Aug. 29th, 2015 11:07 pm
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Hello you *waves*. Yeah, just back from Paris and that, which, of course, means I have to go on at length about the last week. Apologies in advance if this gets a bit incoherent but you should all be used to that by now.

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Jul. 17th, 2015 09:43 pm
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Is this thing still on? Only one way to find out I suppose:

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Kaboom, blam-oh, etc. Yes, it's my favourite time of year again ... NOT! I know it's just a bit of fun but all this constant banging and whooshing and people in half-arsed costumes demanding money with menace really gets on my wick. Fireworks have never impressed me and the two years I fell victim to the American import that is trick or treating left me feeling decidedly uncomfortable in the way beggars must do. Be it the "fat goose" song, the ubiquitous pumpkins, the inevitable Satanic scare that turns up on local TV or the council-sponsored organised mirth that is actually as mirthful as Melvyn Bragg's underpants I just find the whole thing as boring as a wet weekend in Wigan.

So to delay (or perhaps increase) the inevitable onset of ennui I will turn my intentions to this meme based on one's top fifty whilst shaking my fist at the chaos of Catherine wheels that is interfering with my attempts to listen to the March Violets. Have fun won't you.

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Not long to go until we have to endure another election to the pointless waste of space that is the Northern Ireland Assembly. A right motley bunch of candidates it is too. Nothing in particular speaks to me there although, barring the appearance of a last minute left-wing nutjob, I'm considering breaking the habit of a lifetime and plumping for the Alliance. They're quite a dull bunch, really, a bit on the bourgeoisie side and have unspeakable links to Ming the Merciless' mob so they're starting from way back in my book. However I can't deny that Anna Lo has been a strong and dignified representative for her community in the face of largely ignored persecution. Plus, God knows politics here couldn't get much whiter, so it's about time there were some representatives from the growing ethnic communities.

Speaking of largely ignored persecution it's good to see Sinn Fein's great mates the PSNI doing important work. God forbid the middle class sensibilities of NuBelfast should be offended by having to put up with beggars, because, of course, they're all bone idle and only beg because they're greedy. Why should hard working middle managers subsidise these foreigners? Those wonderful people have families, which, of course, is the greatest achievement in the world. I mean, "selling copies of the Irish Issue magazine without the correct authorisation". I ask you! How long before we see licences for begging which, no doubt, will have to be bought on-line like everything else nowadays. The existence of beggars is a shame on society so what purpose does it serve getting the cops involved? People can say no if they don't want to give, it's hardly rocket science. Bloody cops!

Finally, I hear that Anna Nicole Smith is dead. Poor daft cow!

All for now, mes eleves. See you all next week.


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