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Hello you *waves*. Yeah, just back from Paris and that, which, of course, means I have to go on at length about the last week. Apologies in advance if this gets a bit incoherent but you should all be used to that by now.

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Or not as the case might be. When I ganked today's illustration from an old copy of the Beano I had hoped Brian Cowen would be facing his spanking like a man but, inevitably, the big ignorant fecker from Offaly has done one before the voters had the chance to give him the kicking he has long had coming. Either way though the election down south goes ahead tomorrow with his hapless successor Micheál Martin, every bit as much a gink as his near namesake who used to be speaker of the House of Commons, ready to have his arse handed to him after the countless screw ups of his heavy featured predecessor. Still, whilst it will be nice to see Fianna Failure get what for the inevitable success that it will mean for their virtual clones in Fine Gael means it will be a hollow accomplishment. The civil war was nearly 90 years ago folks why continue with this nonsense of two parties when there is a feg paper between them ideologically? The chances of the descendants of the Blueshirts not coming first are none but I do hope that they will at least fall short of an overall majority so as their excesses are curtailed and that somebody somewhere will have the sense to elect at least one United Left Alliance TD. If not the Irish voters might find an unwelcome degree of continuity between Cowen and Enda Kenny as Dame Enda, with his inherited seat in Mayo and his racist jokes, is about as radical as the 1922 Committee. Still, if nothing else at least it will be good riddance to Cowen, Bertie Ahern and his shitty brother Noel, all coming soon to a board of directors near you no doubt.

So in summary vote early, vote often, vote ULA!
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Transfer deadline day today. Not sure that too much earth-shattering has happened so far as it seems to be the same old names doing the rounds (is there ever a deadline day on which Mido and Daniel Cousin don't move). Decent news earlier today as Natalie Sawyer and her incredible funbags (yes, I'm an awful human being) told me that Albion had landed Andwélé Slory on loan. You certainly can't complain about netting a Dutch international winger and more good news followed when I heard that Shelton Martis has finally been shipped, with Doncaster Rovers being unsuspecting fools lumbered with the great lummox. That donkey should have went years ago and indeed he sums up everything that was wrong with the Tony Mowbray era. And speaking of Mowbray he seems to be having some sort of episode as he has already signed three players today and is allegedly about to add cart-wheeling, weasel-faced goal machine Robbie Keane to that list. A bit late given that Rangers already have the title practically in the bag despite having more debt than the inmates at Marshalsea but in SPL terms a Diomansy Kamara-Keane front pair could be absolutely devastating. Good lord has Mowbray actually got something right for once? Two moons in the sky.

Elsewhere there's an ad doing the rounds here, apparently for something called EDF, featuring a bunch of clips of Superman down the years. All quite daft, especially the George Reeves era, although I suppose you have to be fair to each version. Effects improve over time and what looks quaintly comical now was once state of the art. Besides there have been worse things committed to film in the name of representing superheroes. Leave it to India to re-imagine Superman as a Sylvester Stallone lookalike dancing in the sky on a barely concealed platform with a really rather toothsome female Spiderman (Kimi Kattkar of course; phwoaar, eh) with him. Still he can lift guys by the gut so don’t mess with him!

Still none of that old dancing and singing nonsense for the Turks where they like to do things a little bit meaner. So for their take on Batman and Robin you can bank on some good old fashioned arse-kicking. It doesn’t really explain why Batman has lost both cloak and ears and why the dynamic duo look like a particularly low rent Mexican tag team but at least business is being well and truly taken care of. Nifty posters too and, whilst I'm not altogether sure that any Batman should wear red, the lass in the go-go boots more than makes up for it. Were this journal a seedier enterprise I would also bring up the Turkish take on Batgirl but we eschew such baseness round these parts. Besides let's be honest Yvonne Craig's version of Batgirl was already splendid enough I'm sure you'll agree.

Mind you there are weirder places to go than those I suppose. Perhaps you could imagine a mask-free Batman who prefers a baseball cap and mullet and opts to join the Boy Wonder, the Joker, the Penguin and a bunch of weirdoes in a truly bizarre song and dance version of 'classic' Danny & the Juniors hit "At the Hop". Well, that's how they imagine Batman in the Philippines. You very dirty rat indeed!
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I mentioned on here many moons ago that I am a staunch admirer of oddball 70s comic Plop! and I'm glad to report that said admiration has just been rekindled. A bit of a cleanout the other night uncovered a couple of issues I bought a few years back and immediately reminded me of how great they were. Bizarre little stories, drawn in a weird cartoony style, Sergio Aragones' truly arcane sense of macabre humour really did mark him out as the Frank Zappa of comics in my book. Within the medium but completely outside any sense of its conventions, Aragones matches Zappa not only for his inventive madness but also for his heroic facial hair. Of course I couldn't leave it there, so it was on to e-bay post haste to chase down what was there and as a consequence I am now sweating on eight separate issues. Still, it'll be worth the hassle as I really do need to get my hands on as many as possible in case they should start straying into the silly money stakes.

Mind you, I'm a bit of a sucker for the less mainstream DC Bronze Age titles in general. Sit me down with a copy of All-Star Western, Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, Shade, the Changing Man or Prez and I'm happy as a sandboy. As such I was rather pleased to pay under a pound for three 70s war comics (Star Spangled War Stories, Four Star Battle and Our Fighting Forces) and thus ensure myself three blasts of good old fashioned xenophobic fun. Can't be bad to it. Fingers crossed a double dunt of Star Spangled and Phantom Stranger (odd mix there) and a collection of five featuring Unexpected, Weird Mystery, Weird Worlds, Secrets of the Haunted House and House of Mystery turn out just as well as the old collection is long overdue a few additions.

Where new comics are concerned I've been out of the loop somewhat since the early 90s and it's been around eight years or so since I was a regular buyer in the back issues market but it does one good to indulge one's older hobbies from time to time and for a bit of fun I always revisit comics every few years. Good for the soul you know (if not the bank balance).
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Recently I made an attempt to clean out an old filing cabinet that I have. Packed to the gills with old copies of Match magazine, Shiver and Shake annuals and similar related guff, the attempt proved as successful as Peter Dean's 1986 foray into the world of popular music. In amongst all the paraphernalia I came across some old sketch pads that I had used when i was around 10. Upon looking through them I discovered I still had the old attempts at comics that I had cobbled together back then. I started by doing a couple of pirated Batmans, mostly in the 50s/early 60s style which I had which I had gotten into after getting a copy of Tales of the Dark Knight for a birthday or Christmas. I then moved on to my own creation, the staggeringly unimaginative Doctor Darknight, who was Batman without the ears, even down to some direct steals in panels. At the time I thought it was the most devastatingly original thing in history and I even had a slew of villains for him, including Aga (who was basically copied from pictures of Saddam Hussein, only more muscular and wearing a fez, sunglasses and a waxed moustache), the Ayatollah (Khomeini with a shorter beard, lifted from his appearance in A Death in the Family) and Lungworm, a gigantic mutant thing with suction cups for hands and a huge toothy mouth (what was I smoking on that one?). There were undeveloped ideas in there as well, such as the originally named 'The Cop', who looked like a younger, thinner Ram John Holder in a trenchcoat, an unnamed guy who looked a cross between Vincent Price and the Crimson Avenger who spent his time fighting aliens on 1920s Orkney and a few sketches about the Bible's Samson being transported to modern times where he was forced to battle Polyphemus the Cyclops (getting my religions mixed up a bit there) whilst old one was, for reasons I have long since forgotten, wearing an Aran jumper, sensible trousers and brogues. Oddly enough I used to spend hours on these and think that I was making a huge contribution to comic book art by doing so. Little amuses the innocent, I suppose, although I suspect that I was hardly alone in such pursuits amongst boys of that age.

Anyway, enough waffle for now. I'm pinned in here in the Science Library until the rain dies down a bit and I can ventured to somewhere better so I suppose I would be better off working than wasting. Toodle-oo.

*Indeed the title was a Burt Ward-ism from the ever so silly 60s TV series, as provided by this list of fun nonsense. I'm sure there's a joke about dirty Burty in 'Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors'.


Jul. 26th, 2004 02:18 pm
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What is it about Sunday night/Monday morning that prevents me from sleeping? Becomes a pain in the proverbials every now and again. C'est la vie as B*witched would say.

Tiredness has left me bereft of ideas. The more sick-minded amongst you might get a kick out of one of my latest e-bay purchases. Otherwise I'm off to do some lark.


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