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Long-term readers, if any, will recall that I started updating this crap from home back in 2009 after I finally acquired my own laptop. Well guess what? Yup, I've finally acquired laptop number two and this post is the first to be delivered from it. Yay!

Inevitably I'm still trying to find my feet on the new effort, adding the bits and pieces that I'm used to but which do not come as standard and attempting to iron out teething problems as I go. I've been a Windows Vista man since I first started using my own machine and so the sudden jump to Windows 10 has been a culture shock and, as things stand I hate bits of the new set up (switching between internet windows specifically, as well as the inability to resize pictures in that poor excuse for a replacement for Picture Editor or whatever it's called). Still, moves are always traumatic and happen things will settle down when, for instance, Microsoft office has finally arrived (and by God but hasn't that become eye-wateringly expensive).

In some ways I'll miss my old machine and it's still standing at the side in case I need it, notwithstanding the seemingly daily warnings that 2017 is the year in which Vista is going to be killed with fire. But in saying that the clamp that holds the broken hinge and casing place, the sheer weight of the bloody thing, the space bar that only occasionally worked, the "m" key that regularly broke and its general slowness this last year or so can all do one right now. Music and sundry files still need to be transferred over but for now all that can wait until I familiarise myself a touch more with things.

But otherwise woah, new stuff and junk.


Mar. 3rd, 2015 07:43 pm
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The disc drive on my laptop (I'm assuming that's the proper name - the bit that plays CDs) has been dicking me about recently. The button to open it won't work and when I force it open using the small hole beside the button that you ram a needle into it won't read any CDs. It whirrs and creaks and makes all manner of bizarre noises but won't play a thing. It has been acting the goat for the last week or so but eventually I could get it running if I was persistent enough but last night it gave up the ghost entirely and now recognises sod all.

All of this raises the question of whether or not there is a way to fix this, given that I have absolutely no engineering skill whatsoever. Or if not is it worth my while taking it to a repair place and if so how much are they likely to sting me for something like this? Or failing that is there such a thing as a replacement add-on/plug-in/whatever the hell they're called disc drive that I can shove into a USB port and run through a laptop?

Help desperately needed here as these sort of balls-ups by computerical stuff really upset me as I always feel so powerless when they happen. [ profile] burkesworks, let's be having you!


Feb. 12th, 2015 07:20 pm
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The other day I turned this old heap of junk on and it went haywire with another of those thousand-important-updates-that-do-fuck-all-restart-computer-now-or-it-will-explode things. So I did just that and ever since my Firefox has looked bloody weird. Two examples are included for clarity, click on them for a better view:

As you can see the font has gone all weird and lo-fi and is barely legible in the Wikipedia editor in the first one. After a brief search I chanced upon the suggestion that I could edit the font in Firefox itself by going options > content > default font and I did just that but, as is always the case in these sort of piddling little things, it made bugger all difference and it still looks like a pile of shite.

So that's the story. Help!!!
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Given that it proved rather successful the last time I attempted it (thanxguise) it would be remiss of me not to bring my latest laptop woe to this august forum. Admittedly this one belongs more to the category of minor annoyance rather than major catastrophe and I've been able to largely endure it for a month or more now. Nevertheless the issue this time is that the letter "m" key doesn't work properly. Well, to be fair it does work but only if I give it a good solid bang and if I get carried away and get a head of steam going on the typing when I read back what I have written it is invariably littered with missing m's. So is this just something that I have to endure due to the age of the old beast, something that only a seasoned pro can fix or is there a little wrinkle that you know whereby I can fix it myself (bearing in mind I'm so clumsy and oafish that I'm almost certainly a changeling)? As ever any help greatly appreciated.
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Bloody rain! Too much rain leads to waterlogged pitches which in turn leads to the football card being wiped out and in turns leads to me kicking my heels trying to fill up a boring Saturday. How the hell did I used to survive this day before I went back to the football? Strictly speaking I might have went anyway as there is one game on due to Seaview having a plastic pitch but Crusaders-Linfield was ruled out because (a) it's too loyalist, (b) I hate both teams and (c) it might well have been all-ticket anyway.

Still, if nothing else it gives me time to clear up two of my annual traditions in one go so read on or hit the road, whichever suits you.

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So I disappear for fifteen days and livejournal tries to sneak its awful new interface for posting entries on me by force. Sod that, switch to old version forthwith. And whilst we are at it, is it a general thing for everybody that clicking on an interest on a userpage always returns no matches regardless or is that just me? This place is falling apart and may God almighty and St Cuthbert be angry with them if they don't get their acts together soon.

As to that fifteen day absence it is explained by a combination of a general ennui at the slow death of this site as well as the fact that my laptop had gone east for a while last weekend. I did have access to a creaking old desktop computer that [ profile] queenmartina had long since cast aside like so much mechanically recovered BSE carcass meat but it was used only in fits and starts as I am loathe to touch other people's electronics for fearing of buggering them up, even those that lie unloved. I was without my own for five days or so but I managed to survive fairly well thanks to (in no particular order) a jolly outing to dear old Ballymena, Virgin Media's on demand service being well stocked with episodes of Bo Selecta, another instalment in Donegal Celtic's inexorable rush to relegation (well, it will suit me as I will have a team in each of three divisions next season), yet another spot of painting and another bit of reading this time with the oddball mix of Walter de la Mare (who, like the previously mentioned Hope Mirrlees, was going great guns until a duffer of an ending) and Franz Kafka ("The Metamorphosis" = a masterpiece but "In the Penal Colony" = crap). It was an old fashioned experience not having immediate internet access but if Led Zeppelin have a top ten album and Richard Edmonds is back in the NF (who will they dig up next, Robert Relf?) then perhaps the archaic is the zeitgeist. Or something like that.

Still it was worth it in the end because when the beast was returned to me the transformation was intense. The improved response from the internet was what I had hoped for but a bunch of other problems I hadn't even noticed are now banished to the land of wind and ghosts. Until now I had assumed the myriad time lags I had to endure were all part of the package but every man jack of them has now been exorcised and I have yet to hear the dreaded beep of doom once since the contraption was returned from [ profile] burkesworks' dexterous digits. Were we not old chums I would have called for him to burnt as a warlock, such has been the transformation in the hitherto tired old apparatus. I don't know what you did but I'm awful glad you did it because whatever the processes this old monster has never worked as well before, not even when it was fresh out of the box.
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During the course of my life I have went through a number of phases when it comes to the act of reading. When I was but a child I had little time or inclination for reading. Quite why I can't remember (my memories of childhood are pretty scant to be honest) although I do seem to recall being singularly underwhelmed by the literature we were pushed towards as it was all either Roald Dahl - whose writing I have nursed a deep-seated hatred for ever since - or yawn-inducers about children having so called adventures. Not the Famous Five and the like, which was just too jolly Old England for anybody to even think about trying to sell to the offspring of Irish republicans, but "one child's struggle" sort of books which, whilst in retrospect perfectly innocuous, did not appeal to my young self because they were rooted too much in mundane reality.

I was probably about ten before reading started to hold an appeal and about 12 before I really got into it but by then it was entirely non-fiction as the other kind seemed a bit pointless to me. Sherlock Holmes was probably the only exception as I would happily chew through the short stories, a pleasure that has never left me despite them seeming increasingly hard to swallow the older I have grown. My attitudes relaxed when I turned around 15 and decided that it was fine to enjoy both intellectual and lowbrow pursuits and that I could happily enjoy rock music, football and bad TV without becoming a moron so I returned to fiction, going through phases of reading the classics, Inspector Morse, Rumpole of the Bailey and Len Deighton before a combination of university and sweet lady alcohol intervened to ensure that my reading time was slashed and what I had was given over to study reading.

But eventually I found the time again as studying became second nature and alcohol's role diminished and I broadened my reading, discovering my well established favourites like de Nerval, Garcia Marquez and Turgenev. Then suddenly I stopped. Like most of the crashes I've had I reckon it occurred around the time I gave up smoking but ever since I have reverted to my twenty years ago state of finding fiction a waste of time and only reading about reality. Suddenly having the internet at home probably didn't help either. I made attempts to ease myself out of my slump. Daisy Miller was read several months ago - the sort of novella that in my peak I would have demolished in a day. I made it through to the end but it was a real slog and by the time it was over I would have happily flushed its stained pages down the crapper. Rumpole books were procured from charity shops on the off-chance but they lay unloved and most recently I battled my way through a few Edgar Allen Poe stories until I could take no more and tossed the book in a box to fester.

Then suddenly it happened - out of nowhere I read about a book and became consumed with the fire of old that I had to get a copy and read it now. I tried a variety of shops but nothing so in the end I gave up and went on ebay, finally netting a copy last week. And yea it was like old times as I flew through, at last feeling once more that wonderful separation anxiety that a really good book gives you when you aren't reading it. The ending was pretty disappointing but that wasn't really the point, the important thing is I believe I have finally rediscovered the pleasure of fiction and I owe my rebirth to Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees, the very definition of forgotten gem. Given that my computer will soon be taking a trip westward to get the [ profile] burkesworks treatment and I recently got a haul of books from the closing down sale of the discount bookshop in Bangor this renaissance is as serendipitous as they come as I will have both the time and the material. And I owe it all to Nathaniel Chanticleer.
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Well, cleaning out temporary files has made a surprisingly large impact as the laptop is almost like normal at the minute. I might just have to start doing that every time I use the blasted thing rather than once a week as is my wont. Either that or it just works better when the sun is out!

But enough about that as I'm sure you're all rather tired of hearing from me about my computer woes. I should probably take this rare opportunity of a working computer to comment on Albion's progress this season. Surprisingly, given that I was black pessimistic about the appointment of Steve Clarke, it has all gone rather swimmingly. I had feared that the defeat against a truly awful Liverpool team was the beginning of it all unravelling and a draw with an even worse Aston Villa side didn't increase confidence but things are back on track now after a decent win over QPR. OK, we maybe should have done a little better than 3-2 given that Calamity Mark is in charge there but the money they have spent means any win is still an achievement for Albion.

Given my tendencies towards half-emptyism I still see room for improvement. The defence still has quite a few question marks against it and, as I have previously revealed, I am less of a mark for Jonas Olsson than many Albion supporters so I won't be doing somersaults about him extending his deal. In the longer term too the departure of Dan Ashworth from the post of sporting and technical director could have deep ramifications given that he was responsible for a number of bargain signings like Odemwingie, Mulumbu and Claudio Yacob to name but three (although for all his success the youth system still consistently fails to produce any first teamers). Still, let's try to keep positive, enjoy a blistering start and prepare for those glory nights at the Bernabeu and Westfalenstadion next season.

And finally I've been going close to madness trying to figure this one out but who does old sourpuss look like? I've narrowed it down to Clagknot, Neil Tennant or Hank Hill but none of them are quite right.
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So, a lot of the time now when I scroll with my mouse up or down the page moves at a ridiculously slow rate and in small increments. If, for instance, I scroll up half a page it will move up a couple of lines, stop for a while, move up a couple more, stop and so on until it finally completes the scrolling that properly should take a nanosecond. There isn't really a particular pattern to this - any website, with the possible of exception of Wikipedia, is liable to be effected in this way and generally there is nothing that can be done to fix it (refreshing, for example, makes no difference). This is combined with other faults - general slowness, windows freezing if I ignore them for more than a minute, the computer really struggling if I close a tab, the wrong page or a blank field appearing when I switch between tabs, boxes taking several seconds to appear when I right click, "Shockwave" crashing constantly, the text constantly lagging behind whenever I type anything in a browser (including this post) etc. The old laptop has been generally crap for several months but it is increasingly approaching unusable territory.

I put all this here on the off chance (a) that anybody still reads this and (b) if they do they can tell me if this is likely to be a fault with my internet connection or the laptop itself. It could be that this machine is in its death throes but I really don't want to blow several hundred quid I can ill afford on a new computer only for it to start all over again because it is bloody Virgin Media pratting me about again. So just in case anybody is lurking please help me as this thing is a few minutes away from a high speed trip through the bloody window.
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My recent dearth of activity on here has been caused, at least in part, by the fact that I was absent in Dublin for a few days due to it being my birthday last Wednesday (the other reason being that this site seems to be dying the death of a thousand cuts outside the Russosphere, but I digress). As part of my remit to take in a lot more live football this season I even managed to go to my first ever League of Ireland match on the Friday night. Given that I was staying just off O'Connell Street I was only a 1.24274238 miles walk away from Dalymount Park, the home of Bohemian and conveniently enough they had a match with Cork City all set up and waiting.

My knowledge of the Phibsborough area of Dublin was hitherto non-existent but luckily I had the foresight to get the directions from Google Streetview in advance, a wonderfully useful invention that only causes my laptop to crash about a thousand times per use. Unused to my surroundings, I almost ended up amongst the Cork supporters but, eschewing the company of such small towners and reasoning that, with a name like Bohemian, the home crowd was bound to share my pretensions towards being louche, I instead took my place in the home stand. As the former home of the Republic of Ireland national team Dalymount is certainly a big unit, with a vibe not unlike the gory old grounds that populated The Big Match way back when, albeit with three stands converted to all seater. However the terraced stand and the stand opposite me were both closed although the home stand had a very decent crowd and a good atmosphere.

As to the match itself, Bohs liked to pass, albeit to very little purpose and they had a frustrating tendency to keep sending the ball back to their own defence whenever times got hard. Cork for their part were largely content to soak up the non-pressure and hit from time to time on the break and it was somewhat against the run of play that Cork took the lead in the first half. Bohs went a bit flat after that but came back strong for the second half and equalised through an absolute rocket from Evan McMillan. The urgency wasn't there however and neither team could make the breakthrough, with Bohemian even having a man sent off in injury time for a dive. Inevitably the home crowd felt him a victim of a terrible injustice but he went down in instalments and the good natured headcase behind me was one of the few to admit it was a fair cop. Cork went close following this but it ended a 1-1 draw for the two mid-table sides.

So Dublin was good fun as I for once actually did something for my birthday and I have finally got a League of Ireland team to look out for as I quickly took the Bohs to my heart. Good show.
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One will often hear particularly strong drink described as "paint stripper" but it never occurred to me that certain crazies might actually drink the stuff and such make it a legally controlled substance only available from certain licensed outlets in north Antrim. Well, that's the only conclusion I can draw after a day spent visiting innumerate seedy hucksters in a vain attempt to procure a vial of the stuff.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Several months ago I painted a large wall in my gaff with blue paint. As a result of the paint being dodgy and my long-standing, and seeming unsolvable, damp problem blue wall never dried properly and even yet there are parts of it that are sticky to the touch. As such I resolved to get rid of it and start again and to that end the last time I was in Ballymena I got a tin bottle of jollop to remove said duff paint from a hardware shop closing down sale. Being the procrastination aficionado that I am the tin bottle sat there for several weeks before I finally got stuck in yesterday when, inevitably, it proved to be nowhere near enough for the whole wall. "No problem" I thinks to myself "it should be easy enough to get more". Don't you believe it! The substance is unavailable everywhere and even the possibility of a return to Ballymena to get more is hit on the head as Gardiner's of Harryville has closed it's doors for the last time. So as it stands I am left with an uneven patch of bare plaster surrounded by decaying soggy blue paint and no prospect of fixing it any time this side of doomsday. And to add to the fun whilst I was scraping yesterday I also scraped a chunk of flesh from my left index finger. In itself this would be annoying but old pointy lefty is effectively my computer finger, the one used for scrolling on the mouse and the one that does the vast majority of my typing (pointy righty gets involved occasionally but it's mostly one-fingered) and as such everything computer-related is an even bigger chore than usual. It doesn't help that my laptop is playing funny buggers again, wiping my Solitaire saves as and when it sees fit, something I have finally decided is being done by AVG for some reason. So as a result of all this sulk, pout, upsetting.

Bloody DIY.
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So part of the reason I haven't been on here recently has been problems with the laptop. Allegedly that was fixed by Virgin Media recently when they boosted their signal after it fell to virtually nil but, whilst that has fixed a few problems others abound, all at levels that are confusing the hell out of me. These problems are:

1) issues with using search engines that prevent me from using the site:url function for some websites
2) some sites not appearing in search engine results when they really should
3) a Spybot scan revealing no issues. Now that never ever happens. It always uncovers a few minor things at least but nothing?!
4) one of those spammy warnings about my computer being infested with viruses appearing on a slightly disreputable website. I would have ignored that were it not for:
5) Solitaire or Patience or whatever the hell it is called suddenly wiping its records. I had played it a few thousand times (yes, I know) only for it to suddenly say I had never played it before with all the statistics disappearing into the ether. This resetting happened a few times today but now seems to have stopped and is showing me at eight plays.
6) All sorts of other minor stupid things, including the thing on livejournal not working (although that might be lj's fault as most everything else that goes wrong on here seems to be their fault).

AVG killed off an infection a little while ago but it looked like something fairly minor and I have no idea if it is connected to any of these five events. The statistics disappearance has scared we senseless as things disappearing like that give me thoughts of worms or other things that eat your files. Sense would dictate I should transfer stuff to a USB stick to be safe but of course I don't have one available with any memory.

To be quite frank all of this is far too confusing for me so I'm putting this crap here in the forlorn hope that somebody might be able to tell me what is wrong and what I can do. So on the off chance that anybody still reads this crap and knows what to do let me know before I go insane
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I see the spam commenters are out in force round these parts again. For months now I had received none of the usual but in the last two days I have been offered counterfeit Fendi products and Tramadol by passing robots who decided to hit me with their little comments. Just a shame that Wikipedia is in blackout mode otherwise I would be able to find out just what "counterfeit Fendi" and "Tramadol" actually mean. I appreciate that the internet is awash with fools ready to be parted from their money for all manner of rubbish but how much business is likely to be drummed up by leaving badly worded adverts on random blogs, especially when our own livejournal then circles the comments in big flashing lights and sirens and tells you not to get involved? Must try harder, you scammers.

And speaking of livejournal have we been under attack yet again round these parts recently? It's one of those times when I'm not quite sure as the effects only seem to have been slow page loading and some image disappearance, both of which might be the result of my laptop acting up again. Mind you after the last so called "attack", which appeared to be the equivalent Big Van Vader being gently pushed on the kneecap by a four year old girl, I wouldn't be surprised as they seem to be losing their touch. Of course now that I say that they will storm the ramparts, overwhelm the entire site and replace this truly banal post with a picture of a man's stretched anus, Snoopy Doggy Dogg lyrics rendered in faux Victorian English over a Joseph Ducreux self portrait or whatever the craze is these days. And remember Hipster Ariel only wants legs so she can wear them ironically.

And I'll end this rubbish now as I appear to be sailing slightly too close to the edge of my knowledge and am in danger of falling into the bottomless chasm reserved for sad old granddads trying desperately to be with it.
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The great laptop power outage has thankfully come to an end but not without one of my periodic bouts of one banana skin to the next syndrome. As per instruction I ordered a replacement PSU from e-bay but, being a cheapskate, I ordered one without a plug, reasoning that my own one was fine and I wasn't worth paying the extra few knicker. Big mistake but we'll come to that in a minute. In the meantime the complete lack of resilience in my laptop's battery restricted me to about fifteen minutes a day at most, especially after a cheeky attempt to the use the PSU anyway resulted in it turning itself into a bolt thrower and banging out smoke at levels not seen in my house since I stubbed my last Castella. The last two days have, as a result, been filled with any attempt to fill in time that would otherwise be given over to the internet. Much has been accomplished, including rereading the entire Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, deciding that each story was too short and that some of them were a little silly ("The Man with the Twisted Lip" = come on), finally framing and hanging up my Ho Chi Minh picture which I acquired five or six years ago and rearranging my collection of kokeshi and Momiji. All good stuff, lady, but not my precious internet and time has hung heavy on my hands. So vile it was that I was even reduced to grabbing fifteen minutes at Cregagh public library, deep in the heart of loyalist east Belfast, this afternoon. How I used to use public computers constantly is beyond me as the total lack of privacy is abominable.

Anyroad whilst I was there the replacement PSU arrived and so I came home full of the joys of midwinter and hooked it up ready for action. Then guess what - snap, crackle and pop all over again. It turned out it was the plug part that was the problem rather than the box. So I managed to get my hands on a replacement plug part from a local Mr Fixit we know only to discover that it was three pin and I needed a two pin one. Finally just over an hour ago I made it to a late night branch of Curry's where, after a lot of faffing around and a crushing sensation that they didn't have what I needed, I finally touched for the cord I required. The couple of pound I saved from e-bay evaporated as the Curry's version cost a hell of a lot more but I decided I could wait no longer and so blew over a tenner on the bloody thing. To cut a long story short (too late) my favourite phrase in cristendom as in hethenesse - "plugged in, charging" - is now once again visible and my two new parts are emitting neither scent nor sound just as it should be. An odyssey it has been and it bothers me that in three short years I have become so reliant on having internet on tap but for now I will rejoice in the fact that the Great Laptop Outage of 2011 has come to an end. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
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So last night by a complete accident (the accident being that I am accidentally a total clod with clown feet) I stood on the magic power box that makes my laptop battery work. I've no idea what it's really called but it's the box thing that sits halfway down the flex that links laptop to electric wall socket and ensures that your screen stays brighter and you don't get "silent mode on" warnings. So next thing I know the magic power box shoots off a bunch of sparks and the smell of burning plastic is wafting everywhere, albeit with no visible fire. As I type this now I am using said piece of damaged machinery and to its credit it is working fine, powering this thing like there's no tomorrow. The only problem is the smell of burning plastic remains and despite my total lack of computer hardware knowledge even I get the feeling that when the magic power box starts shooting off lightning bolts things ain't quite right. Thus, knowing as I do that there are two or three of you out there who are very well versed in this sort of thing, I am throwing this little story out here to ask if that burning plastic smell is a sign that I should stop using the power thing immediately lest I burn the house down round my ears and if that's the case is it possible to get replacements for this sort of thing or even to get them repaired as the old laptop would die pretty quickly without it? Any help appreciated as, like all things electrical and computer-connected, this one has me licked.
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Things have been running rather slowly round here recently and it seems to have been the result of yet another of those DDoS thingies. Well, sort of. The kids seem to call them attacks but this one hardly seems worthy of the name as it was a mildly annoying slight slowdown and one that I just assumed was being caused by my increasingly stuttering laptop, given that most websites take an age to load for me these days. Where in the past these attacks came in like a scud missile this was really an attack only in the same sense that somebody lobbing a paper cup in your general direction is an attack. Must try harder Dmitry as this was your lamest effort yet.

Still more important attacks were due to take place, given that the arbitrary assignation of dates in a calendar and time on a clock had decreed that obviously momentous upheaval was going to occur at eleven minutes past eleven on the the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh (give or take 2,000) year. Clearly therefore the Illuminati had to make their way to that most mystical of all places, the Great Pyramid of Giza and, invoking the arcane lore known only to the chosen few versed in the mysterious and grim ways of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, were compelled to invoke the spirits of Tutankhamun, Pelagius, Avicenna, Buttadeus, Gotthelf von Hund, Mary Toft, Count Alessandro di Cagliostro and David Nixon and compel them to bring about a new era on both earth and the astral plane. Well, isn't it heartening to see that the advocates of mumbo-jumbo are as lily-livered as everybody else? They must be as apparently the great mystical rituals were halted by what sounds like little more than a velvet rope and a man in a peaked hat saying "sorry sir this area is out of bounds to coach parties". Organising popular uprisings to overthrow the might of thirty years of Hosni Mubarak's rule is something Egyptians can manage without a second thought but disobeying the rules in what is effectively a big museum? Not going to happen. So yet another day of massive cosmological significance arrives and ends up being just like all the others i.e. pretty mundane. You know, some day one of these prophecies will turn out to be right and won't my face be red for making fun of them all? Come to think of it there is another 11:11 to come in under three hours so do let me know if you happen to be passing Glozel and you bump into Joanna Southcott, Paracelsus and La Comte de St-Germain splitting a bottle of Thunderbird and 18 Ronson as I will have some humble pie to eat. I don't think it will happen though.
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Yesterday was a day of shifting and hauling umpteen bits of furniture in an ultimately futile attempt to squeeze three newly acquired pieces into our already packed house (two made the cut, one has had to be sent on its merry way). Inevitably today is a day of nagging pains in the shoulders and arms, with the right shoulder pain that my recent bouts of physio alleviated (for a day or two) making a comeback. Let's face it if physio actually worked, rather than serving as a cut-price quick fix, the government would withdraw it immediately and make it only available through Bupa. So ouch then.

One other thing - has anybody else found Google to be almost unusable recently? Every time I try to load the bloody thing it takes forever and often freezes my computer. Or is this another of those things like Internet Explorer that all the cool people have stopped using leaving only idiots like me behind? Either way Google crap or laptop crap?
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So, after the recent problems with the new version of Internet Explorer I decided to give the much praised Firefox a try. Am I missing something or is this one of those deals like Googlemail that everybody loves but I hate? I never thought I would find something to make IE9 seem reliable but Firefox has done just that. Every window seems to turn black constantly whilst they change position seemingly at random every couple of minutes. Having heard that Google Chrome is also crap it looks like back to rotten old IE9 and its constant closing and reopening of windows I must go. I'm sure I'll soon learn to love every window turning into the same thing. Either that I'll chuck my blasted laptop through the actual window and make it all a moot point. Gnash!

On the other hand we must try to remain positive, especially after the fun last night. There are few things more satisfying than seeing Manchester United soundly beating and the look of stunned resignation on the face of Alex Ferguson said it all as he knew he would never beat that Barcelona side in a month of Sundays or even a sunth of Mondays. All credit must go to Lionel Messi who is the first player I have seen since Zinedine Zidane who genuinely looks like an all-time great of the world game. Well done that man. All the crowing about Ferguson getting the league record this year made the defeat sweeter.
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Snow has, of course, been the thing that is getting everybody hot and bothered this last week or so. Now, we did get some nigh on a week ago round these parts but by and large that was it. No seven foot drifts, no winter wonderland, no canitude or any such nonsense. Nope, the snow was over after little more than two days last week but, this being Belfast, it hasn't gone away you know. Instead the snow has turned into ice and has lay ever since, making the street I live in and the surrounding environs about as treacherous as wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress on a midnight raid in Battersea dog's home. The inevitable trip to the hospital yesterday to give away my life blood like so much cheap wine resulted in more near pratfalls than an uninsured Norman Wisdom and made dignity an impossible commodity to come by. The hatches have now been battened down although penarious concerns mean that it must be braved again tomorrow, lest I am reduced to eating tins of celery hearts topped with cat food for supper and even I draw the limit at that. Probably.

Meanwhile I present this quote from a Mr. D Beckham, referring to a Panorama investigation into widespread corruption in FIFA and after a meeting with Jack Warner, a man who personally made millions illegally selling his federation's allocation of World Cup tickets - "I think what we made clear to him, and what he already knows, is that, if we were to get the World Cup in our country in 2018, our media will be right behind it". Good stuff. Now I attach no blame to Beckham for this statement, cast as he is in his usual role of pawn in big boy's games, but doesn't it give a fine insight into the mind of our esteemed leader David William Donald Cameron that he is happy to ignore glaring corruption in order to grub a bit of money from FIFA and is even prepared to manipulate a supposedly free press in order to have his way. Heck, the whole bid wasn't even his idea in the first place and should surely have been one of the first wastes of money culled by his cuts-happy government given the unlikelihood of it actually succeeding. Still, if World Cups were awarded for brown-nosing I'm sure Call Me Dave's schmooze-fest in Zurich over the last few days would have won it hands down. As a spectacle I always enjoy the World Cup but, let's face it, the whole thing is as bent as a nine-bob note and seeing the supposed great and the good effectively saying that they don't give a rat's arse about corruption as long as they can get their snouts in the trough is about as sickening a sight as I have ever seen.

And finally I was wondering if anybody else was having an issue with goat-acting by livejournal these last few days, specifically with regards to fonts. All the words on the various pages seem to have changed font to something decidedly bland and I am now left to wonder if it is just my laptop being its usual gittish self or if it is rather livejournal being its usual gittish self. Rotten lot.

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Oct. 3rd, 2010 09:16 pm
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Is it just me or has livejournal been running slower than Cyril Smith's pall bearers recently? I swear it takes a good few minutes for me to see any page now. There again maybe it is just my laptop being its usual snail-like self. Bloody machines.

Anyway, everybody is doing this therefore so must I:

The BBC believes that out of the following 100 classics [that's debatable], most people will only have read an average of six. Bold the ones you've read, italicize those you've dabbled with (read a portion/watched a film rendition/read an abridged version).

List )

So there you have it. I'm not sure what it proves but there you have it anyway. Now if you'll excuse me I managed to chouse a bunch of Lulu's Marble downloads from shady sources and I must continue appreciating their sheer majesty. If I don't see you through t'week I'll see you through t'window.


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