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Given that there was a big scare back in 2011, resulting in my backing everything up on Dreamwidth the recent export has resulted in two copies of each entry from 2003 up to the date when I made the first copies. When it comes to things like this I'm rather anal, even OCD, in my approach and as such I've been going back through all my old entries on Dreamwidth and deleting one of the copies for each, as well as smoothing out the tags so as both versions of this blog are in sync. Quite the experience it has been too, and at times an unsettling one come to think of it.

For one thing in the early days I was ludicrously prolific, knocking out up to three entries a day, most of which had little or no purpose. Bear in mind too that those were the days when I didn't have a home internet connection so you couldn't fault my commitment. That dogmatism of youth was present in those early entries, although paradoxically my intractable approach to Sinn Fein had yet to crystallize as I was more a minor critic in the early years and even spoke out loud about possibly voting for them.

I also seemed to have a deep knowledge of the contemporary ins-and-outs of Italian politics and took it very seriously, for some reason considering that developments there were vital to me personally. The number of times I was practically frothing at the mouth with anger about Berlusconi's latest japes or the political career of doe-eyed hate merchant Alessandra Mussolini rather surprised me at this far-removed distance. Mind you, a lot more things seemed to matter to me back then although I suspect, like manys a young person, I felt that I personally could have an impact on politics, something that I have long since given up on.

On the humorous side, I seemed to be under the impression that the word "meme" was pronounced "me-me", leading a lot of attempted puns that now make no sense. On the bleak side, a trigger warning might have been required for some sections. Let's draw a veil over that.

2006 appears to have been the point where Livejournal (or at least my bit of it) went into decline as, having previously had double figure comments as the norm, entries from that period started to show the "no comments" mark that has been standard for me ever since. And yet, reviewing my own writing I was probably at the height of my powers in 2011, having grown from the at-times barely literate boy of 2003 and being some way above the ideas-bereft waffler of now.

The renaissance that has been hinted at as a result of the recent Russian debacle would be a fine thing and I do rather feel the need to try to help revive things (and I've been more prolific this last week than I have in years). Whether it happens or not who knows, but the fact will remain that going back through very old posts is an at-times uncomfortable experience to say the least.

EDIT: And apparently you can't queue posts on here. Bummer.


Apr. 11th, 2017 12:05 am
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Let's see if this cross-posting jazz works whilst I decide what to do with these pair of identical journals. Other than that, no reason for this post so move along.

The end...?

Apr. 8th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Not for the first time in memory it seems that a mass exodus from Livejournal is afoot, with several announcing their departures and promising deletions in the next few days. Armageddon it seems is here after some virtually unreadable bit of non-binding legalese that seems to suggest we will all be subjected to Russian laws on here (an extra layer of oppression to go along with the Investigatory Powers Act, if you will). I'm still trying to work out whether or not I care enough and as such am not necessarily adding my name to the exodus. I'm in the process of exporting to Dreamwidth in case they decide to throw me out for saying the Vladimir Putin loves sleeping with men but, having looked at it, it still looks as much like a tinpot knock-off of this place as it ever did. This journal has been on life support for years anyway and I seriously doubt it would survive a move to an even more sparsely populated version and, try as I might, their whole granting access model makes no sense to a 20th Century boy like me. That and a previous import six years ago appears to have led to a lot of formatting foul-ups and I'm far too old and tired to start learning a whole new set of rules on that score.

Who knows? We'll see what happens although I suspect there are a few of you whose paths I won't cross again. A shame really but if our encounters are over farewell to you and it's been really rather lovely while it lasted. For me I may soldier on here, I may give Dreamwdith a go or I might just finally grow out of this silly habit and leave it to rot as a monument the follies of my youth and middle age. As the man said, still to decide.
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Woah, it has been a long time. I may not update as much as I once did but this is possibly the longest I have ever left this old edifice to rot in my puff. There has been more than a little real-life shit going down this past month or so and that has distracted me so you'll forgive my silence, gentle reader.

Which, to be honest, is about all I have to say for now. I shall return when I have something of substance to add but as it stands this is just one of those "alive and well (?) and living in" posts.
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It really is a pity how decrepit poor old livejournal has become. This place used to be buzzing all the time (well, not this specific journal, which has never attracted any interest in its 12 years of existence, just the site in general) but now the malaise seems terminal. I mention this purely because I have just switched over to one of those plus account things after my paid subscription expired. When I've been on my uppers in the past this has occasionally fell over into a basic account but certainly I can never recall a time before when I've had the pelf and yet decided not to hand any over. Plus account at least protects my pictures, having a bunch of icons is hardly important to a middle-aged dullard and I have my adblockers in place so I can no longer see any point in subscribing. A shame really for an era to end like that but I suppose that's how it has to be as long as this place continues its graveyard impersonation.
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I really feel like I should be updating this more often but, you know, effort.

Still, does anybody know what that "related entries" thing is about? It's scaring me.
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Given that videos slow my browser down to a snail's pace at the best of times I decree a big dig in the bake for the tosser who decided that every time you arrive at this site now a video will suddenly appear. Stupidest idea I've encountered in weeks.

Apart from that nothing to tell you, hence the extended silence.
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Not much to tell you apart from the fact that the new layout for the main page on here is bloody awful. Kill it with fire. I have no interest whatsoever in "Oh No They Didn't" so I can really do without it being rammed down my throat in place of stuff that it is relevant to my own little corner of this site. Anyway to get rid of it or is this another of those forced changes like the bollocksed up user pages?

All for now; time for my dinner then more bloody gardening. It never ends.
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It was ten years ago to the very day that I arrived on this here livejournal. An angry young man of twenty three summers I intended to use this as an outlet to express my burning resentment against The Man. I hadn't quite grasped the purpose of having a blog (no change there then) but had been talked into it by [ profile] queenmartina and felt it was as good a place as any to express my indignation. But time passed and I decided that being in a constant state of anger was not healthy and so I diversified into whatever else took my fancy. My burning resentment against The Man remained, and indeed is probably even stronger, but my hopes for change diminished as the bitter cynicism of middle age crept up on me.

Somewhere along the line livejournal itself was taken over by Russians and Ukrainians and those of us still active here in English became increasingly marginalised. Nowadays this journal exists merely out of habit, about as noticed as Francine Gottfried in the Kingdom of the Blind. Many of the old stagers who loomed large during the early years are departed, some leaving their ruined journals behind as monuments to the people they were in 2007, others deleting theirs entirely in a Maoist destruction of their own histories whilst others still continue to appear sporadically with a pre-generated note appearing at the bottom to indicate their posts originate in Dreamwidth or some other corner of the three ws, suggesting that, whilst the journal continues, it is a mere photocopy of the original and you would be as well talking to the speaking clock as attempting to converse with the author. OK, there's Open ID and all that but, you know, effort. There's a couple of you left, of course, but the communication aspect of livejournal seems to have died off somewhat with most journals now little more than a personal stream of consciousness that make little sense even to ourselves, much less our few readers.

But like Gloria Gaynor, Jimmy Somerville and Rahsaan Roland Kirk I never can say goodbye. It may be all my eye and Betty Martin but this little corner of the web has served my purposes well for the last decade and even when I go down to no readers (any day now, I reckon) I believe it shall continue sporadically for the sheer hell of it. It's on its last legs but I will gladly go down with the good ship lj, independent as a hog on ice and in splendid isolation to the last. Here's to the next ten. Hasta la victoria siempre.
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I'll get this bit out of the way in case anybody reads this far and can help me. Livejournal has forcibly converted my view of userpages into their God-awful new version and I desperately want to change back as I hate it and it has removed the option to view friends' pages without feeds and communities (there are a few of you with the odd interesting friend whose pages I like to peruse from time to time but whose feeds and communities are of little interest to me). The problem is I can't see any option that lets me view userpages in the old style. They offer me that option for journal feeds but not for userpages and I need it badly as the new version is so bad it makes me sulk worse than a blindfolded Japanese girl solving a Rubik's cube. So if you know how I can change it do let me know as I'm within an ace of throwing my dinner on the floor and trampling it into the ground.

Now for the bit nobody reads )
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So I disappear for fifteen days and livejournal tries to sneak its awful new interface for posting entries on me by force. Sod that, switch to old version forthwith. And whilst we are at it, is it a general thing for everybody that clicking on an interest on a userpage always returns no matches regardless or is that just me? This place is falling apart and may God almighty and St Cuthbert be angry with them if they don't get their acts together soon.

As to that fifteen day absence it is explained by a combination of a general ennui at the slow death of this site as well as the fact that my laptop had gone east for a while last weekend. I did have access to a creaking old desktop computer that [ profile] queenmartina had long since cast aside like so much mechanically recovered BSE carcass meat but it was used only in fits and starts as I am loathe to touch other people's electronics for fearing of buggering them up, even those that lie unloved. I was without my own for five days or so but I managed to survive fairly well thanks to (in no particular order) a jolly outing to dear old Ballymena, Virgin Media's on demand service being well stocked with episodes of Bo Selecta, another instalment in Donegal Celtic's inexorable rush to relegation (well, it will suit me as I will have a team in each of three divisions next season), yet another spot of painting and another bit of reading this time with the oddball mix of Walter de la Mare (who, like the previously mentioned Hope Mirrlees, was going great guns until a duffer of an ending) and Franz Kafka ("The Metamorphosis" = a masterpiece but "In the Penal Colony" = crap). It was an old fashioned experience not having immediate internet access but if Led Zeppelin have a top ten album and Richard Edmonds is back in the NF (who will they dig up next, Robert Relf?) then perhaps the archaic is the zeitgeist. Or something like that.

Still it was worth it in the end because when the beast was returned to me the transformation was intense. The improved response from the internet was what I had hoped for but a bunch of other problems I hadn't even noticed are now banished to the land of wind and ghosts. Until now I had assumed the myriad time lags I had to endure were all part of the package but every man jack of them has now been exorcised and I have yet to hear the dreaded beep of doom once since the contraption was returned from [ profile] burkesworks' dexterous digits. Were we not old chums I would have called for him to burnt as a warlock, such has been the transformation in the hitherto tired old apparatus. I don't know what you did but I'm awful glad you did it because whatever the processes this old monster has never worked as well before, not even when it was fresh out of the box.
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For the last five years or so Hallowe'en night in Belfast has been an absolute racket of exploding whizz-bangs and Bengal matches, running constantly from about five o'clock to the other five o'clock with little or not respite in between. So what happened last night then? The Tory tabloids have told us that Britain has "roared back" because of a tiny bit of economic growth that has seen things rise about one foot above the Mariana trench but so far that has not extended to Northern Ireland so as a result I can only assume festivities were cancelled here in order to pay for the new Irish language street signs in the Markets area. Either that I've gone deaf and not noticed but either way last night was the quietest I can remember this most hateful of holidays ever being. People were warned to prepare their dogs for götterdämmerung but in the end Rover, Shep, Fido and Satan got off about as light as they ever had. Of course a handful of spides in masks did wrap the door demanding sweets under threat of a trick (although "puttin' yer windies in" is not really a trick per se) but even then we got let off light given the bad rep our house has locally as a trouble spot. All in all a damp squib to say the last and one I'm glad to see the frigging back off for another year.

Meanwhile livejournal is barracking me for using the old version of my friends page, whatever that means. I have heard through the grapevine that the new version is a pile of pish and, like a losing streak, the Moonies or a Nectar card, sounds like the sort of thing that it's very easy to get into but a nightmare to get out of if I don't like. So any thoughts from my invisible readership on this one? I'm loathe to embrace change without having some foreknowledge so if any you who have tried it do let me know what you think.
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So am I the only one who came to this site today only to find it was all in Russian? Of course it might be one of the sundry weird things that happens every time I use the internet, like Google never working properly and that. After all livejournal presumed I was from Malaysia the other week whilst has apparently decided that I am a lonely but fashion conscious Muslim lady as the ads I see on there are always for an Islamic dating site or links to cheap but funky hijab sites. It gets weirder by the minute this internet.
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Well I don't often write on here at any length any more but thanks to the timely intervention of [ profile] bombardiette I am about to. Finally a meme that has allowed, nay forced, me to think deeply and even allowed me the opportunity to get all ideological on your arses. Corking stuff. So anyway -

The rules: "Comment to this post and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself."

The seven topics I have been given are as follows:

1. The Irish Diaspora
2. America
3. The Catholic Church
4. The EU
5. Literature
6. War
7. Look at the city from an outsider's perspective. What do you see?

Very long-winded and pretentious waffle herein )

That's one from the golden days of livejournal when people used this as a forum for extended free form essays before Twitter and Facebook killed off brain cells and reduced communication to a couple of half-formed sentences. Well, I certainly enjoyed doing it even if you didn't enjoy reading a little of it before thinking "sod this" and playing Angry Birds instead. O tempora o mores!
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Just a note to let you all know that I have performed another small bit of trimming on the f-list. If you have been included in this I stress that this is nothing personal but once again I feel the need for change and the fact that I am on here quite infrequently these days means that I don't necessarily have the time or the inclination to keep up with everybody on my list. No offence intended towards anyone but after all it is only livejournal and not real life so it's hardly worth losing a minute's sleep over. I wish you all the very best and every success in the future and I'm sure you'll have forgotten all about me in a day. Peace.
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So part of the reason I haven't been on here recently has been problems with the laptop. Allegedly that was fixed by Virgin Media recently when they boosted their signal after it fell to virtually nil but, whilst that has fixed a few problems others abound, all at levels that are confusing the hell out of me. These problems are:

1) issues with using search engines that prevent me from using the site:url function for some websites
2) some sites not appearing in search engine results when they really should
3) a Spybot scan revealing no issues. Now that never ever happens. It always uncovers a few minor things at least but nothing?!
4) one of those spammy warnings about my computer being infested with viruses appearing on a slightly disreputable website. I would have ignored that were it not for:
5) Solitaire or Patience or whatever the hell it is called suddenly wiping its records. I had played it a few thousand times (yes, I know) only for it to suddenly say I had never played it before with all the statistics disappearing into the ether. This resetting happened a few times today but now seems to have stopped and is showing me at eight plays.
6) All sorts of other minor stupid things, including the thing on livejournal not working (although that might be lj's fault as most everything else that goes wrong on here seems to be their fault).

AVG killed off an infection a little while ago but it looked like something fairly minor and I have no idea if it is connected to any of these five events. The statistics disappearance has scared we senseless as things disappearing like that give me thoughts of worms or other things that eat your files. Sense would dictate I should transfer stuff to a USB stick to be safe but of course I don't have one available with any memory.

To be quite frank all of this is far too confusing for me so I'm putting this crap here in the forlorn hope that somebody might be able to tell me what is wrong and what I can do. So on the off chance that anybody still reads this crap and knows what to do let me know before I go insane
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After two excellent results against the Tatters and O'Neill's Oil Tankers I expected Albion's fine recent run to come to a halt against Chelsea but nope, Woy's boys go marching on with a fine 1-0 win over the Pensioners. Smashing stuff. Just to put this into perspective Albion have never taken as much as a point from Chelsea in the Premier League era, Ron Atkinson was in the dugout last time we beat them and Chelsea shelled out £150 million on their starting 11 at the most conservative estimate, to say nothing of the nigh on 95 million quids worth sitting on the bench. I'm glad the FA are blinded by the Harrymania (inspired by Redknapp's unprecedented success of getting two time champions Tottenham to the giddy heights of third using home-grown talent like van der Vaart, Modric and Adebayor) because in recent weeks Roy Hodgson has been miles ahead of him in the English manager stakes. It's difficult to see how Villas-Boas can go on from here. He may be officially well lush but Woy has well and truly laid the smackdown on his candy ass today and there can surely be no way back from that. Still, that's the blueboys problem not mine and for now I prefer to bask in the majesty of three wins in a trot and Albion sitting pretty in the top half of the table.

EDIT: Just noticed that with Sunday only a couple of hours old I have already had 500 visitors for the day. Yeah, that sounds likely. As far as memory serves haywire page view statistics are often a sign of one of those terribly annoying DDoS attacks and considering Vladimir Putin is in the process of having his return to the Kremlin rubber stamped I fully expect all hell to break loose on here pretty soon. So, see you all in a week or so when the inevitable chaos has died down.
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[ profile] theresitayju - you're welcome.
[ profile] cassandryb - I'll decide what themes to develop myself, thank you very much.
[ profile] weidneripuxe - Babel Fish couldn't make head nor tail of what you said so no response.
[ profile] bernwace - nobody's making you read it if it isn't entirely interesting so piss away off, you cheeky knobhead.

There, that's today's bunch of Russian spammers dealt with. The anonymous advertising bots I can cope with but single purpose Russian language accounts that exist only to place bland comments on random journals I can really do without. Assuming this is something do with the Russian elections I would just like to make it clear to both sides that I couldn't give a monkey's toss who wins as it is no skin of my nose who leads Russia so kindly nick off and do something constructive like clipping your nasal hair.

See, I'm still alive, just a bit strapped for things to write about.

EDIT: I've just noticed this post seems quite anti-Russian which was never my intention. Nothing here is aimed at Russians in general just the spammers that are currently on the march round these parts.
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I never do the writer's block things that livejournal has as I prefer to approach this old rubbish with a free hand rather than being driven by some general question to which you are expected to provide an answer. Today is to be no exception although the question they are asking ("Who do you think would make a great U.S. president?") is one I intend to examine in passing anyway. And yes, I'm aware that it would have been easier to just use the bloody writer's block button but I'm anal that way :D

If the 1948 election had been won by Norman Thomas instead of Harry S. Truman the Cold War would have ended before it began, peace and prosperity would have ruled the planet and we would now by holding hands and singing all day in the blissful joy of one world built on fraternity and the end of all need, rather than collapsing under the crippling poison of a wholly amoral society that places the worthless concept of credit many rungs above humanity. As a result nobody would make a great US President now as the system is far too flawed for anybody to do anything other than muddle through. The roots of America's, and by extension the world's, problems show no sign of being tackled as whoever wins they will still be wedded to maintaining the iniquitous capitalist system and in following a foreign policy based on the concept of being a self-appointed world police force who can butt in were they like and force sanctions on already impoverished countries for doing a lot less than America does. In circumstances like those greatness is impossible.

As to the question of whether or not any of the current rabble getting primed for next year will make a great President the answer is obviously no given what I have just said. Given that it is a two party system and he at least made some very minor concessions to the rampant poverty in his country with little bits of welfare (or communism according to the repulsive Tea Party movement) and finally delivered one of his promises in withdrawing from Iraq and leaving it safe for demawkracy and daily suicide bombings I have to hope that Barack Obama retains his seat in 2012. In the unlikely event that he loses my levels of endurance amongst the Republicans would be Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and, God forbid, Newt Gingrich, a man whom I firmly believe would make George W. Bush seem like Julius Nyerere. Indeed were Gingrich to be elected I might have to revise my opinion of the allegorical nature of the Book of Revelation and assume that the 1000 year reign of the Antichrist had actually arrived. Ideally it wouldn't matter to me who wins but I live in the occupied six counties so I am a subject of the British Empire and as such whoever wins will effectively be my President too given that the British government has effectively been an arm of the Presidency since the Suez crisis.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to daydream about loping through the crocus fields in the sense of pure bliss that only comes from knowing all the world's problems are over thanks to dear Uncle Norman.
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I see the spam commenters are out in force round these parts again. For months now I had received none of the usual but in the last two days I have been offered counterfeit Fendi products and Tramadol by passing robots who decided to hit me with their little comments. Just a shame that Wikipedia is in blackout mode otherwise I would be able to find out just what "counterfeit Fendi" and "Tramadol" actually mean. I appreciate that the internet is awash with fools ready to be parted from their money for all manner of rubbish but how much business is likely to be drummed up by leaving badly worded adverts on random blogs, especially when our own livejournal then circles the comments in big flashing lights and sirens and tells you not to get involved? Must try harder, you scammers.

And speaking of livejournal have we been under attack yet again round these parts recently? It's one of those times when I'm not quite sure as the effects only seem to have been slow page loading and some image disappearance, both of which might be the result of my laptop acting up again. Mind you after the last so called "attack", which appeared to be the equivalent Big Van Vader being gently pushed on the kneecap by a four year old girl, I wouldn't be surprised as they seem to be losing their touch. Of course now that I say that they will storm the ramparts, overwhelm the entire site and replace this truly banal post with a picture of a man's stretched anus, Snoopy Doggy Dogg lyrics rendered in faux Victorian English over a Joseph Ducreux self portrait or whatever the craze is these days. And remember Hipster Ariel only wants legs so she can wear them ironically.

And I'll end this rubbish now as I appear to be sailing slightly too close to the edge of my knowledge and am in danger of falling into the bottomless chasm reserved for sad old granddads trying desperately to be with it.


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