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2017-03-06 10:25 pm


*Insert weak joke about visiting Edinburgh lots before waffling for ages about most recent visit*

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2016-07-19 10:50 pm

How the chimney sweepers cry

The short version of this is that London was rather good apart from the going and the coming, which were hell on earth. On the off-chance that anybody is still reading this (and I note in my extended absence that I am now down to one person submitting regular updates on my friends list) I shall expand at some length about what took place.

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2013-01-21 08:59 pm

Snow snow quick quick snow

Snow. It's arrived don't you know. Actually it arrived first on Friday when I was roped into a shared taxi home and a mixture of the treacherous conditions, a big crash just up the road from me and a yet another series of protests by those flag-waving, bigoted, fascist, spidey loyalist fuckers (yes, I'm so sick of that shit that I have actually deployed one of my truly rare f-bombs) meant that the thing ended up costing a whopping twenty five quid and lasting over two hours for a 1.8 mile journey. Right royal rumpus and no mistake. Inevitably Saturday was washed out as all matches in Belfast bar Crusaders were called off but I didn't fancy battling my way through the protests to hit Seaview so I gave it a miss. The snow largely disappeared yesterday but now it has returned with a vengeance. Fortunately I was already ensconced in the old homestead by the time the real stuff hit (touched for a bit of sleet this afternoon, but nothing too major) so I can be altogether more appreciative of it. If it lies or keeps going tomorrow my mood will undoubtedly sour but for now I can appreciate its savage beauty.

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2011-05-04 07:10 pm

Obligatory pre-election babble

When Lenin wrote One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Northern Ireland was nothing but a twinkle in James Craig's eye but here we are facing the age old problem of pointless left-wing division. With the Socialist Party and People Before Profit operating in the same strong anti-cuts milieu I am left to wonder what purpose is served by them opposing each other and splitting what little of the vote they can expect to receive in good old tribal NI. For my own part I am torn in three directions between both of them and the Workers Party, who are preaching a similar brand of gospel. Of the bumf I have seen Paddy Meehan makes probably the strongest case to my mind but the Stiff Little Finger makes good arguments as well whilst the only one I have ever had personal dealings with is Paddy Lynn and I've found him to be a decent sort who will always cut you a fair deal when you buy from his market stall. The rest of them can suck it of course - the SDLP are so bourgeois that it's not even funny any more and the Alliance's fence-sitting "we're so nice but we're really Unionists" act wore out years ago whilst their public endorsement of water charges and their associations with Clagknot's bastards make them beyond the pale. As for Sinn Fein it is amazing how quickly they slipped into being the party of the establishment and how easily some previously admirable community workers became grey-suited, double-dealing, lying politicians whilst they too have made it clear that water charges are their preferred destination. Indeed the way the big five are all tied in to their incestuous Swiss-style permanent coalition with its pro-capitalist and cuts-happy agenda makes a vote for any one of them pointless. Unless you like that sort of thing, of course, in which case you might as well vote for all five of them as they are effectively the same. Which I suppose leaves the Green Party but I’ll be in the cold ground before I vote for that shower. Lovely to see as well that South Belfast is to have two joke candidates with UKIP's Nico Torregrosa having a go here and Charles Smyth awakening Väinämöinen-like from his slumber to unleash the Ayn Rand-loving juggernaut that is Procapitalism upon us once more. Good luck with that lads but I can't see an anti-immigration candidate with a Spanish name and a chap who secured a whopping 22 votes last time worrying McDonnell, Spratt and Maskey too much.

Thus for me council and assembly will both be a 1-2-3 involving the Sticks, the Stiffs and the Socialists with the final order still to be determined (although given that there are ten candidates going after five seats in the council election it really isn't worth my while whatever permutation I go for). As for the referendum I have to say I really couldn't give a monkey's toss one way or the other. I have little to no faith in the whole system of representative democracy anyway so it is no skin off my nose how they choose to arrange the whole charade of choosing sheep to fill the seats. Be it first past the post, alternative vote or any other system isn't it funny how they always end up electing politicians rather than actual human beings? Apart from anything the arguments from both sides have been so childish and lacking in relevance that they might as well have been delivered by Rebecca Black through the medium of "leetspeak". Being the petty, small man that I am deep down I suspect I will vote no simply because this whole referendum is Clagknot's baby and anything that discomforts that smug fucker in the slightest gives me pleasure. And yes I feel so strongly about him that I have decided to use only my second f-word since this old gubbins began. Makes angry face.

And as an odd aside I see that Sinn Fein are standing a candidate for the council elections in the Court electoral area. OK there is a pocket of Fenians on the Crumlin Road, nestling in between the Woodvale and Lower Ardoyne but the chances of Sinn Fein building a support base amongst the residents of Highfield, Glencairn and the rest of the grotty estates that make up the "Greater Shankill" seem about as likely as Neil Lennon being welcome for a jar at the previously mentioned Mountainview tavern. Still they have all that Assembly money sloshing about so I suppose they can afford to waste bits here and there. Heck they even have posters on the Cregagh Road this time around - I wonder what idiot brave soul put those up and was he the same character who "improved" a nearby YCV mural?

So there you have it - on May 5th do yourself a favour and vote for somebody a bit different as we really need a change from the same old rabble that it always is. But I won't be holding my breath.
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2011-03-07 06:49 pm

Seawright may be dead

I happened to be on the Lisburn Road today, an area packed with the sort of annoying "luxury coffee boutiques" that inevitably attract self-described "yummy mummies" in skinny jeans and similar despicable bourgeois bastards but one in which just off to one side loyalism is rampant. it was an area that made the national news a couple of years back when the local mouth breathers launched a pogrom against the Romanians whilst the PSNI stood by and shook their heads. Well, the fun is all set to start again as the area around Tates Avenue, which was around where the rumpus all kicked off, has been festooned with stickers for the "Ulster" National Front trumpeting that "your country needs you" under black and white drawings of the red hand flag (not sure how that works but colour printing uses up drink money, I suppose). Just what we need, a comeback for the hard-headed old has-beens of the NF, particularly now that Eddy Morrison is back in the fold. Still at least the local hostelries can look forward to a bumper run if the Poet Laureate takes a tear over for the Twelfth with his leaflets in tow. Interesting given recent events that the last time the NF made a concerted attempt to organise here they were kicked out of their Templemore Avenue by the UDA who, having initially co-operated with them, dismissed them as "wankers" when they cottoned on that the "Political Soldiers" were flogging copies of Qadaffi's Green Book in a city where he is invariably associated with the Provos. The ethnopluralism may have been elbowed in favour of a return to good-old fashioned racism but the wankery remains in place as much as ever.

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2008-07-08 02:58 pm

Frag, fark and phook

Aaagh!! Must kill computers! Frigging worthless things. Attempts earlier to send an advance e-mail to the British Library proved more difficult than expected as those ever-so helpful things on websites that you just click on to send an e-mail no longer work here without a whole rigmarole that goes way over my head. As such I tried the old copy shortcut lark and pasted the resulting address into the part of the e-mail where addresses go. God only knows if it will have worked of course and I am just waiting on the ghastly "delivery failed" message making a comeback. Still to the best of my knowledge they have now been informed that I will be there from the 28th July to August 1st and I have given them plenty of warning what I will need to see when I am there. Knowing me and computers, of course, there's bound to be a balls-up between now and then!

Still, ignoring the possibility of the ghastly "delivery failed" message, that bit was ultimately sorted. So then, I thought I would mosey on over to my other livejournal, the one where I store articles that might be useful for the course, and see if there is anything worth harvesting. If the thing forced me to shut the window once it forced me a thousand times, including an interlude where I fell into the trap and picked "debug" and thus proceeded to screw up the computer. After reopening the window and re-finding the page I needed time and time again I finally managed to get a couple of things but the whole incident was as infuriating as Simon Amstell and I still have never had it explained to me why that keeps happening on certain websites. Pain in the chuffing arse! And you will have no idea how many times I wanted to type the word "fuck" in these last two paragraphs but I never use that vulgarism on here. Whoops!
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2008-02-01 03:41 pm

A soldier I will be

I would like to go on record as saying that I have never heard of Greg Mulholland and don't suppose I ever will again. I'm sure he might well be [ profile] burkesworks best mate but to me he is just another of the faceless horde1 that make up the Liberal Democrats in Parliament. However his five minutes in the sun have now come courtesy of a bout of so-called swearing. Now first of all, "arsehole" is hardly swearing but is rather everyday language. Perhaps dubbing it swearing is just indicative of how far removed these idiots are from the real world. Secondly if the equally anonymous Ivan Lewis (cripes, but he's an ugly bugger) feels that this sort of thing sends a "terrible message to young people" then point one is proven as the vast majority of young people will no more know who Ivan Lewis or Greg Mulholland are than they will know how to build their own winnowing barn. Thirdly, Mr. Lewis' constant toeing of the party line and naked ambition on the party's right wing suggest that the Honourable Member for Leeds North West was right on the money when he dubbed him an "arsehole". And fourthly, if anything young Mulholland should be praised for his use of the vernacular "arsehole" rather than following so many people in their headlong rush towards (never "toward") Americanisation by adopting the somehow less forceful sounding "asshole". All in all silly rules be buggered Gregory, you've done alright by yourself this time.

On a completely unrelated topic, remember the e-bay debacle or recent weeks and my snivelling whinging over losing money. Well after quite a bit of rigmarole and gnashing of teeth the thing casually dropped through my letter box this morning2. It seems it pays to be a moaning minney after all. And despite my earlier deductions to the contrary it was not delivered from China but rather from the slightly less exotic environs of Chatham3. Still, all's well that ends well as Professor Calculus would have it.

1Well "horde" is hardly the proper name for 63 guys but I do not know the collective noun for a Liberal Democrat MPs. A chattering? An unkindness? A skulk? A murder?

2Not quite accurate as it had to be signed for due to a recorded delivery sending and it was early afternoon but "the thing casually had to be signed for as a consequence of recorded delivery postage this early afternoon" just doesn't sound as good.

3In this case no doubt as in the famed law firm of Chatham, Cheetham and Runn.