Aug. 20th, 2009

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Painting - is there anything that is more hard work for such scant reward? "It'll look nice when it is finished" they claim but you know full well that, given that it starts off as a wall, continues to be a wall whilst you paint the blasted thing and will remain a wall once you have finished and in perpetuity thereafter that, far from looking "nice", it will look as dull as walls do. By their nature they are boring things and paint doesn't change that. Faron Young didn't sing "Hello Walls" because he was suffering from a rare mania that caused him to talk to inanimate objects but rather because they are proverbially boring. Add the fact that our landing (which was where the painting was apparently required) is about as narrow as I am wide and my total lack of a head for heights and the whole ghastly tableau becomes even worse. To put a cap on the whole thing I was then forced to have yet another attempt at fixing the now mythical bouncing blind in my house which, suffice to say, went tits up as usual. I am now reaching the point where the wall in my house is in too poor a state of repair for me to go on and so if and when the blind comes tumbling down again I will have to forget about it and let the world gaze in on me as it sees fit. If you ask me DIY really should stand for "damned inconvenient yellowhammers" (he said, falling back on the Every Villain is Lemons school of initials and acronym). I now require sweeties and something to take away all those little horrible bits of paint that will infest my skin for the next six weeks or so.


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