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Apr. 8th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Not for the first time in memory it seems that a mass exodus from Livejournal is afoot, with several announcing their departures and promising deletions in the next few days. Armageddon it seems is here after some virtually unreadable bit of non-binding legalese that seems to suggest we will all be subjected to Russian laws on here (an extra layer of oppression to go along with the Investigatory Powers Act, if you will). I'm still trying to work out whether or not I care enough and as such am not necessarily adding my name to the exodus. I'm in the process of exporting to Dreamwidth in case they decide to throw me out for saying the Vladimir Putin loves sleeping with men but, having looked at it, it still looks as much like a tinpot knock-off of this place as it ever did. This journal has been on life support for years anyway and I seriously doubt it would survive a move to an even more sparsely populated version and, try as I might, their whole granting access model makes no sense to a 20th Century boy like me. That and a previous import six years ago appears to have led to a lot of formatting foul-ups and I'm far too old and tired to start learning a whole new set of rules on that score.

Who knows? We'll see what happens although I suspect there are a few of you whose paths I won't cross again. A shame really but if our encounters are over farewell to you and it's been really rather lovely while it lasted. For me I may soldier on here, I may give Dreamwdith a go or I might just finally grow out of this silly habit and leave it to rot as a monument the follies of my youth and middle age. As the man said, still to decide.
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Before I start I should go on record as saying I'm no fan of Vladimir Putin. A little nationalistic megalomaniac, he is to me about as welcome as Spy Wednesday's leftover haslet on Good Friday. But really the coverage being given to the whole Russia-Ukraine business by the BBC is getting a bit much to take.

Whilst waiting on Match of the Day last night I happened to catch a bit of their news report and was gobsmacked by what I witnessed. The policy of "embedding" reporters has always been a controversial one as impartiality is bound to go out the window. After all, who would see both sides when all they see is one group coming under attack from another, rather than the effects of the actions of the group you are with? But with whom was a BBC reporter embedded? Only the bloody Azov Battalion! They mentioned at the very start of the report that this was a far-right group but from then on it was more or less "look at these bunch of great lads fighting for freedom, aren't they wonderful?". Well, no, they aren't wonderful at all and, whilst I've long since given up expecting impartiality from the BBC, has it really sunk so low that it is now endorsing neo-Nazi groups? Fox News was rightly taken to task for calling the National Socialist Movement a civil rights organisation in the aftermath of the murder of Trayvon Martin and yet I've heard nary a whimper about the publicly funded state broadcaster of a supposed liberal democracy glorifying the actions of a bunch of Holocaust-denying fanatics.

A report in their most recent bulletin about the killing of Boris Nemtsov stated that he had been silenced by the Kremlin. Quite probably but as yet completely unproven although, as I said, the sort of extreme editorialising we have long since come to expect from BBC News, which these days is little more than the Daily telegraph in televisual form. But the Azov Battalion? Good God. I've defended the Beeb for years but increasingly it's starting to look like this organ of state propaganda should be done away with. If it's only purpose is to reflect the opinions of the government (and post-Hutton, that's all it is) then I for one have no desire to pay to keep it in existence.
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After two excellent results against the Tatters and O'Neill's Oil Tankers I expected Albion's fine recent run to come to a halt against Chelsea but nope, Woy's boys go marching on with a fine 1-0 win over the Pensioners. Smashing stuff. Just to put this into perspective Albion have never taken as much as a point from Chelsea in the Premier League era, Ron Atkinson was in the dugout last time we beat them and Chelsea shelled out £150 million on their starting 11 at the most conservative estimate, to say nothing of the nigh on 95 million quids worth sitting on the bench. I'm glad the FA are blinded by the Harrymania (inspired by Redknapp's unprecedented success of getting two time champions Tottenham to the giddy heights of third using home-grown talent like van der Vaart, Modric and Adebayor) because in recent weeks Roy Hodgson has been miles ahead of him in the English manager stakes. It's difficult to see how Villas-Boas can go on from here. He may be officially well lush but Woy has well and truly laid the smackdown on his candy ass today and there can surely be no way back from that. Still, that's the blueboys problem not mine and for now I prefer to bask in the majesty of three wins in a trot and Albion sitting pretty in the top half of the table.

EDIT: Just noticed that with Sunday only a couple of hours old I have already had 500 visitors for the day. Yeah, that sounds likely. As far as memory serves haywire page view statistics are often a sign of one of those terribly annoying DDoS attacks and considering Vladimir Putin is in the process of having his return to the Kremlin rubber stamped I fully expect all hell to break loose on here pretty soon. So, see you all in a week or so when the inevitable chaos has died down.
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Anyone else greeted with Russian language as default on livejournal when attempting to log in today? I know they run things round here now but they used to recognise that I am in English language town rather than assuming everybody is Russian. I smell the hand of Putin in this.
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Weird livejournal antics again - yet another of these flaming DDoS attacks? Were it not for the fact that I'm in a happy little rut on here and Dreamwidth seems to be the only blogging site that is even more dead than lj I would decamp to my unused account over there. Certainly the vacuous post-post-modernity of idiot magnets like Facebook and Twitter hold no interest for me whatsoever as (a) I have absolutely no interest in what you ate for lunch, how much of a cow Cheryl in HR is or whether or not you are loving the latest Black Eyed Peas 45[1] and (b) I like to waffle when the notion takes me and as a consequence I have no desire to limit what I say to 140 letters or whatever the hell it is on that blooming website that is the most overrated thing since Pippa Middleton's arse.[2] So with all that in mind I guess I am here to stay and as a result I must endure these occasional breakdowns in service. After all Mr. Medvedev is a very cross little man and he isn't even able to comfort himslef with the thought that at least the gays like in the same way that Mr. Putin can. Poor little Dmitry, why so angry all the time?

Well anyway fingers crossed that this post actually erm posts and doesn't disappear into the aforementioned astral plane. Otherwise the world will forever lose a critical destruction of the merits or lack thereof of a minor royal's rump and that would never do.

[1] If you had a lunch of wild venison and caviare in the company of Noam Chomsky, Diego Maradona and Ursula Andress, if Cheryl from HR has committed a series of violent and senseless murders with her laptop or if the latest Black Eyed Peas 45 was so transcendental that it caused you to discorporate and traverse the astral plane then I would be very interested but in each case Facebook would still lose as I would want more context beyond "Just back from Astral Plane - Fergie rocks".
[2] To suggest that the parasite's derrière is anything special is not only monarchism of the worst order but also an affront to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj.
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I had been fully unaware that the qualifiers for the old Eurovision Song Contest were this week until [ profile] queenmartina mentioned last night just before they started. Was it just me or were they all terrible last night? And not funny terrible like the days of yore but just generally terrible in a "Shane Richie presents a slew of chart banality with Tinchy Stryder and Alexandra Burke" sort of way. I missed out on Tuesday's bill of fare so I'm not sure if anything half decent got through there but having seen last night's and the five automatic qualifiers I can only hope so. Ordinarily somebody goes a bit Nightwish or Fairuz in these things but so far it seems to be little more than massed ranks of Lady GaGa and Ricky Martin clones, advancing phalanx-like in a dread attempt to pollute our ears with blandness. It's meant to be funny, folks, stop taking it all so seriously. Still at least we can avoid the spectacle of Georgia's entry given that they have withdrawn. If anybody would have taken it all too seriously, with deadly results, it would be wee Vlad. Not so much singeing the King of Spain's beard as tweaking the King of Russia's ballcod there methinks.

Of course this will be the first time we watch the whole nonsense-fest without Terry Wogan wittering on over it. I'm on record here as deviating from the standard opinion by dismissing Wogan as a bit of a bore so it's no big loss to me. Graham Norton as replacement I'm not sure about however. Like Wogan he belongs to that group of sell-out Irish who parade their accents for comedy reasons but who constantly refer to England as "us". Beyond that I have little real opinion of the man, although I suspect I may get a little tired of hearing him drooling over those buffoons in galeae and monks who were carrying that elderly Ukrainian lady around last night. Personally I'm rather miffed that Peter Ustinov is dead as I can think of nobody better suited to the absurdity of it all, barring possibly Gilbert Harding. Indeed, it would have been worth it just to see how the young funsters on BBC Three would have coped with Peter. I suspect his baggy face appearing in front of their cameras would have caused the channel to collapse in on itself, releasing mushroom clouds of radioactive fake tan and Two Pints and thus bringing about Armageddon. Or maybe not. Either way enjoy the dubious fun tomorrow night and fingers crossed that [insert name of preferred option] wins it.
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Hello there. I'm sure all you sensible people are tucked up in bed by now but for me it is much too cold to even contemplate that prospect. I'm a light enough sleeper as it is but the sub zero temperatures and occasional falls of snow that have added to the now effectively iced over blanket that appeared yesterday will keep me out of bed for some time yet. As such the joys of and filling this here with my usual brand of irrelevant rubbish is the order of the day until this place has heated up a bit.

But enough about me. Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is trying to tell you something? It's a feeling that I have got recently from our old friend Vladimir Putin. There is the penchant for military uniforms including little hats and stripes and the fishing trip photoshoot that caused the little man's popularity to rise in certain sections. Now what do we find - the small one likes nothing better than busting a move to ABBA tribute acts. What's next - the Judy Garland car horn? I suppose it explains why he looks so angry all the time. Break your silence Vladimir, you'll feel a lot fluffier!

Elsewhere this Carol Thatcher business is getting a bore already. The complainers need a good shaking - yes, she made the comment off air but why the hell does that matter?! An unrepentant racist does not deserve work on the national broadcaster and TV certainly does not owe a living to a woman who would be as unknown as most other journalists were she not Hilda's daughter. Ron Atkinson was rightly sacked in the same circumstances and there is no reason why that witch should be offered clemency when he was not. Or is this the same old thing that permits racism as long as it is in a plummy accent, the sort of logic that allows Boris Johnson and the Phil the Greek to get away with murder? I've criticised the BBC a lot recently but on this one they are completely justified and should not cave in to the rabble of idiots. Keep that awful woman off my screen and whilst we are it at axe that bloody One Show fiasco altogether.

Well, that'll do for me. A cig is calling so god night out there, whatever you are.
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This whole Georgia invasion malarkey has reminded me somewhat of Cuba. When Cuba went communist on the USA's doorstep it took a brave decision but in doing so made itself a sitting duck and was forced to endure a comedy invasion from an alleged peacemaker and subsequent harassment from all and sundry. Similarly when Georgia went for the virulently pro-Bush Mikheil Saakashvili as their leader they were always thumbing their noses at their much bigger neighbour and setting themselves up for trouble. Such are the hazards of living cheek to jowl with a superpower, I suppose. Just ask Grenada. Do I support the invasion? No. Am I surprised by it? Equally no. I am on record as having no time for Vladimir Putin and indeed Dmitry Medvedev, who has proven, as expected, to be little more than a stooge. But to treat this as a great shock when Putin happily bombed Chechnya into a car park is a little silly as Saakashvili's obsession with keeping hold of South Ossetia (and Abkhazia, come to that) was always going to come back and bite him on the arse.

What has really got me about the whole sorry incident has been the response of serial invader George W. Bush and his lapdog Gordon Brown. To go around condemning Russia for invasions when your troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq after all these years reeks of the sort of rank hypocrisy that makes these two knobheads so despised. Perhaps if Bush hadn't made war so fashionable and acceptable with his Islamophobic crusade then there could be more recourse to censuring Russia but as it stands they are merely following the template already put in place by their harshest critics.

Overall then Georgia is a human tragedy and a sad indictment of the bellicose world we live in but by going along with his big neighbour's traditional enemies so closely Saakashvili unfortunately invited this trouble due to the new Cold War that is emerging. What a shitty world!
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Oh eck, not him again! I notice the Beeb are still persisting in calling Silvio "centre right", an odd title for an anti-immigration, new right populist nutjob who has already promised a leading role in government to Il Duce's little porn star Alessandra Mussolini. Still, perhaps the more important thought is can Europe really cope with Berlusconi and Sarkozy at the same time, puffing their chests out and comparing bedpost notches and hair-dye tips? More to the point, if the two of them ever end up in the same room as Vladimir Putin will the o-zone layer just disappear entirely due to the highest concentration of Brut aftershave ever found in one room? I look forward to the time in 3 years or so when Silvio steps down and hands over the reins to everybody's favourite "post fascist" Gianfranco Fini and the newly ensconced David Cameron welcomes the man who is on record as saying "Fascism has a tradition of honesty, correctness and good government" to Number 10. Happen when the time does come he can get his old mate Neil Hamilton to show him around London. Ah, Silvio, it's like you've never been away!

Mon pénis est plus grand que le vôtre
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So it seems the most pointless election in years has come to an end and, as expected Dmitry Medvedev has been elected new President of Russia. As shocks go it is right up there with the time Jimmy Edwards admitted that he had a moustache. Looking at the field there was hardly much in the way of serious choice. Bogdanov was essentially a filler candidate designed to give the whole thing the sheen of a contest, whilst even most Russians must have tired of Zhirinovsky and his "I'm a hard case despite looking like James Whitaker" shtick. Any man who makes a song and dance about how great Hitler was despite being part Jewish needs a good slap in the mouth and no mistake. Zyuganov, on the other hand, may wear the mantle of the communist but he bangs on about nationalism so much that he can only ever be seen as a national Bolshevik, a label all the more relevant given that it was beardy-weirdy Aleksandr Dugin who helped him to write his party's constitution in the first place. So as things stand we can now look forward to another spell of Putinism as the little man who can clearly feels that he can run Medvedev as his puppet. Of course that may not turn out to be the case - after all Franz von Papen thought the same about Hitler and we all know how that worked out. Overall however, I'm left wondering what the purpose of this election was in the first place. Putin could easily have bended the constitution to allow himself to carry on and surely even Bush would not be daft enough to get a war going with Russia. Waste of time defined methinks, unless Medvedev suddenly gets ideas above his station. As for Putin - you know, I might even miss the little guy!

Well, all for today. I am participating in some weird hearing and brain research session tomorrow in return for twenty of your pounds so I may not get in to see you all, depending on how big a headfeck it turns out to be. Still twenty nicker for sitting on my arse for an hour and a half is not to be sneezed at. Until next time then, cheerio.
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Just to be sure I've got this right. When Putin turned off the gas to Europe a while back everybody was up in arms and it was being treated as the worst kind of terrorism going by an evil man. Yet when Israel denies power to Gaza it's just one of those things. Still, why bother complaining - Israel makes its own rules and that isn't going to change any time soon. Dare to criticize and you're for it! So remember, folks, 1391 aint torture nor is Guantanamo Bay and turning off fuel supplies is fine when it is Arabs but is completely wrong when it is nice white people. Ah, what a delightful world we live in!

Just a quick one today as I have other things I need to be doing. Bye for now.
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Been an odd last few days in chez moi. I was out the back having a feg at about 2 on Friday morning when I heard a strange wailing sound. I thought no more of it until three in the morning when suddenly the power went out and, being the drama queen I am, I suddenly convinced myself that it was a visitor from the other side come to claim my soul. The power came back PDQ although I endured a sleepless night as flights of fancy took over. Woke up the next day to find that the whimpering had actually been a dog that had wandered into my neighbour's garden and deposited itself there. The mutt appeared to be in the final stages of dying as it would hardly react to any stimulus. Eventually, after a lot of faffing about that seemed to involve half the estate, my neighbour's hippy boyfriend took the beast under his wing and nursed it back to health. I really must remember to stop letting my imagination run away with me.

Meanwhile back in the real world I was going to talk about the Russian elections but, given certain other news elsewhere I would just like to go on record as saying that Putin is a big manly son of a gun who won yet another famous and deserved victory. In the spirit of this development I will now turn my unskilled hand to something that all the kids on here seem to think is the funniest thing ever.

Enjoy children and try not to tell me "omg j00 suck at t3h macros" as I'm fully aware that I do.
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I'm sure I stated that Gordon Brown would make bugger all difference to the country and that it would be just Tony Blair-style business as usual. OK, it's still difficult to judge that given that it's been summer and politicians are apparently incapable of working those months (something to do with melting risks of the seats in Westminster during heat and nothing to do with laziness, I'm sure) but he's certainly started out in Blair mode by inviting a certain decrepit old ghast to dinner. Just what is it with these New Labour idiots and their determination to be Tory-er than thou? If any government did more to polarise society than Thatcher's I'll eat my hat yet they seem to think that it's a good thing to constantly laud the old bitch. Still, now that Brown is in bed with those bastions of morality and righteousness Saatchi and Saatchi it's hardly a surprise. Why don't Brown's mob and Cameron's mob just do us all a favour and merge into one party of state and save us all the sham of elections that only ever give you one side of the same coin anyway. Democracy? You can stick it!

Elsewhere, I see that the drive to create more good little Russians continues apace as Sergei Morozov, known to us all of course as governor of Ulyanovsk, has declared a nooky day. Glad to see the overcrowding of the planet that we are constantly being yapped at about is being sorted. I can't help but wonder how long before Putin instigates an Honour Cross of the Russian Mother in tribute to the equally half-baked schemes of another overcompensating short-arse.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully the current bit of nonsense can be put to rest tomorrow and I can have a bit of a breather until next week. TTFN.
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My God, slow motion is not the word for these bloody things today. This is the seventh (you read it right, folks) different computer I have tried to use today and it is slower than the McGuire twins trying to run up K2 while carrying big Bertie from Ballynafeigh! On top of that my computer e-mail account wont let me send any e-mails because the address book (which I have never used) is Donald Ducked and there are no technicians around to sort it out. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!! And relax.

Could be worse and all that, especially seeing as Russia is still doing its best to be world's most messed up country. Socialism in One Country was admittedly a bit of a flop but compared to the state that country is now it was paradise. Putin makes Boris Yeltsin look competent.

That'll do for me as I must off to Sainsburys and pick up my smokes.


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