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Whilst taking a jook through new releases available at a local record shop the other day one a release by a Dublin-based independent metal label caught my eye. And then I noticed the horrific words appended to the front: "cassette release". What bloody idiot decided to bring frigging tapes back?! Of all the music formats that I have used in my life tapes are by far the worst. They hiss like crazy, the sound quality is atrocious, they go wrong so easily and after a few plays they are virtually unlistenable.

Now hipsters will be hipsters and the fact that they brought them back for their crappy music is no skin of my nose. Just like checked shirts buttoned up to the neck, tattoos of flowers on the back of the hand, those stupid haircuts with the shaved sides and back but almost quiff on top (as favoured by hipster boys and Miley Cyrus alike) or trousers rolled up a bit to reveal a lack of socks I can smirk to myself when I see them and think "what a pile of posey tosspots". But now it is infesting usic that I actually care about I find myself increasingly hacked off at this stupid fad.

I'm not against old formats per se but there needs to be a genuine justification. LPs can have better sound (although that is rather exaggerated in my opinion) and so there is firm justification for keeping hold of them but why do tapes need to continue? The sound quality is bloody awful and it is just easy for a small band with sod all money to press stuff on CD as it is on tape. There is no reason for it other than being a hispter dick (and it's amazing how many of their supporters online always claim not to be hipsters when they so clearly are) and the argument that it is a backlash against the fact that digital ownership is non-ownership is equally a pile of bullshit as vinyl and CD solve that problem without sacrificing quality.

Tapes existed in the past because they were a cheap and portable alternative to vinyl and had the benefit of being reusable and then CDs came along and blew them out of the water. There is sod all need to change that other than just being "retro" for the sake of it. The fact that most of these twenty somethings are being nostalgic for something they never even used in the first place makes it doubly maddening. How can one "miss" tapes when when grew up after they had become obsolete, you Shoreditch knobheads!

I could just about accept the Chelsea Pensioners releasing their album on tape as it was available on other formats, it was aimed at very old people who have a tendency to be wedded to obsolete formats and I had no intention of buying it but these morons doing cassette-only releases? You won't be getting any of my money, kids. Bloody hipsters!
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