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You'll all remember the whole garden lark that I waffled about in the summer. Silence on that score was due to the entire thing grinding to a premature halt not long afterwards. There was a lot of fuss about getting cement to plug gaps that delayed things, a lot of fuss about getting a new back fence that delayed things, my being sidetracked into taking on a rather major project at the house of my severely disabled uncle, problems getting the required stones, poor weather, haemochromatosis and a general lack of being arsed that saw the whole thing grind to a halt.

That was the case until last week. In a sudden outbreak of thumbs being removed from arsepits the mythical stones, all two tonne/ton (not sure which) of them, were suddenly ordered from a local builders' merchant and arrived on Friday afternoon. Plans to do anything on Saturday were promptly shelved by a combination of more crap weather, a sudden clod and my attendance at the epic struggle between Balluynure Old Boys and Dunloy at Mossley Park, Newtownabbey but finally yesterday I tackled the oft-postponed Big Job once and for all.

In a fit of serendipity my next door neighbour has recently made a builder her paramour and as such I was able to cadge the loan of a wheelbarrow, an item that proved to be a godsend when it came to transporting two tonne/ton (not sure which) of pink 12 mm pebbles. The Big Job itself was a three part exercise. Part One involved the removal of a large layer of soaking leaves shed by the local trees and was, to be honest, my least favourite part as I hate that sort of painstaking donkey work. Part Two, which was rather easier, involved laying down more of the previously discussed black stuff, albeit a much more heavy duty version than that used first time around. Then came the stones.

Light was against me and the barrow took a bit of getting used to but I soon got into the rhythm of the monotony and got the two tonne/ton (not sure which) of the boys shifted. In the end light beat me and I was forced to leave them unevenly spread until today, but after a bit of kerfuffle this afternoon I was able to dust off my hands and officially declare the stones laid.

I still have some rescued paving slabs to lay in order to build a nice little path, the excess black stuff will need to be trimmed and the possibility remains that I must decided to add one more small bag of stones as parts of it are a little bit sparse but the main part is finally done after all these months and I can now look on with a slightly self-satisfied grin. To be honest I frequently doubted this would ever get finished as I have a poor track record when it comes to things like this so I'm glad to be able to declare it done. At least until spring and the weeds come back!

Date: 2013-11-25 09:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wahey! Nearly done. I'm sure you're well and truly relieved-back breaking work! And good to see the hydrangeas are still there. :-)

Date: 2013-11-26 12:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The bane of my life, them bloody hydrangeas. Them and that pissing tree! I'd have happily taken the salt bag to the pair of them.


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