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We all know what a bore I find bank holiday Mondays and the May Day one is quite possibly the worst, in Belfast at least. It's the day on which lots of sweaty people in vest decide that running 26 miles round the backroads of Belfast is a good way to spend their time and as such for the rest of us the option of doing owt is removed. Unless you enjoy dodging said sweaters that is which I personally do not.

So confined to barracks and, as is inevitable in such circumstances, a paint brush soon found its way into my hands. Still, luckily it was nothing major, just an old bench that needed an overhaul, thus:

Yes, I'm posting a picture of something I painted. Normally such things hold no thrill for me whatsoever but for some reason today I felt quite pleased after doing this. Can there be a clearer sign that middle age has arrived than getting excited by how a spot of painting turned out? If there is, I can't think of it.
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So this time tomorrow Billy and Cathy will be happily ensconced in their domestic bliss, wondering whether they should keep David and Victoria's toaster or Rowan and Sunetra's, all the while thinking "oh Christ who bought these teabags" (though let’s hope she decides against grabbing a plastic fish-fork and buggering him). Yes it's the biggest royal wedding since doe-eyed, scheming deadster Diana Spencer hitched her wagon to the jug-eared star of Charlie "I don't use my father's surname" Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Windsor. But it's not really worth my while riffing on this, is it? If you don't know how I feel about the blood-sucking leeches that make up the house(s) of Windsor by now then you never will. A fun holiday to be had by all, except of course Fenians in my part of the world where the thought of the streets being filled with marauding gangs of flag-brandishing, pissed-up loyalists is surprisingly short on appeal. Still for everybody else there will be street parties to enjoy and that feeling of elation that the recession, global warming, world famine and AIDS will all evaporate as the fragrant and splendid Ms Middleton becomes Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsor-Mountbatten-Wales and everything is put right with the world. No doubt there are daft idiots from Barnsley who have already put their entire month's pension on a postal order and sent it first class to the happy couple, fully in the knowledge that the royals are their betters and so deserve everything that their insatiable selfish greed demands. Panem et circenses.


Apr. 25th, 2011 08:06 pm
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Bored. Earlier futile attempts to discover the source of a rotten smell in the kitchen cannot disguise the fact that I am as bored as bored can be. Good lord but bank holidays are pigging! They may be the definition of excitement and freedom in proper cities but in my neck of the woods everything comes to a standstill and you are left only with a crushing, interminable ennui. None of which is helped by our internet connection being as weak a malaria victim on hunger strike and cutting out every lot of minutes for some reason. Blasted Virgin Media and their slapdash service. Even the telly is no release as it seems determined to serve up a choice between God-awful film versions of ropey 70s sitcoms and fluffy nonsense about two over-cosseted shits who happen to be getting married. I get it, some geezer from Bahrain can't come but please stop telling me every five minutes in excruciatingly boring detail.

So in summary - bored.
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Just down the road from me there is a charity shop. Run of the mill sort of place (Action Cancer if memory serves) that tends to specialise in furniture and as such generally has little interest for me. However for the last few weeks they have been advertising the fact that they were to hold a record fair and that is far more up my street. As such I took a run down on Friday but left disappointed. Nothing of any particular interest was to be found and even if there had been anything the prices were extortionate - seven and eight quid for bits of old vinyl. It really yanks my chain when charity shops start asking collectors prices for things that they have been given. I appreciate dealers have to make a profit on stock they buy but when you're getting things for nothing your prices really should reflect that. Still, just to be sure I returned today to see if there was anything I had missed as their ads promised new stock would be added daily. Again lot of old over-priced rubbish until my eye was twice caught by these:

Sweet as a nut! It is a rare occurrence to say the least that Alla Pugacheva albums turn up in Belfast (actually scrub that, it is completely unheard of) but two in the one place. Even better the LPs themselves are still sealed so I have no scratches to worry about. Best find in a while I'm sure you'll agree (assuming Alla has a following amongst you, which is a bit unlikely) and finally a use for the dreaded Bank Holiday Monday. Plus I'm so pleased with it that I felt the need to post about despite having nothing else to say! Which was nice.
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Bloody e-bay drama with some bashi-bazouk opening a dispute because my payments take a while to clear and take even longer when the dreaded bank holidays interlope on proceedings. I mean all it takes is a bit of common sense, some patience and, if you really can't wait, a simple e-mail asking what's keeping the payment. Running off to Miss and telling on the bad boy who has actually done nothing outside the rules is beyond childish and the sign of a duff seller in my book. But of course in situations like this one has to bite one's tongue somewhat lest the petulant little tosser takes the money and runs because big bad boy didn't take kindly to being fingered when he had done nowt. This is why online shopping, whilst it has a place, will never replace the real world completely.

Anyway, back to my favourite (he said ironically) place tomorrow as I am booked in for the rest of those liver tests at the Doctors early in the morning (afternoons being an alien concept to the medical profession apparently). Now I was informed that a urine sample was needed but despite this I was not offered one of the plastic sterilised things to do it in. I am now faced with a dilemma - either take a Monty in a juice bottle this evening and risk it being contaminated by residue of the original content or the bottle being made of an odd type of plastic or else go tomorrow without a sample and just pish in the proper receptacle there but risk facing the wrath of some NHS jobsworth for being in breach of some silly little made-up rule about not being allowed to strain the potatoes on the premises. This is my first widdle sample that has not been provided there and then so if any of you know the correct procedure here do let me know as I am completely in the dark.

Well, I reckon that's enough talk about bodily functions for now as I am fast running out of euphemisms for wee-wee. Bye for now.
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It's an odd old day is Easter Day. On the mainland Sunday is now a day like any other and I suspect that Easter seems different but in the occupied six counties Sunday is still a day when everything comes to a standstill and as such it is difficult to notice that Easter is upon us as things are just as dead as they are every week. The fact that we have been offered the usual diet of soap opera omnibi and repeats of repeats of repeats adds further to the feeling that this is little more than another Sunday. For me, it won't be until tomorrow that the difference becomes obvious as the onslaught of tedium that is a Bank Holiday Monday is foisted upon us. With the possible exceptions of "interpretive dance performance" and "featuring Piers Morgan" I can think of no three words so guaranteed to suck the life out of a situation that that ill-starred triptych. For those of us who have always done what they are now sometimes telling us to and forsaken car ownership (I say sometimes as that advice seems to have gone to the wall now that there is a car industry to save) there is absolutely no prospect of venturing outside ones own area as the bus service is effectively halted and even when one does arrive the prospect of sharing it with hordes of laughing emo kids makes the whole thing impassable. The upshot is that tomorrow will be spent confined to barracks, nursing my myriad aches and pains whilst doing my utmost to avoid the horrors of High School Musical 2 and that bug-eyed barsteward and his Eastenders reject sidekick in that god-awful science fiction broadcast. This being Northern Ireland I suspect the same will hold true for Tuesday, meaning that my next big highlight will be a trip to the physio on Wednesday. A veritable whirlwind, my friends. Do have fun, wont you!
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Well, after all the talk and the fuss about an unprecedented four trophy haul for Rangers (which conveniently ignored the five trophies - League, Cup, League Cup, European Cup and Glasgow Cup - won by Celtic in 1967) it looks like the Teds are going to wind up with at best two trophies and the two least important ones at that. Of Gordon Strachan's three wins this is undoubtedly the most impressive as, until a week ago, it was a given that Rangers would win the League but to turn it around the way the team have is top-notch. A fitting tribute to Tommy Burns and a fitting rebuttal to the horrid football that Rangers have played this year. What with this and Albion and winning the Championship this has to go down as a classic season.

Speaking of competitions it's that ruddy Eurovision song contest on Saturday. After sitting through both sets of qualifiers I have to say that there is little to recommend in the music stakes. So no change there then. Still, given my perchance for bratty girl music I'll give my support to Albania's reasonable entry and keep my fingers crossed that the horrors of Poland, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Russia get the failure they deserve. However, I have no idea who will the thing as I really didn't fancy that rotten Serbian effort last year but given the way voting goes I would stake my money on a Slavonic triumph. Still, it may well kill a few hours.

But enough torture for one week. Yet another blooming bank holiday is about to appear so until next Tuesday ta-ta.
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In the past I've used this as a forum to register my distaste for the notion of Britain Day. Well, if I thought that was bad you can tell I'm going to love Armed Forces Day. There was a time when Britain had an ambiguous attitude towards its killing machines, adopting a healthy dose of cynicism to the use of young idiots as cannon fodder for vested interests. Well, this government seems determined to kick that idea to death and instead force people to adopt an American attitude of "our brave troops" and feels that the way to do it is by adding an extra bank holiday with the words "Armed Forces" tacked onto it. Great idea, folks! Build up respect for your war machine by giving the fools you dominate an extra day off work. I know there are some of you that read this tosh who will think this is a good idea and think that I am a disingenuous git for criticising it but for me it is another in a long line of attempts by this government to stifle opposition and enforce conformity. I absolutely agree with Albert Beale that this is a slap in the face to pacifists, effectively saying that they cannot be British because they don't support killing random foreigners. On a personal level, I fail to say why I should partake in a celebration of the people responsible for Bloody Sunday and the resultant decades of biased involvement in the Troubles during which the Army was little more than an extra loyalist group. If the government feels so determined to add an extra bank holiday here's a radical idea - pick any Monday and call it "Extra Bank Holiday" and let people doss about, go to Llandudno or whatever else they feel like rather than forcing them to celebrate war.

Well, enough about that. I suppose I should mention the FA Cup final, shouldn't I? Well, the result was as expected as Portsmouth, a much bigger and richer club than the sports media likes to let on given their hero worship of Harry Redknapp, beat Cardiff. On the one level it was truly refreshing to see two different teams make it to the final. On the other hand the fairytale season would have been completed had Cardiff won and had the game itself actually been any cop. I'm all for different teams being successful but a watchable game is also a plus and, although it makes me feel like something of a heretic, I did briefly find myself thinking near the end of the first half "it's a pity Liverpool aren't in this". Wash my mouth out with soap and water but, whatever my personal opinions of the club (and in recent years they have shifted from "Bloody Scousers" to "they're OK, I suppose"), they do give good value in cup finals. As well as that, the other problem with having two smaller teams in the final is that it is difficult to really get emotionally involved. Unless you support one of the teams, or I suppose Southampton or Swansea, it's hard to really care who wins whereas when Man United get to the final you can at least support their opponents and convince yourself that this could be the year they finally lose. So, all in all, as a concept the first non-"Big Four" final since 1991 (and in fairness, Spurs were a much bigger club than Chelsea in those days meaning that one really has to go back to 1975 for the last non-big club final) was a good one but it would have been made so much better had the match been more of a spectacle. Ah well.
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Good God, y'all, but I stand by what I have said many times before about bank holidays being a right royal pain in the arse. It has now taken me the guts of two hours to catch up on e-mails, articles for deletion, e-bay stuff and reading your incisive posts, all of which I missed as a consequence of being away from computers since Thursday. I appreciate for those of you who actually work for a living bank holidays are a thing of beauty but for the Matthews of this world such as myself, especially those of us without computers, they are grinding bore in which you can just feel the niggling things to be sorted out building up in your extended absence. I mean a Friday, a Monday and a Tuesday - the very definition of overkill!

As for the holidays themselves, well, thankfully I did manage to get a little bit of work done, although not nearly as much as I would have liked and the lack of any real physical activity, bar a few goes on the weights, conspired to make sleep virtually impossible so I am in something of a zombie-like state at the minute. Reading got in the way of boning up for the viva however as I spent too long getting stuck into de Nerval, as I expected I would, whilst I also took time to have a go at the copy of Françoise Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse that has been lying around our house since the year dot. All very pleasant ways to spend an evening but not work and I just know that if I didn't have something pressing coming up I would probably not be bothered reading. Also managed to catch up on a bit of a backlog of music that had built up as well as revisiting a few old favourites. A copy of "Eleventeen" by Daisy Chainsaw, the thinking man's Transvision Vamp as it were, arrived just before the holidays and that provided a nifty diversion from the Niagara of rubbish that infested the telly. I also gave a more attentive listen to the Professor Longhair CD [ profile] burkesworks sent me ages ago than I did when I first received it and I must say that it is a belting piece of work and has inspired me to seek out more of the man's output. Other than that I was just chugging along until cabin fever became too much yesterday and I went into town to do some shopping. I finally checked out that new Victoria Square development and, as I anticipated, was left singularly unimpressed by it all. Its covered walkways and overuse of metal vaguely reminded me of Chester but for the most part it was populated by expensive clothes shops that held no appeal whatsoever to a man like myself who is to fashion what Stephen Hawking is to Gladiators. The HMV sale was equally poor, delivering nothing worth buying as it was dominated by slight reductions on albums by dull indie bands that no one really likes such as the Enemy. I wish that Virgin, or Zavvi or whatever they are called now would do another big clearing out the back rooms sale like the one a couple years back in which I touched for a ton of stuff for next to nowt. Although this time let’s have fewer Alistair Griffin albums getting in the way. Overall, the day’s booty was limited to some meat and a copy of this month’s World Soccer which now must be read and thus provides another excuse for not working. Like I need one of those!

So in all, a build-up of three bank holidays stretched over a weekend is enough to drive you insane but boy does it feel good now that it is over and I can get back to reading all the great stuff that you lovely bunch of wrigglers have been up to. Nothing beats the sweetness of the mundane, folks.
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I once commented on this here thing that I lamented the passing of dear old Joan Sims and the fact that it had passed me by as it had been virtually ignored by the news. Well, the same thing happened today, only in reverse, when I noticed the news that Brian Wilde has died. I must confess that I always assumed he had kicked the bucket sometime around 1998 and was quite shocked to realise that he has been alive all this time. Nonetheless, farewell old soak. You had your moments, particularly in Porridge where the bumbling Mr Barraclough was the perfect foil to the legendary Mr. McKay. That being said, Foggy was a bit of a pain in the arse.

Well, that's about today's lot and indeed your lot until next Wednesday. The dreaded bank holidays are taking over again, leaving me corralled in the homestead until Wednesday. In theory I should take the opportunity to go over stuff for my up-coming viva but in practice a combination of music, crap telly and Gérard de Nerval will probably see me getting bugger all done. Either way, see you all next week.
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One thing I have been sick to the back teeth of recently is all this constant crowing about how Manchester United are going to win the treble and how the neutral fan should supposedly want Chelsea to lose to them because they have a Russian billionaire whilst United are the people's club because their billionaire is American. So suffice to say I was more than a little happy at last night's result. And yes, before anybody says Berlusconi is every bit as reprehensible as Malcolm Glazer but I haven't been force-fed a diet of AC Milan as the best thing since sliced bread for the last lot of months. Good to see the so-called best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo doing his usual big game performance. The little bitch wasn't even the best player on the pitch as, for my money, Kaka and Gattuso are way in front of him. Good stuff all round!

What else do we have? UVF giving up armed struggle? Ho-hum. No doubt they'll return when it suits them under a different name as the UDA was hell for. Local elections? Don't care as we're not having them and the buggers are likely to screw up a couple of my chapters depending on how the results go.

Not a lot else to report really, except that I'm away to Edinburgh tomorrow and so will disappear from here until Tuesday. I'll see some of you tomorrow but otherwise enjoy the tedium of a long weekend.

Some day

Apr. 11th, 2007 03:03 pm
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Well, that's yet another disruption to the joys of the mundane over. Bloody bank holidays are the work of Mephistopheles. Fortunately not too much to clear up as everything seems to have stopped for the Easter holidays. That being said, I don't feel up to too much thinking as I left the boozing to Easter Monday and as a result still have a slight gooey feeling going on. To avoid too much thinking I'll fall back on this survey that is doing the rounds.

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That's all for the time being as I'm off to Bradford for the bank holiday weekend. See some of you tomorrow sometime (plane security delays permitting!) the rest I'll see (in a virtual sense) on Tuesday. Enjoy.
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What is it about a World Cup that convinces people they are songwriters? You would lose the will to live reading some of that rubbish, most of which has clearly been written by the kind of people who fly mini St George's Crosses on their cars and wear England sportswear to work, despite being about ten stone too heavy for any sport (pot, kettle and black, chubbsie!). Number 1 obviously thinks he's being very witty. He isn't. Number 6 obviously thinks he's being delightfully eccentric. He isn't. Number 10 just needs a good kicking for that terribly derivative name with one of the most painfully obvious puns I've ever heard. Come back Embrace, all is forgiven. If the Sun releases another "Come on England, Page Three stunnahs" song then a killing spree will follow. Plus could somebody do us all a favour and tie-up Wales own Keith Allen until sometime in mid-August. Really that man should have been run into the sea after inflicting "Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)" on us.

Spent last night listening to a fair old bit of (rather better) music myself. Rare Bird were first up, having gotten hold of an album in the sale. Rather nifty, although at times they veer too close towards Average White Band territory for my liking. I had another stab at listening to Tull's 'Broadsword and the Beast' after that. Still couldn't make it to the end. Ian Anderson rasping over 80s style synths just sounds wrong on so many levels. That they continued it with 'Under Wraps' was an even greater travesty. I only hope drugs were involved! Wrapped up the night with a bit of the aforementioned Fairuz and them dug out a bit of Mongolian music. Without meaning to be a Philistine or have a pop at a culture, that khoomii throat singing stuff has me in stitches in every time I listen to it. There's something about a human trying to sound like a didgeridoo that is the height of hilarity to me. Still their big band numbers (which have a proper name but I don't remember it) are rather nifty.

That's me done for today. The heat is given me dizzy spells so I must avast. I face a sober Friday, although I'll make up for it tomorrow in order to stretch the weekend out a bit. Monday, you see, is the dreaded bank holiday with a bunch of pillocks ruining the streets by walking on them. No, not marches this time, the marathon. Who in their right mind would consider that a fun way to spend a day?! Let's hope some local TV tosspot like Mike Nesbitt or Conor Bradford does a Jade Goody and takes a turn trying to do it. Anyway, see you again Tuesday.
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Quite a gap there chaps but never fear, your hero has returned. Been a mixture of busy and lazy these last few days. Friday was given over to spending scrouse, buying a load of old Shoot magazines from a huckster in St Georges Market then swinging round to Argos to pick up a cheap electric screwdriver that I had got my mate who works there to set aside for me. Long term readers will be aware of how much I hate screws so this was a long overdue purchase. Saturday was spent repairing the long broken blind in my gaffe with a tube of polyfilla rip-off and my new toy. After a few abortive attempts I finally worked out how to use the screwdriver (yes, it is a simple thing to do but where but, like Homer Simpson before, I am destined to fail at every attempt at masonry) and did a bodge job of fixing the thing up. Amazingly the now legendary bouncing has been eliminated. Yee-ha! Sunday was spent being a Fenian at the local church, whilst Monday was given over to a mixture of crap telly, hitting the books and accepting that it's Division Two (or whatever they call it this week) for the Albion next season. Yesterday was spent in the town wasting a bit more money. In all, surprisingly painless for a bank holiday double header. Perhaps I'm getting used to them more. All terribly exciting (or just terrible).

Well, it's now a case of transferring that work I did to the computer so I should make haste. However a selection of memes are doing the rounds and I believe I will bandwagon them.

Some stolen surveys for you all to ignore )
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Heat. Too much. Wilting.

I have no idea what the temperature is today but it must surely be in at least the high 20s. Such heat makes chubby hairy chaps like myself feel like we are about to expire at any second. Make it stop! Actually I dont really care as I will be hemmed in the next few days anyway because a bunch of dinosaurs like to walk on roads. Fun time.

If anything comes of the London business, I sincerely hope it is not random targeting of Muslims for attacks and general venom. I would really hate it if Blighty went the way of America and started looking with suspicion and even hatred on anyone who looked remotely Arabic or Asian. God knows there is too much of that as it is, let's not add even more. Already everywhere I look the nationalism levels are rising, which has never been a good sign. Considering people from my neck of the woods suffered this sort of indignity in England not so long ago, I would hate to see the same meted out to anyone else.

Well, that's my tuppence worth for a while. Next two days will be spent doing very little (hopefully) or DIY (it's been threatened but please God no). Otherwise, I should be back on Thursday. Enjoy.
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Given that my head has been all over the shop recently I had forgotten that there was yet another bloody bank holiday about to creep up on me. Oh, the horror! If there's one thing I hate it's a long weekend. Friday was given over to boozing it up as per (although I'm still nowhere near my usual volume) and Saturday was for recovering but the next two days began to drag. I spent Sunday watching duff TV, including a choice episode of Sykes where Jimmy Edwards had a cameo and a Christmas special of The Two Ronnies which featured a group of bell ringers who had me in stitches (despite not being intended as funny). Went into the town yesterday but found myself beyond bored by the evening. Glad it's all over unitl the next one (which I'm sure will be next week or something).

The telly has been going ga-ga over the French 'no' vote for the EU Constitution and it got me to thinking how I would go if the referendum came here (unlikely now, I admit, but bear with me). Personally I see the Constitution is an enshrining document of a capitalist Europe, which, whilst making provisions for some intervention, puts profit and privatisation at its head. As a result I would also vote no in a referendum. I couldn't give a toss about the Pound, "our" sovereignty or any of the narrow nationalistic concerns that the right would have against it but to me it looks like institutionalised capitalism. Plus the EU is beginning to take on a bit of worrying European nationalist outlook with its reluctance to admit Turkey. If it is to be an alliance of white Christians only then it ain't for me. Admittedly these reasons would probably have very little to do with a British 'no' campaign (which would, no doubt, be driven by narrow-minded nationalism and feature rotters like Kilroy and the UKIP at it's head) but it would still be the way I would go. After all I voted no to the Good Friday Agreement despite being a notorious critic of Paisley and his ilk.

I suppose I should do some work. The honcho will be expecting progress but I'm too warm and woozy. E-bay calls, methinks.
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Crikey, these early mornings don’t agree with me. I was up at just after nine this morning which, for some, would constitute a lie-in but for a lazy bum like myself is tantamount to torture. Looking like about half six tomorrow so as to be early for the plane to Edinburgh. Whoop-de-doo!

I watched the snooker on BBCi last night (a fine invention and glad to see that Cable-tel or whatever they call themselves now are finally carrying it) and must admit that I wanted O’Sullivan to win as Peter Ebdon’s style of play was beyond boring. I just hope it’s not him who wins the tournament (even though I’ll only see part of the final on Monday).

Wore myself out a bit there trekking up the Lisburn Road looking for a barber shop, only to be confronted with women’s hairdressers galore. I could have bloody kicked myself when I came back down and found one at the start of it, but such is life. With any luck I might actually sleep tonight as a result. Chance would be a fine thing.

Well, that’s it until Tuesday, mes copains. I might see some of you over there, otherwise enjoy the Bank Holiday.
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Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it, my dears? Bank holiday onslaught has left me well behind on everything so now the battle must begin anew. I actually hardly noticed the break as I was boozed up on Friday and Monday and I managed to take the sting out of Friday's early closing hours by hanging about the street and drinking the odd lick of a (non-lj using) pal's Goldschlager like a 13 year old. Normally, of course, your Ayatollah avoids the dreaded cinnamon like a plague of locusts but needs must and one had need of being poleaxed. Fortunately Monday was back to normal and I (along with [ profile] vulcanlolita) ended up at something akin to a reggae night which provided a humorous diversion. Again, much imbibage (the three amigos of Smithwicks, whiskey and Buckfast doing the work) followed so yesterday was spent nursing a malefaction of a hangover, whilst a long lie-in meant that last night was almost completely sleepless. Upshot is I'm too jiggered today to do anything resembling work so time wasting looks like the order of the day. The fact that Phoenix natural gas are ripping up the road just outside the window here means that work would be a bridge too far no matter what state I was in. Such is life. E-bay messes to be cleared up, with people possibly thinkinh I've abandoned them. Onwards and upwards.
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Looks like a repeat of yesterday for me, pouring over more mind-numbingly boring reports from the German government (fortunately in English). My actual work is supposed to be about Britain, but the honcho, in his infinite wisdom, decided it needed a bit of a comparative slant so I'm stuck doing this nonsense for a while.

There is some sort of sponsorship deal here so that screensavers always come up to advertise rubbish Channel 4 programmes. The most recent is something called Desperate Housewives and having bugger all else to do last night I gave it a whirl. What a load of rubbish. Suffice to say I wont be wasting my time with that lark again. Turned it off before the end and stuck a bit of Fairfield Parlour on, which was a much better way to waste one's time. I had forgotten just how corking they were in their hey-day (although the 1976 stuff is best forgotten).

Well, campers, I suppose that's it from me until next Wednesday. This place and it's ridiculously long holiday periods will deny me any internet access until then. Have a good Easter and fun Bank Holidays (contradiction in terms) and I'll see you all as and when.


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