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Given that there was a big scare back in 2011, resulting in my backing everything up on Dreamwidth the recent export has resulted in two copies of each entry from 2003 up to the date when I made the first copies. When it comes to things like this I'm rather anal, even OCD, in my approach and as such I've been going back through all my old entries on Dreamwidth and deleting one of the copies for each, as well as smoothing out the tags so as both versions of this blog are in sync. Quite the experience it has been too, and at times an unsettling one come to think of it.

For one thing in the early days I was ludicrously prolific, knocking out up to three entries a day, most of which had little or no purpose. Bear in mind too that those were the days when I didn't have a home internet connection so you couldn't fault my commitment. That dogmatism of youth was present in those early entries, although paradoxically my intractable approach to Sinn Fein had yet to crystallize as I was more a minor critic in the early years and even spoke out loud about possibly voting for them.

I also seemed to have a deep knowledge of the contemporary ins-and-outs of Italian politics and took it very seriously, for some reason considering that developments there were vital to me personally. The number of times I was practically frothing at the mouth with anger about Berlusconi's latest japes or the political career of doe-eyed hate merchant Alessandra Mussolini rather surprised me at this far-removed distance. Mind you, a lot more things seemed to matter to me back then although I suspect, like manys a young person, I felt that I personally could have an impact on politics, something that I have long since given up on.

On the humorous side, I seemed to be under the impression that the word "meme" was pronounced "me-me", leading a lot of attempted puns that now make no sense. On the bleak side, a trigger warning might have been required for some sections. Let's draw a veil over that.

2006 appears to have been the point where Livejournal (or at least my bit of it) went into decline as, having previously had double figure comments as the norm, entries from that period started to show the "no comments" mark that has been standard for me ever since. And yet, reviewing my own writing I was probably at the height of my powers in 2011, having grown from the at-times barely literate boy of 2003 and being some way above the ideas-bereft waffler of now.

The renaissance that has been hinted at as a result of the recent Russian debacle would be a fine thing and I do rather feel the need to try to help revive things (and I've been more prolific this last week than I have in years). Whether it happens or not who knows, but the fact will remain that going back through very old posts is an at-times uncomfortable experience to say the least.

EDIT: And apparently you can't queue posts on here. Bummer.
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Finally, at long last, we can put all the nonsense of people pretending to care about made-up rubbish like omnium and yngling and get back to the only sport that matters, football. OK, so there was allegedly football at the Olympics but any international football tournament that has the UK as a participant is clearly not worth the candle. The league is where it's at and as such I must now turn my attention to the coming season and do my usual load of waffle about how it won't pan out. Enjoy.

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I should probably find some clever way of bringing this up but sod it - that's me that is. Good show!

Anyway, apologies for that shameless piece of self promotion. I shall move on to other matters now. It has come to my attention that J.D. Salinger has died. I know he is supposed to be one of the undisputed greats of the 20th century because he wrote that one book but am I the only one who couldn't see what the fuss was about? I never got round to finishing The Catcher in the Rye but I did read a good lot of it and found it to be a bit of a bore, trying ever so hard to shock. Maybe the fact that I only read the book because I wanted to test the whole Manchurian candidate/turns you into a murderer thing coloured my judgement a bit but to my mind he was a bit Emperor's new clothes. I await the inevitable worthier than thou documentaries to flood onto yawnfest BBC Four for the next six months or so.

Besides it seems a much better writer is going to go after much higher pursuits as Pete Waterman is writing the next Eurovision losing song. Something to look forward to there - a comeback for One True Voice perhaps or maybe a second bite of the cherry for Sonia. With Lloyd Webber last time and now Waterman I suspect that we are only a few years away from a Tony Hatch and Mike Batt extravaganza that will take £80 million to make before finishing 16th. Really, why do they bother?

And on the subject of why bother I have little to say on the whole debacle of Tony Blair's evidence other than "cripes, he's aged" and when Tony says Saddam Hussein was "a monster and I believe he threatened not just the region but the world" has there ever been a more apt description of his master Bush. It's funny how one president who never won an election can be a monster whilst another can be leader of the free world. Still, a pointless exercise and Tony will soon be back to his whirlwind life of making money here, there and everywhere. Which is nice.
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Doctors = nothing major wrong. I need a few more tests to deal with a slight liver anomaly (just my luck to get a liver problem given that I have severely curtailed my alcohol intake these days) but the rest of the stuff is nothing important and will be looked at in turn as there is no urgency. I had been expecting the blood tests to turn up diabetes as I'm a fat bugger but I'm nowhere near it and, most surprisingly of all, my lung power is better than it should be for someone of my height (why height determines lung power was not explained but you learn something new everyday). Similarly no thyroid trouble, no anaemia (although I never thought that would be the case) and no problem with cholesterol. He seems to reckon some of it is all my mind (I knew I was a nutcase), some is still the after-effects of quitting smoking and others he's not sure about but will get to eventually as they are nothing to worry about. Reasonably good news overall, although I'll be anxious to get to the bottom of this liver thing before too long.

Enough about that as I had some better news today. You know that When Saturday Comes magazine? You see the Season in Brief feature in the issue out today? That's me that is! I fired off a submission for the feature a lot of weeks ago and they weren't interested but then the editor e-mailed me back and asked me if I fancied doing another one about the Irish League 1972-3 season (the one where Derry City resigned over the ban on using the Bradywell) and I was happy to oblige. Just a bit of fun really, but it's always nice to see your name in print. W00t!

Anyway that's my lot for today so TTFN.
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Just got an e-mail from the editor of When Saturday Comes. Look out for my contribution to their letters page in not the next issue but the one after. I believe it will be my fifth appearance in the magazine so I get to feel all smug and self-important for a couple of minutes. There it's gone.

Spent yesterday shopping which was fun, in a gouging out your own eyes kind of way. Managed to pick up a book that will write a third of my dissertation for me (God bless you, Waterstones). Was also sent to a paint shop. Ah, the nightmares. A bunch of slacked jawed yokels standing around, sweaty Betties weighing down their hen-pecked husbands with armloads of wallpaper and pedantic old men working there who know more about decorating than you and are determined to remind you of that at any given opportunity. The queuing system was also non-existent which meant I was standing there like a sausage for ages before I got served. Now my big fear, as a decoratophobe, is that I'm going to be roped into actually having to paint. NOOOOOOO!!!!!


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