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I really feel like I should be updating this more often but, you know, effort.

Still, does anybody know what that "related entries" thing is about? It's scaring me.


Apr. 25th, 2011 08:06 pm
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Bored. Earlier futile attempts to discover the source of a rotten smell in the kitchen cannot disguise the fact that I am as bored as bored can be. Good lord but bank holidays are pigging! They may be the definition of excitement and freedom in proper cities but in my neck of the woods everything comes to a standstill and you are left only with a crushing, interminable ennui. None of which is helped by our internet connection being as weak a malaria victim on hunger strike and cutting out every lot of minutes for some reason. Blasted Virgin Media and their slapdash service. Even the telly is no release as it seems determined to serve up a choice between God-awful film versions of ropey 70s sitcoms and fluffy nonsense about two over-cosseted shits who happen to be getting married. I get it, some geezer from Bahrain can't come but please stop telling me every five minutes in excruciatingly boring detail.

So in summary - bored.
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It's an odd old day is Easter Day. On the mainland Sunday is now a day like any other and I suspect that Easter seems different but in the occupied six counties Sunday is still a day when everything comes to a standstill and as such it is difficult to notice that Easter is upon us as things are just as dead as they are every week. The fact that we have been offered the usual diet of soap opera omnibi and repeats of repeats of repeats adds further to the feeling that this is little more than another Sunday. For me, it won't be until tomorrow that the difference becomes obvious as the onslaught of tedium that is a Bank Holiday Monday is foisted upon us. With the possible exceptions of "interpretive dance performance" and "featuring Piers Morgan" I can think of no three words so guaranteed to suck the life out of a situation that that ill-starred triptych. For those of us who have always done what they are now sometimes telling us to and forsaken car ownership (I say sometimes as that advice seems to have gone to the wall now that there is a car industry to save) there is absolutely no prospect of venturing outside ones own area as the bus service is effectively halted and even when one does arrive the prospect of sharing it with hordes of laughing emo kids makes the whole thing impassable. The upshot is that tomorrow will be spent confined to barracks, nursing my myriad aches and pains whilst doing my utmost to avoid the horrors of High School Musical 2 and that bug-eyed barsteward and his Eastenders reject sidekick in that god-awful science fiction broadcast. This being Northern Ireland I suspect the same will hold true for Tuesday, meaning that my next big highlight will be a trip to the physio on Wednesday. A veritable whirlwind, my friends. Do have fun, wont you!
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Yowzah, but printing off the thesis is boring. Really boring. We're talking Melvyn Bragg on valium here. Quite satisfying in a way as I have only one more chapter to print and then I can call it quits and start thinking about getting it off to the binders tomorrow but still very boring.

All for now as my time is not my own at the minute.
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Just as I suspected - the total lack of football means that I have absoultely sod all to talk about today. How dare they give us near a month of constant action and then suddenly stop the supply altogether. Were I a sensible man I would have gone home ages ago as I am bored stiff and have no work to speak off until certain materials come into my possession but I have only gone and locked myself out of the house like a complete cretin and so have to leave it until I can guesstimate when somebody else will be in. Sheesh!


Apr. 18th, 2008 04:16 pm
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Yawn. A bit of a boring day all round as I'm still in the situation of having sod all to do work wise until the boys weigh in with their report. Thus I'm left a tad high and dry, afraid to get started on any corrections in case I make a balls-up and give myself more work to do than is strictly necessary. As I said, yawn.

Apropos of nothing I happened to catch a glance of the front cover of the Belfast Telegraph the other day. Now let it be known that I personally would never read that filthy sleaze-rag but a copy was in the house and I couldn't help take it under my notice. For me the picture that adorned it was the very definition of the old adage regarding silk purses and sow's ears. No offence Col but you would struggle to come up to the glamour stakes of Audrey Roberts never mind Audrey Hepburn. I had really hoped that once the World Cup passed the phenomenon of the WAG would piss off but it seems that we are now to be permanently saddled with this rough as pouty-oaten little brass who is, let's face it, a glorified prostitute taking money from a pug ugly rich man who has consistently humiliated her in public through dalliances with decrepit women who at least have the decency to admit they are only in it for the money. The logic seems to be that Wayne Rooney is a good footballer and so it is a source of fame that you are the one he is getting red in the face and grunting on top off. I wouldn't mind so much if she had a talent but she is the standard issue sink estate senga with all the personality of a wet dishrag and all the sex appeal of Charles Clarke in a nappy. Why this little scrag has to be given so much publicity when she is about much use as chocolate fire guard is symptomatic of all that is wrong with Britain in the early 21st century. I will cease and desist as she doesn't need yet more publicity and the lawyers might well be snooping round.
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And so the summer ends for yours truly. Or to put it in a less melodramatic way, the library here is once again open to 9 at night every weekday (except Friday) meaning that I can once again return to being my lazy self for a while. Good show all round and, combined with the lack of any work for the next few days, I've been able to catch up with a bunch of stuff that I have been meaning to check on the internet. As a consequence I now know what henotheism is, am fully aware that Pernell Roberts is alive but am still none the wiser what a Wonderful Pig of the Ocean looks like. Ah the internet, the greatest deposit of rubbish since the landfill site.

Negative side of this change is, of course, getting home. It’s been no more than two months since I last had to do so but already I have forgotten the evening bus times. Allegedly they are supposed to run around every twenty minutes but given the private monopoly that runs public transport in Belfast that rarely happens and you are usually left standing like a sausage for a good half hour at least. I may well need to go and check in advance but that would require effort and I probably won’t be buggered.

Have you all worked out that I’m terribly bored yet? Thought so.

Hello you

Jul. 16th, 2007 03:15 pm
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And breathe.... Thankfully the Twelfth has passed for another year. Its timing this year meant that it lasted for bloody ever and was as boring as it could get. Unfortunately, as I anticipated, I ended up doing very little of substance over the holidays. Did pretty much bugger all over the Eleventh night as the reek of burning tyres hung in the air like feta cheese in a prozzie's handbag and the sound of crappy music blasted from the nearby locations of the archaic travesties. One wonders what the Pussycat Dolls would make of being blared over PA systems at loyalist beanos, although I suppose that would assume that the Pussycat Dolls are like actually like capable of like thinking. A fairly hefty Liddisdale drow descended around one in the morning and forced the morons back under their stones early doors. Justice is at least partially served. The Twelfth itself was largely given over to pouring over that chapter that I previously announced I would be looking at and somewhat surprisingly I got a reasonable amount of work done on it. However that was to be my only productive spell of the long weekend as being forced to cut back on tobacco left my nerves somewhat frazzled, leaving me a highly-strung sullen lump from then on. As a result Friday the 13th came and went with precisely nothing of interest to report. I did manage to sneak down the road for a spell on Saturday, although the place was an absolute graveyard as a lot of Fenians had left town and the other crowd were nursing hangovers from three days of solid wasting. Time was also spent sculpting my overgrown face fungus into a larger than normal goatee, although I'm still in two minds as to whether or not that particular arrangement will see the week out. By Sunday I had grown sorely tired of the whole thing but eventually consoled myself by once again reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a truly delightful way to kill an hour. By this point, you will understand, the TV had lost any interest to me and I really couldn't care if I never saw that bloody box again. Today, bringing as it has a return to the mundanity of typing and dull stuff on the internet, has been a pure delight. As of course has been catching up on what each of you has been doing in my absence. All things considered, I imagine that this is something approaching how a prisoner feels after parole. As a Vietnam-based paedophile once said "it's good to be back".
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Boring! I was supposed to come down and see the honcho at 12 today (his idea not mine, as 12 is very early by my standards) but when I get here the bugger has only put things back to the more usual time of 2. Turd brain. I have other things to do today but instead I have to arse about waiting on that little nit and wont be getting out of here to probably half three. Gah!

On the plus side, after the rubbish that was the FA Cup final last night's European Cup final was a marked improvement. Not in the same bracket as two years ago but still a good, evenly matched contest between two halfway progressive sides played in a good spirit. Unlucky for the Scousers to lose really but they were very jammy last time out so it evens itself out.

Well, just a quick effort to waste some time. Too tired to do any work so I'll go and kill the final half hour doing something constructive like wasting money on e-bay. Keep bustin'.
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As Chic (and then Frank Zappa) once put it "Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!". Today has been given over to trying to make a bit of sense of my interminably dull final thesis chapter, which is largely based around the ever-so exciting prospect of analysing election results. Trust me, it's even more boring than it sounds (if that's possible). Still, on the good side Bradford, Kirklees and a general Yorkshire section are out of the way, leaving only Burnley, Oldham, a rest of Lancashire section, the West Midlands, Barking and Dagenham and 'other' still to do. On the minus side, that all needs to be done for early next week. Thus you'll see why the three yowsahs appeared earlier.

In other news, not being a fan of science fiction I wouldn't normally mention this but I'm still finding it hard to believe that Paul Gascoigne is to star in a sci-fi film. That'll work. A guy with one of the most indecipherable accents in history starring in a film. They'll sell that to the Yanks no sweat. Mind you, looking at his increasingly ghastly visage, they'll at least be able to save money on make-up. It takes all sorts!
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Yikes, they've changed the layouts again. I hate it when they do things like this without warning me well in advance. Still, I expect I'll get used to it eventually.

Apart from that, not a lot to tell you really. If you want something to amuse yourselves with I happily present Daffy Duck's finest hour. Otherwise I'll naff off and stop annoying everybody. Until tomorrow that is.
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Well, that's the current piece of work finished and I'll have no more to do until I catch up with the old honcho again, probably some time early next week. Good in one way, but in another way the lack of any work to do has left me as bored as an Alan Yentob programme marathon. Not even anything happening anywhere for me to care. Ho-hum. Anybody know any good jokes?
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God, but this Tony Blair resignation stuff is boring. Who cares when he goes? Gordon Brown is hardly likely to be much better. Having one eye does not suddenly give him the wisdom of Odin and we will no doubt be saddled with more of the same whilst they limp along to 2010. If Tony went tomorrow I don't see where much would change in policy terms. The only real difference would be instead of smarming us to death the PM would now bore us to death. Bit like this on-going 'saga' really.
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Another twelfth bites the dust. As a result I have absolutely nothing to talk about as I've been cooped up in the house since you last heard from me. Anybody know any good jokes?
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I came here with the intention of doing a bit of work but I have now realised that I have nothing to do! The upshot of which is pure boredom so here are a few random musings to stop me going insane:

1. Comedy these days is rubbish. By way of example I happened to chance upon a show lost night entitled The Best of Tittybangbang. God, if that was the best I would hate to see the worst. Absolute dross that was seemed to be aiming for the worst of Little Britain combined with the dregs of Catherine Tate. I can't believe Andy Fordham soiled his good name by getrting involved.

2. Speaking of crap telly, The Mint continues apace and is now punishing us with occasional bursts of Gary Bushell, that auld wheeler & wilson Frank Carson and that Burnham-on-Crouch version of Paris Hilton that won 'Celebrity' Big Brother. Aargh!

3. Hot weather has given me the notion to dig the pipe out of cold storage and fire up the briar. Unfortunately all I have is the remnants of a packet of Clan that I've had since the year dot. A packet of St Bruno may well be the order of the day.

4. Speaking of smoking, a deck of Castella Panatellas came into my possession yesterday. Just the ticket!

5. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Fats Waller is the king of music for this sort of year. Nothing like hearing somebody using the Hammond organ as a straight forward instrument once in a while, instead of the prog noodling I'm used to.

6. The birds round my way are starting earlier. Last night it was about half two when I heard the first one going. This given the fact that they don't stop until around midnight. Bloody feathered insomniacs!

7. Pat McCarthy is the new Lord Mayor of Belfast. Fat lot of good that''ll do. The SDLP are spineless bunch of nobodies who are about as social democratic as UKIP. All they care about is cosying up to the Catholic businessmen and going cap in hand to America. Turds!

8. Gareth Southgate is the new Middlesbrough manager. Ha-ha! If he's as good a manager as he was a player then they're in serious lumber!

9. I stumbled across some Captain Carrot the other day. Ah, but he was a legend. Comics that the whole family could enjoy.

10. My favourite new word is 'hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia' or fear of the number 666. Would have been more apt yesterday but c'est la vie.

Right, I'll stop spreading the boredom now. Cheerio!
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AH! Bloody computer printed six blank pages and charged me for the buggers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – computers are the work of the Beelzebub. Rage! And relax.

Bit of a break over Easter coming up. Well, sort of. Actually by my own standards I have a fair few things to do. Tomorrow will be given over to another trip to the market and then a traipse round the town to find long screws (no, the curly nails). The bouncing blind that I caused after a drunken fall is finally going to get an overhaul thanks to my acquiring a hole-filler that should be preferable to the useless epoxy putty that is currently holding things in place. The Wall of The Exalted ™ in my gaffe also needs a bit of a rethink as I need to find a place for my genuine Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh cloth alongside Marx and Engels, Connolly and the red flag. To most this would seem like a two minute job but to a ponderous gink like me it could well take up a whole afternoon. After that the rest of the time will be given over to doing some work on polishing off the essay that I’m currently working on. Nine books have been checked out of the library, including one by someone with the surname Yahya (arguably the finest surname I have ever encountered), plus I have a book on Populism to pick up in the town tomorrow so there is no excuse for me not to have a fair bit done by next Wednesday (which is the next time I’ll be near a computer – try not to miss me too much). So there you have it. The excitement over the Easter holidays will be breakneck! Sorry about this dull post but I have nothing of substance to report and there is little to pique my interest in the news. Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it and I’ll see you all in six days time.
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Slight change of scene today has saw me venture up to the Science Library. God, what a dump. The place stinks, is falling down round my head and the computer room is as cramped as Dick Advocaat's thong with computers that work about as much as I do.

Very little happening today. No sleep last night for some reason and sheer boredom overwhelming me today. Nowt else to report, folks. Apologies for spreading it around but by Toutatis am I bored!!!
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Go here. It's fun. Yup, bugger all to do today and bored out of my gourd. All for now. Bye.
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Boring, boring Sunday. Another weekend without the dulling effects of alcohol has left me at a loss for what to do. Once you become a booze-hound it's damn difficult to find anything else worth doing. Fortunately these tablets are nearly through.

Little happening here. I'm attempting to follow the WBA-Bolton match of BBC internet (a somewhat boring way to follow a match, I agree and nowhere near as exciting as dear old Teletext) and see that it is still 0-0, but that buffoon Diomansy Kamara has missed a penalty. If we lose I'll slap him silly. Still, at least he just stuk it over the bar (bad enough, admittedly) and did pull a stunt like Robert Pires yesterday. If you're going to pull an unorthodox move, Bobbie, at least arrange it fully in advance, otherwise you'll end up looking like a total root. I do believe that the referee needs to reacquaint himself with the rules over the free kick award, however. If he thinks Pires touched it twice, he's a fool.

All for today, bus to catch. TTFN.
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I hadn't intended to come out here today but there was something that had to be done and it preyed on my mind a bit last night so I had to get down and do it. Nothing major or nothing for you to worry about, dear reader, merely some work-related annoyance that couldn't be allowed to lie until Monday. Most annoying as I'm now hemmed in here for a while until the school children go away and allow me to get on the bus to Sainsburys. If there's one thing I really can't abide (and God knows there are plenty) it's being on a bus with a gaggle of schoolies. Things as simple as turning corners are treated like concepts so exciting and so alien to them that you get the feeling they've just beamed in from Zeta Rectuli or something. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I was never like them. I was as grim then as I am today. Added to that is the fact that just down the road from me was apparently a hive of rioting last night. Should be fun heading out for a few jars tonight, but such is life. You don't live 25 years in Belfast and expect to avoid all riots. Surprise, surprise, apparently it all stemmed from flags again, only this time it was loyalists getting pissed off at GAA flags in a republican district. That's rich coming from the people who fly about ten flags from every house in July and festoon their streets with bunting to boot. Less is more, folks. Of course the real reason is the usual one, boredom, but they always need to come up with an excuse to cover it. I've a heard a cop shop took a bit of a hammering. I'll be crying over that, I don't think!


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