Liberal Party in favour of a better chance of power and then has the cheek to come over all anti-American in his run for the deputy leadership despite gaining what little bit of political influence he had by hanging from the coat tails of the most pro-American yes man since Harold Macmillan. For me there's a definite whiff of the slimeball about him, the sort of perma-tanned silver fox who would leave his hotel room number with a waitress in a Monte Carlo casino in anticipation of a night of rumpy-pumpy before concluding an arms deal with some dodgy character from Qatar. Hardly a surprise, given all this (OK, the last bit was fictional in case the esteemed Welsh Secretary's lawyers come across this), that he's been caught taking dodgy money. Ordinarily I would look forward to him being hung out to dry, especially after his bumbling run in the Northern Ireland Office, but this being New Labour I actually look forward to nothing more being said of the whole incident for a few months before Peter walks into a cushy promotion, something like Secretary of State for Lovely Laydeez. Good old New Labour - they're a laugh a minute with their constant sleazing and their stranglehold on government.

Elsewhere I notice that Rumpole of the Bailey lookalike and all round über-capitalist TV's John Harvey-Jones has bought something that in which he had never previously invested - the farm. A little known side to Sir John is that he threw his lot in with ultra-capitalist Tories with knobs on the New Party. Odd that a man who is now being praised as the best thing since sliced bread should have backed three men and a dog in a Ukip rip-off who clearly feel that Oswald Mosley is a man to be copied. Cripes, guys like him make Duncan Bannatyne seem appealing.

And no, this post was not intended just to show off my new icon, delightful as it may be! Altogether now #The summer days are ending in the valley...#
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Well the dirty deed is done and I voted along the lines that I said I would I would yesterday. I must say this was a poorly campaigned election with only the SDLP and Sinn Fein bothering to come to my door whereas last time a whole squad of them turned up. Still no word from Geoffrey Wilson, although buzz has it that he's a power hungry nobody who went to tosspot-factory Grosvenor. Not a sniff of a vote from me, dear heart. No sign of good old Procapitalism either and I was dying for him to come to my house and receive a verbal or physical (depending on my mood at the time) battering. Outside the polling station itself only a mother and daughter Ulster Unionist team bothered to do any hand-billing and I refused their kind offer of a picture of Michael McGimpsey by telling them I was a Marxist. Suffice to say, they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Just the predictable results and lack of progress to wait on now.

Elsewhere I see that lovely man John Reid is getting tough with the immigrants. What a delightful soul he is. Let's stop people getting health care and politicize the NHS even further than it already is. No money and no chance of work. And whilst we're at it, lets sneak ID cards for foreigners in too. Never mind what they might be fleeing, we don't want them here. The British Brothers League is never dead with the likes of good old Doctor John around. Bastard!
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Apologies in advance to the animal rights mob (actually scrub that - my journal my opinions) but come on! A system that supports only two big parties and one tuppence-halfpenny one and they decide to launch a party about animals. Plus Animals Count can hardly be seen as a success when they are yet to grasp concepts as basic as grammar. 'Launch Animals Count Major Success' indeed. I believe the words 'the', 'of', 'is' and 'a' are missing from that sentence. Makes the whole "some Carson" graffiti from a lot of years back look intelligible. Good luck to them (no, I tell a lie - to hell with them) but they are about as relevant as Sharon Ebanks and her threats to launch a New Nationalist Party. Hell, the British Unicorn Party will form a coalition government with P.A.R.T.Y. before these pillocks get anywhere. Laugh? I nearly choked on me mixed grill!

Meanwhile, I see cronyism is alive and well in the lottery fund. We can expect no better from the sleaze mistress herself, Tessa Jowell, of course. Loves a con and a bung, does our Tess. Good to see Sanjay Dighe likes a bit of money wasting whilst John Gartside was happy to turn Warrington over to NATO. Should be more money well spent. Keep up the good work, you crazy chick!

Enough cynicism for one day, methinks as I must heave to and do a little work. Keep on keeping on!
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So Robert Kilroy-Silk has launched his own party with one of the cheesiest names ever. This idiot has really outstayed his welcome. As a Labour MP he was only ever known for opposing a written constitution and that daft interview on the train but now he thinks he can reinvent himself as some big racial crusader and sweep to power. The fact that he buggered off from UKIP after not winning the leadership shows that he has right-wing disease ie he has to be the leader. The fact that he said there is a gap in the market for Veritas shows he is delusional. Kilroy, my dear, the anti-immigration line is already being done not only by your old UKIP mates but also by the BNP, England First, English Democrats, English Independence Party, Freedom Party, National Democrats, National Front, New Britain Party, New Party, Third Way, and White Nationalist Party, as well as umpteen pressure groups and similar organisations. Time to get your head out of the sand and realise you're a has-been populist with a worrying Messiah complex. If people have any sense he'll be annihilated at the next election. Still it's asking a lot to expect sense from the electorate. Kilroy, for the love of gravy, go back to the Daily Express and leave the sane world alone. And your TV show was rubbish.

I'll end today with this meme lark swiped from [ profile] fluffmitten. Pick three things that you dislike vehemently that you know someone on your friends list really likes.

1. Wolverhampton Wanderers (I am a Baggie after all)
2. vegetarianism (meat is it)
3. new Romantics (nonces)

See you next week, chaps.
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I'm up surprisingly early today in preparation for the highlight of my year ie the public library's once a year book sale which kicks off tomorrow. I like to be among the earliest there so as to ensure that I can have my pick of the stuff. Naff it may well be but I must admit that when they failed to have one last year things felt strangely incomplete.

My early rising is despite having burnt the candle at both ends last night. Early bed wasn't an option as I was receiving blinding rays of inspiration with regards my next essay. I'm now close to formulating my own theory of right wing extremism. Which is nice.

So the European elections are coming soon and it's good to see the "stars" are still happy to jump on any bandwagon put in front of them. Is it just me or is there something terribly insincere about the whole "I'm so green but I'm a multi-millionaire" line that Anita Roddick rhymes. I'll not even start on former Labour MP Kilroy giving in to crude right-wing populist rhetoric. It's enough to make you support Scottish Wind Watch. Well, almost.


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