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And so it begins as, once again, Sinn Fein got off the mark to fire the first shots of yet another election campaign (well, in my own sordid little burgh at least, happen the rest of you have been getting it for weeks). And what do you know, it's only bloody Millionaire Marty they've chosen as our candidate. Yet again the Sinners decide that we in south Belfast can't be trusted to think for ourselves and so parachute in somebody from their west Belfast base of operations, although they also seem to have come to the conclusion that wee Maskey is a bit too rough for us dazzling cosmopolites and so have ditched him in favour of the transatlantic, jet-setting, media mogul with the big nose. Deirdre Hargey may be a faceless apparatchik of the type that makes up the bulk of the party these days but at least she's from the Market so why she couldn't have contested what is an unwinnable seat for them anyway is a mystery to all bar the Falls Road mafia who run that party. OK, she's to be something on the new council but in the highly unlikely event that SF won South Belfast abstentionism would mean doing the two jobs would be easy anyway. Unless, of course, they're building up to dropping that policy, which wouldn't surprise me a jot after the last few years of public Liz-licking in which they have indulged.

But Millionaire Marty it is and once again Sinn Fein show their commitment to working class politics but saddling us with a candidate who is anything but. But in Northern Ireland that's increasingly the way they're going these days. They may make a song and dance over the border about supposedly being a democratic socialist party but that's certainly not the case here where they now promote a pro-capitalist, anti-welfare agenda combined with a fairly conservative set of social attitudes (well, in a wider context as admittedly they're ultra-liberal by the standards of the SDLP and the two unionist mobs). MM is typical of what they're about these days, a slick, sharp-suited tosspot with plenty of money in the bank who looks to the USA for his inspiration and sees the grassroots of republicanism as a bunch of nodding dogs who exist only to rubberstamp him and his ilk every election (not far wrong there, to be honest). He's already been exposed as a liar who tried to justify Sinn Fein's support for Tory cuts and the bedroom tax by pretending it had trade unionist support but what the hell eh? You could stick Michael Stone in a Sinn Fein rosette and there are plenty who would vote for him these days so lying about enshrining poverty into law is hardly going to cost him anything.

I wouldn't ever claim that there aren't decent individuals active within Sinn Fein but unfortunately in Northern Ireland it is very much under the thumb of the party's right-wing, as typified by the likes MM, Mitchel McLaughlin, John O'Dowd and of course McGuinne$$ himself. Even their recent decision to repudiate the massive cuts they agreed to seems to be motivated solely by self-interest as they must have realised it would cost them some votes as surely not EVERY republican voter can be a total idiot. It'll probably work too, even though after the election they will most likely sign up to pretty much the same thing but as George W. Bush so rightly said "there's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again".

Still, if, as I suspect, they're hoping that by leaving it this late they can delay any renegotiation until after the election in the hope that the Tories will be gone then they're playing a very dangerous game. I wouldn't like to call this election for various reasons but if they've judged wrongly and the Tories get back in they can expect them to seek revenge in any future negotiations and demand even more stringent cuts. These last five years of Tory rule have been absolutely horrible, with people's lives shattered in the name of repulsive ideological monetarism and that's with the supposed break being put on their vile excesses by the Liberal Democrats. To see an even more extreme version of that brought to Northern Ireland to teach us a lesson doesn't bear thinking about but it might well prove the outcome of SF's half-arsed attempt at politicking. Were that to be the case, and bearing in mind that Northern Ireland has far too few MPs to make even the remotest difference to anything a Westminster government does, open armed rebellion would be the only answer but of course Sinn Fein has spent the last decade or so making that impossible by surrendering their arms to the enemy and helping to turn the Provies into an unarmed bunch of old alcoholics who either drive black taxis or are on the DLA (which they soon won't be thanks to David Cameron's war on the weak and the vulnerable). And don't even bother thinking about the so-called "New IRA" as it's a real chocolate fire-guard thanks to its archaic structure and the fact that it has so many grasses that their gatherings end up looking like the pitch at the Hawthorns. Things could be set to get a lot bleaker in the not to distant future barring a minor miracle.

But to return to my original point, Sinn Fein posters have gone up on my road, the candidate is multi-millionaire with no links to the constituency and he has about as much chance of getting my vote as he has of winning Miss World. Having looked at the provisional list of candidates on the always reliable Wikipedia I suspect my vote will go in the direction of the hitherto unknown (to Me) Lily Kerr of the Sticks and I can keep up my record of always backing the losing candidate. Given that the unionist pact didn't extend to us McDonnell will probably hold the seat and we will retain an MP whose absence from Westminster can be put down to the fact that he's too busy making money elsewhere rather than any ideological reasons. Ye Gods, what a shower of bastards.


Apr. 24th, 2014 09:04 pm
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Just so as we can be clear about this the UK Independence Party are not racist, just their policies, their rhetoric and their members. One of the faces of their election campaign, Andre Lampitt, is now the latest to join the long-line of UKIP racists and is the latest to join the huge list of those suspended by the party for publicly endorsing hatred. In any civilised society this sort of hatred would see people deserting this bigoted rabble in their droves but Britain gave up on civilisation a long time ago and I fully expect these vile vermin will still sweep the polls next month. The media have already anointed them as big cheeses and have convinced the sheep that xenophobia is the way to go so even were Nigel Farage, who is nothing like the Westminster lot don't forget, to be hauled in as part of Operation Yewtree I still doubt it would make a blind bit of difference. How shitty and British really - racism, xenophobia, bigotry, hatred, misogyny, the whole kit and kaboodle, are all fine as long as the person spreading them has a posh accent. The difference between tut-tutting at tattooed, h-dropping National Front yobs but chuckling gently at the latest bit of racist bile from Philip Mountbatten. Wankers.

Well, I suppose at least I can rely on one thing - Henry Reilly, the candidate for the UK Independence Party (and enthusiast for made-up languages, God help us) will not be getting a seat in the European Parliament. With the candidate list finalised this may well be the first election since 2001 when I don't bother voting*. My days of voting Sinn Fein are well and truly over and even, if I would have considered it, Martina Anderson is the kind of faceless, nodding-dog apparatchik that that party is stuffed with nowadays. The SDLP are out too as, during his time as a Stormont minister, Alex Attwood was single-handedly responsible for laying waste to this city, allowing the developers to tear down every and any historic building with impunity. I probably would have voted for Anna Lo as I respect her on a personal level as a brave and feisty opponent of racism and bigotry and admired her decision to nail her colours to the mast as an anti-imperialist despite being in a pro-British party but it is said party that means I can't. Their affiliation to the Liberal Democrats means that the Alliance are effectively supporting this filthy government and there's also the issue that they are the ones who ensured that the City Hall still flies the butcher's apron on "designated days" rather than taking the rag down altogether so that, along with their general bourgeois crapulence, rules them out. Similarly bourgeois crapulence rules out the Green Party and NI21, with the latter too unionist and too much of a vanity project for its two leaders to be worth consideration. The rest are all avowedly unionist and right-wing, even radical right in Jim Allister and Henry Reilly's cases, and so are not worth wasting words over.

All in all an evil crop, with nobody to remotely attract my attention. I might still change my mind but as things stand a destroyed ballot looks the only viable option. Interesting that after spouting so much crap about how he reckoned he could win the election Billy Hutchinson's name isn't on the ballot, nor indeed that of the UVF's Jamie Bryson (I guess the money ran out once he was caught doing the double) who made a song and dance all winter about how he too would be a candidate. A shame though that the menagerie of dissident republican parties are all giving the election a miss too, as at very least their presence might have made inroads into the Sinn Fein vote, with PSF now virtually guaranteed top spot. Either way, nothing for me here so I think I'll sit this one out.

* For future reference my voting history is as follows:
1998 Good Friday Agreement referendum - no;
1998 Assembly election - Sinn Fein (Sean Hayes);
1999 European election - Sinn Fein (Mitchell McLaughlin);
2001 general election - destroyed the ballot;
2001 local election - Sinn Fein (Alex Maskey);
2003 Assembly election - Socialist Party (Jim Barbour);
2004 European election - Socialist Environmental Alliance (Eamonn McCann);
2005 general election - Workers Party (Paddy Lynn);
2005 local election - Socialist Party (James Barbour);
2007 Assembly election - Socialist Party (James Barbour);
2009 European election - SDLP (Alban McGuinness);
2010 general election - Alliance (Anna Lo);
2011 local election - Workers Party (Paddy Lynn);
2011 Assembly election - Socialist Party (Paddy Meehan);
2011 Alternative Vote referendum - no.
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I think we can finally lay aside any notion that the ConDem junta is acting for any reason other than a slavish ideological devotion to monetarism given their decision to turn down free money. Social Darwinism at its most extreme there, folks. Never mind that that money might alleviate suffering, the poor must be made to pay for being mentally subnormal.

Of course a major part of their little experiment has been Iain Duncan Smith's Workfare idea, taking a massive dump on the victims of the economic collapse by forcing them into slave labour and simultaneously preventing them from selling their labour, the only way to make money in a capitalist system when you are a prole after all. Hell, with their forced labour and Big Society and internships they seem determined to not only abolish social welfare but to abolish paid work, effectively reducing as many as possible to role of impoverished slaves incapable of anything (especially resistance). Social engineering at its most extreme there, folks. A nation of drones cowering under a cosy alliance of the political and monied elites, surviving off scraps whilst breaking their backs to make private companies even richer.

I happened to be going through a few old books the other night and I came across an interesting piece about Workfare from some years ago. It seems Duncan Smith is not the first one to seek to apply this malevolent idea to Britain as he was beaten to it by around fifteen years by someone else. Allow me to quote:

As a test of an unemployed person's willingness to work, I am in favour of the Workfare system.... I was in fact advocating just such a system in pamphlets and articles in the 1970s, before I and most others had heard of its introduction anywhere else. The system is that all welfare benefits, except in the case of the old, sick or disabled, are given only in return for work.... The scheme has two benefits: one is that it is good for the self-respect of those involved; the other is that it discourages welfare spongers by demonstrating to everyone that there is no "free meal", that no-one gets "something for nothing".

The author stops short of going as far as IDS by stating that they would only seek to employ the system in a full employment situation and also by stating that the disabled would be free from the harassment wrought on them by the aforementioned Duncan Smith.

So who is the author of this piece? Thatcher? No. Norman Tebbit? Nope. Friedrich Hayek? No siree, Bob. In fact the above extract comes from page 327 of the Albion Press edition of The Eleventh Hour, a combination of autobiography and political testament that came from the pen of none other than John Tyndall. Yup, the Tories, ably supported by the Liberal Democrats, are now more extreme than a dyed-in-the-wool neo-Nazi. If they win the next election and the EU vote goes their way I genuinely fear the dystopian nightmare that Britain faces.
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So what's the new baby going to be called then. Judging by the reaction of the press I suspect it will be Jesus as it's clearly the Messiah. And on that topic I will say no more as there has already been far too much ink spilt over something that happens thousands of time every day.

Who remembers the Tories in opposition? The constant attacks on the nanny state and interfering government, the whole David Davis resigning his seat over civil liberties stunt. Who remembers the Liberal Democrats as the gripers on the sidelines? So libertarian in their outlook were they that Murray Bookchin and Benjamin Tucker would have left their conference shaking their heads, saying "nah, a bit too libertarian for us". Their latest wheeze as a chimera government - blocking online pornography automatically. Because we must think of the children. Yikes.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not for one second suggesting that child or rape pornography are acceptable but they are separate issues as legislation exists for the one and could easily be extended to the other so that's just a question of enforcement. Nor am I standing up for porn (no pun intended) nor positioning myself as a libertarian. But seriously, come on. This is one of the most knee-jerk, half-arsed ideas I have ever heard in my life. If people choose to look at consenting adults in various stages of undress, or if Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy or whoever choose to show what they had for their dinner on the internet then what business is that of David Cameron or anybody else in the government. Certainly I fail to see how getting internet users to effectively sign a new sex-offenders register will accomplish anything, unless of course it is yet another way for the government to spy on its subjects online (which, of course, it is).

Online pornography may well be "corroding childhood" but the Helen Lovejoy argument simply doesn't wash any more. Even a Luddite like me has been a regular on the internet since the late 1990s and whilst there may still be a few veterans who are completely ignorant of the mysterious worlds available inside computers they are not of the age to have children. If you don't want Jonathan and Charlotte looking at muckies then monitor their use, stick in firewalls or set up blocking software but forcing a ban on everybody just because some lazy parents can't be arsed keeping an eye on their progeny is not only stupid but sets a dangerous precedent. Let's face it any blogging or social networking site you care to name will have porn on it somewhere so will we be forced to register as dirty bastards just to read livejournal? There's also the issue that the day we accept a government restricting something online is the day restrictions begin, not end. How long before anything connected to "terrorism" (for which read criticism of the system) gets the same treatment? How long before you have to opt in to read this journal (don't all rush at once)?

I would love to say that such a daft idea will never happen but I'm sure it will. Every frankly stupid idea this government comes up goes ahead just because they can and I fully expect this one to do so. But in the interests of freedom of expression, the independence of the internet and the God-given right to have the odd shufty at boobies it will be imperative that we all opt in. It really is time for parents to look after the children they create and stop expecting totalitarian laws to do it for them or do you really want a return to them finding mucky books in the woods?
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One of the greatest philosophers of our age Laurie Pike, a woman caught between the two stools of being the thinking man's Katie Puckrik and the non-thinking man's Karen Krizanovich, once spoke one of the greatest truths of our age when she opined "you cannot push your luck, otherwise click hello goodbye". Were the ginger American giantess (who may have actually been Canadian and not tall) here today she could deliver those self-same words to Edward Samuel Miliband and be right on the money for these local elections that are happening everywhere (except Northern Ireland where we seem to elect our councillors once every 87 years for some reason) are put up or shut up time for a man who has been pushing his luck for a little too long now. A government that has set about decimating public services, plunged tens of thousands of people into poverty, attacked the most vulnerable in order to bolster the richest and demanded more in return for less from the masses is a government that should be taking an absolute kicking at the local elections. Quite frankly anything less than a huge swing to Labour will have to be seen as a failure for them and must surely spell an end to the stuttering, sweaty, charisma-free interlude of Milibandery. Or as Pike would say "click hello goodbye".

For my part anything other than a bloody good hiding for the Tories will be hugely depressing and a clear indication of the selfishness of the English in happily backing a party that is going out of its way to make life miserable for so many. On the other hand anything other than a hiding fro the Liberal Democrats will be an absolute bloody miracle as I am mystified as to why anyone would vote for them right now. After all if you are the selfish type who thinks this malevolent government is somehow doing good then why would you vote the monkeys rather than the organ grinders? Alternatively if you think the government is the great pile of steaming mince it so obviously is then voting for the junior partner is out the window. Frankly I'm amazed that they'll get any seats as I had been led to believe lunatics weren't allowed to vote but there you have it.

Of course it all remains to be seen how it will pan out but the vultures must be sharpening their talons just a little bit lest the prophecies of Pike finally catch up with Miliband. Rout the Tories royally or agitate the gravel and make way for Dennis Skinner.
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There was a time I enjoyed April Fools Day (at least I think there might have been) but it has become such a drag due to the sheer overkill of it all. Lying stories by media outlets have become so ubiquitous now on this day that I find myself doubting absolutely everything. OK so some are obvious, not least the Guardian's effort (like Shaun Ryder could have associated himself with David Cameron and ever shown his face round Manc again, unless he actually wanted his melon twisted for real), but so much that you read and hear has a grain of doubt to it that you find yourself questioning it all, afraid to look foolish lest it turns out to be some overpaid hack having a terribly original joke at the expense of the worthless plebs. Sure, I'm absolutely disgusted at the complete hypocrisy of the Conservatives and especially the Liberal Democrats but is it worth getting too worked about in case Chris Huhne pops up tomorrow to say "just kidding"?

Let's face it, like everything else, April Fools Day has become too contrived, too expected, too bloody commercial. The days when people genuinely got away with elaborate hoaxes like the spaghetti tree are over because, quite frankly, the whole format has had the arse torn out of it. In this digital age can they not just set in place filters to allow buzz-kills like myself to banish all this crap from our screens as quite frankly I'm not even convinced Falkirk actually won the Challenge Cup much less anything important. Bloody nuisance.
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My recent ruminations on the uses and misuses of apostrophes in shop signs have fed into a couple of stories today regarding the failed attempts at spelling that have come to infest items of public record. A double goof on a sign in Sittingbourne has recently come to light, making another bunch of provincial gnomes look more than a little foolish. "Carnaval" you can almost forgive as it is the spelling in Portuguese and they really are a Brazilian thing but "expexted"?! That's just plain idiotic in my book. Meanwhile narrow-lipped shrew Kirsty Williams, apparently the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats but a woman whom hitherto I would not have recognised had she jumped out of my bowl of muesli and proceeded to jam the raisins up my nostril, all the while howling "I'm Kirsty Williams", has had to apologise for more spelling mistakes in their Welsh manifesto. Mind you given that said manifesto was a tissue of lies and that any principles expressed in it were promptly abandoned as soon as the Tories dangled a junior partnership under their noses I hardly think a couple of errors in spelling matter that much. Let's face it the Liberal Democrats have a mountain of things to apologise for before getting round to trifling nonsense like this if they ever hope to attract any voters again.
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So far the elections have delivered one big surprise - there are wicked selfish bastards in the United Kingdom who think that the malevolent David Cameron has done a good job with his constant crapping on the poor. What else can explain the fact that his evil party have gained control of three councils and 61 councillors as the results stand and two seats in Wales? How "I'm alright, Jack" can some people get?! And shame on Wales for letting itself be lead around by the nose as the afterthought in the "England and ..." conjunction by turning away from Plaid Cymru. At least the Scots got it right by voting SNP. As oily a sod as Alex Salmond is, and I personally wouldn't trust the great lump as far as I could throw him, England's retreat into conservatism and the fact that it is never mirrored in Scotland makes the union about as attractive a proposition as Kim Woodburn in a bikini for a country that suffered so much under Thatcher.

For the Liberal Democrats the inevitable kicking has ensued, just as it should have. Everybody knows what the Conservative Party are about and so if you vote for them and get monetarism you have no right to complain. But the Liberal Democrats were elected on a platform avowedly to the left of Labour and are now spending their days propping up the most cuts-happy government in memory. Back to the drawing board for them, starting with the order of the boot for Clagknot, Calamity Cable (a man who has made Frank Dobson seem efficient) and anybody else associated with the ConDem junta, a withdrawal from the coalition and a period on the sidelines wringing your hands in the hope that some day somebody might forgive your wicked collaboration. Back to the drawing board too for Ed Miliband - true, Labour has made gains but hardly at an earth-shattering rate and if you can't duff up a government as wholly rotten as the current squad of bastards then something has gone seriously wrong.

Good also to see that the BNP has taken a right hiding and it might well be that the writing is on the wall for that lot. In typical extreme right fashion they have been stuck in internal bickering mode for the last few years and it is really starting to take its toll on them. Back in 1980 the British Democratic Party, the New National Front and the Constitutional Movement all left the National Front and set in place the collapse of that devilish mob as some went off on a Julius Evola-Codreanu path and others went off on a Jean-Marie Le Pen kick, meaning that by 1986 there were two National Fronts and by the mid 1990s three other groups in the Third Way, International Third Position and National Democrats had emerged, leaving the NF as an afterthought with a couple of hundred members. I'm not suggesting that the exact same thing is about to happen to the BNP but they look very short on ideas, especially now that the English Defence League has hoovered up most of the mouthbreathers, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the significant divisions that already exist ripping them apart. Fingers crossed anyway.

And as to my neck of the woods...well, who knows? Apparently the Electoral Commission here only hires blind people with dyscalculia before tying their hands behind their backs and yelling random numbers at them at irregular intervals during the count. Well, what else could explain why every election we are at least a day behind everywhere else when it comes to announcing results even though we have the smallest population of the four bits that make up the Disunited Queendom? Mind you, there were so few candidates in some seats that they would be as well just dealing the seats out to the big parties without even bothering to count votes. And I had better shut up now as I don't want to give the gruesome twosome any ideas.
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When the current ConDem junta began its vicious, fat cat-supporting cuts I commented to [ profile] burkesworks that a side effect of his then mob's involvement in such an iniquitous government, after winning their seats on a platform nominally to the left of Gordon Brown's rabble, might end up being the future further marginalisation of the Liberal Democrats. Yesterday's by-election result suggests that might be the case already. OK, so Barnsley Central is about as solid Labour as they come but for the last two elections the Salads have finished second with around the 17% mark so to fall to just over a 1000 votes and finish behind a no name independent and a BNP candidate whose first name is nearly an arsehole is a clear snub. It stands to reason of course, given that Clagknot has been abandoning manifesto pledges and supposed ideological convictions in pursuit of power like there is no tomorrow but it again leads me to wonder what the Liberal Democrats as a party are getting out of the coalition. Yes Clagknot and Cable are getting bigger money and the chance to swan about in expensive suits and feel important but what about the rest? Reaping the whirlwind springs to mind.

And now Day 4 )
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Imagine a day without once having to hear that bloody meaningless word "progressive" being bandied about by slap-headed sell-out Vince Cable or some other oily LibDumb trying to justify this horrendous government that they're propping up. Wouldn't it just be heaven? I wonder is that progressive as in "progressive illness" or as in "similar to the Danish or Norwegian Progress Party"? To think these rabbles that make up this Frankenstein junta used to have a go at Blair for soundbite politics and they are now doing the exact same thing. Still I suppose it makes sense as all comedians need a catch phrase and there are fewer bigger clowns around than Cable.
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So that was the election that was, I suppose. After all the hype the whole thing feels a little pointless. Talk of deals about this and that is being bandied about like there's no tomorrow but for me there is an inevitability that it will all fall apart and that we'll be forced to endure the whole farce again in a couple of months. All in all we're left with a situation where all the Liberal Democrat hype proved to be so much hot air but, despite taking a bath, they have every chance of ending up in government, assuming the children can stop squabbling for five minutes. Good old democracy, full of shite as usual.

Change all round was trumpeted but it was revolting to see gits like Alan Duncan, Tessa Jowell, Frank Field and Hazel Blears retaining their seats despite all being bastards of the first water. Further proof, were it ever needed, that you could put the right coloured rosette on a pigeon in certain places and the morons would still vote for it. However there was some pleasure to be taken from the whole mess as we bade a fond farewell to Lembit Opik, Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke. Opik has always got on my nerves with his fame-hungry ways and his uncompromising physical ugliness although I don't imagine for a second that I have seen the last of him as if anybody was built for the reality TV circuit its Bangor's favourite son. With any luck though PC Big Ears and, best of all, Jacqui Smut will disappear to the scrapheap of history where they both belong. I'm also glad that amidst the carnage neither Dennis Skinner nor Jeremy Corbyn were sacrificed as they are about the only two MPs I have any respect for. A pity, though, to see Dai Davies booted out in Blaenau Gwent for some faceless Labour nobody but I suppose that constituency was due a duff decision after bucking the trends for so long.

As to the others I care not a jot about that Lucas woman but the growth in support for the UK Independence Party was a worrying trend as it is disappointing to see that people are still falling for their line of shite. There again as much as I can't stand John Bercow I am glad to see that he beat Nigel Farage into a cocked hat. For all the macho posturing that old Kamikaze adopts he took the wimp's way out this time by challenging the Speaker and as such got what he deserved when he didn't even manage to finish second. It was also great to see Esther Rantzen getting her just desserts but shame on the 1800-odd idiots who actually voted for the witch.

In contrast it was heartening to see that short shrift was given to the English Democrats everywhere that they stood. They may have token ethnic members but the English Democrats claims to being anything other than extreme right are bollocks, especially given that their candidate in Rossendale and Darwen was Michael Johnson, a man who previously sat as a councillor for the England First Party, a group miles to the right of the BNP. How desperate must they have been for candidates when their chap in Havant was a Bogeyman?! But well done to the Lib Dems on a candidate named Aladdin in Leicestershire South, although the three wishes didn't work this time. Mind you the mind boggles equally at the Peace Party who apparently had a hacksaw in Horsham. But, talking of the extreme right, I was equally glad to see the National Front getting what for (except for that 4.9% in Rochdale - shame on them). We really didn't need them back, especially now that Eddy Morrison is back in the fold. And what do you know - the Third Way staggered into life in Eastleigh with predictable results. The melange of libertarianism and fascism that they offer clearly appeals to nobody. Finally what about the character in Bradford West - any ideas about this one [ profile] burkesworks? He looks a pleasant chap I don't think!

As for the BNP themselves as expected they were no nearer the big breakthrough that they keep imagining they will get and the policy of putting about a load of candidates probably counted against them with some derisory results and a big bill waiting. Of course, it wasn't all rosy as they did score some individual results of note e.g. 8.9% in Barnsley Central, 8.6% in Barnsley East, 10.4% in Rotherham, 9.4% in Stoke South, 9.4% in the awkwardly named West Bromwich West, 14.8% in Barking for Griffin, 11.2% in Dagenham and 9% for Sharon Wilkinson in Burnley. And speaking of Burnley I would like to break with tradition and extend congratulations to a Liberal Democrat. Gordon Birtwistle has been a worthy foe of the BNP for years and he deserves his turn in Parliament. Nice one, old son. As for the rest of the BNP's results there were some nice moments there too, notably Andrew Brons coming a cropper in Keighley where it was even nicer to see that spite remains the watchword on the far right as his former charges in the NF ran against him. Equally glad to see Patricia Richardson in Epping Forest, Eddy Butler in Harlow and Lawrence Rustem in Woolwich getting nowhere. Mind you I am still to see the local election results....

In my neck of the woods of course the big news was the demise of Peter Robinson, which I have already covered in the last entry. Still good riddance, now let's hope he leaves Stormont soon too. Elsewhere it was the final annihilation of the now completely pointless Ulster Unionists, whose link-up with the Tories proved an absolute disaster. Plus well done to Michelle Gildernew of Sinn Fein on holding Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the face of the challenge from Rodney Connor. Don't let anybody tell you that sectarianism is gone when the boys will still come together to ensure one of their own gets in. Hard luck, lads! Still I imagine that talk of a more formal alliance between the DUP and the UUP will kick off in the not too distant, probably once Reg Empey has been put out to pasture. Nice work as well by Jim Allister and his Traditional Unionist Voice (or "True Ulster Voice" as that heavyset man fronting Sky News' coverage thought it was) who proved about as successful as I predicted that they would the last time I decided to waste my typing fingers on them.

All in all a lot of fuss over nothing after a campaign that left me extremely weary and dreading the prospect of a rerun (a prospect which I fear remains all too real). Cameron and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he failed to get his precious majority, Clagknot and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he actually lost seats and we are left with the possibility that, despite being the worst Prime Minister since Alec Douglas-Home, Gordon Brown might still be around for a while yet. Like I said at the beginning pointless!
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Well Nick Griffin on Question Time was really rather a non-event, was it not? Inevitable I suppose as it had been built up into the single most important event in the history of the universe when really it was just a fringe racist appearing on a show that is little more than after dinner speaking crossed with a glorified bit of playground name-calling but in the final analysis it was a bit dull really. His performance was quite poor and somewhat hesitant but I'm already seeing coverage suggesting that he was ambushed and allowing him to play on the sympathy vote. I won't be surprised if they turn it into a triumph yet. It didn't help that Jack Straw spent most of the time being evasive about immigration statistics, that the Tories sent a woman in Sayeeda Warsi who only seemed to be there to be a bit of totty (mission accomplished mind, eh, phwoarr, eh) and that the Liberal Democrats sent the most boring man in the world in that poor Huhne character. God, imagine getting stuck beside him on a train journey! I suspect he keeps bees or grows marrows and feels that it is perfectly acceptable to talk for three hours straight on that subject to total strangers. Bad choice by the old LibDums there.

Fair play to Bonnie Greer who at least made Griffin look a fool over the whole indigenous British trip but I wonder how much the historical accuracy or otherwise of Griffin's racial theorising will matter to the average moron who is considering voting BNP. Not a fig would be my guess as long as the BNP keeps on presenting the cheap answers of blaming "them immigents" and "Islamofascists" for unemployment, housing shortages, the lack of junket in shops and the death of Leslie Crowther. Plus the interminable debate about Winston Churchill was a snoozeathon to my ears. He won a war singlehandedly of course (news to Roosevelt and Stalin I imagine) and was the greatest Briton ever ever ever but he was a colonialist and Islamophobe whose views on race were typical of the Cecil Rhodes/Rudyard Kipling/James Wentworth Day white man's burden paradigm that dominated the white, upper class of his time. By today's standards those views are highly racist. Yes it was a different time and place but it would be silly to claim that Churchill was something that he was not and an anti-racist the baggy-faced old coot never was. All in all a mauling for Griffin which resulted in him looking a tad foolish as well as somewhat victimised. I hope it is the former that the voters remember but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be the latter. For once Peter Hain might be onto something as in the long run it could prove a boost.

Anyway that's my take on the whole debacle for what it's worth (sod all, sunshine). I must go now as I have just bought one of those Billy bookcase things from Ikea and it needs filling. Conformity or what?!
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Oh dear. A long time ago I used this platform to attack Jack Straw for his hijab outburst. The whole thing had too much of the whiff of Jacques Chirac and his use of 'laïcité' as an excuse to attack freedom of expression. However now it seems I might have to start respecting him (ever so slightly). I've always felt that by ignoring the BNP you paradoxically feed them as it makes their simplistic arguments look unanswerable. Better instead to confront and point what rubbish they are talking lest people accept their rantings as truth. Whether or not Jacko will have the wit of Griffin is another matter but credit to him for making the effort rather than just hoping old one eye will go away. Still, I will take him to task on one thing - defeating the BNP by fighting them hard was, amongst the mainstream parties at least, the idea of the Liberal Democrats (in a rare moment of insight) in Oldham rather than Labour who were all over the shop in the North-West before finally tackling the BNP head on. Still for possibly the first and last time well done, man of straw.

That's the (relatively) good but what about the bad? After my slightly ill-advised bout of optimism last week Albion turned round and lost ... at home ... to Neil bloody Warnock. Of all the gits to lose to it had to be flaming Colin. Not only that but with a bloody scratch team thanks to that transfer embargo that he only mentions every ten seconds. Trust Albion to lose thanks to a first senior goal for some kid too. I've said it before and I'll say it again despite the odd half decent performance Shelton Martis is, by and large, a dud who needs replacing. It remains early days and we're still second of course so let's not blow things out of proportion as one defeat does not a season wreck. But it would be that rotten shithouse of a git Colin, wouldn't it?!
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Ordinarily I wouldn't bother my arse talking about Brown getting his 42 days pet project through. Having seen at full stretch the heavy handed brutality of successive British governments turned on my community it is no surprise to me that they are now turning on somebody else in largely the same manner. If they used internment here it is hardly a shock that they are setting in motion the steps to bring back internment for their new bugbear. However this place has played a role in all this and in a way which has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Gone, of course, are the days when the Labour Party was noted for its sympathies with Irish nationalism and I have no reason to assume that Gordon Brown's militant unionism with regards to Scotland is not repeated with regards to Northern Ireland. As such his reliance on the DUP is no surprise to me. He is a dyed in the wool unionist so why should there be any surprise? The one who really has rankled however has been Nick Clegg. Clag Knot had claimed in the run-up to the vote that the DUP should oppose the motion because of their proud record of defending civil liberties. What???!!! You bloody, sanctimonious, public school idiot. This is a party that grew out of the hard-arsed edge of the Ulster Unionists who were determined not to give an inch to the civil rights protesters to the point that Ian paisley and Major Ronald Bunting launched physical attacks on marches for the civil liberties that Clegg claims they have defended. Yes, they've defended the rights of the Orange Order to march wherever they want, taunting people about murdered relatives on the way and have defended the rights of loyalist assassins to carry on their work but when it came to a sniff of a right for the other side, forget it! If Clegg knows nothing about Irish history then he should keep his Westminster School mouth shut but is he that much of an idiot that he doesn't even know about last week when a high profile member of the DUP and the wife of the now leader suggested that gays could be counselled into heterosexuality. I wonder what the likes of Simon Hughes, Stephen Williams, Brian Paddick and Marc Ramsbottom would make of their great leader's endorsement of such 19th century nonsense as being part of a proud record of defending civil liberties. Talk about a slap in the face to the people who have suffered years of exclusionary bollocks from the DUP. Remind me about this if I ever consider placing their stooges in the Alliance on a ballot paper again. As for the resignation of David Davis, well it's a nice gesture and all that but has no chance of having any impact.

Meanwhile, a few words on the Euro 2008 developments lest I go mad from my anger at that twit. Portugal-Czech Republic was a fine piece of work between two teams who were evenly matched until late on. Cristiano Ronaldo had a decent but quieter game than some of what he has served in the league. Perhaps this was largely due to the fact that the Czechs were not in awe of him and Tomas Galasek in particular coped well by putting in good tackles on the diver and using the ball well after doing so. Ultimately, of course, Ronaldo scored a good goal and I would be lying if I said he wasn't a supremely talented footballer. However as usual the ugly side of his game came to fore as he went down like he had been shot after a Czech defender touched him on the top lip. These are the reasons he will never be the world's best. Also interesting to note that it was the 41st minute before David Pleat managed to use the phrase "Czech Republic". After starting on the long defunct "Czechoslovakia" he realised he was doing something wrong and soon corrected himself with the just plain gibberish "Republic of Czechoslovakia". Never mind, Pleaty, we love you anyway! Turkey-Switzerland was a lot better than it should have been, largely thanks to the downpour in the first half which turned it into a comedy of errors and ultimately a bit of a bloodbath. Neither team was very good and they both knew it but they made the best of it by playing the sort of blood and thunder match that used to keep the Irish League interesting of a Saturday. The rest of you rubbish teams please take note.
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Well, a tip of the hat to Sheffield United for holding up their end of the bargain by taking Bristol City out of the equations but a shake of the fist and a "you rotten lot" to Crystal Palace (never trust Warnock) and Colchester for not doing their bit. Of course, there's no reason for either of them to do "their bit" for another team but still - rotters! Other than that, not a lot of interest over the weekend over and above getting my hair cut. Cripes, but I really do feel I am getting too old to carry the suedehead look anymore and it goes with the walrus moustache I'm currently sporting about as well as haddock goes with custard. Anybody got any hair restorer handy? Still, on the good side, man with black moustache was able to fix my stereo so that little drama has been put to bed.

Anyway, I see the little mob are at it again with the internal bickering and the protests of strength from the leadership. We've never heard of any that before, have we? Leaders of the Liberal Democrats seem to follow a pattern where I am concerned. I had no big opinion on Pantsdown but merely saw him as a figure of fun. My hatred of Kennedy is well documented, whilst Minging was a man whom I found difficult to hate but very easy to laugh at. The pattern continues with Nick Clegg, whom I have decided I hate very much. Well, a smug, self-congratulatory, pencil-necked, public school bastard with a wire about himself was never likely to appeal to me nor anyone else for that matter judging by the rumblings already emanating from Vince Cable (whom, by the way, you should bet your house on succeeding Clegg if the figure of fun-knobhead-figure of fun-knobhead-figure of fun-knobhead paradigm holds true). The sooner this nonentity disappears from the scene and gives Cable the opportunity to get down to some gold old-fashioned delightfully quaint bumbling the better.
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I would like to go on record as saying that I have never heard of Greg Mulholland and don't suppose I ever will again. I'm sure he might well be [ profile] burkesworks best mate but to me he is just another of the faceless horde1 that make up the Liberal Democrats in Parliament. However his five minutes in the sun have now come courtesy of a bout of so-called swearing. Now first of all, "arsehole" is hardly swearing but is rather everyday language. Perhaps dubbing it swearing is just indicative of how far removed these idiots are from the real world. Secondly if the equally anonymous Ivan Lewis (cripes, but he's an ugly bugger) feels that this sort of thing sends a "terrible message to young people" then point one is proven as the vast majority of young people will no more know who Ivan Lewis or Greg Mulholland are than they will know how to build their own winnowing barn. Thirdly, Mr. Lewis' constant toeing of the party line and naked ambition on the party's right wing suggest that the Honourable Member for Leeds North West was right on the money when he dubbed him an "arsehole". And fourthly, if anything young Mulholland should be praised for his use of the vernacular "arsehole" rather than following so many people in their headlong rush towards (never "toward") Americanisation by adopting the somehow less forceful sounding "asshole". All in all silly rules be buggered Gregory, you've done alright by yourself this time.

On a completely unrelated topic, remember the e-bay debacle or recent weeks and my snivelling whinging over losing money. Well after quite a bit of rigmarole and gnashing of teeth the thing casually dropped through my letter box this morning2. It seems it pays to be a moaning minney after all. And despite my earlier deductions to the contrary it was not delivered from China but rather from the slightly less exotic environs of Chatham3. Still, all's well that ends well as Professor Calculus would have it.

1Well "horde" is hardly the proper name for 63 guys but I do not know the collective noun for a Liberal Democrat MPs. A chattering? An unkindness? A skulk? A murder?

2Not quite accurate as it had to be signed for due to a recorded delivery sending and it was early afternoon but "the thing casually had to be signed for as a consequence of recorded delivery postage this early afternoon" just doesn't sound as good.

3In this case no doubt as in the famed law firm of Chatham, Cheetham and Runn.

Doctor R.

Oct. 17th, 2007 03:03 pm
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Apologies if this does not make a lot of sense but sleep was a stranger last night. ITV, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it was a good idea to carry on with a horrid phone-in quiz show featuring one of the most annoying queens on TV to ten past four, thus meaning that the episode of Glen A. Larson's finest hour, Quincy M.E., that they were screening went on to 5. As such I am a tad wild-eyed and incoherent today so be aware that the following post may not make much sense.

Well, first of all it's goodbye to Ming the merciless as leader of Minor Party. Hardly a surprise really, as he's been about as much use as Huxley Pig on a hunger strike plus in these ageist times he was never likely to last. I almost feel sorry for the old fool as he came across as a fairly likeable, if somewhat confused, individual. Also, after the slimy ooziness/drunken clamminess of that thin-lipped little shite Kennedy he was a welcome relief. My prediction for his successor? Somebody I've never heard of.

Meanwhile, I saw a thing about Phil Spector last night. Strange little man. Followed it up with a listen to some babes in Toyland and was surprised at the similarities between the wall of sound and their own sound. I had never really thought about it before but hearing them both in close proximity it came to me. No bad thing, I must say and a very interesting take on the old formula.

Also noticed a news story last night that got me a tad miffed. It seems that they are now saying that Jean Charles de Menezes was coked up when the pigs killed him. And? The guy was shot because a bunch of blinkered with idiots felt like taking down an Arab and, unable to find one, took out somebody who looked a bit like one. Well, foreigners all look the same to the good old boys blue. Trying to add some rubbish about the shooting being drugs related is beyond sleazy. If that’s the case pump Pete Doherty full of lead forthwith.

Well that should do for now as I slowly approaching the horrors. I should be with you again tomorrow when hopefully the telly will be crap enough to allow me a reasonable bed time. Bye!


Aug. 1st, 2007 03:19 pm
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This London mayoral election seems to be dragging all the weirdoes out of the woodwork. First we had BJ for the Tories and now it seems we might end up with Lembit Opik for the Liberal Democrats. Why Londoners would want a Bangor Estonian as mayor I'm not sure, although I'm even more mystified as to why Lembit thinks he's popular enough to get any support. Personally I find him more than a little creepy, especially after I heard it being said on Loose Women (I was checking the footy on teletext - honestly) today that he now lives with both Cheeky Girls. Sends a shudder down your spine. Of course, London elections are no concern of mine but really, Lembit Opik? Sometimes I think Minging wants to fail.
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Bloody livejournal! Time was they told you twelve days in advance that your paid account was due to expire. Ergo when I got the warning a couple of days ago I thought "I'll worry about that in a week or so". Seems they must have moved the goalposts somewhere along the line as I am now stuck with the inconvenience of a free account. I believe 'Frank the Goat' needs a good boot in ballcod for this sudden shift. Bunch of ettercaps!

Anyroad, enough about the minor annoyances of my life. I noticed today that Scarborough Football Club have bit the dust. Tough break on the old Seadogs and it's always a shame to see a club go to the wall, especially when it's over £2.5 million, which is chickenfeed to the top level. I've only ever been to Scarborough once (well twice, but it was outward and inward between Leeds and Whitby) but I found it picturesque in a cheesy way and got a nifty book about medieval warfare which I still dip into. The people there also managed to hold up the bus that myself and [ profile] queenmartina had to rush to get to so I'll not hear a word against them. As such I'm sad for their loss and look forward to a refounded version (although hopefully not called AFC - that's getting very old) making a league comeback in 10 or so years time.

Elsewhere, I see Gordon Brown wanted to give responsibility for this dump to Paddy Ashdown. I have no idea where Labour suddenly got the idea that Paddy Pantsdown is the man to sort Northern Ireland out. OK, so he was partially raised here but as a former Royal Marine and current Lord he is firmly British military establishment and as such says nothing to the republican community. I know this place has always been a dumping ground for failed cabinet ministers but do they really have to start saddling us with ruddy Liberal Democrats? Glad to see the back of Peter Hain I would be but replacing him with Mr 9 Seconds? Do one, Gordo!
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Lembit Opik! He's a terrible, terrible, terrible man! Born in this dump but a politician on the mainland, so he follows in the less than illustrious footsteps of such wasters as Brian Mawhinney, Kate Hoey and the late, unlamented Tony Banks. There's his obsession with asteroids and the whole Spaceguard thing to add to his weirdness. There's the love of motorbikes, the attendance at Whitby and that unworldly accent to take into account. Now we can add the bloody Cheeky Girls to his rap-sheet. Indeed, what a terrible man. OK, so it's his own business what he gets up to behind closed doors and all that but picture it - Lembit Opik and a Cheeky Girl. My bloody stomach is heaving as I type it. Why do I get the fear that a future Strictly Come Dancing special will approach the gruesome twosome to treat us all to a lambada. Here comes the psychedelic yodel! Plus, just like a politician, he's already abusing his position as a result of it. Still, if things go on, he has one mental mother-in-law waiting for him. *Shudder*

Enough character assassination for one day methinks. Won't be long until they boot me out of here so until tomorrow, fare thee well.


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