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I believe, gentle reader (whomever you are), that I have mentioned the Highfield estate before. But for those who weren't present or who share my strange obsession with the sectarian geography of Belfast I shall briefly run through it again. Highfield is a loyalist housing estate lying beyond the Shankill Road near the foot of Black Mountain, bordered on the north by the Ballygomartin Road, the south by the Springfield Road, the east by the West Circular Road and the west by the Springmartin Road. Generally a UDA stronghold, it is one of the most deprived areas of Belfast with some of the worst housing stock in the city. Its entire west side is crushed up against equally low grade republican areas such as New Barnsley and Ballymurphy and the area was the site of some notorious inter-paramilitary gun battles in the early 1970's. Even now it gives off something of an unwelcoming vibe with strangers regarded suspiciously and for a Fenian like myself passing through the Highfield estate always gives one a slight nervous thrill.

But a lack of options forced my hand. Well, I could have taken a quick stroll over to Daddy Winkers Lane and watched the mighty Orangefield Old Boys in action and I did toy briefly with a run out to Bangor to watch the match there. There was also the Irish Cup semi-final between Cliftonville and Crusaders at the Oval but I suspected (wrongly as it proved) that in the Ulster People's Forum stronghold that is the lower Newtownards Road a repeat performances of the protests that forced the abandonment of the same fixture at Seaview might be in the offing. So with those options shitcanned all that was left was Paisley Park Highfield estate to watch the erstwhile West Belfast Rangers (Albert Foundry as they are now called) in action against the famous Ardglass.

Paisley Park (which may or not be named after Ian Paisley, I really don't know) is better known as a bowling club but includes a few football pitches. Although the mercury touched ten degrees Celsius today the high, open, windswept location meant that as my made my way to Paisley the following sight greeted me:

I did take the thicko option of Single Award Science at GCSE so I claim no expertise in these matters but I was taught that water freezes at oh degrees so how the hell can snow exist at ten above nowt? Mind-boggling.

But I digress. I arrived at Paisley Park at ten minutes to two (two o'clock kick-off) and was surprised to be charged three quid for entry. Games at this level tend to be gratis but so be it. I was even more surprised to find that with a mere ten minutes to go I was the only paying customer there. Yup, just me. Given how full of their own self-importance Shankill roaders are (a trait they share with Falls roaders) and the fact that local favourites Linfield had no match today I expected a decent crowd to turn out but not a bit of it. I counted nine paying customers in total, augmented by about another twelve or so comps who came in late for a bumper crowd that was lucky to break twenty people.

As to the match itself it was frankly a bit of a mismatch. Although other clubs have games in hand Albert Foundry currently sit on top of the Northern Amateur League Premier Division (fourth tier overall) with Ardglass anonymous in mid-table. I don't claim to know much about this league but if this game is anything to go by there must be quite a gap between the top sides and the rest as Foundry were grinding Ardglass like so much horse meat from the word go. That they went in at half-time only 1-0 up was due to Foundry's inability to score rather than anything on the part of Ardglass. It would have seemed a really long journey home for their travelling support had it not been for the fact that they appeared to have no supporters. Fourth tier don't forget. The attitudes to health and diet are a little different at this level though. Every member of the Foundry coaching staff had a feg on at one point, including one old stager who was eating them, and when an Ardglass player was substituted off injured he sparked a tab on the touchline a few minutes after coming off.

During the second half there appeared to be a rather large fire raging behind the ground with smoke billowing but in fact it may just have been Foundry on fire as they turned the screws on a woeful Ardglass side. Four goals were scored to add to the one they already had, including two near the end that appeared to be scored within a minute of each other. To be honest they probably could have had a three or four more as this was an absolute hiding from start to finish.

It's difficult to assess Albert Foundry. On the pitch they are every inch a Championship 2 club in waiting and they would more than hold in their own in that division playing to the standards they did today. Their ground wasn't the ritz, although if Brantwood maintained senior status with their pit and Sport & Leisure Swifts do with their shoebox then this might just be good enough. The views are quite something as well as there are few places in the city where you can see the Holy Cross church on Crumlin Road, the shipyard and the City Hospital with just a slight turn of the head. Their only stand could probably stand to be a little larger and they would need to rip off the crumbling wooden slats and replace them with proper plastic seats but I could see Paisley Park as a third level ground without too much effort being needed. The big problem however would be the crowds, which are clearly woeful. This was a fine day for football and there is a big slice of population, all high on their own identity, for them to draw on but with Linfield not playing they still failed to break double figures on the gate as far as I could see. A lot of clubs in Northern Ireland fail to engage properly with their local communities in order to attract support (not least Donegal Celtic, whose PR is non-existent, a fact reflected in their own terrible crowds) but Albert Foundry are missing out badly as they could be drawing in decent crowds if they got their arses in gear. It remains to be seen if they will win the league and even if they do the system for promotion to the Irish League is arcane in its complexity but the raw materials are there. Cliftonville and Crusaders have shown what community engagement can do as they both attract bumper crowds now and whilst Albert Foundry aren't near that level yet they could do worse than looking to their northern neighbours for pointers in attracting those from the Greater Shankill who have an interest in the game but don't care for Linfield, can't afford the prices at Windsor Park, can't find transport to Blues games or just can't be arsed going. If they manage that they could thrive a couple of levels above their current position but if not they'll continue busting a gut in front of the sort of "crowds" that most of us could comfortably squeeze into our parlours.
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Nothing to talk about so here's some snow )

Snow - no!

Mar. 23rd, 2013 09:01 pm
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Bloody snow! If in the past I expressed any affection for it (unlikely, but you never know) I take it all back as I hate the bloody stuff with a passion. I was caught smack bang in the middle of it yesterday as it rained down for about seven hours solid, with little nail-like crystals whipped on by the wind cutting the face of me. I can just about tolerate the soft stuff but this was that hard nutty shite, not a million miles away from being hail but still snow. And I tell you what, it hurts a hell of a lot more than it used to now that I'm bald.

Inevitably a dirty hole like Windsor Park couldn't take that so Friday's proposed match between Northern Ireland and Russia was postponed until today, as a result of which the Irish League programme as a whole was postponed. Cliftonville's plastic pitch would have inevitably been playable and something could have been arranged for Crusaders, but no Craig Cathcart and Daniel Lafferty being destroyed by Roman Shirokov and Aleksandr Kerzhakov had to be the only game in town. I checked the Northern Amateur League site, reasoning that some of the clubs there have plastic pitches too (not least Immaculata, whom I visited earlier this year) but even they had cancelled everything because of Michael O'Neill's green and blue sack of cack. DC reserves offered possible solace but as reserve fixtures are always the reverse of first team games those too were postponed. I was unable to fully determine whether or not the Ballymena and Provincial League (yes, I was that desperate) was on or off and so the prospect of Brantwood against Magherafelt Sky Blues tantalised me but in the end I decided not to bother, reasoning that Skeggy would either be under a foot of snow or a sodden mess and I would have endured a run out to the Shore Road in the snow for nothing. Still not sure if it went ahead or not to be honest - why is the internet so crap in Northern Ireland.

So instead I was forced to endure a Saturday's shopping in the freezing cold, surrounding by the sort of brain-dead morons you only get on a Saturday, all the while fighting the almost irresistible urge to fall thanks to the mess the snow has made of the pavements. And as if that wasn't enough the electricity went off last night and I am fully expecting it to go the same way tonight. What is it about snow that makes the generation of electrical energy so difficult? Who would have though those two things were natural enemies.

So yeah, snow and that. As far as I'm concerned you can keep it. It's nearly April for God's sake!
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Snow. It's arrived don't you know. Actually it arrived first on Friday when I was roped into a shared taxi home and a mixture of the treacherous conditions, a big crash just up the road from me and a yet another series of protests by those flag-waving, bigoted, fascist, spidey loyalist fuckers (yes, I'm so sick of that shit that I have actually deployed one of my truly rare f-bombs) meant that the thing ended up costing a whopping twenty five quid and lasting over two hours for a 1.8 mile journey. Right royal rumpus and no mistake. Inevitably Saturday was washed out as all matches in Belfast bar Crusaders were called off but I didn't fancy battling my way through the protests to hit Seaview so I gave it a miss. The snow largely disappeared yesterday but now it has returned with a vengeance. Fortunately I was already ensconced in the old homestead by the time the real stuff hit (touched for a bit of sleet this afternoon, but nothing too major) so I can be altogether more appreciative of it. If it lies or keeps going tomorrow my mood will undoubtedly sour but for now I can appreciate its savage beauty.

You know what's coming by now )

Il neige

Dec. 5th, 2011 09:14 pm
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We have already established that every fall of snow is recorded for posterity round these parts and yesterday the first fall of the winter came like a thief in the night. Colder than a Tory's heart it was all day long and as such it was inevitable that the snow would ensue. Well, ensue is a bit of an exaggeration as, whilst a bit has lay on the roofs, most of what came was dissipated very quickly by the rain that followed afterwards. Either way here's the pictures for you all to ignore.

Snow joke )

The mountains that surround north and west Belfast have a fine blanket of snow still sitting on top of them (as is often the case to be honest) but you'll have to take my word for that as my paid for livejournal account will not let me upload the photos I took today. Indeed it might well be that you'll have to take my word for all of this as my paid for livejournal does not appear to be displaying pictures at all right now, despite me paying for them to do so. Extra paid time free of charge right now!

EDIT: Good old DA to the rescue. I may have voted in a poll yesterday where I suggested these DDoS attacks didn't really bother me but I lied and they do. Gnash! And The pictures from today as promised )

Never let it be said I don't deliver on promises that nobody wants kept. Peace out.
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So the big snow finally went and a sudden unexpected heat wave of sorts has replaced it. For my part it is something of a good thing as at least my heat is (sort of) working again although having to sleep in the living room (with precious little actual sleep being had due to an aversion I have to being too near the floor) and the disruption it engendered did rather make the whole Christmastide a bit more of a chore than I would have liked. Still the snow was, in retrospect, picturesque and, as is the case with every fall of snow we have now, must be recorded for posterity thus:

Snow )

But the snow is now a memory and yesterday a venesection was due with the promise that I might soon be given a respite by being switched onto once every three months rather than once every fortnight. No sooner had I set out to catch the bus than I noticed something unusual about the two big houses facing my stop.

The story continues )

So that's the end of that chapter. Another attempt will be made tomorrow when I will no doubt be told that there are no doctors in the entire hospital and that I should come back every day for the next six months on the off chance that one deigns to grace us with his presence. Either that or I'll touch for another sprog who has never done the blasted procedure before, doesn't know how to clamp a simple tube and doesn't know what ferritin means as happened last time. Fun all the way.

Oh and I suppose, just in case anybody is reading this, other than the usual hordes who descend on this journal wanting only pictures of Lorraine Kelly and Juliette Binoche (always give em what they want), I should say a happy new year to all. Which I just did.
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The snow came back this morning which was a good thing in many ways. I may not be a big fan of snow as I have previously stated but it is preferable to the sheet of ice that we have had to endure these last few days as at least it is crunchy rather than slippery. Walking in snow is hard work but, given that it never lies deep in Belfast, there is no danger of the embarrassing fall-de-rees and fall-de-roos that ice invariably engenders. Still the fall we had was quite picturesque and, as I always do when this happens...

...this is what it looked like )

So an actual proper covering of snow has arrived and so in the spirit of the season (and for the first time in probably 25 years or more) I decided there was only one thing to do - build a snowman.

Two raisins and a hole )

There, now aren't you glad you got to see that? Oh.

EDIT: And go here to read an assessment of the whole England World Cup fiasco that is pretty much in step with my own opinions. A rare triumph for the Grauniad these days.
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Snow has, of course, been the thing that is getting everybody hot and bothered this last week or so. Now, we did get some nigh on a week ago round these parts but by and large that was it. No seven foot drifts, no winter wonderland, no canitude or any such nonsense. Nope, the snow was over after little more than two days last week but, this being Belfast, it hasn't gone away you know. Instead the snow has turned into ice and has lay ever since, making the street I live in and the surrounding environs about as treacherous as wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress on a midnight raid in Battersea dog's home. The inevitable trip to the hospital yesterday to give away my life blood like so much cheap wine resulted in more near pratfalls than an uninsured Norman Wisdom and made dignity an impossible commodity to come by. The hatches have now been battened down although penarious concerns mean that it must be braved again tomorrow, lest I am reduced to eating tins of celery hearts topped with cat food for supper and even I draw the limit at that. Probably.

Meanwhile I present this quote from a Mr. D Beckham, referring to a Panorama investigation into widespread corruption in FIFA and after a meeting with Jack Warner, a man who personally made millions illegally selling his federation's allocation of World Cup tickets - "I think what we made clear to him, and what he already knows, is that, if we were to get the World Cup in our country in 2018, our media will be right behind it". Good stuff. Now I attach no blame to Beckham for this statement, cast as he is in his usual role of pawn in big boy's games, but doesn't it give a fine insight into the mind of our esteemed leader David William Donald Cameron that he is happy to ignore glaring corruption in order to grub a bit of money from FIFA and is even prepared to manipulate a supposedly free press in order to have his way. Heck, the whole bid wasn't even his idea in the first place and should surely have been one of the first wastes of money culled by his cuts-happy government given the unlikelihood of it actually succeeding. Still, if World Cups were awarded for brown-nosing I'm sure Call Me Dave's schmooze-fest in Zurich over the last few days would have won it hands down. As a spectacle I always enjoy the World Cup but, let's face it, the whole thing is as bent as a nine-bob note and seeing the supposed great and the good effectively saying that they don't give a rat's arse about corruption as long as they can get their snouts in the trough is about as sickening a sight as I have ever seen.

And finally I was wondering if anybody else was having an issue with goat-acting by livejournal these last few days, specifically with regards to fonts. All the words on the various pages seem to have changed font to something decidedly bland and I am now left to wonder if it is just my laptop being its usual gittish self or if it is rather livejournal being its usual gittish self. Rotten lot.
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I am doing my best to resist scoring any points from the whole suicide attempt by extremely bigoted and overtly moralistic Pentecostalist woman who blew an illegal fifty grand bung on her secret lover who is forty years her junior as it would just be cruel. It perhaps says it all about politics in Northern Ireland that there is a chance (slim, let's be honest) that the whole mess could spell the end of the storied career of Peter Robinson.

A tad picture heavy )

Oh and apparently it has been snowing a bit too. There has been less here than on the 'mainland' but there has still been a decent fall compared to what we had the other week. Again let me demonstrate:

More pictures )
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It certainly is the weather for the gear being sported by Dimitrov as the snow has arrived. Now, from what I have seen on TV the island of Britain has taken quite a hammering from the white stuff in parts. This has not been the case in my neck of the woods. It fell fairly consistently last night but left at best a light blanket that has largely melted away today. Bits of it have remained however as shall be demonstrated:

Rather lame snow pictures )

So there you have it - not so much a snow storm as a snow dribble. Still, it will do for me as snow, although admittedly the most photogenic type of weather, is really rather tedious and so the less of it the better.
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Hello there. I'm sure all you sensible people are tucked up in bed by now but for me it is much too cold to even contemplate that prospect. I'm a light enough sleeper as it is but the sub zero temperatures and occasional falls of snow that have added to the now effectively iced over blanket that appeared yesterday will keep me out of bed for some time yet. As such the joys of and filling this here with my usual brand of irrelevant rubbish is the order of the day until this place has heated up a bit.

But enough about me. Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is trying to tell you something? It's a feeling that I have got recently from our old friend Vladimir Putin. There is the penchant for military uniforms including little hats and stripes and the fishing trip photoshoot that caused the little man's popularity to rise in certain sections. Now what do we find - the small one likes nothing better than busting a move to ABBA tribute acts. What's next - the Judy Garland car horn? I suppose it explains why he looks so angry all the time. Break your silence Vladimir, you'll feel a lot fluffier!

Elsewhere this Carol Thatcher business is getting a bore already. The complainers need a good shaking - yes, she made the comment off air but why the hell does that matter?! An unrepentant racist does not deserve work on the national broadcaster and TV certainly does not owe a living to a woman who would be as unknown as most other journalists were she not Hilda's daughter. Ron Atkinson was rightly sacked in the same circumstances and there is no reason why that witch should be offered clemency when he was not. Or is this the same old thing that permits racism as long as it is in a plummy accent, the sort of logic that allows Boris Johnson and the Phil the Greek to get away with murder? I've criticised the BBC a lot recently but on this one they are completely justified and should not cave in to the rabble of idiots. Keep that awful woman off my screen and whilst we are it at axe that bloody One Show fiasco altogether.

Well, that'll do for me. A cig is calling so god night out there, whatever you are.
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Despite the weather Dublin proved a nice little break. Managed to get down without any trouble, although the sky was threatening snow from the word go and sure enough it finally broke loose by the time I was in Grafton Street. This was an unfortunate occurrence as I was staying at the far end of O'Connell Street, although the close at hand location of the International Bar solved the problem. In spite of this a good day spending money I don't have was had nonetheless. The music shops in particular proved more productive than I had remembered and it was a pleasant surprise to see that Tower Records had a prog section. Put it this way, you would wait a long time before turning up one of Ange, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Shiva's Headband and Steamhammer in all of Belfast, let alone in one shop. Add in a collection of obscure of French prog from the same shop and albums by Ivor Cutler, the Exploited, the Anti-Nowhere League, Conflict, a Wolfe Tones best of that includes their rebel songs (impossible to get in Belfast from anybody except Sinn Fein) and a Trojan box set for a couple of nicker from various other places and I was quite the happy bunny. Some fine panatelas were also obtained, which is always nice. I was eventually able to make it back in between breaks in the weather and stopping off in boozers (where I had to negotiate the tricky proposition of trying to understand a west of Ireland accent after I got talking to a Nottingham Forest-supporting Galway man in the smoking section of the Temple Bar) but that was me hemmed in for the night as sleet was falling from then on. Got home no problem as yesterday was actually quite a pleasant day weather-wise although the same can hardly be said of today. So far Belfast had avoided all but the most cursory flecks of snow but today a sustained fall has been endured, leaving a blanket of the white stuff behind it. Not a good situation at all as what little enthusiasm I ever had for snow (and even as a child I was no big fan) has long disappeared and I now see it as merely a terrible inconvenience that forces you to stay at home whether you want to or not. Not for me the home-made sledge or that ghastly Americanism that is the "snow angel". Nope, snow is cold and painful and hateful and the sooner it goes the better!

Snow joke

Jan. 19th, 2009 08:21 pm
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They predicted snow today but so far it can't seem to make its mind up what to do. A couple of times today there has been slight bits of snow but each time the weather has suddenly decided it can't be annoyed and has opted for rain. To my senses it does not feel quite cold enough for snow. Here's hoping anyway - I hate the bleeding stuff.

Snow would perhaps be appropriate as, we have been told ad nauseam, today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Not sure about that personally - personally I feel a tad unwell (as usual) but my mood is about the same as it ever is. Besides even were I to be depressed because of today (and why would I be just because some expert reckons I should be) my mood would be lifted by the news that Thistle have finally saw sense and sent Brewster packing. The lad's place in the pantheon was ensured by his first spell in charge but, as is nearly always the case, the second time around was a bit of a let-down and the recent shocking run has finished him off. Fingers crossed that the club get somebody half-decent in as two clubs going down in the same season would be unbearable.

Well, that's my lot for today. For those if you who have decided that scientists are always right and therefore you just can't be happy today I say at least you're not Boris! Stay cool, wont you.
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Dentist yesterday. Fun. After a bit of faffing about, during the course of which it turned out they had my appointment down for the wrong time, I got to see him. Decent guy, put me at ease. Had a look at my gnashers and decided that three of them wanted filling again but that the main problem one was in too bad a state to save. Thus begins my journey towards toothlessness as, until next month, I've always had a full set. Without any jabs he also ripped a piece of the tooth out with tweezers which was a bloody nightmare at the time but has taken away most of the pain and left the offending chomper merely numb rather than sore.

Today, not long out of seeing the honcho who informed me that the viva is now set for April the 11th and, fortunately, will be held here rather than the garden of delights that is Middlesbrough. The thought of a two hour interrogation session taking place after I have just flown was too grim to contemplate. As such I suppose I should be getting cracking on looking over my work but I reckon I'll leave it for a few days as I'm still getting used to the concept and so am in no state to do much work.

Finally a fond farewell to Jeremy Beadle. He was certainly vilified in his later life but in his day we all loved the bearded funster and would happily have shook his baby hand had we met him. A genuine Renaissance man despite being most well known for downmarket laughs I rarely thought of him from day to day but now feel a little perturbed that he'll never be back on our screens. End of era - of sorts.

Love that fro!

Anyway, enough of this drivel for one day. A little too tired to do much of substance so I think I'll nick off home before the snow comes. Barring a heavy fall I'll be back to annoy you all tomorrow otherwise see you all next week.
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Frozen white water came down from the sky. Or, if you prefer, it snowed round my way on Thursday night. Now, snow in Belfast tends to mean about an hour of piddling stuff, a tiny blanket for about a day and then loads of rain to turn it to mush. Not this time! Heaviest in years apparently, leaving behind a deep lay of it, a little of which still remains. As a consequence I was unable to get down here on Friday, or indeed do much of anything apart from be the mug who was sent to the local Co-op to get milk and loafs. What in peacetime is a five minute journey there and back, including getting served, took the guts of half an hour as I trudged along at snail’s pace, wrestling with a bag of messages, an umbrella and a feg, whilst having to stop constantly to avoid falling or dodge flying water from the road. Nightmare stuff.

Still, it happened at a fairly good (if there is ever a good time for these things) as the telly was feeding up a bumper week of sport. A shame really that all the live football matches were so crap but at least the darts offered good fun as usual. I didn't really get into the Grand Slam of Darts that ITV showed earlier, largely because it was mostly PDC and their players mean nothing to me as I have no access to Sky Sports (plus the disrespectful crowds didn't help) but the BDO World Championships is always a favourite in my house (well, for me anyway). I think I'll be supporting Martin Adams this year after his fine win last year and his emotional response to his first round win. So out to Martin Phillips in the second round it is then!

Alongside that, of course, was the FA Cup and, despite the poor matches that the Beeb showed, here's the 4th round draw anyway. A potential tie with the Posh for Albion, assuming Charlton fall in the replay meaning a practically guaranteed run to the fifth round. Bugger! The sooner the Baggies exit the competition the better. Given the competition for promotion a cup run will only distract and may well condemn the team to another misery-fest in the play-offs. Losing the final to Derby last year was bad enough but I would never live down a 1-0Wembley reverse to Wolves come May.
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Still no snow. Rearrange these words into a popular phrase "talk" and "all".

Been with the honcho going over boring stuff for most of the day so I can't be jiggered thinking too hard. Thus, I shall finish with this rather fine effort from the illustrious [ profile] lady_bogside. Good clean fun for all the family!

[1] - List your top 10 celebrity crushes
[2] - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust (10-1, 1 being favorite)
[3] - Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
[4] - Supply photos for said people.
[5] - Tag five people (persons A, B, C, D and E - takes care of that)

A bit of the other )
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Would I be sad to see the back of the Casino Queen Tessa Jowell? Would I heck as like. One less faceless Blairite nobody to have to look at. Besides anybody who gets involved with Italy's favourite light entertainer and singer Silvio Berlusconi deserves to get booted out. Mind you, this being New Labour, even if she does go she'll be back in a couple of months a la Blunkett, Mandleson and the rest. They can bleat all they want about her not having done anything wrong but Caesar's wife must be above suspicion so shut the door on your way out and take your Tony toadying with you.

Not much else happening. It snowed again today and muggins here was caught in the middle of it. No picnic! I may well seek ashes later for the craic. And Alla Pugacheva has a fascinating voice but she needs to steer clear of the gayer-than-thou disco stuff. I have no idea how those three things are connected but such is life.
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Today's weather is really rather not nice. Icy wind and the odd blast of snow punctuated by bizarre spells of sunshine. Not fond of it, I must admit.

I see in the news that my two favourite people, Tony Blair and Michael Parkinson, are to be appearing on the same screen. Note to self: miss that at all costs. I'm sure that'll be hard-hitting stuff.

Parky:"So, Prime Minister, are you a fan of Christina here's work?"
Tony:"In a very real sense of the word, and I say this to you, yes, I am."
Christina:"Tha-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ank you-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"
Parky:"I'm from Yorkshire, you know."
Tony:"And I would just like to say to you, Andrea, that you can clearly see that Britain is better off under New Labour."
Spacey:"Oh, Tony, you're the best. I love Britain. Please give me more work."

All for now, mes copains. Essay is pretty much done but is a little short so I'm offski to do a spot of padding. Cheerio.
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Just saw these pictures over on Auntie's website. Cripes, I didn't realise that the weather was that stinking over in England. Northern Ireland tends to bear the brunt of these things (and they go unreported in the London-centric media) but so far all we have had has been a wee fall of hale stones, touch wood. Now that I've said that it will start pissing with snow, of course. Still, it's good to be the ones who miss out for a change.

I was meant to see the honcho today but of course the numpty ain't there. I'm not too worried to be honest. My head isn't really in the game today and I doubt I could have filled 45 minutes with blah-fum for love nor money. 45 seconds would be a big ask right now. I think I'll clear out and hit the town before he starts e-mailing me to find out where I am. Enjoy it, campers.


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