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As I believe I mentioned a few months ago during my time in Paris my most visited area was the Boulevard Voltaire, that I tramped up and down several times each day. I'm sure I must have passed the Bataclan at least ten times, although for some reason I never took it under my notice and don't actually remember having seen it. Still, pass it I did, as well as one or two of the other places attacked and it brings it home to you. Terrible scenes for a wonderful city to have to endure and unquestionably all sympathy must go to those touched by these tragedies. That such carnage is a daily occurrence in places like Gaza, Baghdad and Beirut and that their tragedies are ignored by the media says a lot about Western priorities and how unimportant we view non-White deaths, as is the overwhelming likelihood that the deaths in Paris will be used as an excuse to continue carpet-bombing Syria at will.

Inevitable too that the Islamophobes are out in force, placing the blame for insane fanatics on an entire belief system (yet the same people never launch on the Archbishop of Canterbury when some Bible-thumping nutjob in the Deep South blows up a family planning clinic) but that has become the default reaction to every such attack now, once again fired up by the media. Kind of what the Irish got in the 70s. The Daily Mail and their ilk have already done a number on the lumpen when it comes to the Syrian refugees but expect any lingering thread of sympathy for their plight to disappear as the people fleeing the excesses of ISIS get the blame for what they have had to endure, much like the German Jewish refugees in the Second World War.

A grim time all round with innocent people suffering at every wheel and turn under the yoke of belligerent militants and equally belligerent governments. Pray for Paris by all means, but remember all the victims around the world and never confuse the status of the victim with that of the aggressor.
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What a thoroughly depressing set of results from the local elections. Leaving aside the inevitable, and well deserved, losses for Clegg's collaborators we are left with a situation where the top party in the most brutal and heartless government in years suffers only moderate losses, the left gets nowhere as usual and, worst of all, a sizeable chunk of the electorate decides that the right people to serve as local councillors in charge of street lights and bins are members of a party whose only policies are at a national level and can be summed up as "wogs begin at Calais".

The continuing collapse of the BNP, something I predicted some years ago you'll remember, is heartening but it is ruined by the fact that so many votes have gone over to their posher, public school-educated cousins in the UK Independence Party. I am on record as being no fan of Boris Johnson and his ways but I can at least understand his appeal to a certain section of people as he represents their fictitious view of what being English is about - bumbling, upper class twits who are endearing and quintessentially English, the sort of people who think queuing is something to be proud of and are obsessed with that bloody "Keep calm and carry on" thing. But Nigel Farage, an oily yuppie of the sort one could easily imagine coming in to asset strip a dying Christmas hamper company, delivering the news that customers will be getting neither money nor wicker baskets full of food this yuletide before awarding himself a £2 million pay-off? What is the appeal of this snaggle-toothed gargoyle? OK, I can see why the chinless vermin who "work" in "The City" might see his appeal but what could anybody else possibly like about this diminutive, self-serving, self-publicising bastard? I'm not a great supporter of the European Union but frankly I really fear the dystopia that will follow Britain's exit as human rights legislation is torn up and right-wing governments do what they like to their citizens in the name of security. The Daily Mail might focus on the odd extreme case (and more often than not, make others up) but if the straight choice is a capitalist UK in the EU or a capitalist UK with internment, constant snooping, unlimited detention on remand and the death penalty then I'll take the EU, thanks. And to those morons who say "you need only worry if you have something to hide" - show me somebody who doesn't have something to hide and I'll show you the most boring man in the world. Do you really want a government that can look into your extra-marital affairs, those Justin Bieber MP3s you keep hidden, your dawdling on sleazy porn sites or the tax-dodging booze and fegs you order from eastern Europe? Thought not.

That the reaction of a significant number of voters to a cuts-happy government is to vote for a party that claims to be completely Thatcherite and is one of the few parties that would probably cut deeper than the Tories says a lot about the sort of lumpen morons who are voting these days. However the failure of the left to provide any real alternative is another huge problem, and one that has existed for several years now. Let's face it, there is no left-wing alternative in British politics. You have a supposed focus whose credibility has been shot to pieces for some time in George Galloway, a man who now seems to divide his time equally between trying to convince himself that something as right wing as Islamic fundamentalism is a basis for a socialist party, that rape isn't a crime if you agree with somebody's politics and that a great way to build unity is to alienate as many people as possible. Then you have a bunch of posh boys waving around their Euston Manifesto who are frankly about as radical as the Women's Institute. Finally you have the groupuscular left up and down the country, convinced that they are about to lead a revolution tomorrow on the basis that their recently joined tenth member has access to a van but who refuse to work with that mob on the other side of town because they have a picture of a beardless Trotsky in their HQ/only active member's bedsit.

I despair of it all really. Xenophobia and monetarism rule the day and the prospect of there being any meaningful change is ever more remote as we lurch towards a nightmarish future where a brutal, uncaring government has its few checks and balances removed and is given free rein to crush at will. Hell in a bloody handbasket.

Still, never mind, eh?!
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So the parade of foolishness that is the Olympics is but a day old and already it has its first big controversy with Greece being forced to send home thrice leaper Voula Papachristou after she took to idiot magnet Twitter to trot out some hackneyed racist joke. What a classy bird. For me the bigger controversy is not so much a very poor taste joke but rather the fact that the Greek Olympic selectors decided to pick somebody who had publicly declared her support for the Golden Dawn, a party which until recently made no bones about being neo-Nazi and which, despite its growth into a major force in Greek politics, still contains a significant Nazi element. Imagine a self-declared November 9th Society supporter in "Team GB", much less a BNP supporter - it would never happen.

Nice also to see a measured response from the Daily Mail - never mind that she's a racist (well, they all are too so why worry?) let's illustrate it with twelve pictures of the cow in various Perfumed Garden poses because she's totty. Well, if you're into giant ladies with washboard stomachs I suppose she is but I'll pass thanks and instead roll my eyes at the Daily Mail being ridiculous yet again. God, when is this Olympics crap over, I'm bored of it already!
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There seems to be a lot of hoo-ha about some billionaire dying today. Stan Works or something like that. Given that my use of Apple product extends no further than polishing off the odd pink lady I can't claim to have been hit particularly hard by his passing but to hear the reactions of some people you would think it was their dad that had just carked it rather than some geezer whose overpriced and frequently unnecessary bits of kit they shelled out on every few months. I have no specific beef with the guy so my sympathies to his family (in the unlikely event that they'll be seeking to console themselves in their grief by reading my nonsense) but really all the wailing, gnashing of teeth and depositing of nosegays of flowers and half-eaten Golden Deliciouses (or should that be Golden Delicioi) outside chain stores is a bit much.

And speaking of public displays of idiocy can there be anything more asinine to have come out of the already deplorable party conference season than the cat-based row between Theresa May and Kenneth Clarke? Anybody with half a brain knew from the word go that the story of a man being allowed to stay in Britain because of his cat was made-up Daily Mail claptrap and that a senior member of government repeated it just goes to show what a rabble of idiots the current ConDem junta really are. Mind you what Clarke gained from making a big deal out of it is an equal mystery, other than perhaps reminding people that he still exists. Far be it from me to tell our leaders and betters how to do their jobs but is this not the sort of thing that the leader of the opposition should be all over rather than a member of the government? Still I suppose that would assume that Ed Miliband was of any more use than the cretins making up the government and so far he has demonstrated precisely nothing to make me believe that. As for Theresa May, well let's be honest hotties are usually a bit on the thick side!

And speaking of malevolent right-wing women to whom you probably wouldn't say no I see we finally have some good news coming from across the pond after Sarah Palin declared herself out of the next election. The thought of Palin as President is too just too scary to contemplate, especially seeing as Barack Obama would surely have lost against her, given that he is clearly a communist, a Muslim and the sort of man who would happily crap on an eagle before cleaning his tush with Old Glory. Although the precise amount could never be determined conclusively I'm sure there is a limit to the number of nuclear bombs the earth could take before crumbling into so much space dust. I am also sure that the fragrant Ms Palin would have thrown that amount and more at North Korea, Syria and France within days of being sworn in so I'm glad to say the least that it's a no-no from her. Mind you she might just be preparing for a return to her original home in the Alaskan Independence Party in which case we can anticipate UDI from the frozen north and the emergence of a new rogue state. I'll stop now in case she's reading (well, you never know) and gets ideas.
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Well my annual London pilgrimage has come to an end and I'm still feeling a tad worn-out. However between seeing one of my favourite bands, visiting the resting place of my leader, catching up with some good friends and adding to the collections it was well worth the effort. Permit me to elaborate.

The third way )
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Good to see the tide continuing to turn in Latin America, this time in Paraguay. As the Paraguayan equivalent of FET y de las JONS the Colorado party did very little other than nod enthusiastically during the barbarous dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner, but nonetheless it is great to finally see the Falangist gits sent packing. Obviously it remains to be seen how far Fernando Lugo will keep his promises now that he has been elected not to mention how long it will be before a military figure decides he should be iced but any blow against the forces of reaction is a positive thing.

Speaking of reprehensible dictators and this time closer to home I see we have a case of the pot labelling the kettle as black-arse. Ed Balls is probably the most aptly named Member of Parliament since Sir Basil Lying-Bastard was elected for Bridgwater in 1852 (NB: Might not have happened) but for Charles Clarke to lecture anybody about being underhanded after his part in covering up the foreign prisoners scandal that had the Daily Mail in such a tizzy is the biggest bit of bare-faced cheek since Happy Humphrey experimented with naturism (NB: Might not have happened either).

And finally, no, I have no intention of making crass comments about John Prescott's latest revelations, even if it turned out as well as his leadership challenge. Well OK, maybe just that one crass comment then!
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Ever read the Daily Mail and thought that it's all a bit too lily-livered and liberal? If so then hightail it over to UK Tabloid and read the real news about how you are 356,746,723 times more likely to be mugged on the streets of Droitwich Spa than New York, how there are now 65,000 immigrants per council house and how you can only get a job if you are a disabled black lesbian from Malawi. So far much of the 'People's News Portal' seems to be working about as well as the dole scroungers they hate so much, but given that I got hold of it from the hideously revamped BNP site we don't need to guess too hard about the sort of conspiratorial rubbish dressed up as news that will be on there. They also seem to have a bizarre obsession with Amy Winehouse who is apparently "the people your children are influenced by!". Yes, musicians getting pissed and doing drugs. Whatever next, athletes taking steroids?! Of course her portrayal as the antithesis of our good traditional British values and the corrupter in chief of our darling blue-eyed, toe-headed children is nothing to do with her being Jewish. No really. So there you have it folks, your new one stop shop for all the paranoia, manipulation and casual racism you can handle. A shame they don't have a TV section really. But of course, the Sterling Times can take care of that for you. Don’t forget that The Black and White Minstrel Show was good family fun! Ah, the extreme right - aren't they just the most?!
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So am I the only one who watches Football Night, the Channel 5 fiasco that formerly gave John Barnes top billing but now seems to have tossed him aside like last Tuesday's batch loaf in favour of a slightly overweight 'bit of a lad' who no doubt admires Chris Moyles' work? I ask this only because last night, in amongst the usual cod-matey bonhomie and over-reliance on footage of unimportant UEFA Cup matches, I witnessed what must rank as one of the worst moments in televisual history. Deciding to shake things up a bit they introduced a new segment that was called something like the 'Tactics Wall'. Essentially this consisted of Arsenal legend (?!) Stewart Robson standing in front of little more than an overhead projector picking out tactical issues from Bayer Leverkusen-Blackburn and Zulte Waregem-Newcastle. A recipe for disaster to begin with but Robson was about as confident as a ten year old Amish girl at a Public Enemy concert. As he stumbled over words, constantly did the 'um' and 'ah' thing and forgot players names I felt my toes curl to the point where I no longer had feet but rather fleshy wheels. As things began to crumble around him Robson was left to divide his time between talking with his back to the camera and staring at a fixed point in desperation (causing terrible dryness, no doubt). To make things worse as the presenter and some prat from the Daily Mail tried to discuss what he had said Robbo proceeded to walk back to his seat in one of the most amateur pieces of telly I've seen in ages. Very poor indeed! For those who remember Andy Townsend and the Tactics Truck with a groan, this was ten times worse. I hope to God that it was the start and end of that feature. Put it this way, if Channel 4 ever wants to revise its 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell it might find that Richard Madeley's take on Ali G has a new contender.
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Those of you who never had the misfortune to read John Tyndall's now defunct personal organ Spearhead (which I'm assuming is all of you, unless we have a fly fascist in our midst) will no doubt be unfamiliar with the regular column 'Madhouse Britain'. This hate-ridden diatribe was filled with stories ganked from the so-called 'quality press' (usually the Daily Mail, but bear with me) mostly about how asylum seekers were getting thousands of pounds in benefits or how jobs were only available to non-whites. I mention this however as a recent glance at teletext news put me in mind of a Madhouse Britain column, were it written by someone who was sick to the back teeth of interference in the private sphere, rather than racists. It seems now that a fine lady cannot ride a white horse to Banbury Cross because it's not safe, you can't put tomato sauce on your grubstakes because it's not safe and a pregnant woman cannot gain any weight because it's not safe. I swear, this bloody country gets worse by the minute. Before long we'll be banned from taking a crap in case the toilet explodes. Well, how far off can it be when a horse isn't allowed on a road and a pregnant woman can't put on a bit of weight (what's the bet a man came up with that?)?!

All for now, work to do.
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I'm trying to care about all of these Prince Charles revelations but I'm afraid I cant. The man has made so many gaffes down the years that nobody is surprised when he adds another one and nobody really gives two hoots. Interfering in politics is something monarchs always do and as for the comment about Chinese diplomats, his da has said much worse down the years and always got away with it. Still call it dontopedology and comments about 'slitty eyes' can be laughed off as eccentric by the Daily Mail brigade. Apparently a nobody Neil Kinnock refugee reckons it could bring down the monarchy. Aye, son, and Togo could win the World Cup. Talk about overstatements. Charlie's been spouting his opinion on things for years and now all of a sudden a song and dance is being made over it. It'll all blow over in no time as Charlie has somehow become an untouchable buffoon that people like to laugh with.

Work was supposed to be the order of the day but I felt too tired and sore to be arsed. Looks like tomorrow will be yet another session of knuckling down. Mo chreach! I'm getting too old for all of this.
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Hallowe'en. Yuck. What a pointless time of year this really is. I have no desire to dress like a pillock, nor do I have any desire to throw money at people just because they have chosen to do so, and I sure as heck don't want to be jumping out of my skin because some spides are pleased by loud noises and flashes of light in the sky. Killjoy or what? Actually even when I was a nipper I took little pleasure in the annual farce. I can remember dressing up and going round begging only twice and even then I didn't feel right about it. Fireworks have never interested me either as there's something terribly lowest common denominator about them. I'm not a mung bean eating 'they scare dogs' type, I just find no pleasure in loudness for its own sake. Plus when people come to my door expecting money just because they are wearing a Scream mask under their hooded tops I feel I really should be reaching for my Turkish cavalry sabre and driving the little hoods away rather than firing them off a handful of change (which they wont be satisfied with anyway). If money is that important let these nippers sign on the dole and keep them out of my hair.

Speaking as I briefly did about the craze for hooded tracktops I was amazed (no scrub that it's Tony B. Liar and his Populism Carnivale we're talking about here) to see a bizarre little 'chavier than thou' senga by the name of Lady Sovereign turning up at 10 Downing Street and being allowed in to launch a 'Save the Hoodie' campaign. I can only hope that said 'lady' (and the term could not be used more loosely) is a bull-shitting stage-school brat seeking some cheap publicity for her woeful attempts at 'urban' music (which appears to suggests that all non-rap and swingbeat (for I refuse to use the term R and B for anyone who doesn't have a Muddy Waters dimension) comes from the wilds of Cromarty or something). If this is actually being taken seriously then I despair of this country. It is only an article of clothing, people! The witch hunt against them is a little OTT but reaction to it is similarly ridiculous. Think outside the box, youth and today, and stop tying yourselves to fashion-dictated uniforms. I have never worn a hooded tracktop in my life and I'm perfectly fine.

Apologies if that all came across as a bit Daily Mail but I sometimes despair of the youth of today. And relax.
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Yesterday went reasonably well. At least I thought it did until the end when they hit me with the news that it was part one of a series of two. Part two isn't until the 18th of January so for the time being I'm going to put it to the back of my head. The three man interrogation format was nowhere near as intimidating or as formal as I expected. Luckily it wasn't a case of three of them behind a desk and me facing them but rather a round table type affair. As well as the honcho I knew the second guy from way back and was always pretty sound and while I didn't know the third dude his short and skinny stature and high-pitched Irish accent made him a pushover. In all, not a bit bad, although I could have done without The Meeting 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.

I could moan about the latest Blunkett revelations. Could but I'm not going to. Davie's going nowhere while the opposition gives him an easy ride and only his fellow NewLabs are giving him a rollicking (can't beat a bit of Daily Mail!). I can recall only former Tory spin doctor Amanda Platell making anything out of it and the Independent expects me to pay to re-read it. Besides she has the stain of William Hague's failure about her and is much too pretty for Joe Public to take seriously (or maybe that's just me, weirdo that I am). So don't worry Blunky-boos. You're safe enough.

Finally have a good one in London, [ profile] vulcanlolita. Try not to do anything I wouldn't do.


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