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Yeah, still alive, just not very much to tell you. Operation back garden continues apace but is nowhere near reaching its climax for a number of reasons. For one I didn't realise just how much of a forest the place had become, meaning that the clear-up operation is proving a massive task for a lone chap without any mechanical tools. Suffice it to when you start discovering unexplained tree roots you know you have a bloody big job on your hands. There's also the issue that seemingly as much as one third of the garden is composed of unwanted bricks, paving slabs and stones, all of which have to be cleared without a skip as well as my generally low energy levels (a combination of haemochromatosis giving me its usual kicking and all that extra weight I insist on sporting) and a sudden turn for the worse in the weather to be taken into consideration. That and recent jaunts to Bangor, Ballymena and Dublin eating away at my time, as well as a general weariness of gardening as a whole. I'll get there in the end of course but for the minute I do believe I've had enough for a little and will, at least temporarily, put the bent spade, the 89p hand trowel and the child's rake into cold storage.

Meanwhile outside my door we have the G8 turning back the clock to the days of the Troubles by placing Northern Ireland under virtual martial law. It's in Fermanagh, which is nowhere near me, but on Saturday there was all manner of sundry protests against their presence, notably in Belfast city centre where a big rally was held at City Hall alongside the standard fleg mobs (yup, they're still going on). There was a time I might have gone along but I gave it a miss this time. It's not that I don't detest the G8 simply that the days of demos making any difference are long gone, if they even existed in the first place. Governments are corrupt and always will be and people power won't change that as Egypt has so starkly shown. People power may have gotten rid of Mubarak but his replacements are just as sleazy and repressive and if they go too whoever replaces them will be as well. It's true communism or nothing for me, folks - ethical capitalism is an oxymoron and social democratic governments still involve a small elite group having their fingers in the till. That and the fact that the protests were organised under the aegis of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, an organisation that is frankly about as radical as the Women's Institute and was until very recently in the pockets of successive conservative governments down south. And it was pishing rain, but we'll not mention that reason.

Still, I suppose we should enjoy it whilst we can. With an EU withdrawal probably looming large, China already well in front of them and India and Brazil not far behind the nonsense of calling Britain one of the eight richest countries in the world will be over and done with soon enough and all this sort of old rubbish will be a distant memory. The sooner the better.
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I happened to come across a copy of yesterday's Daily Mirror whilst waiting for my most recent physiotherapy appointment today. Apparently on Friday between 6 and 7 PM we are to be treated to something called "Operation Standstill" where the queen's highways are to be blocked by hordes of angry flag wavers hell-bent on preventing anybody from going anywhere. Apparently the reason for this is because loyalists are sick of how they are being treated. Really? This place is being brought to a standstill because a majority of representatives that you helped to elect came to a decision within the rules of liberal democracy and you are the ones who are sick of how you are being treated. Well, everybody else is sick to the back teeth of you lot and the pointless disruption you are bringing but never mind as I suppose democracy means "give me what I want or else" in loyalist circles. Also noticed Peter Robinson is asking people not to attend protests any more. Too late now Robbo, like Ian Paisley before you you have climbed into bed with the paramilitaries to get them to do your bidding but unlike Paisley you don't know how to play them properly and they are now outside your control. It seems strange that Paisley has played no part whatsoever in all this. Happen he really is on death's door or maybe he is just that little bit shrewder than Robinson and decided not to get tangled up in the whole mess.

Elsewhere as part of these despicable protests about a piece of cloth it seems that one group of loyalists intends to protest in Dublin in a few Saturday's time. Good idea I suppose as a decision that can only be taken by Belfast City Council should have been protested in an unrelated city since the start. And who is behind this lark - why "victims rights protester" Willie Frazer of course, the who demands justice for "republican atrocities" whilst declaring his support for LVF leader Billy Wright. That's the LVF that killed 18 people, 13 of whom were civilians, and the same Billy Wright that was Brigadier of the Mid-Ulster UVF, one of the most active and notorious units of the Troubles.

It's interesting to wonder why someone who was a candidate for the late and unlamented Ulster Independence Movement even cares about a union jack flying when his membership of that party suggests that he wants to separate from the UK altogether and establish once and for all the legendary Protestant state for a Protestant people. Far be it from me to suggest that Willie just likes to cause trouble and draw attention to himself regardless of how much bullshit he is talking but the only other conclusion I can draw is that Willie's UIM membership was simply due to the fact that pro-LVF leaders like Clifford Peeples and Kenny McClinton dominated that worthless party in its death throes.

The last time WIllie took his merry band down to Dublin for a little bit of intimidation his then hobby horse "Love Ulster" got seven shades of shite knocked out of it by the local hoods. If there is still any cojones left down there the same thing needs to happen again, just so as finally some sense might be knocked in to Frazer's mixed-up head.

And whilst we are at it the flag is flying from City Hall today, apparently because it is the birthday of the fragrant and beatific Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and the Alliance insisted that this day be protected as a union jack day to pay homage to our new saviour. Good to see the republicans out protesting about such a shameful and triumphalist attack on their sensibilities. Oh.
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My recent dearth of activity on here has been caused, at least in part, by the fact that I was absent in Dublin for a few days due to it being my birthday last Wednesday (the other reason being that this site seems to be dying the death of a thousand cuts outside the Russosphere, but I digress). As part of my remit to take in a lot more live football this season I even managed to go to my first ever League of Ireland match on the Friday night. Given that I was staying just off O'Connell Street I was only a 1.24274238 miles walk away from Dalymount Park, the home of Bohemian and conveniently enough they had a match with Cork City all set up and waiting.

My knowledge of the Phibsborough area of Dublin was hitherto non-existent but luckily I had the foresight to get the directions from Google Streetview in advance, a wonderfully useful invention that only causes my laptop to crash about a thousand times per use. Unused to my surroundings, I almost ended up amongst the Cork supporters but, eschewing the company of such small towners and reasoning that, with a name like Bohemian, the home crowd was bound to share my pretensions towards being louche, I instead took my place in the home stand. As the former home of the Republic of Ireland national team Dalymount is certainly a big unit, with a vibe not unlike the gory old grounds that populated The Big Match way back when, albeit with three stands converted to all seater. However the terraced stand and the stand opposite me were both closed although the home stand had a very decent crowd and a good atmosphere.

As to the match itself, Bohs liked to pass, albeit to very little purpose and they had a frustrating tendency to keep sending the ball back to their own defence whenever times got hard. Cork for their part were largely content to soak up the non-pressure and hit from time to time on the break and it was somewhat against the run of play that Cork took the lead in the first half. Bohs went a bit flat after that but came back strong for the second half and equalised through an absolute rocket from Evan McMillan. The urgency wasn't there however and neither team could make the breakthrough, with Bohemian even having a man sent off in injury time for a dive. Inevitably the home crowd felt him a victim of a terrible injustice but he went down in instalments and the good natured headcase behind me was one of the few to admit it was a fair cop. Cork went close following this but it ended a 1-1 draw for the two mid-table sides.

So Dublin was good fun as I for once actually did something for my birthday and I have finally got a League of Ireland team to look out for as I quickly took the Bohs to my heart. Good show.
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My opinion of Scottish Conservatives is a matter of public record. From the UVF's biggest fan in Andrew Bonar Law (New Brunswick-born but a Scot by ancestry and inclination), via fascist and Nazi sympathisers like the Duke of Hamilton and his son Malcolm, heartless Thatcherite git and biscuit tin lid model Nicholas Fairbairn, Michael bloody Ancram (who belongs in any list of the worst people for his propensity to sing in public) to the hateful little shit Michael Gove they are the very epitome of the grand old Belfast saying "shower of bastards". As a consequence the downfall of sleaze-riddled warmonger Liam Fox fills me with much schadenfreude. His involvement with Adam Werritty in shadowy Zionist groups like the Atlantic Bridge would be more than enough for him to go in my book but I wonder what else is going on here. Are they a bit you know what?Wouldn't be the first Tory with a double life would he? Mind you that should probably be triple life as, unless I am very much mistaken Liam Fox already enjoyed a previous acting career under the name Jack Smethurst.

Oh and speaking of right-wing nutjobs getting their comeuppance could somebody please fill me in about the reason, if any, for the religious right's poster girl in Ireland Dana Rosemary Scallon's sudden meltdown in front of the TV cameras the other night? I've been out of town for the last few days (ironically in Dublin, where it was all happening anyway) and as a result starved of internet access and so I was unable to check a story that has now disappeared into the internet ether. So do tell if you know. Bloody mad cow!
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Well, these coming two weeks will be quite busy for yours truly. A midweek jaunt to Dublin is scheduled for next week whilst the following week I shall be doing my annual London spell, assuming that the angry dwarves that live under the mountains of Iceland have stopped their smelting by then. Originally intended to be a basic five night stay (which obviously it still will be) serendipity has conspired to ensure that on the first night I should be busy seeing Shonen Knife live in concert. Jolly good or what! Ordinarily, of course, this would have happened later in the year but a World Cup ensures plans have to be altered, as well as some nuisance medical stuff in July.

Still enough about me. I notice that today is the second National Famine Commemoration Day on this island. I'm not going to get bogged down in angry talk about genocide but rather just wanted to mention this in passing as the TV seems to have all but ignored it. Besides, it is to the constant shame of this revolting, unequal world that this sort of thing still goes on to this day even though Britain alone still manages to chuck away nearly 7 million tonnes of food per year.

Meanwhile, yesterday was FA Cup final day and, for those who have been on a weekend trip to Mars, Chelsea won inevitably. Overall it wasn't too bad a spectacle for a 1-0, even if it will be remembered most of all for the general cackiness of the penalty takers as anything else. Obviously a Portsmouth win would have been preferable but a double for Chelsea just might knock the smiles off a few faces at Old Trafford so fair enough. Oh, and of course well done to Oxford on an overdue return to the Football League. Amazing to think it is only 21 years since Chelsea and Oxford met in the old Second Division, but no matter as I told you your lot would do it [ profile] fluffmitten.

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Oct. 4th, 2009 01:48 am
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So I had one of my regular runs down to Dublin the other day. Good stuff, with my usual quota of new CDs, books and other jolly things brought back. A rather unsettling thing did happen on the way there though. Normally when I go down south I take the train as I am prone to travel sickness on buses, the cramped conditions are not suitable for a tall, fat man such as me, the traffic inevitably lead to delays and there are too many pointless stops in thoroughly hideous little shitholes like Banbridge. Still, this time that was altered as the train service has become too unreliable and altogether incomplete since the train tracks fell into the sea. As such the bus was the order of the day and it proved surprisingly painless until as soon as it crossed the border and it was flagged down by the Gardai. Two burly buggers in uniform then boarded the bus and demanded to see passports or other forms of identification from everyone on board before the journey could continue. Luckily I had my electoral identity card on me so I had no problems but I suspect it wasn't me or my ilk they were interested in. Nope, the person they took the longest time checking the papers of was, of course, the only non-white passenger on the bus. A delightful interlude I'm sure can imagine, being stopped by racist cops on an anti-immigration witch hunt. A bone-chilling glimpse into the future right there and proof that any talk of an EU without borders is nothing more than talk.
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Apologies for the break in communications there folks but once again I was down in Dublin. I'll not bore you all with the details but suffice to say it was a good larf spending more money that I don't have in their belting music shops.

Besides there are more important things to discuss as the football season began in earnest today. It is a unique time of year the first day of the season. Everything has that new season smell about it as a summer of reading various form guides gives way to the realities of actual football and suddenly received wisdom promising the moon for Norwich City and condemning Lincoln City to death starts to look a little wide of the mark. Suddenly all the talk of Gillingham being outclassed and Grimsby being transformed can be set to one side as so much fish supper wrapping and we can finally get on with the matches themselves. So goodbye summer lull and welcome back football and the end of another round of drudgery that is an odd numbered year's close season.

Besides today saw the welcome return of live Football League matches to terrestrial TV and stone me if it wasn't the Albion they decided to start with. Not a brilliant start on the pitch but in the end a 1-1 draw proved a fair result as the performance was OK without being great. For a side that has committed to keeping the passing style of old grimchops the overall possession was weak and for me we still need a spoiler in midfield. I'm not sure I buy into Mulumbu in that role either because for me a holding midfielder should not give the ball away as much as he does, although in fairness to him he did improve as the game dragged on. Greening, Brunt and especially Koren looked as lively as ever but that was the case last year when the lightweight trio did the fancy stuff but needed some evil sod in the Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye mould alongside them to do bottom teeth and kick throats. Mulumbu is not that kind of player, although hopefully it might not show too much in the lower division.

Still, whilst the midfield looks OK, if a little short on anger, I don't trust the defence one iota. Try as they might they always look just five seconds away from a cringe-making foul up and as such collectively are the Frank Dobson of football. Shelton Martis was a bit of a hate figure for me last season and there is no doubt he is a dufus but there again the goal was nice, unlike his earlier miss. As I believe the kids say these days Zuiverloon was pwned by the monster Gutiérrez although luckily his final ball was dreadful. Still on another day that won't be the case and so the Zuiv should have been shipped out along with the unlamented Ryan Donk. Their goal was the result of a series of errors, although it must be said that Duff's strike was quality and there was nothing poor old Carson could do. Actually he had a decent enough game, although Newcastle's lack of attacking options (how is Shola Ameobi still in employment?) meant that he had little to do and so still has a bit to go in order to convince fully.

Up front the situation was really rather dreadful. Moore is a total waste of space - I don't mind selfishness in a striker as long as he actually scores. I had really hoped he would be gone this year after a woeful turn last season but to see him starting the first game of the season made me feel quite ill. His partner in young Wood looked a bit overawed by it all but fingers crossed he will come good as we are well overdue a youth team success. I thought our new gaffer, who does seem to have gained a fair bit of weight since retiring, threw Simon Cox on too late so it was difficult to judge whether or not he'll be any cop. Still, hurry back from injury Ishmael as we look pretty short of options.

In all the side are still over-passing a bit at times but there were positive signs too. The disallowed late goal for the curate's egg Olsson was a shame but unfortunately looked a fair shout. Against a sterner defence we might well have been found wanting but it was lucky that Coloccini was a useless git really. Overall I was reasonably contented with what went down but saw little evidence that the hitherto discussed received wisdom was on the money with what it had said all summer. There was little to indicate that Albion will enjoy the cakewalk to promotion that has been feted, whilst Newcastle, despite their off-field problems, still look a decent side who could have a say in how things pan out this year. As for the BBC presentation it was a workmanlike turn but we could have done with a proper Albion pundit to balance Alan Shearer's droning (and no Skinner and Arseface's brief, toe-curling appearance doesn't count) whilst the execrable Mark Lawrenson's hatred of all things Hispanic got very old very quickly. I never thought I would find myself longing for Mark Bright to take over the reins but I was. And despite the constant sniping I thought that the two toned yellow kit sported by Newcastle was a good'un. Just me then?!

Well, there you have it - football has come back and we can return to the delights of Jeff Stelling shouting about random things rather than watching his awkward flirting with Rachel Riley or his faked interest in the latest Andrew Sachs anecdote, all the while trying to convince ourselves that this will finally be the year when that mob from Old Trafford get nowhere. Ah balompie, it's great to have you back.
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So, Dublin then. Spent a heck of a lot more money than I should have but what the hell, it's not for framing and you can't take it with you! Mostly on music as I must say the music shops down there are a mile better than what we have in Belfast. Arrived down on Thursday and began my purchasing in the hidden book and record shop on Wicklow Street where a double album version of Symarip's Skinhead Moonstomp and a BBC sessions album for Fairfield Parlour and Kaleidoscope kicked things off, before a stop over at South Great George's Street market added Sleater-Kinney's The Hot Rocks, the Edgar Broughton Band's Wasa Wasa and best ofs from the Upsetters and the Harry J All Stars to the ever growing pile. It was then onto the finest branch of Tower Records going where the prog and psych section is perhaps the best I have seen in a physical shop anywhere. Albums by The Fool, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, the Magicians, Plastic Penny, Harvest Flight, Sarolta Zalatnay and Bakery, as well as some Mark Wirtz lunacy in Philwit & Pegasus and a Dandelion singles box set made quite a dent in the old bank balance but will give me hours of listening pleasure and so justify themselves. That's my excuse anyway.

I wasn't finished there, mind you, as Friday was another day. I did a bit of book shopping to begin with and was able to satisfy one of my more peripheral interests by picking up some New Testament Apocrypha in Chapters before a quick duke in the Sinn Fein Shop where I was able to nab Fidel Castro's autobiography and a starry plough flag for reasonable prices. I wasn't done with buying the music of course - HMV turned up Os Mutantes and Fu Manchu, a return trip to Tower Records on Wicklow Street (where I could happily have bought the place out) added Clare Torry's "Heaven in the Sky", Bobby Callender's "Rainbow" (at last), eponymous albums by Samurai and Walrus, "Honest Injun" by Granny’s Intentions and "The Going’s Easy" by The Greatest Show on Earth to Thursday's haul. On the way back I even managed to pick up stuff by Professor Longhair and Prince Far I and the Trojan Nyahbinghi Box Set on O'Connell Street. Rock and indeed roll!

Absolutely done out now as a consequence of two days solid traipsing but all in all a very productive and enjoyable little diversion. Good show! Meanwhile, I really should be in bed so if you'll excuse me....
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The Express & Star, your one stop shop for earth shattering news about bingo hall closures in Aldridge (I warned John that no good would come from renting his colon to Gala), reckons that the job is Di Matteo's. Yikes! I must say of all the names I had considered as a possible replacement for old bulldog face his was one that never even entered my head. In fairness to him his record is decent as he got a freshly promoted team into the play-offs but that is his sole experience and could have been a one-off, which was precisely what cooled me on talk of Alan Irvine. The fact that he is tainted with the stench of Franchise FC is also unfortunate but in fairness if he turns out a big success I'll probably not lose any sleep over that. I had personally hoped that the erudite Steve Coppell, one of the every few people in football whom I reckon I might like to know in real life, might have landed the job but I'm not going to condemn Di Matteo before he has even started so let's call it cautious optimism and hope it all turns out well.

Well tomorrow is more of the dreaded acupuncture, although my left leg is so sore this week that I may have to forgo it. Just my luck as I'm off to Dublin the following day for a little while. Off to London next week too as I am finally going to go through with my annual threat to get the hell out of this dump during the Twelfth. Good stuff all round, assuming the pains don't claim me first!

Oh and [ profile] queenmartina - your mission is on!
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Despite the weather Dublin proved a nice little break. Managed to get down without any trouble, although the sky was threatening snow from the word go and sure enough it finally broke loose by the time I was in Grafton Street. This was an unfortunate occurrence as I was staying at the far end of O'Connell Street, although the close at hand location of the International Bar solved the problem. In spite of this a good day spending money I don't have was had nonetheless. The music shops in particular proved more productive than I had remembered and it was a pleasant surprise to see that Tower Records had a prog section. Put it this way, you would wait a long time before turning up one of Ange, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Shiva's Headband and Steamhammer in all of Belfast, let alone in one shop. Add in a collection of obscure of French prog from the same shop and albums by Ivor Cutler, the Exploited, the Anti-Nowhere League, Conflict, a Wolfe Tones best of that includes their rebel songs (impossible to get in Belfast from anybody except Sinn Fein) and a Trojan box set for a couple of nicker from various other places and I was quite the happy bunny. Some fine panatelas were also obtained, which is always nice. I was eventually able to make it back in between breaks in the weather and stopping off in boozers (where I had to negotiate the tricky proposition of trying to understand a west of Ireland accent after I got talking to a Nottingham Forest-supporting Galway man in the smoking section of the Temple Bar) but that was me hemmed in for the night as sleet was falling from then on. Got home no problem as yesterday was actually quite a pleasant day weather-wise although the same can hardly be said of today. So far Belfast had avoided all but the most cursory flecks of snow but today a sustained fall has been endured, leaving a blanket of the white stuff behind it. Not a good situation at all as what little enthusiasm I ever had for snow (and even as a child I was no big fan) has long disappeared and I now see it as merely a terrible inconvenience that forces you to stay at home whether you want to or not. Not for me the home-made sledge or that ghastly Americanism that is the "snow angel". Nope, snow is cold and painful and hateful and the sooner it goes the better!
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It's snowing in London apparently - so obviously that's national news. As I'll be in Dublin tomorrow I am more interested in the weather down there but so far I have not been able to find that out from my TV, despite the fact that it is the same bloody island. So far here there has been a couple of quick bits of snow, that almost immediately petered out into a snow/hail/rain mix but there again, even if burning frogs bearing the Mark of Cain started to rain from the sky here I doubt it would be mentioned. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather remains as is, as I could do without cancelled trains getting in the way.

Transfer deadline day today. A glorified excuse for Harry Redknapp to buy Tottenham's 28th forward this season and for a bunch of no names to seal loan switches to Gillingham and Bury. Two signings for Albion - one not good enough for the French league and the other a loaner from the bankruptcy league. How many nobody loan players can one club sign? Tony Mowbray needs to realise that we are no longer in the second tier and adjust his expectations accordingly. When stragglers like Stoke and Wigan can sign players with solid Premier League experience like Camara and N'Zogbia you can't help but feel a tad cheated when your club grubs for loaners from bloody San Lorenzo. A draw with Hull in a game that was must win was bad enough but when the response is to sign the sort of players that should be at Derby or Nottingham Forest you can't help but notice the vultures circling. Going down!

Well that was a bright little post, was it not? Glad I'm back, aren't you?!
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Anyroad (as the late great Amos used to say), just a quick one as usual as the work continues to come thick and fast and I am looking to have this bugger done by the end of the month. Dublin was a good lark over the weekend as the alcohol came thick and fast. Props to [ profile] queenmartina who was footing the bill as an early birthday present. Managed to stock up on some decent cigars too and even availed myself of the Marxist bookshop this time, getting hold of a Lenin effort for 30 of your cents. Cheap as chips. Anyway, that's the lot for today as the work must be done. Keep busting.
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So it seems it is do or die for poor old England on Saturday and next Wednesday. I have little doubt that they will squeeze past Israel and nick a point off Russia before ending up second in the group. They'll be doing well, of course, because the squad is a load of old rubbish but it is just Israel after all. I really don't see how you can plumb much lower than bringing Emile Heskey back to the squad whilst the useless suspects like Wes Brown and Stewart Downing are all present and correct. Still, I know they'll make it anyway as there is no way the rest of us could be blessed with a finals tournament without England and all the hype that goes with it.

For my part I am likely to avoid the Israel game as I'll be in Dublin, although the Republic's game with Slovakia is likely to mean that the place will be heaving a bit. Such is life. Probably the last you'll hear from me until next week so see you all then, apart from [ profile] pinkiemcpinkie and [ profile] the_fi both of whom I hope to see on Friday. Bye now.
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Taking a class the day after a Dublin-Belfast bus ride is not easy. Still, needs must and all that. Good craic in Dublin on Sunday and I ended up running into all sorts of people, including some I hadn't seen in years. Does a body good to catch up from time to time. Nicely toasted on locally-brewed ale as well, which always improves things immeasurably. Plus I came home to find that the Baggies had done a 3-0 over a certain bunch of unmentionables from Wolverhampton. Yes!

Anyway, that's enough rabbit out of me as I need to get back to work at some point (or perhaps have a quick drag on one of those Irish John Players). Cheerio.
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Aiee, but it's been a long day of working. I'm off to Dublin on Sunday so I should hopefully catch up with a few of you there. Otherwise, see the rest of you (in a metaphorical sense at least) on Tuesday. Bet you can't wait.
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No, I'm still alive; I've just been out of town. In Dublin to be precise. My World Cup watching has been a bit higgledy-piggledy as a result. Still, in brief I will say that Mexico-Argentina was a belter after the fairly unexciting Germany-Sweden. I had to catch the horrendous Enterprise train from Belfast to Dublin and as a result I only saw the tail end of England-Ecuador on a big screen but it didn't look like I missed much. Found a random alehouse where Portugal-Holland proved an enjoyable bloodbath and confirmed that Big Phil is now the coolest manager in the tournament, given that previous incumbent Ricardo La Volpe is gone. Smack that van Basten! Italy-Australia was a good enough match that could have used a more satisfying conclusion than the very dodgy penalty that it gave us, whilst I missed Switzerland-Ukraine, although judging by other people's posts about it I'm not sorry that I did. I was down with [ profile] queenmartina to see Depeche Mode, you see. Not bad, even though I'm not much of a fan, although the sheer volume of people there was a bit daunting. Hello to everybody I ran into, including a few long forgotten faces and members of my fan clubTM (of which I will say no more). After coming home on possibly the oldest train in Christendom, I got back in time to see a half-interested Brazil still manage to win 3-0 over an unlucky Ghana. Ah well. Spain-France was a much better match. Yet again Spain flatter to deceive but I don't begrudge the embattled France team a bit of good fortune and it was good to see probably the best player of my era in Zinedine Zidane have what may be his last hurrah. Well, that's the absence explained. In all, I'm pretty jiggered and am glad that there is a bit of a respite from the footie for a couple of days. All for now as I need to find an envelope (long story and I haven't got the energy). Bye.
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Love Ulster. With a name like that it can only be trouble really. A group created by professional victim Willie Frazer that seeks to paint Northern Ireland as a place where lovely God-fearing, Queen-worshipping loyalists have had to face years of oppression from evil republicans just for being different. Yes, the same Willie Frazer who had "a lot of time" for Billy Wright. Calling your group Families Acting for Innocent Relatives and then only acting for those killed by the IRA says it all about Willie - people killed by loyalists or the security forces don't matter shite! So now there's a whole song and dance because they didn't get free reign in Dublin. What exactly did they expect? The Orange Order might have carte blanche to stomp all over Northern Ireland but Frazer and his cronies can't really have thought that something like that wasn't going to happen. Cheap publicity and a chance to take the moral high-ground. Alright, so the scangers went on the rampage after it but people using things to go buck-mad is a feature of all riots. It's time they realised that the days of National Front marches from the Shankill to the City Hall are gone and that outside of this bigoted little hell-hole they can't just suit themselves. Love Ulster?! Hate everybody who doesn't agree with us, more like.

Little more to say. I've been attempting to clear up that essay but having gone out Saturday night instead of Friday I still feel a bit hungover and have got nowt done. Ah well, it looks like a mondo session of writing tomorrow. Fun all the way.


Oct. 29th, 2003 03:33 pm
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Tried to finally enter the modern world by getting myself a switch card yesterday but those morons at the bank told me that a student grant didn't qualify me for one. Tossers! My dreams of computer based impulse buying are shattered once again.

Off to Dublin again tomorrow with [ profile] vulcanlolita for the day. Should be an excuse to spread booze-fueled mayhem in the capital for a change. Didn't bother changing my money so I'll just draw it out down there. Mind you my bank will probably have banned that by tomorrow just to further piss me off. Bunch of rats' nadgers that they are.

Whilst sifting through my usual glut of daily porn spam in the e-mail inbox I came across one offering me car insurance. Totally useless as the only thing I drive is other people crazy but the sender was Nigel Benn. Now I knew he had to be desperate to be on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but to be reduced to hawking dodgy insurance by computer. The mind boggles.
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Took the notion to haul myself down to Dublin for the day yesterday as I was having trouble finding books for the new course up here and fancied a brief change. Travel was a bit of a nightmare as the train lines between Belfast and Hicksv... er Newry were closed so that leg was made on a very cramped bus. Thankfully they have yet to implement their ban on public smoking down there. That will be a real sickener when it comes in. Got plenty of stuff although now that they have banned plastic bags down there I was forced to cart it around in paper efforts that have flayed the skin off my hands. Since when did Fianna Fail become the bloody Green Party. The other big gripe was that rising at 7 o'clock as I had to in order to catch the train followed an 8 o'clock start the previous day which, for a layabout like me, is unheard of. Add to that the fact that I was up late both nights (damn you BBC for putting 'Midnight Run' on so late) and I am still a bit, as they say, cream-crackered. Wont stop me getting fou the nicht mind ye.


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