Aug. 21st, 2012

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As I type an open air music festival by the name of Tennent's Vital rages away about a mile from me as the crow flies. As loathe as I am to sound like an old fogey, they couldn't make it much louder, could they? I would never get between the young people and their music and I lost count of the number of times I was at open air music festivals in my youth (well, I never was actually) but turn the bloody racket down.

I might complain a bit less if the line-up was a tad better but I fail to see the appeal of dull indie chancers like the Black Keys and the Cribs, much less the Minutes or Trucker Diablo (although admittedly I have no idea who the last two are). But top of the bill? The bloody Foo Fighters! How these gits have got away with the same old regurgitated bog-standard bore-rock for so long, with Dave Grohl still hailed as a genius and the voice of a generation, is beyond me. People who rightly pillory the likes of Foreigner and Journey for churning out bland, formulaic, "anthemic" stadium rock will lick the Foo Fighters rings clean despite the fact that they have been doing the same thing since time immemorial. I bear them no malice as individuals but the sort of lowest common denominator rock that they, along with their offspring in the Kings of Leon, spew out has little or no musical merit at all as far as I'm concerned. The sort of crap that exists only to be blared out at ice hockey games to avoid the possibility that any of the morons in attendance might dare to have a thought in their heads. I swear if I hear a garbled version of bloody "Monkey Wrench" floating over on the wind I might just have to perforate my own eardrums.

That and the fact that Tennents is a pile of pish and even when I boozed I couldn't stand the blasted stuff as you would be better off drinking an alky's wee-wee. Harumph.


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