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Aaagh!! Must kill computers! Frigging worthless things. Attempts earlier to send an advance e-mail to the British Library proved more difficult than expected as those ever-so helpful things on websites that you just click on to send an e-mail no longer work here without a whole rigmarole that goes way over my head. As such I tried the old copy shortcut lark and pasted the resulting address into the part of the e-mail where addresses go. God only knows if it will have worked of course and I am just waiting on the ghastly "delivery failed" message making a comeback. Still to the best of my knowledge they have now been informed that I will be there from the 28th July to August 1st and I have given them plenty of warning what I will need to see when I am there. Knowing me and computers, of course, there's bound to be a balls-up between now and then!

Still, ignoring the possibility of the ghastly "delivery failed" message, that bit was ultimately sorted. So then, I thought I would mosey on over to my other livejournal, the one where I store articles that might be useful for the course, and see if there is anything worth harvesting. If the thing forced me to shut the window once it forced me a thousand times, including an interlude where I fell into the trap and picked "debug" and thus proceeded to screw up the computer. After reopening the window and re-finding the page I needed time and time again I finally managed to get a couple of things but the whole incident was as infuriating as Simon Amstell and I still have never had it explained to me why that keeps happening on certain websites. Pain in the chuffing arse! And you will have no idea how many times I wanted to type the word "fuck" in these last two paragraphs but I never use that vulgarism on here. Whoops!
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