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Apologies for the lack of updates, folks (I know how much you all can't live without my old rubbish) but despite being officially done I have actually been rather busy recently transferring ten years worth of stuff onto memory sticks, going over old documents trying to figure out what is worth keeping and what should be junked and other general computer transfer stuff that is at times a bit beyond me. Still, it has to be done as soon my access to these computers will be at an end and as such this journal will become rather quiet as I don't have home internet access (over and above [ profile] queenmartina's although I prefer not to use that as I don't mind breaking these computers but would not like to break an individual’s machine) and am not likely to get it any time soon. As such I'll try to keep things ticking over, although I can feel a flu that has invaded my house currently invading me so who knows.

Anyway, until tomorrow hopefully.
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Well, the farce of the last couple of days is over and everything is rosy again. Actually it started pretty farcically as a letter arrived from the university containing payslips from years ago when I worked for them. In amongst the rabble of long forgotten paperwork was one addressed to a Guido somebody or other. "Bloody idiots" I thought, and had I been a less honest individual I could well have opened it and gotten hold of said Guido's details. As a consequence I had to head down to the Politics Office to return it, intent on spitting fire about wasted journeys. A quick check of the e-mails revealed nothing from the internal examiner and so I walked over, thoroughly disgruntled. As I was in the area I thought I might as well pointlessly bruise my knuckles again by trying the internal's door as his room is near the office. I had already started to walk away when I knocked, only to hear a slight "yes" coming from inside. Yup, he was there. It seemed he had been away for a couple of days and had just nipped in for five minutes so I immediately corralled him into signing off the necessaries. Job done, I became thoroughly gruntled, returned Guido's details with a wink and a smile and bombed over to student records to put the hard copies in. And so it ends. Of course, in the next few days I may well receive a missive stating "you forgot to dot an i - get 1000 new hard copies bound in the next 10 minutes" and I still have a bunch of admin to do before I'm awarded the degree but that fussiest and most important of parts has ended so bloody ripper!

Oh and as per the request about the Rhodesian look moustache:

Voila )

Not so much Rhodesian Army as mentally disturbed in that one. That is quite possibly the weirdest photograph I have ever had taken!
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I'll not bore you all with the details of my as yet still unsuccessful attempt to submit the final version of the thesis as even I'm sick of reading about it. A farce from start to finish as you can imagine, caused by the sudden appearance of a thing called "reading week" (or "drinking week" as it actually was when I was an undergraduate).

Anyway, on to something a little less monotonous (possibly). I notice (well, actually [ profile] davesmusictank noticed and I'm just getting it second hand) that on the writer's block function recently the following appeared: "Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?" I've knocked out my top 100 albums on here some time ago but I suspect some of my tastes may have changed a tad since then. So in order to find out, and as I have nothing better to do until the internal examiner puts in an appearance and I am thus bored witless, I once again present:

Keresaspa's top 100 albums: Part Deux )

Well, that killed some time. God, roll on 5 o'clock until I get going home!

Sod's law

Nov. 7th, 2008 04:26 pm
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So, the hard-bound copies are now in my possession. of course, there is some piddling little form that I forgot to have bound inot them. DAMN IT!!! Well, if they will tell me on the day I collect the things then crap like this will continue to happen. I reckon I will just try to force the buggers in myself as I'm blooding sure I'm not shelling out the guts of a hundred nicker to redo them for a couple of lousy pages. I swear this place is run by complete bloody morons!

The end.
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My hopes for the US election? That, assuming Obama wins, his big talk about change turns out to be real change rather than just tinkering with a broken system (no chance). That we get a break from images of him with his sleeves slightly rolled up and grin beaming in front of adoring fans. That the telly finally starts talking about something else (like all those people dying in the artist formerly known as Zaire, or are they too dark black for TV news to care about) and recognises that this election is not really that important and in fact when there actually was an election of huge importance to the world, Bush v. Kerry, the Americans blew it. And finally my biggest hope of all is to see that horrendous woman Palin tossed on the scrapheap of history where she belongs. God, but I'm struggling to think of a more wholly unlikeable individual than her - heck, even Bush was funny in a macabre way.

As for my own little world - thesis is at the binders and will be ready in three days. Fingers crossed it will all be at an end soon as I'm sick of the sight of the bloody thing.

And off I go.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 03:44 pm
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According to the writers' block thing that appears on the home page of this here site it is National Beards Month or some such. Now, I'm well-known for not being a fan of these sort of arbitrary National X Months/Weeks/Days as, for my money, the calendar is already littered up with far too much rubbish as it is (notably the very definition of pointlessness that is Halloween which this year seemed to pass with barely a whimper - at least credit crunch is good for something). Still, it seems an odd coincidence that the day I read this is the day after my beard did one of its occasional disappearing acts in favour of the big moustache. I've worn the big moustache before and there are pictures of it on here somewhere but this time I am wearing it with the most hair I have had since the age of about 18 and for some reason the two combine to give me the most white-African look I have ever had. I'm not exactly sure why it is the case but were I to add a slouch hat I suspect that I could easily pass for a member of the Rhodesian Army or the Herstigte Nasionale Party. Suffice to say, this was not the look I was aiming for. Ooh heck!

Meanwhile, today has been given over to printing off the thesis for what I hope will be the final time. The bugger will be sent to the binders tomorrow after the honcho confirmed that, although I haven't received official confirmation yet, it is in the post as the internal examiner does not want any more changes. Thank the Lawd for that! With a following wind it should finally be off my hands come next Monday. Fingers crossed and all that.

Well that's my lot. I'm off to hide under a bunch of coats until the grinding bore that is the American election is finally. You know, I reckon that once the result is known and it has been analysed to death the recently re-branded BBC News Channel just might disappear up its own fundament as they have talked about nothing else for about a year now. Good riddance!
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Somewhat aptly, given that John Tyndall is a supporting character in my thesis, it was an eleventh hour thing. Late yesterday I got an e-mail notification telling me that the internal needed a soft copy of the thesis to check the corrections (which seemed a bit of an extravagance given that there were only about ten of them, but that's another story). Thus I decided that today I would try to get the thing done, for submission tomorrow. A while in today it dawned on me that I could put it bed in one day and so I went like the clappers to get the printing done. Cue something going wrong. Printers broke. As a result I was left sitting like a sausage until finally a technician came over from the other library and fixed the problem. By the time everything was done it was 4:40 and I knew that the binding place, which takes an hour normally, was due to shut at five. I went over to the place, resigned to a "first thing tomorrow, mate" from the hippy behind the desk but he told me ten minutes instead. Sweet. A quick feg later and I picked it up but then remembered the covering letter setting out the changes made. Bugger! Into the library again to do that by which time it had just gone 5. "Too late to catch the external examiner now" I thought, but I went over just in case. Sure enough, no dice. I tried the honcho just in case, as their rooms are adjacent, but also no dice. I went outside, slightly dejected, and slipped a comforting feg from out of the box. As I was due to light the thing I looked up and saw the external on the other side of the street. Sweet as a nut! Bombing over the road I foisted the thing into his hands and breathed a sigh of relief. The day's travails had ended in the result I had hoped for. A close run thing and no mistake but it's off my hands and the wheels can now be set in motion, with a bunch of lovely forms to look forward to. Just the job!


Oct. 20th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Been a bit under the weather these last few. One of those things that is not quite a flu but you know there is something wrong. A sure sign that winter is here, I suppose. I know that nominally it is still probably autumn but climate change put paid to that season (as well as spring) a few years back and now we seem to have only summer and winter. Pain in the arse...or in my case chest, arm, head, side and neck. Sheesh!

Still, on the plus point I have been able to have some delightful Frenchness to get me through the trials. Credit to [ profile] caddyman for pointing me in the direction of this gem and the rest of you should follow suit. Proper bo! A pity, of course that Albion couldn't add to the pleasantness. Flaming Rooney! At least one new forward needed in January with those ghastly Dutch loan signings sent packing methinks.

Well, that's my lot for today. Until tomorrow, when I have another bunch of printing to do, fare thee well.


Oct. 9th, 2008 05:06 pm
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So I rolls down here mid-afternoon and checks the old inbox. As soon as I do I notice an e-mail from the honcho. "Oh heck" thinks I, "aint heard from him in a while". I open the e-mail to read the legend that he has spoken to the external who has decided that there is no need for a second viva and that he endorses all the changes that have been made. He has however found 12 typos that need correcting - about an hour's work. Once I've made the changes I need to send them to the internal for verification (which should be a formality as I now know the internal fairly well and he is a decent enough sort) and I can then get it hard bound and put it in. A lot of form filling will need to be done apparently and it does seem like it will involve a fair bit of fannying around but what the hell?! Shoobie-doo-wah and all that! Cripes, but I've been sweating bullets about either having to do another viva or else being told it's no good so to get the confirmation that everything is in place and I'm almost there is beezer. Woo-hoo!
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You know the best thing about turning 29? Getting the thesis handed in! I know it's not the most birthday-like activity to undertake but I thought "sod it, I'd rather get this thing out of the way before another week arrives". A sleepless night and an early start were bad ways to kick things off but the whole fuss of getting the thing in proved a lot less than I had built it up to be. I hit the binders about 11, allowing myself about a four hour wait, only to be told "come back in about an hour". Altogether unexpected, as was the equally nice surprise when the chap charged me only 8 of your English pounds for the two copies. Form-filling in was also a surprising doddle and the honcho was on hand to help with a couple tricky bits, bless his little cotton socks1. Hit the office that they needed to go into about 1 and was left outside for a while whilst the surly brass who runs it checked everything was OK. I'm convinced they do that just to put the willies up you. Finally, as before, she returned about ten minutes later all sweetness and light, "John" this and "John" that, to tell me everything was OK and I could bugger off. Nice! I'll be keeping one eye on the inbox/doormat for a an e-mail or letter telling me that something has been buggered up but for now it can go to Hull, Hell and Halifax as I'm considering it done and dusted and myself a man of leisure until the examiners get in touch. Well, I do have to re-enrol on Monday but that's usually a piece of piss/their problem if it goes wrong.

Anyway, that should do it for now. I've a few things to clear up and then I feel like taking a stroll. Stay cool, won't you?!

1Me being nice about himself? There must be ten moons in the sky!
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Yowzah, but printing off the thesis is boring. Really boring. We're talking Melvyn Bragg on valium here. Quite satisfying in a way as I have only one more chapter to print and then I can call it quits and start thinking about getting it off to the binders tomorrow but still very boring.

All for now as my time is not my own at the minute.
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It's all gravy, as they say somewhere or other. The final changes I had to make to the conclusion were hanging over me like the sword of Damocles but a quick meeting with the honcho today revealed that they were nothing of importance and are the sort of thing that I could put to bed in an hour or two. The other thing he hit me with was the need for a covering letter listing all the changes I have made as per the examiners' reports. This cause a few hot sweats but thankfully when I got into the thing it proved to be fairly simple and hopefully I can cross that off the to do list as well, having said I would let the honcho look at it before I call it finished. All in all tomorrow should be me done the real work parts of the corrections, leaving only minor things to do like updating the table of contents and abstracts before sending the thing away from my sight. Sweet! Apologies to all of you if you get the feeling that I have been ignoring you to an extent recently but I have been woeking flat out and so have had to sacrifice to LJ. Still, hopefully I can get back into the groove a bit more now that almost everything is done, if not quite dusted yet.

Anyway, I must go home now and eat my dinner before the banks collapse and food is declared illegal as a result. I would foresee this as the beginnings of the revolution if my inner pessimist didn't kick in and assume that the reaction to financial collapse will probably just be more people shoplifting Heat and buying dodgy cable chips. Oh well.

Oh and a first win of the season - Champion! Keep up the good work, Spurs, and we might yet survive.
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Well that was a bumper day of work and as such I am now left with only one thing to do next week (excluding really piddly things like reading back over the thesis for grammar mistakes) before I can print the bugger off, getting it bound and hand it in. Super!

Anyway, enough about work as I seem to talking about nothing but that nowadays and God knows if there's one thing I cannot stand it is people who are obsessed by their work. So moving on completely I thought I would have a little rant about a computer game that is doing the rounds. I should begin by saying that I am not a fan of the mentality espoused by the likes of Keith Vaz and his ilk that violent crime is directly related to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, even though I personally don't play those sort of games and in fact rarely, if ever, play any video games any more. Yes, these games do contain simulations of violent crime but the argument that they are to blame for the real thing falls down on two reasons. On the one hand plenty of people who play these games never commit a crime in their life and rather use the games as a recreation or a chance to do things that they as a human being would or could never do. In that sense a game where you steal cars is not really that different from a game where you play as Tiger Woods, or manage Real Madrid or any other activity that a game contains that you won't really do. On the other hand why should a game inspire crime and not a film or TV show or book or piece of music or painting? If you're going to start attacking or censoring games for their content where will it? Will we see paintings like Turner's "The Battle of Trafalgar", Picasso's "Guernica", Frank Bernard Dicksee's "Funeral of a Viking" or Schönfeld's "Rape of the Sabine Women" declared unfit for view because of their violent imagery? No, Vaz and his ilk have a lot more to do to get to the root of violent crime rather than just jumping on computer games. Still, there are times when people developing games, particularly at the lower end of the scale, just confirm the stereotypes. A recent example cropped up as some idiot has made a game about killing Muslims. I personally do not altogether accept the criticism that it is "encouraging children and young people in a game to kill Muslims" due to my earlier stated belief that the link between games and people's concept of reality is very limited. However I do feel that this game sends out a terribly negative message that Islamophobia is an acceptable and justified reaction in the modern world and that it is a good thing that "American Heroes" are killing those bloody foreigners. The How You Can Help section of the website says "Don't whinge about how offensive and 'edgy' this is." Were I to write a How You Can Help section for the creator of this game I would counter "Don't create such narrow-minded and racist loads of old rubbish and then complain when people get hot under the collar" and "Don't keep confirming in the minds of critics that all video game players are mindless, bloodthirsty idiots". Stupid boy.

Until next week then.
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Bit of a fussy old day so far. As part of my corrections I was told that I should define "ideology" and "policy" early on in the thesis as I had been a bit cavalier in using the two almost interchangeably. Fair comment, I think, but it will involve virtually no work as there are shedloads of books about all that boring old nonsense. Right up to a point. The ideology bit was a piece of piss - I used to teach the subject and so had plenty of material on it. But trying to find a simple definition of policy was another matter. Irrelevant crap like corporate and fiscal policy no problem but the stuff I was after nada. Finally I managed to nail it today in the eighth floor of the old library here, in a back room stack of books so unloved that there was no light there and I was forced to navigate by my lighter. In the end I only needed two lines from a book but boy am I glad to get that out of the way as it's been noggling at me for months now. All that's left is to work out where I send the bill for wasting a good lighter to. These things cost 50p nowadays!

So that's my lot for today. Exciting, huh? A load of shopping in Sainsbury's looms large so I must avast and put that hard-won stuff to some use. Oh and of course - Lest we forget.
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The interminable round of slotting things into the thesis goes on. I'm almost there but for some reason I just don't have the energy to be arsed today. Perhaps it's the slight stomach upset that I woke up with this morning or perhaps it was the late hours that I kept when I decided that a re-run of Gloria Hunniford helping Janet Ellis to sell her was much more important than bed at 4 in the morning but either way my vim and determination to crack on have cracked off. For today I think enough is indeed enough although hopefully tomorrow can be more productive and the thing can be killed off by the end of the week.

That's my lot then as I must go and do nothing in particular.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 02:48 pm
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One of those days where I can't be arsed, I'm afraid. There are a load of wee annoying bits of work that I could be doing but, after putting two of them to bed, I'm finding it nigh on impossible to get motivated. All in all they are not major things which is part of the problem as I keep thinking "well, they can wait as they won't take long". Sheesh.

Still, at least the transfer deadline day was interesting for a change. Robinho to Manchester City?! Wonders never cease. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will prove to be rather less than he has been built up to be as I am struggling to think of a Brazilian player who has been an unqualified success in the Premier League. Certainly Juninho had his moments, Gilberto Silva was solid if unspectacular whilst Denilson and Elano look decent prospects but I can't think of one who has lived up to what Brazilian football is supposed to be about. I'm glad the Berbatov move finally happened as it was the second biggest bore of the summer (behind the whole Real Madrid-tosspot stuff), although just what another non-centre forward will add to an attack featuring a sometime scorer like Tevez and an over-rated lump of crap like Rooney I'm not sure. The last-minute killer signing to win the fans over at Albion - Ryan Donk! I give up! Oh and one last thought on the whole palaver - I know Rafael Benitez is noted for some pretty dodgy expensive signings (mentioning no names - Dirk Kuyt, Yossi Benayoun, Martin Skrtel and Jermaine Pennant) and that credit crunch and the demand for biofuels has pushed food prices up but giving a wage to a tub of margarine seems extravagant even by El Beardo's standards.

Ah well, another futile attempt to do something constructive beckons methinks.


Aug. 29th, 2008 02:42 pm
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Lazy day, Friday afternoon. The thesis is due in a matter of a week or so but for some reason I have very little to do today. I suppose that's a good sign really, although in actual fact I am waiting on some stuff through the post which I need before I can continue. Still, in many ways it's nice to able to kick back and do nowt much, although in other ways I had forgotten how boring doing nowt much can be.

So essentially that's about all I have to say. Thus, in lieu of anything worthwhile, I shall present some very dodgy pictures of me from last weekend. Be warned [ profile] burkesworks - you don't get off scot free in these ones.

Voila )

Well, that's about your lot for this week. Now if you'll excuse me I must get back to doing nothing in particular.


Aug. 20th, 2008 04:23 pm
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I must be quick as I’m terribly busy but let it be known that:

Friar Tuck and his Psychedelic Guitar = good
• Slotting little piddly bits of information into the thesis = bad

That is all!
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Oh, rather tired now. Today was spent navigating the joys of the publish research computers in the main library. By and large I have ignored the things for my ten years at this place but a requirement in my viva report to examine a thing called Lexis Nexis forced my hand and I finally gave in and had a go at it today. Talk about your frustrating pieces of crap! I got in OK but realised I was going to need some paper and so I logged off and ran to a nearby shop where a rather unnecessary 160 leaf file block was the only option in the paper stakes. Attempts to log on when I returned where consistently thwarted by what I can only assume was a "na-na-na-na-na-na" poltergeist inhabiting the computers. Finally I ended up at one that took seemingly forever to log me in but then somehow came up trumps and let me at the thing. The next two and a half hours were spent searching through archives of local papers from the four corners of England, desperately trying to fish out something worth using for the thesis. Overall, it proved fairly successful and the thing itself was a lot easier to use than I had been led to believe but by God reading so much local crap in one sitting, complete with the obligatory clichéd hackery that dominates such rags, was hard work to say the least. Still on the plus side I have a packet of Gauloises from Holland courtesy of [ profile] queenmartina with ten of the oddly numbered 19 pack still left in it to ease the pain. You can't help liking a deck of fegs that says "liberté toujours" on it, can you?

Anyway I must run now before the big rain returns so until some other time, cheerio.

Can't stop

Aug. 7th, 2008 03:35 pm
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Eeh, but transferring all those British Library notes to computer and then trying to figure out where to shoehorn the buggers in to the thesis is hard work. The torrential rain that is making every smoke break a battle with the elements is not exactly helping matters either, come to that. Still, needs must when Old Scratch is at the wheel and all that. So back to work I must go - just letting you all know that I haven't gone away, you know.


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