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So, the new intake of kiddies are abroad today. As part of the "welcoming" routine they get guided tours of the library which means that every twenty minutes or so a horde of bais in GAA tops and girls who seem to be an equal mix of bimbo and vaguely emo descend on the computer room and stand open-mouthed whilst an English guy paints a rosy, and almost entirely false, picture of how great the computer room is. It's now at the stage where I reckon I could rattle off his spiel myself. In my day, of course, this didn't happen. There were vague promises of guided tours but they were a bitch to get involved with and so most people, myself included, didn't bother, leaving one forced to make sense of the slightly arcane ways of the libraries yourself. A bit of a nuisance and no mistake, although to be fair to the childer they are surprisingly quiet, although I know from experience that the calm attentiveness will be exuviated before long as they gain a bit of confidence and start yelling across the room at each other about "the Sam" and Stella Artois. Eeh, but I can't wait! The summer opening hours (which continue until the start of next week despite summer having long given up the ghost) were a pain when I actually had work to do as you would be about to reach the climax when one of those men in pale blue shirts and dark blue slacks (with optional dark blue v-neck jumper featuring the full achievement of arms) would enter and yell "five minutes, folks", but at least they guaranteed relative calm and definite access to a computer. Such halcyon days are now at an end, a real pain given that now that I have no work they would have been fully appreciated. Oh well.

And speaking of "oh well" (and in possibly the least convincing linking device on record) the parcel snafu has been sorted. Luckily we are blessed in my area with a decent postman who is able to use his own initiative and said chap took it upon himself to fetch the parcel from the sorting office himself and bring it to my house. Gentleman. I dread the day when he decides that such common sense and good grace is wasted on the Royal Mail and high-tails it, leaving us at the mercies of the other dodo who leaves letters for a street down the road that has a similar but clearly different name to ours at the house.

Anyway, all for today as I must await the next onslaught of Seamuses, Siobhans and Patters, with the odd Ranjit or Li sprinkled in, interrupting my next feg. Smiles all round, chaps!

Date: 2008-09-23 02:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
with the odd Ranjit or Li sprinkled in

With you being especially welcoming towards the latter, of course. I can just imagine the uncharacteristic outpouring of advice and guidance should such a creature look a tad lost. ;-)

Makes a change from dirty looks much deserved for the usual Donals and Caoimhes-I saw far too many of them on my way into work this morning! Aieee!

Date: 2008-09-23 03:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm not altogether sure if Li is a man or woman's name. However if the latter needs guidance this old pervert will be only too happy to oblige!


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