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By accident the other night, and then again today, I happened to stumble across the news that Auntie is still flogging the dead horse that is Red Nose Day and that the whole debacle is due to come around again in the next lot of weeks. OH GOD!!! I know the whole thing is for charidee but can there be a bigger waste of time than Comic Relief? The night itself just seems to exist to give Lenny Henry work whilst the whole build-up is toe-curlingly bad, featuring as it does shop workers in clown wigs, idiots pan-handling in low quality Super Mario Brothers costumes (as actually happened to me a few years ago) and ever-so with-it middle managers doing terribly rebellious things like wearing jeans into the boardroom. Zany! Plus not content with all that, they now feel fit to inflict that unadulterated wanker Russell Brand upon us to make the misery complete. Their chances of getting scrouse out of me? Nitto!

Speaking of crass attempts to gain publicity, I see my old mucker Silvio Berlusconi (and just what are Putin and him comparing?!)* is at it again. The latest wheeze to keep his name going seems to be getting his wife to demand a public apology for his ways. Now Veronica Lario, she of the schlock fiasco that was Tenebre, is not a bad bit of skirt, even if she has been showing the same plastic surgery addiction as her husband in recent years (he said like the enlightened, Female Eunuch reading, feminist male that he is) but can there be anything more unlikely than pulling up a serial sleaze like Silvio over a bit of the other? Or do we see another attempt by a fading old has-been to prove his populist manhood (and we've already seen how that measures up, folks!). A bit like this routine really**. Come on Silv, give it up as a bad job and grow old with a bit of dignity, you buffoon. I wonder is John Prescott getting ideas as we speak?!

*Credit to [ profile] queenmartina for pointing me in the direction of that little homoerotic gem!
**And again. Where do you find these things?!
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Hallowe'en. Yuck. What a pointless time of year this really is. I have no desire to dress like a pillock, nor do I have any desire to throw money at people just because they have chosen to do so, and I sure as heck don't want to be jumping out of my skin because some spides are pleased by loud noises and flashes of light in the sky. Killjoy or what? Actually even when I was a nipper I took little pleasure in the annual farce. I can remember dressing up and going round begging only twice and even then I didn't feel right about it. Fireworks have never interested me either as there's something terribly lowest common denominator about them. I'm not a mung bean eating 'they scare dogs' type, I just find no pleasure in loudness for its own sake. Plus when people come to my door expecting money just because they are wearing a Scream mask under their hooded tops I feel I really should be reaching for my Turkish cavalry sabre and driving the little hoods away rather than firing them off a handful of change (which they wont be satisfied with anyway). If money is that important let these nippers sign on the dole and keep them out of my hair.

Speaking as I briefly did about the craze for hooded tracktops I was amazed (no scrub that it's Tony B. Liar and his Populism Carnivale we're talking about here) to see a bizarre little 'chavier than thou' senga by the name of Lady Sovereign turning up at 10 Downing Street and being allowed in to launch a 'Save the Hoodie' campaign. I can only hope that said 'lady' (and the term could not be used more loosely) is a bull-shitting stage-school brat seeking some cheap publicity for her woeful attempts at 'urban' music (which appears to suggests that all non-rap and swingbeat (for I refuse to use the term R and B for anyone who doesn't have a Muddy Waters dimension) comes from the wilds of Cromarty or something). If this is actually being taken seriously then I despair of this country. It is only an article of clothing, people! The witch hunt against them is a little OTT but reaction to it is similarly ridiculous. Think outside the box, youth and today, and stop tying yourselves to fashion-dictated uniforms. I have never worn a hooded tracktop in my life and I'm perfectly fine.

Apologies if that all came across as a bit Daily Mail but I sometimes despair of the youth of today. And relax.


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