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I'll get this bit out of the way in case anybody reads this far and can help me. Livejournal has forcibly converted my view of userpages into their God-awful new version and I desperately want to change back as I hate it and it has removed the option to view friends' pages without feeds and communities (there are a few of you with the odd interesting friend whose pages I like to peruse from time to time but whose feeds and communities are of little interest to me). The problem is I can't see any option that lets me view userpages in the old style. They offer me that option for journal feeds but not for userpages and I need it badly as the new version is so bad it makes me sulk worse than a blindfolded Japanese girl solving a Rubik's cube. So if you know how I can change it do let me know as I'm within an ace of throwing my dinner on the floor and trampling it into the ground.

So as we all know by now Saturday is matchday and today's bill of fayre featured Donegal Celtic hosting bottom club Lisburn Distillery in a battle of epic proportions between the bottom two. In theory at least that was the case as I woke up to heavy rain that had been on for several hours and demonstrated no sign of ending, leading to a fear of a wasted trip as the drainage on Suffolk Road is appalling and several games have been elbowed already this winter due to rain. A cursory glance on the various DC twatwitter feeds (for God's sake, get a bloody website already) suggested the game was on so I sallied forth, albeit with doubt still playing on my mind. Suffice to say it wasn't helped by the fact that when I alighted in the nearby Glencolin area the rain gave way to a bitter fall of snow and as I trudged along the Glen Road, freezing my boots off, I fully expected I had indeed made a journey for nothing.

Arriving at the ground I was surprised to discover that the match was due to go ahead after all. The hours and hours of torrential rain and snow had made the pitch a horrible, sodden gluepot, still playable by 70s standards but by the standards of today definitely unacceptable. But needs must in the Irish League and by DC standards a large crowd had arrived (boosted by several large groups of somewhat irritating children) so it went ahead anyway. Throughout the match I sat on tenterhooks awaiting the inevitable abandonment as the surface was abominable with players sliding all over the shop, the ball frequently suddenly stopping on mud patches and water spraying up every time somebody gave it a bit of a leathering. That abandonment seemed even more likely 13 minutes in when Stephen O'Neill scored for DC, the pessimist in me reckoning that once the lead was taken the match was much more likely to be called off. A fine strike it was, although it almost didn't go in as it hit a clump of mud on the goalline and slowed down so much that their keeper almost made it. He didn't and it went in and the rain kept on falling to the point that I was amazed the game made it to half time.

At the best of times DC Park is a cold place, given its position close to the summit of Divis Mountain but today it was otherwordly. It didn't help that all I had on under my coat was a light short-sleeved shirt and I had forgotten my gloves but this was frankly transcendental cold and I'm notorious for being able to withstand low temperatures (hell, even when the snow's a foot deep the sweat is usually pissing off me anyway). But still it went on. Distillery had their chances but the goals aren't in their team, which is the main reason they're bottom of the table. After 65 minutes Sean Cleary had a shot that hit the post, then hit the other post. It was about ten seconds before anybody realised that after the second rebound it had went in, but go in it had and DC were 2-0 up just like that. The two goal lead lasted all of four minutes as Distillery piled on the pressure to pull one back but, whilst they were largely on the attack for the rest of the match, they didn't quite do enough to get anything out of the game and it ended 2-1 to DC.

For Distillery that's probably it as they're now eight points adrift at the bottom and they don't look like they have enough about them to overhaul that. For DC, who have been in good form recently, who knows? They are still in the promotion-relegation play-off zone but they are now only six points behind Dungannon Swifts and Glenavon and the Irish League copies its Scottish counterparts in splitting in half near the end, meaning matches against Dungannon, Glenavon and Distillery are still to come. Could it be that the resurgent DC can pull away altogether, take tenth spot and condemn one of the other two (most likely Dungannon) to the play-off and secure survival in normal season time? It's still a big ask but the way this team is going now anything is possible.

Date: 2013-03-18 12:31 pm (UTC)
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Not sure. With me reading via mobile the option to view journals only is still there as is the option to further drill down into any filters set up. The desktop site is becoming a pain in the bum. To alleviate this you can have my old phone when I see you next if you like, but typing on it probably won't be too easy for you with the weeny on screen keyboard. I've enough trouble with it myself. :-D

Date: 2013-03-18 07:51 pm (UTC)
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To quote that hateful McDonald's ad doing the rounds "nah, you're alright". Even if I had one of those phones I wouldn't use it for internet as I can't really see small details any more and having huge fat fingers would rule it out as well.

They used to offer me a choice and I always went with the old version but now they seem to have removed the choice. Given that a few days ago hotmail decided that, like it or not, I was being forcibly moved to a God-awful outlook thing I think I might hate the internet at the minute.

EDIT: I snooped around the internet archive and found what I was looking for - as long as I add ?show=P to the url those annoying communities and feeds disappear. Oh frabjous day!
Edited Date: 2013-03-18 08:21 pm (UTC)

Date: 2013-03-19 12:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Fandabidozi...noted for future reference! Would be better if the LJ desktop site had these shortcuts easier to find like the 'view flat' one which stacks several comments neatly instead of diagonally and messing up your page layout.
Edited Date: 2013-03-19 12:03 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-03-19 12:32 am (UTC)
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"view flat"? Never heard of that. Not much use round these parts given the extreme scarcity of comments, mind :D


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