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Immediately before the election we had a statement in which the loyalist paramilitaries endorsed the DUP and now we are to be governed by a junta consisting of the Tories and these paramilitary-endorsed fascists with, worse yet, the UK about to leave the European Union and so all checks and balances on this radical right-wing rabble about to be removed. I knew this election was going to be painful but Jesus actual Christ. Happy now leave voters, you complete and absolute bastards?! If the reaction of the so-called "Republican Movement" to the British government openly realigning itself with sectarian paramilitaries is anything but any and every means of opposition then blood will be on their traitorous, collaborationist hands as much as any UVF or UFF death squad.

I'll attempt to console myself with the thought that this fragile alliance with a micro-majority is unlikely to last very long and that the hateful Theresa May is on borrowed time but right now I am about as disgusted as I've ever been.

But deep in the heart of Ireland has sunk the sense of the degradation wrought upon its people – our lost brothers and sisters – so deep and humiliating that no agency less potent than the red tide of war on Irish soil will ever be able to enable the Irish race to recover its self-respect, or establish its national dignity in the face of a world horrified and scandalised by what must seem to them our national apostasy.

James Connolly, Notes on the Front (1916)


Feb. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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I've avoided discussing the RHI scandal on here as it's just such a depressing microcosm of what a waste the Northern Ireland Assembly really is. Equally I resisted the temptation to gloat about the political retirement of the utterly detestable Martin McGuinne$$ as we always knew he would be replaced by an equally faceless collaborator who would continue on the same devolutionist-unionist path and sure enough along came Michelle O'Neill who was also up to her neck in the same scandal. Plus ça change!

But with all that having been said, the scandal has brought yet another Assembly election on our heads and the circus rolls on as ever. Well, for most of it does as the way things are looking just now I appear to have been disenfranchised for this particular one. Yet again I will find myself in Scotland on the day of the election and on that basis I requested a postal vote but the other day a normal polling card arrived at my house and, as I'll be off in my spiritual home at the time, it appears that I'm to be denied the chance to vote for a losing candidate. Quel Dommage!

I may get up in arms at the drop of a hat but on this occasion I really don't care if I don't get to vote. Since the Tories took over in England it has been clear that the Northern Ireland Assembly, already a pretty weak institution, has been relegated to the role of talking shop. Certainly, the speed with which the hated welfare reform was forced through by the Secretary of State indicates that any important decisions will always emanate from Westminster and Stormont will just have to grin and bear them (ditto Holyrood and whatever the hell the Welsh chatter-house is called, by the way). Effectively the Assembly has been left somewhere between a glorified council (I shit you not, one of its major decision was changing the layout of bus stops in Belfast city centre) and a bribe to the elites as a way for them to keep their useful idiots in line. It's jobs for the boys up there, be it MLAs or their truly pointless Special Advisers so it will continue even though it has no real function any more in a fine example of sod you Jack, I'm all right. Sacrebleu!

If by some miracle they do decide to give me my postal vote I am faced with a very limited selection of candidates from which to choose, although of that mob I would most likely go for People before Profit. Even if they won a plurality in the Assembly (not going to happen) they would still be able to do sod all but they at least talk the talk about austerity and a few more of them on the hill would be preferable to yet more Sinn Fein and DUP apparatchiks (or indeed UUP, SDLP or Alliance ones for that matter). They haven't a hope of getting a seat in "leafy South Belfast" of course (a cliché that always ignores the pile of loyalist estates we have in this constituency too) but if I get the opportunity they can have my vote anyway. Nice to see that the previously mentioned John Hiddleston is back yet again for another election. Pleased to see my exposé had such a great influence! Mind you in these days of the Azov Brigade, Brexit, Donald Trump and (let's hope not) Marine Le Pen I suppose having a past in the National Front might even help him get elected. Zut alors!

But whatever happens no doubt the same old crap will continue. O'Neill will find a way to work with Arlene Foster or possibly a replacement and the gravy train will rumble on, achieving nothing apart from feathering the nests of those involved. Meanwhile the republicans and loyalists on the ground will continue to suffer but will be content that "our ones" are in charge, despite all the major decisions being dictated by our Der Führer Theresa May (and hi Teesie, seeing as the Investigatory Powers Act means you're reading this now). Brûle en l’enfer!
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Hell, even I think I've been away too often recently. The joys of growing up in a warzone, I suppose. And let it be known too that the following load of old rambling nonsense should have been published yesterday but my internet provider decided to give me a day of no service just to remind me who the boss is. Thanks as ever Virgin Media, I would denounce you as vermin but recent events have drawn me closer to that class of creature. Intrigued? Didn't think so but read on anyway, it's good for chilblains.

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Oct. 8th, 2016 12:33 pm
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Such is the regularity with which I go to Edinburgh these days that it hardly seems worth mentioning.

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The short version of this is that London was rather good apart from the going and the coming, which were hell on earth. On the off-chance that anybody is still reading this (and I note in my extended absence that I am now down to one person submitting regular updates on my friends list) I shall expand at some length about what took place.

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So it seems that Theresa May is at it again, this time handing out a ban to some mob calling itself Muslims Against Crusades. Their only activities seem to have been staging rallies, fighting members of the English Defence League and burning pieces of red plastic that they made themselves but I seem to be in a minority of one on the whole poppy and the disrespecting of the heroes of Bloody Sunday/Springhill/Ballymurphy/New Lodge issue so I'll say no more on that.

The reason I actually mentioned this was not so much to do with the group banned today but rather the slightly unusual list of groups already banned. They certainly have a theme going there, something along the lines of: big beard + no booze + circumcised = illegal. Plus me las in N17, the ETA and the DHKP/C, all of which have a whiff of a Cold War hangover about them. It's all about them darn Islamofascists now, let the past go. I notice on the list that there is no place for Combat 18, not to mention the National Socialist Group, Anti-Communist Commando, Column 88, National Socialist Action Party, National Democratic Freedom Movement, White Wolves, Wolf's Hook White Brotherhood, Racial Volunteer Force or any of the other myriad extreme right terrorist groups that have sprung up down the years. Does the government believe that terrorism can only be based on Islam and communism and that racial hatred and neo-Nazism are perfectly valid reasons for violence? Alan Clark and Enoch Powell may be dead but their spirits remain at the black heart of the Tories apparently.

The Northern Ireland section also makes for an interesting read. There can of course be few bigger threats to our lives and freedom to express our beliefs (as long as that doesn't involve criticising our troops) than a couple of hefty birds from Wicklow wearing berets, knee-length green skirts and sensible walking brogues so obviously the ultra-dangerous Cumann na mBan belongs on the list but Saor Eire and the IPLO? What, seriously? It's nigh on twenty years since the IPLO were blown out of existence by the Provies and as for Saor Eire they robbed a couple of banks in the early seventies, briefly counted Tariq Ali among their supporters and then quietly disappeared after the Sticks killed their leader. Still we can all rest easy in our beds, safe in the knowledge that our government is there to protect us from non-existent terrorist groups.

Does this also mean that the most recent claimant to the Óglaigh na hÉireann name is legal as I don't see them on the list and, as has been covered, translating it as "Irish Republican Army" is not strictly correct? Come to think of it I don't see the long defunct Ulster Resistance on there either but given how much they were controlled by the security forces I suppose that's no big surprise. But their absence changes everything. When I knew that the no members of Saor Eire and the IPLO were being held in check I felt happy but now that I know the assembled no-one of Ulster Resistance are allowed to not operate legally the terror has returned. Theresa if you are reading this I suggest a blanket ban on any and every group not directly connected to the British government or the Conservative Party. After all they might use names like the Jubilee Sailing Trust or Send a Cow but it is obvious to all that these are terrorist fronts operated by Óglaigh na hÉireann and Ulster Resistance. They're under the bed I tell you!


Nov. 9th, 2011 06:01 pm
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Isn't it interesting that as soon as the wondrous David Cameron decided to get involved in this whole England football team poppy débâcle that suddenly the militaristic hordes that make up the English electorate suddenly forgot all about his hottie-in-chief Teresa May making such a balls-up over the super-tight no welcome borders that the Tories promised? Yup, knocked that off the front pages good and proper with a little bit of jingoism, despite the fact that England made no bones about playing without poppies for the last nine years, given that the rule was brought in ten years ago. Still, I suppose the FA hadn't been told to get stuffed in England's bid to corner the market in hosting the world's sports events and so didn't have to look for any excuse to grind an axe with FIFA. After all if a bunch of multi-millionaires running about a field, including one under investigation for racial abuse, hadn't worn poppies it would have been a greater slur to our brave heroes than taking a crop on the Cenotaph. And now that baby has his bottle I expect Dave will welcome the Argentinian national team to Wembley and encourage then to display symbols commemorating those killed in the Falklands. Meanwhile I see the police have been stoving heads in at yet another protest. Still our exalted leader won our boys the right to wear a bit of plastic and we all know you can't have a football match without having the army and wars rammed down your throat these days. Smokescreen of the worst kind.
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There seems to be a lot of hoo-ha about some billionaire dying today. Stan Works or something like that. Given that my use of Apple product extends no further than polishing off the odd pink lady I can't claim to have been hit particularly hard by his passing but to hear the reactions of some people you would think it was their dad that had just carked it rather than some geezer whose overpriced and frequently unnecessary bits of kit they shelled out on every few months. I have no specific beef with the guy so my sympathies to his family (in the unlikely event that they'll be seeking to console themselves in their grief by reading my nonsense) but really all the wailing, gnashing of teeth and depositing of nosegays of flowers and half-eaten Golden Deliciouses (or should that be Golden Delicioi) outside chain stores is a bit much.

And speaking of public displays of idiocy can there be anything more asinine to have come out of the already deplorable party conference season than the cat-based row between Theresa May and Kenneth Clarke? Anybody with half a brain knew from the word go that the story of a man being allowed to stay in Britain because of his cat was made-up Daily Mail claptrap and that a senior member of government repeated it just goes to show what a rabble of idiots the current ConDem junta really are. Mind you what Clarke gained from making a big deal out of it is an equal mystery, other than perhaps reminding people that he still exists. Far be it from me to tell our leaders and betters how to do their jobs but is this not the sort of thing that the leader of the opposition should be all over rather than a member of the government? Still I suppose that would assume that Ed Miliband was of any more use than the cretins making up the government and so far he has demonstrated precisely nothing to make me believe that. As for Theresa May, well let's be honest hotties are usually a bit on the thick side!

And speaking of malevolent right-wing women to whom you probably wouldn't say no I see we finally have some good news coming from across the pond after Sarah Palin declared herself out of the next election. The thought of Palin as President is too just too scary to contemplate, especially seeing as Barack Obama would surely have lost against her, given that he is clearly a communist, a Muslim and the sort of man who would happily crap on an eagle before cleaning his tush with Old Glory. Although the precise amount could never be determined conclusively I'm sure there is a limit to the number of nuclear bombs the earth could take before crumbling into so much space dust. I am also sure that the fragrant Ms Palin would have thrown that amount and more at North Korea, Syria and France within days of being sworn in so I'm glad to say the least that it's a no-no from her. Mind you she might just be preparing for a return to her original home in the Alaskan Independence Party in which case we can anticipate UDI from the frozen north and the emergence of a new rogue state. I'll stop now in case she's reading (well, you never know) and gets ideas.
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It had occurred to me to put down my thoughts about the new bastardised Tory government but then I decided that there was little point. I reckon the dogs in the street know what I think about the matter without me even opening my mouth and, let's face it, the British system is unlikely to produce a government I would even tolerate, much less be happy about. Still, I always try to look for the positives in these things (no, honestly) and at least we do have one good thing to come out of this whole debacle - Theresa May's appointment to the post of Home Secretary. To be frank, her dyed in the wool Tory ideas are an anathema to me whilst the execrable reign of Jacqui Smith tempers any sense of fair play in a woman being given the Home Office but by heck is Theresa ever a fine figure of a woman?! It may be that all this iron in my blood is finally reaching my brain and making me slightly George Foreman-esque but to my eyes Theresa is a looker and no mistake. The whole coalition government thing will no doubt collapse around their heads as debts spiral to their worst levels ever and Britons consider Greece-style protests but change their mind because I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is on but at least we will have something good to look at whilst the whole mess unfolds. Were I a lower kind of man I might have drawn comparisons to her near namesake whose appearances alongside Cathy Barry made Men and Motors such a favourite of my youthful self but I am above such depravity. Ooops.

And of course a shame about Fulham if a little inevitable. My hope is that they can go on from here as they are a surprisingly likeable bunch but that optimism is tempered by the fact that the last club to accomplish something similar were Middlesbrough and it has all gone a bit belly-up for them ever since. Now fingers crossed for Portsmouth to nick the cup on Sunday although, this being English football, the big boys will triumph again. C'est la guerre.
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Been a while since I did this. I've been around but various other projects have taken precedence, so apologies for the void. I bet you all couldn't go on until I returned (he said sarcastically).

I was talking to a bloke I know the other day and eventually we got on to what a horror on the eyes Ann Widdecombe is. Nothing like a bit of intelligent conversation. Now, from there we moved on (as chaps are wont to do) to considering which MPs you might actually think twice about if your life depended on it, regardless of how you feel about their politics. Being the sad man that I am I eventually came up with a top ten:

1. Caroline Flint Don Valley (Lab)
2. Theresa May Maidenhead (Con)
3. Natascha Engel North East Derbyshire (Lab)
4. Dawn Butler Brent South (Lab)
5. Diane Abbott Hackney North & Stoke Newington (Lab)
6. Joan Ruddock Lewisham, Deptford (Lab)
7. Julia Goldsworthy Falmouth & Camborne (Lib Dem)
8. Barbara Keeley Worsley (Lab)
9. Celia Barlow Hove (Lab)
10. Justine Greening Putney (Con)

Bear in mind, this absolutely a case of 'best of a bad lot, I wouldn't but if I had to'. That being said the top five are not without their charms. It takes a sick mind.

All from me for today. I'm off to purge my diseased mind. Cheerio now!


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