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I would like to go on record as saying that I have never heard of Greg Mulholland and don't suppose I ever will again. I'm sure he might well be [ profile] burkesworks best mate but to me he is just another of the faceless horde1 that make up the Liberal Democrats in Parliament. However his five minutes in the sun have now come courtesy of a bout of so-called swearing. Now first of all, "arsehole" is hardly swearing but is rather everyday language. Perhaps dubbing it swearing is just indicative of how far removed these idiots are from the real world. Secondly if the equally anonymous Ivan Lewis (cripes, but he's an ugly bugger) feels that this sort of thing sends a "terrible message to young people" then point one is proven as the vast majority of young people will no more know who Ivan Lewis or Greg Mulholland are than they will know how to build their own winnowing barn. Thirdly, Mr. Lewis' constant toeing of the party line and naked ambition on the party's right wing suggest that the Honourable Member for Leeds North West was right on the money when he dubbed him an "arsehole". And fourthly, if anything young Mulholland should be praised for his use of the vernacular "arsehole" rather than following so many people in their headlong rush towards (never "toward") Americanisation by adopting the somehow less forceful sounding "asshole". All in all silly rules be buggered Gregory, you've done alright by yourself this time.

On a completely unrelated topic, remember the e-bay debacle or recent weeks and my snivelling whinging over losing money. Well after quite a bit of rigmarole and gnashing of teeth the thing casually dropped through my letter box this morning2. It seems it pays to be a moaning minney after all. And despite my earlier deductions to the contrary it was not delivered from China but rather from the slightly less exotic environs of Chatham3. Still, all's well that ends well as Professor Calculus would have it.

1Well "horde" is hardly the proper name for 63 guys but I do not know the collective noun for a Liberal Democrat MPs. A chattering? An unkindness? A skulk? A murder?

2Not quite accurate as it had to be signed for due to a recorded delivery sending and it was early afternoon but "the thing casually had to be signed for as a consequence of recorded delivery postage this early afternoon" just doesn't sound as good.

3In this case no doubt as in the famed law firm of Chatham, Cheetham and Runn.
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