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*Insert weak joke about visiting Edinburgh lots before waffling for ages about most recent visit*

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It's convention that I recount in some detail the events surrounding any journeys I make for the entertainment of the reading none so I suppose I shouldn't break from that tradition following my recent excursion to the occupied territory of Scotland. So without further Apu:

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And so it came to pass that the World Cup has reached that most auspicious of stages, where every team has been played and we can now gave a half-arsed opinion of all of them. So permit me to do just that:

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As I approached Carlisle Circus on the northern side of inner city Belfast today my eyes were struck by the sight to the right. Yup, Sinn Fein win the (non-existent) prize for being the first shower to get their posters out for the upcoming parade of pointlessness that will be the Assembly and local government elections in May. Typical SF minor candidate really in being a female with untamed curly hair and a name Irished up for the posters - well, if she isn't actually called something like Carol Cullen I'll eat my hat.

Given the way politics has gone here these could prove to be the most pointless elections since the days of the Parliament of Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein and the DUP seem to be the happiest couple since Flavio and Marita the hip hippos and have settled comfortably into their mutual love-in whilst their respective bits of triangulation have left them both able to claim the middle round so leaving the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP effectively devoid of purpose. Hot air is being expelled about the possibility of Sinn Fein coming top but unless Seamy and Francine have been dropping a litter of octuplets every week whilst Billy and Irene have been on a nooky strike I can't see that happening. The UUP don't look like making any inroads into the DUP vote and I really can't see anything drastic happening in terms of support for Jim Allister and his mob of Ulster nationalists, embittered Ulster Resistance veterans and Enoch Powell lovers. Besides even if Sinn Fein did come top in the interests of money stability I'm sure the new and improved Peter Robinson would happily serve under Martin McGuinness for pots and pots of rhino the good of the Province.

Interestingly enough as I passed Sinn Fein's Ormeau Road offices on the way home I noticed that the crux of their election campaign seems to be one word - "leadership". Nice one. In a place where the people are led around by the nose by monolithic elites who never seem to go away and where the local assembly is about as far removed from democracy in its proper sense (you know, rule by the people) as it is possible to get the one thing we need is to be told what to do and what to think even more. I would laugh if their victory was not so bloody inevitable.

And on a (tenuously) related note as I traversed the myriad delights of the Crumlin Road I happened upon an unusually named street. Lovely place I'm sure (well, no actually it looked bloody horrible but I digress) but I'm left to wonder where it leads. Corruption Place perhaps? Maybe Sleaze Drive? Or even Pathetic Power-Hungry Short-Arse with a Face Made of Orange Clingfilm and a Tiny Penis Mews? Yup, he may be facing all sorts of corruption charges (from which he will no doubt emerge unscathed) but there is a corner of North Belfast that will be forever Berlusconi.

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I'm not getting involved in the whole Libya business - the Colonel was the Devil incarnate in the 80s and 90s and then suddenly flavour of the month in the 00s before then becoming the Devil again and if he somehow manages to survive I'm sure the West will fall in love with him again when it suits them (for which read when oil stocks run low). Heck, I'm sure Robert Mugabe loves him right now as he has suddenly been dropped from the "Third World" pedestal of hate that he occupied after Saddam Hussein's death in favour of MoMo. The one thing I have noticed during all this is that suddenly "Gaddafi" has been accepted as the universal spelling of his surname. When did that happen exactly? For my part I have always been a devotee of the Q spellings and my Libyan-printed copy of The Green Book claims Qathafi as the author, not Gaddafi. I appreciate that transliterating Arabic into English is troublesome but the G spellings are so bland unlike the terribly exotic Q versions. So my only input into the whole fuss is let's bring back the Q ASAP.

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My first thought upon seeing the Portuguese take the field for their game against North Korea was "they can't be that great if a loser like Pedro Mendes gets to start". I stand by that observation despite what unfolded. The fact that the Koreans had two Pak Nam-Chols seemed to amuse the commentator immeasurably, a strange state of affairs from an Englishman given that they had two men named Gary Stevens in their 1986 squad. Talk about pot, kettle and black. The Portuguese goal was inevitable, even though North Korea had more or less matched them to that point, whilst it's fair to say that Portugal are the most vain team as they are the only ones so far to cover their faces rather than their nuts in a defensive wall. However their second goal was a well constructed effort taken well by Simao and then after that the poor old Koreans fell apart. The gulf in class was huge here, which is hardly surprising when you have one team featuring guys from Chelsea and Real Madrid and the other featuring guys from Amrokgang and April 25th. I soon got pig sick of that love heart celebration that the Portuguese kept using but in truth there was little love on show here as this was cruel to watch at times. My earlier suggestion that a 32 team World Cup was a bit into overkill territory was borne out here as, plucky as they were in their first game, North Korea really didn't belong amongst supposedly the best teams in the world. As for Portugal it is really hard to judge how good they might be as this was little more than a training match in the second half.

Better to come, I had to hope, from Chile-Switzerland and in the end I was not disappointed. One of my favourite memories of the 1998 World Cup was the legendary Ivan Zamorano belting out the Chilean national anthem and I was hoping for a repeat here. What a shame then that when it came to the best bit at the end the daft organisers had already started playing the turgid Swiss anthem over it. Still, nice to Gonzalo Jara getting an appearance and this must surely be the first World Cup ever to see Albion players appearing two days in a row. From the start this match had a goodies vs. baddies vibe as the attacking, expansive Chileans came up against bloody-minded, defensive Swiss and it all proved a bit much for Guy Mowbray and Mark Bright who ended up talking over each other as much as the Spice Girls did at their peak. Behrami's red card was one of the few correct decisions that the mentalist referee made all day as, whilst admittedly the guy who got whacked made a lot of it, the Hammer was dropping them 'bows like Dusty Rhodes. The offside decision for Chile's "opener" was a pity but I suppose three guys can't be inactive. Ultimately when the goal came it was a blessed relief as the negativity of Switzerland deserved punishment but, were it not for the selfishness of Gonzalez and Paredes, it could have been a lot more comfortable. Another of my great football memories was the goal substitute Lars Ricken scored for Borussia Dortmund against Juventus in the 1997 European Cup final and it is just a shame that a great Ottmar Hitzfeld side like that must now be mentioned in the same breath is this horrible Switzerland team. They are certainly organised and have two grand players in Diego Benaglio (possibly keeper of the tournament so far) and Stéphane Grichting (a colossus in defence) but their two lines of four defending constantly make them as dull and at times downright repugnant as Swiss politics. You get one every tournament unfortunately now but I really hope that this Swiss side are not the ones to go far by playing like total gits. Still, despite all that and the total insanity of referee Mr. Khalil Al Ghamdi I absolutely loved this game as I really got behind Chile in their good against evil battle. Blood and thunder all the way and the right team won - more of the same please!

The Spain-Honduras game that wrapped things up was a queer one and no mistake. Like Portugal-North Korea this was clearly a great team taking on one that by rights had no business being in a World Cup but, unlike that earlier game, the great team seemed decidedly hesitant in front of goal. We all know what Fernando Torres is capable of so why has he looked so pedestrian here? Perhaps he is still injured, in which case the wisdom of the decision to pick him is questionable. There again, maybe he is just a reincarnation of Samson and that haircut has finished him off. I would also question del Bosque's decision not to call up Senna, who did an absolutely brilliant job in the Didier Deschamps role at Euro 2008 as the Spanish midfield is full of prettiness but seriously lacking in somebody who can do the ugly as well. Still, in del Bosque's defence you certainly can't fault his decision to make the awesome David Villa the focus of his attack nor to grow that mighty moustache. It seems to be received wisdom that Spain will definitely go through but I am not so sure as I fancy Chile might nick a draw off them and I really can't see any result other than 1-0 to Switzerland in the other game. It would be a shame as there is clearly a lot more to come from this Spain side but they could yet be one the big beast shocks.

Finally a fond farewell to Frank Sidebottom. There were certainly few sights more compelling than watching a man with a papier mache head flying through a wall whilst on roller-skates of a Saturday morning.

Ta-ta Frank - like Christmas you were really fantastic.
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So that was the election that was, I suppose. After all the hype the whole thing feels a little pointless. Talk of deals about this and that is being bandied about like there's no tomorrow but for me there is an inevitability that it will all fall apart and that we'll be forced to endure the whole farce again in a couple of months. All in all we're left with a situation where all the Liberal Democrat hype proved to be so much hot air but, despite taking a bath, they have every chance of ending up in government, assuming the children can stop squabbling for five minutes. Good old democracy, full of shite as usual.

Change all round was trumpeted but it was revolting to see gits like Alan Duncan, Tessa Jowell, Frank Field and Hazel Blears retaining their seats despite all being bastards of the first water. Further proof, were it ever needed, that you could put the right coloured rosette on a pigeon in certain places and the morons would still vote for it. However there was some pleasure to be taken from the whole mess as we bade a fond farewell to Lembit Opik, Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke. Opik has always got on my nerves with his fame-hungry ways and his uncompromising physical ugliness although I don't imagine for a second that I have seen the last of him as if anybody was built for the reality TV circuit its Bangor's favourite son. With any luck though PC Big Ears and, best of all, Jacqui Smut will disappear to the scrapheap of history where they both belong. I'm also glad that amidst the carnage neither Dennis Skinner nor Jeremy Corbyn were sacrificed as they are about the only two MPs I have any respect for. A pity, though, to see Dai Davies booted out in Blaenau Gwent for some faceless Labour nobody but I suppose that constituency was due a duff decision after bucking the trends for so long.

As to the others I care not a jot about that Lucas woman but the growth in support for the UK Independence Party was a worrying trend as it is disappointing to see that people are still falling for their line of shite. There again as much as I can't stand John Bercow I am glad to see that he beat Nigel Farage into a cocked hat. For all the macho posturing that old Kamikaze adopts he took the wimp's way out this time by challenging the Speaker and as such got what he deserved when he didn't even manage to finish second. It was also great to see Esther Rantzen getting her just desserts but shame on the 1800-odd idiots who actually voted for the witch.

In contrast it was heartening to see that short shrift was given to the English Democrats everywhere that they stood. They may have token ethnic members but the English Democrats claims to being anything other than extreme right are bollocks, especially given that their candidate in Rossendale and Darwen was Michael Johnson, a man who previously sat as a councillor for the England First Party, a group miles to the right of the BNP. How desperate must they have been for candidates when their chap in Havant was a Bogeyman?! But well done to the Lib Dems on a candidate named Aladdin in Leicestershire South, although the three wishes didn't work this time. Mind you the mind boggles equally at the Peace Party who apparently had a hacksaw in Horsham. But, talking of the extreme right, I was equally glad to see the National Front getting what for (except for that 4.9% in Rochdale - shame on them). We really didn't need them back, especially now that Eddy Morrison is back in the fold. And what do you know - the Third Way staggered into life in Eastleigh with predictable results. The melange of libertarianism and fascism that they offer clearly appeals to nobody. Finally what about the character in Bradford West - any ideas about this one [ profile] burkesworks? He looks a pleasant chap I don't think!

As for the BNP themselves as expected they were no nearer the big breakthrough that they keep imagining they will get and the policy of putting about a load of candidates probably counted against them with some derisory results and a big bill waiting. Of course, it wasn't all rosy as they did score some individual results of note e.g. 8.9% in Barnsley Central, 8.6% in Barnsley East, 10.4% in Rotherham, 9.4% in Stoke South, 9.4% in the awkwardly named West Bromwich West, 14.8% in Barking for Griffin, 11.2% in Dagenham and 9% for Sharon Wilkinson in Burnley. And speaking of Burnley I would like to break with tradition and extend congratulations to a Liberal Democrat. Gordon Birtwistle has been a worthy foe of the BNP for years and he deserves his turn in Parliament. Nice one, old son. As for the rest of the BNP's results there were some nice moments there too, notably Andrew Brons coming a cropper in Keighley where it was even nicer to see that spite remains the watchword on the far right as his former charges in the NF ran against him. Equally glad to see Patricia Richardson in Epping Forest, Eddy Butler in Harlow and Lawrence Rustem in Woolwich getting nowhere. Mind you I am still to see the local election results....

In my neck of the woods of course the big news was the demise of Peter Robinson, which I have already covered in the last entry. Still good riddance, now let's hope he leaves Stormont soon too. Elsewhere it was the final annihilation of the now completely pointless Ulster Unionists, whose link-up with the Tories proved an absolute disaster. Plus well done to Michelle Gildernew of Sinn Fein on holding Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the face of the challenge from Rodney Connor. Don't let anybody tell you that sectarianism is gone when the boys will still come together to ensure one of their own gets in. Hard luck, lads! Still I imagine that talk of a more formal alliance between the DUP and the UUP will kick off in the not too distant, probably once Reg Empey has been put out to pasture. Nice work as well by Jim Allister and his Traditional Unionist Voice (or "True Ulster Voice" as that heavyset man fronting Sky News' coverage thought it was) who proved about as successful as I predicted that they would the last time I decided to waste my typing fingers on them.

All in all a lot of fuss over nothing after a campaign that left me extremely weary and dreading the prospect of a rerun (a prospect which I fear remains all too real). Cameron and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he failed to get his precious majority, Clagknot and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he actually lost seats and we are left with the possibility that, despite being the worst Prime Minister since Alec Douglas-Home, Gordon Brown might still be around for a while yet. Like I said at the beginning pointless!
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It seems like only yesterday that the damp squib of the millennium was the whole fuss. Now in the blink of an eye we are faced with the end of another ten years with a name (rather than the end of a decade as I'm not a believer in the notion that there was ever a Year Zero in anywhere but Cambodia and so reckon decades to end when the year ends in 0). Obviously you can't blame the supposed decade for events that took place during it but when I sit down and think about we have lived through a grim ten years on many levels.

It is astounding to think that the UK has had a nominally left wing government for the entire decade and yet the lurch to the right has continued apace with more privatisation, poverty and inequality being heaped on us by a ruling class who now seem to treat corruption as a matter of course. Meanwhile the extreme right has prospered at levels not seen in decades as we have been force-fed a diet of blaming immigration for all society's ills. Perhaps most worryingly of all this decade has been one in which society has been overtaken by the pervasive sickness of militarism. There was a time when Britain prided itself on its sense of irony but where "our brave boys" are concerned this has now died a death. To criticise the army is now beyond the pale and instead people are happy to participate in mini-Nuremberg rallies where not only is the army paraded through city streets after coming back from their illegal wars but they are paraded on TV, at football matches and even in the frigging charts. Even during the Second World War people had a laugh at the army but now the notion that they are all unquestionably heroic and should be adored at all times is treated as fact rather than just an extremist position. This, after all, is the decade where we started hearing murmurs about an "Armed Forces Day" in a deliberately concerted attempt to further fuel the cult of the soldier as archetype. Chilling stuff and no mistake! Meanwhile for almost the entire decade the so called free world has put itself at a state of war with Islam and the UK has happily made itself the lapdog of a regime that tortures people held without charge in its concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. If the end of the Cold War in the 1990s was supposed to be a great new age this decade has certainly put paid to that daft notion by finding a new enemy and waging constant violence and degradation upon it.

Had there been one good thing to come out of the decade it would have been the collapse of the banking system. Finally an opportunity existed to tear down capitalism and start all over again. What did we get? A brief dose of corporatism intended only to weather the storm and ensure that capitalism could continue unfettered as ever. Meanwhile the vanguard of the revolution in the working classes were replaced with the new chav stereotype and led to believe that as long as they had their bread and circuses of alloy wheels, Big Brother, sovereign rings and pit bull terriers then there was no need to agitate for change or develop consciousness. Effectively the so-called Labour Party has oversaw the decimation of the working class and its replacement by a castrated, unmotivated and virtually shit-canned lumpenproletariat happy to roll over and have its belly scratched by Ant & Dec. OK, I'm seriously oversimplifying things there but the emergence of the chav and the effective death of the old working class has been a seriously depressing aspect of this decade and one that has helped to ensure the continuing survival of a system that has been clearly shown up as rancid. And how much must the masters be rubbing their hands with glee at the growth of gangs and knife crime and the young working classes taking out their frustrations on their own kind rather than the leaders who deserve their anger? Put it this way - twenty years ago the working classes would have had far too much dignity for tripe like The Jeremy Kyle Show but the chavs trip over themselves to appear on it and tell their leader what colour their last bowel movement was. Horrible!

Of course tied in with emergence of the chav as a means of keeping the proles down has been the explosion of reality TV. The promise of cheap fame has led deluded idiots to forsake true reality in favour of thinking that they will become a sensation based on their ability to sing Mariah Carey songs at karaoke or their ability to shout loudly whilst sitting on a settee. Gone are the days when you actually had to accomplish something in order to achieve notoriety as now all you have to do is be filmed on a pointless television show taking a crap and your fifteen minutes are guaranteed. Of course, the whole thing is self-perpetuating as once you have been on one you are now a "celebrity" and so you can appear on all the various celebrity spin-offs. Meanwhile all those who have taken on the chav mantle are kept further in their place by taking their minds away from important things like why bankers continue to get massive bonuses despite being crooks and instead focusing them on wholly unimportant trash like whether or not Jedward are better than the guy with the afro.

One of the side effects of the whole reality TV boom has been the effective death of the music charts as a thing of any significance. Of course it is undeniable that the charts as a whole always tended to represent the middle of the road a tad but in the past it also consistently threw up some good or at least different stuff. Even if you compare this decade to the previous one it was perfectly possible for acts like Iron Maiden and Blondie to go to number one and for groups like Oasis, Blur and the Manic Street Preachers to gradually build huge followings for themselves from humble beginnings. Whatever your personal opinions of them they were at least real bands who made it the hard way. Goodbye to that this decade! It has either been the onslaught hype of reality TV fame that convinces people that they can't live without some middle-aged Scottish bint warbling dreadful show tunes or the contrived "overnight sensations" that are actually being driven by massive marketing budgets like the Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and Sandi Thom. As entries passim have indicated I would not suggest that this decade has had no good music but, for the first time since popular music became the biggest selling style, little if any of it has featured in the hit parade.

But of course, reality TV didn't stop there in its bid for world domination. There can be little doubt that the whole thing started with a certain Diana Spencer in the 1990s but the ridiculous hyperbole surrounding the deaths of very ordinary people has been another rotten aspect of this decade. The culmination of this public grief fest of course came when Jade Goody, a woman whom the new cathedral had shown to be unequivocally a bully and to my mind a racist, died of cancer. For the people who knew her I'm sure it was a tragedy but for everybody else it was completely meaningless. She was someone known for precisely nothing and for people to go into wantonly Pharisaic displays of mourning was more than a little disturbing. It's not like you can even say that there will never be another - take your pick from Kerry Katona and Nikki Grahame for a ready made replacement. Even Michael Jackson, who at least was known for something other than existing, was treated as a saint when he died despite all the extremely shady aspects of his life that had been played out in public. Yes somebody died whose music you enjoyed but it has little real bearing on your day to day life as you did not know him on a human level. Mourn your own by all means but so called celebrities are not your own. This decade we seem to have entered a phase where death equates to redemption and where one's sins are immediately forgotten and one's non-existent achievements are lauded as soon as the Grim Reaper takes a shine to you. Would I be flogging a dead horse if I suggested that we were looking at another easy way to keep the lumpen in their place? Sorry, Desert Orchid but another whipping is coming!

As if all that was not enough we have been hit with the growth of such rubbish as text messaging, Twitter and Facebook. This really has been the decade where every tiny event that takes place in somebody's life, no matter how insignificant, has had to be shared with as many people as possible. To an extent I am walking a tightrope here as I am sometimes guilty of it myself but it really has gone too far. There was a time when we were promised super technology that could cure all diseases and make life so much better but instead all we have got is the ability to tell people that we are doing a piss whilst taking that self same piss. It's surreal that we now communicate so much yet in a real sense we are more alienated from each other than ever. Community is virtually dead and has been replaced by nasty atavism and indeed much of the communication that goes on now is less about staying in touch and more about feeling self-important. I won't deny that technology has made getting in contact easier but equally it has made it impersonal and cheap and somehow less real.

So that's the decade then. Corruption ignored because a retired news reader is eating a wombat's nadgers on the telly and even the footy has been ruined by the bloody big four. Not only that, but the whole decade has been so cruddy that it doesn't even have a proper name. The "noughties", I ask you! Good sodding riddance I say and let’s hope that whatever this next ten years is to be called (the tens, the teens?) it is a darn sight better than the ten we have just live through.

And relax....
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Band names today, eh? They all seem to fall in to three categories: 1. the word 'the' followed by a rather mundane word such as The View, The Killers, The Hives, The Bees et al; 2. the name of something or someone else ripped off like Franz Ferdinand, the Kaiser Chiefs or Fallout Boy; 3. two random words stuck together such as the Arctic Monkeys. All highly unadventurous, although generally serviceable names that match the bands they described by being workmanlike and unexciting. Every so often, however, one comes along with a name so rank that it makes you want to vomit with rage. Step forward the latest indie no marks to come waltzing down the pike Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong. I mean really! Is that the best they could come up with? The way to get your band noticed is to pick a name that sounds like a nursery rhyme that the thought police have banned. Now in fairness to that bunch they're not alone in the crap name department. Balaam and the Angel did some reasonable work in the 80s but the name always struck me as a fairly rubbish way of avoiding the more obvious Balaam and the Ass. It's a Beautiful Day also did some nice work but as a band name it was v. poor. Ditto Tea and Symphony who demonstrate all that is wrong in punning band names. Black metal has also been a serial offender in these stakes. Let's shock parents by calling our band Rotting Christ. Or Anorexia Nervosa. Or Angel Corpse. Or Death SS. Or any number of others you care to mention. Then let's not forget the other thing of naming your band after one megalomaniac member - that means you Dio, Gillan and the others who obviously share the mentality that makes a One Foot in the Grave remake become Cosby. So what do the rest of you think? What bands have the worst names that I've overlooked? After all there's bound to something worse than Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong, even though I'm struggling to think of owt.
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Hello again, each. Not a lot happening recently apart from my usual Tuesday and Wednesday spent teaching youngsters how to do Europe. I did enjoy the Celtic-Manchester United result, mind you, especially given Ferguson's association with Rangers in the past. Nakamura is now at the point where his power rivals that of near namesake. Well, almost.

Speaking of football, I hope they gaol that pillock Craig Bellamy who must be one of the most unpleasant people in the game right now. Send Anton Ferdinand down too, come to think of it as these overpaid prima donnas get away with stuff which would land the average moron with a long stretch.

Well, that'll do for now as I really should be getting back to work (probably won't though, but that's another story). Until tomorrow.
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Fine win for the Baggies last night! I was expecting a hammering, particularly since Jermaine Defoe was on from the start and he made wee boys of the Albion defence last season, so a 2-0 and a best performance yet from Kanu was a welcome result and no mistake. Fair play to Martin Jol, he has turned Spurs around, although he was rubbish at Albion and has been saddled with a brother called Cock, who rather suspiciously doesn't have the Jol family pattern baldness. Come to think of it, his other brother is called Dick. I wonder who Mummy and Daddy's little treasure was?! Still, his boys took one hell of a beating (by Albion standards at least) last night. Woo-hoo!

All for now. I'm off into town then scooting over to London for the New Year. I may run into some of you there, otherwise see you all next Tuesday. All the best for 2006.
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I was talking to a Romanian sort yesterday (I gets around, I does) and somehow we got on to the subject of names used in Hungary. As she said, there are only really a handful of names ever used for lads in Hungary, with ones like Gabor and Atilla being as common as muck. I mention this only because I see that a good friend of mine, Mister Ariel Sharon, has had his name condemned by a group of rabbis as unlucky. Odd really. I did know an Ariel once (he was a right little tosser, but that's another story) although every time I hear the name I think of the story of Banaias, leader of the Cerethi in the Bible somewhere. I last read the Bible when I was about fourteen and then it was the old teague version, the Douay-Rheims Bible. I always liked the mythological, out there style of the early bits of the Old Testament and the one thing that stuck in my memory was the battle between Banaias and the Ariel which were described as lion men. I was since disappointed to see that the usual interpretation is now two hard cases rather than two men who were part lion, which was much more appealing. I was similarly disappointed to find out that Behemoth is now seen as a hippopotamus and even more perturbed to see the more modern translation of the list of non-kosher animals in Leviticus. There was something good about not being able to eat charadrion, attacus, bruchus and stello rather than storks, beetles, bald locusts and snails (although I could just go a plate of fried stork and mushy peas right now). Anyway, how did I get on to this? Oh yes! Ariel is now off-limits. Does that mean that Sharon must now perish at Endor and be as the dung of the earth? Here's hoping anyway.

Time for e-bay now methinks as I'm after cheap Echobelly albums. A strange choice perhaps for yours truly and, like all of their contemporaries, a band who passed me by at the time. Still, I was driven to check them out recently after liking Sonya Madan on a telly show (I did the same thing with Kathryn Williams and got into her music as a result) and was quite impressed by the result. Never know what to expect from me.

The rest of the day will be spent attempting to get into a locked room (a long story and one that would interest nobody, including me). Should be fun. See ya!

Oh and because I wont be here on the 5th lets all take a moment to remember the rebel spirit.

Blow up Westminster!
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Been up to this and that over the weekend. Took my usual Friday afternoon run up to Sainsburys to stock up on the week's supply of fegs and while I was outside having a wee smoke a young lad of about three ran past me until to be called back by his mother who informed young Jo-Jo not to do that. I ask you, Jo-Jo?! Imagine when he's a 31 year old going for a job in marketing and they look at his application and see he's called Jo-Jo. Straight to bin with you, Jo-Jo me boy. I only hope he is actually Joseph and it's just a "cute" nickname, else he'll have a permanently soaking head from all the flushings in a few years time. For the second week running I found it impossible to get drunk on Friday night no matter how much I consumed. One suspects that one's tolerance for the curse of Scotland is becoming higher with age. It's going to be bloody expensive by the time I'm 40!

Dragged the pencils out last night and threw off a quick cartoon, which I haven't done in ages. As a tribute to Belfast's most legendary roadsweeper, I feel it turned out OK. Killed an hour at least before attempting, unsuccessfully, to sleep. Today will be spent frantically checking the BBC website to see if the Baggies tie up any better signings than Kieran "Who?" Richardson. Richard "Who?" Chaplow is on the verge but knowing Robbo he'll manage to nouse it up before the end of the day. Still a 1-1 off Spurs wasn't too bad at the weekend. Could Bry be about to prove me royally wrong? Doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

Almost forgot: Iraq election. Very nice. Hardly the big democratic leap forward that was promised. For a start all of these are boycotting-boycotters ). For seconds none of the parties that made up the previous government are in there. If was this supposedly great democracy they would be there too. Plus whoever gets elected will have bugger all legitimacy as they will be effectively imposed by a foreign aggressor. The whole country is shockingly unstable and the election winners will have little real control whilst the occupiers are there and none whatsoever when they leave. If this is a triumph for democracy then you can keep it.
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Back again. The freedom of finally being able to get out of the house is going to my head so I feel compelled to take advantage at every opportunity. That being said I have little to do so I'll fall back on this survey that is doing the rounds.

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Like most people these days I am inundated with those daft porn spams in my e-mail account. Their latest wheeze seems to be trying to guess what my name is. So today I was dubbed Thomas, Davis, Kendal and Gordon by a few, then they decided I was a woman and went for Angelique, Selina, Agnes and, most ridiculously of all, "Ruth, want a bigger d...". Now where, pray tell, is the logic in that? And what are the chances that somebody would be called Kendal or Davis? You think that at least try more run of the mill names like Joe or Steve to begin with. Silly buggers.


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