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The short version of this is that London was rather good apart from the going and the coming, which were hell on earth. On the off-chance that anybody is still reading this (and I note in my extended absence that I am now down to one person submitting regular updates on my friends list) I shall expand at some length about what took place.

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Several years ago I already expounded at some length my opinions on Peter Robinson so I have little to add about him now that his time as First Minister is up and indeed I stand by what I said back in my (relative) youth. Still, I will add that today's little pantomime by the blood-sucking bastards in Stormont is yet more proof of just how much Sinn Fein are now part of the British-controlled establishment and, furthermore, is a slap in the face to the homosexual and Islamic minorities that Robinson has treated so appallingly during his tenure. Once again money goes ahead of principle for $inn £ein.
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As I believe I mentioned a few months ago during my time in Paris my most visited area was the Boulevard Voltaire, that I tramped up and down several times each day. I'm sure I must have passed the Bataclan at least ten times, although for some reason I never took it under my notice and don't actually remember having seen it. Still, pass it I did, as well as one or two of the other places attacked and it brings it home to you. Terrible scenes for a wonderful city to have to endure and unquestionably all sympathy must go to those touched by these tragedies. That such carnage is a daily occurrence in places like Gaza, Baghdad and Beirut and that their tragedies are ignored by the media says a lot about Western priorities and how unimportant we view non-White deaths, as is the overwhelming likelihood that the deaths in Paris will be used as an excuse to continue carpet-bombing Syria at will.

Inevitable too that the Islamophobes are out in force, placing the blame for insane fanatics on an entire belief system (yet the same people never launch on the Archbishop of Canterbury when some Bible-thumping nutjob in the Deep South blows up a family planning clinic) but that has become the default reaction to every such attack now, once again fired up by the media. Kind of what the Irish got in the 70s. The Daily Mail and their ilk have already done a number on the lumpen when it comes to the Syrian refugees but expect any lingering thread of sympathy for their plight to disappear as the people fleeing the excesses of ISIS get the blame for what they have had to endure, much like the German Jewish refugees in the Second World War.

A grim time all round with innocent people suffering at every wheel and turn under the yoke of belligerent militants and equally belligerent governments. Pray for Paris by all means, but remember all the victims around the world and never confuse the status of the victim with that of the aggressor.
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So a fond farewell then to Nick Griffin who turned the BNP into the most successful extreme right party in terms of holding electoral office since the British Fascisti only to blow it all in the standard orgy of in-fighting and bitching that characterises such morons. That and the emergence of the batrachian Nigel Farage who completely stole his thunder by a combination of populism, balancing blatant racism with token ethnics and convincing gullible idiots that a privately educated commodities trader is the definition of an ordinary joe.

As much as I hated Griffin I suppose you have to give him props for knocking it out rightly for so long, be it his Evolan mystical days in the early 80s with his close personal friend Patrick Harrington, his International Third Position days of harbouring wanted terrorists (turned MEPs), his spell on the sidelines spewing out anti-Semitic bilge for Combat 18, his BNP opposition days of conspiring against John Tyndall or his leadership in which a dyed-in-the-wool Holocaust denier suddenly decided he quite liked Jews and hated Muslims. In the meantime he has seemingly alienated everybody he has used on his way up, be it Derek Beackon, Sharron Edwards, Mark Cotterill, Richard Barnbrook, Sharon Ebanks, Eddy Butler, Lawrence Rustem, Mark Collett, Andrew Brons, John Bean, Jim Dowson or several others and, after leading his party to unprecedented levels of representation (albeit a handful of councillors and a couple of MEPs), saw them sink like a stone.

So that's the last we'll see of Griffin as I'm sure he'll follow the lead of Oswald Mosley, Arnold Leese, Colin Jordan, Martin Webster, Michael McLaughlin, Tyndall, Brons and the rest of the rabble into quiet retirement. And pigs'll fly. No doubt he'll be back before long, griping about something or setting up some silly little vanity project bearing a name previously held by some Social Credit-supporting groupuscule in the early 1930s to absolute indifference from all except a few wizened old has-beens. In the meantime the BNP can continue their lurch into oblivion, no doubt with a bitter divisive feud over the leadership, featuring the standard raft of allegations about the sexuality of each candidate. Their time is over, their position taken by UKIP and, to a lesser extent given their own highly divided nature, the English Defence League and the time for old One-Eye to make his way to the scrapheap of history is long overdue. Ta-ta, Nicky and thanks for the memories. Until your big comeback in a few years with a "think tank" or "journal" make sure you close the door on your way out.
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Peter Robinson, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, has never hid the fact that he comes from the "pray for Catholics but hate Catholicism" school of Evangelical Protestantism. That he believes whole-heartedly in his personal interpretation of the Bible is something that he has never sought to hide and so, like all religious fundamentalists, he must, as a matter of course, be an unreconstructed bigot against all other religious belief systems. After all, who thinks he has the indisputable truth but is happy to accept all wrong viewpoints as equal? Robbo has a long history of attacking the Roman Catholic Church and other more moderate Protestant churches who seek to reach some form of rapprochement with what he personally once termed "the evils of Romish worship" so can we really be surprised with his recent Islamophobic outburst? Apparently those Muslims who believe in Sharia are unacceptable to Robbo, which kind of strikes me as saying you don't have a problem with Christians, apart from those who hold the Ten Commandments. The inevitable backtrack has followed although I don't personally think he needs to bother as Northern Ireland lives by its own rules and public expressions of hate by leading political figures are pretty much the norm. Had it happened in England he would be today's fish supper paper already but here he can say what he wants, especially given how ingrained anti-Islamic sentiments are in Northern Ireland, despite the fact that Muslims are a very small minority here and there have been no attacks whatsoever.

James McConnell, the "pastor" behind the hate speech and the head buck cat up at the oddball fundamentalist freakshow that is Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle (formerly Robbo's church of choice) is hardly a stranger to hatred. He's a lover of Enoch Powell (he might want to re-read "Rivers of Blood" - it doesn't mention Islam), considers Barack Obama a Muslim (he might want to re-read the Books of Ezekiel and Zechariah - they don't mention Islam or Russia) and of course belongs to the aforementioned anti-Catholic tradition. Homophobia, of course, looms large in his discourse but when Iris Robinson was bonking for Britain a blind eye was turned. Again, anywhere else (apart from the Deep South, I suppose) he would have had his chips years ago but not here.

Let's face it, the DUP repositioning itself as some sort of moderate group has always had the whiff of nonsense about it. The likes of Ivan Foster may be gone, but creationist nutjobs like Edwin Poots and Nelson McCausland remain in leading positions, the embarrassment that is the Singing Nun William McCrea remains in office as MP for South Antrim and a new generation of enlightened young fundamentalists headed by David McIlveen fils waits in the wings, ready to assume power when the original dinosaurs finally go. Robinson is simply expressing the hate-infused opinions rife within his party and indeed Northern Irish society as a whole (on both sides I hasten to add - where in the past anybody killing British soldiers was feted by republicans they have joined the tabloid-led hysteria against Muslims as readily as their loyalist counterparts). In a civilised society he would be out on his ear but in a civilised society he would have gone years ago and he hardly looks out of place in the new UKIP-loving, Muslim-hating Britain anyway. Religious intolerance, bigotry and hatred have never been considered problems in Northern Ireland and they're not about to become problems. Robbo will continue as boss, McGuinness, for all his big talk, will continue as his stooge and McConnell will continue to spew his vile invective every Sunday unenlightening his captive audience on the Shore Road. If it's tolerance you want, you're in the wrong place. What a horrid little shitehole this place can be sometimes.
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OK, I'm sure you've all seen this by now but frankly I can't get enough of watching the extreme right making idiots of themselves. Mind you given the knuckle-draggers who vote for this sort of trash I doubt it will do much harm to her chances.
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How much of a homophobe must somebody be to blow their own brains out in the middle of a cathedral because France is about to legalise gay marriage? No tears from me for Dominique Venner, the fascist historian who did just that. A doyen of the neo-fascist Nouvelle Droite tendency of the French extreme right, Venner was a member of the Organisation de l'armée secrète that launched attacks during Algeria's struggle for independence before becoming a big wheel in GRECE, a think tank that sought to unite Europe as a racist superstate and still has a big influence on the self-declared "intellectual" extreme right to this day, not least the National Front in Britain during its weirdo 80s period under Nick Griffin and his pals. Subsequently dropping out of active politics to become a revisionist historian his recent bugbears seemed to be gays and Muslims and seemingly the rights about to be afforded to the former proved a little too much for him. Poor diddums. Inevitably the ever so moderate Madame Le Pen was the first to rush to his praise like the good, gentle, compassionate conservative that she claims to be these days. The apple hasn't fell far from the tree there.

But enough about those rotters for something much more newsworthy happened today.

He was a four time holder of the European Middleweight Championship, with one British title and two British Welterweight titles to his name. He was one of the few British wrestlers to find his way into the prestigious Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame despite not competing on the American circuit. His rivalry with Jackie Pallo kept the fans interested for years before eventually spilling over into real life as his old school sensibilities were offended by Pallo's kayfabe breaking autobiography. Even long after his retirement he was a regular at independent wrestling shows up and down Britain, his presence lending credibility to any card on which he appeared. Not to mention that he possessed the blackest hair known to man well into his 80s and steadfastly continued to appear in public in just his trunks even when his physique went west. Yes if anybody summed up all that was good about the grand old days of the British scene (and thus was the antithesis of Big Daddy) it was Mick McManus who died today at the age of 93. A true legend of wrestling. Let's all enjoy him wrestling a long-dead Jimmy Savile lookalike.

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One of the grottiest parts of Belfast is the Lower Newtownards Road in the eastern part of the inner city. At the start there are a couple of very badly situated office buildings that overlook the peace line with the Republican Short Strand and are just a quick stroll away from the home of the gentleman on Island Street who displays Ku Klux Klan insignia in his window and Islamophobic stickers on his front door. Those are the last vestiges of the attempts to forcibly turn the city respectable and even they overlook a demolished factory site that was supposed to be redone as a Canary Wharf rip-off but now lies vacant with no sod able to afford to pitch a tent on it, much less skyscrapers. Given that this area is very close to where the Titanic was built and the council and Assembly have decided to pour all their money into that rather than trivial things like hospitals and flood defences I'm surprised they haven't tried harder to forcibly gentrify it but if they have their efforts have failed. True a rather ugly statue was recently thrown up to pay lip-service to the supposed regeneration of the east but Ulster's Freedom Corner and associated wall art remain in place in one of the UDA's few areas of any influence in east Belfast, after the reign of moody, drug-peddling bisexual Jim Gray saw most eastern loyalists transfer their allegiance to the UVF.

The lower Newtownards Road used to be one of a number of big local shopping areas across Belfast but, whilst it picks up a bit once you pass Templemore Avenue, of about twenty or thirty shops that line the opposite side of the road below the Avenue I can think of only one that is still occupied (a kilt hire shop in case you were wondering). However when I was last there about a month ago they had hit on a novel idea for dealing with that - mock up shop fronts, screen print them onto shop sized billboards and bolt them on the front of the derelict buildings. Sure, they're lying empty with no hope of being filled but at least they look occupied (well, to somebody half-blind speeding past at about 100 MPH they do).

"How tin-pot, second-rate and frankly embarrassing" I thought to myself. "Imagine being reduced so low that you have stick pretend shop fraud things on the front of all your empty buildings. What a humiliating image to present for a defeated city to the rest of the world."

Well stone me if some bright spark hasn't decided to start doing the same thing to the city centre. Really? That's the image you want people to see when they visit Belfast, that we are so out of hope that in our main commercial district we are reduced to covering up the vacant lots with silly mock-ups? Good Lord even a sign saying "Coming Soon...?" would be less humiliating. I know the council are full of bad ideas but this is possibly the worst they have come up with yet. Derelict shops are a clear symptom of the economic decay crippling this old town but on the plus side they have a gloomy atmosphere about them that can be quite appealing if you're in the right frame of mind. Fake shops glued on top of them however are about as soul-destroying a sight as I can imagine. End this madness now!
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So am I the only one who came to this site today only to find it was all in Russian? Of course it might be one of the sundry weird things that happens every time I use the internet, like Google never working properly and that. After all livejournal presumed I was from Malaysia the other week whilst has apparently decided that I am a lonely but fashion conscious Muslim lady as the ads I see on there are always for an Islamic dating site or links to cheap but funky hijab sites. It gets weirder by the minute this internet.
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There are times you just get the feeling you must have fallen down a wormhole in time and ended up back in the past again. No, I'm not referring to the ConDem junta going down the road to the workhouses, nor Greece being bailed out of yet another economic crisis, nor yet more desecration of the Koran, nor even Chelsea losing yet another game of football and placing the officially dreamy Andre Villas-Boas back in the firing line. Rather I refer to what we shall hitherto call Exhibit A:

The third biggest story on their site tells us that that fragrant (in the sense that the stench of desperation is a fragrance) Imogen Thomas was the one who was being bonked by Manchester United youngster Ryan Giggs. Thank you, Exhibit A. I was unaware of that until several months ago when it was reported absolutely everywhere, including even in this load of old tosh. Good to see that Auntie has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the news.

And before Captain Obvious pipes up, I'm fully aware that the story is actually about it now being legally OK to mention all this and that me and the rest were technically breaking the law by naming him previously. Still if that part of Exhibit A is fairly weak in the Twilight Zone stakes then the fifth top story is simply inexplicable. "US X Factor drops Cheryl Cole". Well, I never. I was more than a little perturbed to hear of the sacking of the fragrant (in the sense that the stench of desperation is a fragrance) toilet attendant basher when it happened last May but the fact that it is now the Beeb's fifth most popular story a full nine months later is frankly mystifying. The calendar tells me it is 21st February 2012 but I'm sure there must be some mistake if wor Chezza and ein Imo are still top of the news.

Cuddly Dudley presents an evening with Whitney Houston featuring special guests Eddie Marshall and Gordon Beck, you say? I'll book the tickets right away.
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So it seems that Theresa May is at it again, this time handing out a ban to some mob calling itself Muslims Against Crusades. Their only activities seem to have been staging rallies, fighting members of the English Defence League and burning pieces of red plastic that they made themselves but I seem to be in a minority of one on the whole poppy and the disrespecting of the heroes of Bloody Sunday/Springhill/Ballymurphy/New Lodge issue so I'll say no more on that.

The reason I actually mentioned this was not so much to do with the group banned today but rather the slightly unusual list of groups already banned. They certainly have a theme going there, something along the lines of: big beard + no booze + circumcised = illegal. Plus me las in N17, the ETA and the DHKP/C, all of which have a whiff of a Cold War hangover about them. It's all about them darn Islamofascists now, let the past go. I notice on the list that there is no place for Combat 18, not to mention the National Socialist Group, Anti-Communist Commando, Column 88, National Socialist Action Party, National Democratic Freedom Movement, White Wolves, Wolf's Hook White Brotherhood, Racial Volunteer Force or any of the other myriad extreme right terrorist groups that have sprung up down the years. Does the government believe that terrorism can only be based on Islam and communism and that racial hatred and neo-Nazism are perfectly valid reasons for violence? Alan Clark and Enoch Powell may be dead but their spirits remain at the black heart of the Tories apparently.

The Northern Ireland section also makes for an interesting read. There can of course be few bigger threats to our lives and freedom to express our beliefs (as long as that doesn't involve criticising our troops) than a couple of hefty birds from Wicklow wearing berets, knee-length green skirts and sensible walking brogues so obviously the ultra-dangerous Cumann na mBan belongs on the list but Saor Eire and the IPLO? What, seriously? It's nigh on twenty years since the IPLO were blown out of existence by the Provies and as for Saor Eire they robbed a couple of banks in the early seventies, briefly counted Tariq Ali among their supporters and then quietly disappeared after the Sticks killed their leader. Still we can all rest easy in our beds, safe in the knowledge that our government is there to protect us from non-existent terrorist groups.

Does this also mean that the most recent claimant to the Óglaigh na hÉireann name is legal as I don't see them on the list and, as has been covered, translating it as "Irish Republican Army" is not strictly correct? Come to think of it I don't see the long defunct Ulster Resistance on there either but given how much they were controlled by the security forces I suppose that's no big surprise. But their absence changes everything. When I knew that the no members of Saor Eire and the IPLO were being held in check I felt happy but now that I know the assembled no-one of Ulster Resistance are allowed to not operate legally the terror has returned. Theresa if you are reading this I suggest a blanket ban on any and every group not directly connected to the British government or the Conservative Party. After all they might use names like the Jubilee Sailing Trust or Send a Cow but it is obvious to all that these are terrorist fronts operated by Óglaigh na hÉireann and Ulster Resistance. They're under the bed I tell you!
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We all get them. The begging letter from a deposed general you have never heard of promising you untold riches in return for full access to your bank details and maybe a bit of scrouse to get the ball rolling. After all what self-respecting Nigerian billionaire doesn't want to hand over half of his hard swindled fortune to a total stranger on the other side of the world? Well kudos to the scammers for a recent example that I received which at least demonstrates that (a) they know how to be topical and (b) they are finally sending their fake offers from people you might actually have heard of if you don't have a PhD in Nigerian military history. Observe:

Dear Friend,

This mail may not be surprising to you if you have been following current events in the international media with reference to the recent protest in Egypt.I am Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the wife of Deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak who is seriously ill and has slipped into coma.

Ever since the turn out of events and even prior to the protest,I have been thrown into a state of antagonism, confusion,humiliation, frustration and hopelessness by the present military leadership of the Egyptian Liberation Organization.I have even been subjected to physical and psychological torture.As a woman that is so traumatized, I have lost confidence with everybody in the country at the moment.

You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband secret bank account and companies and the allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Egyptian Government. In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion Dollars.And they are not relenting on their effort to make me and my sons (Gamal & Alaa Mubarak) poor for life. As you know, the Muslem community has no regards for women, more importantly when the woman is from a Christian background, hence my desire for a foreign assistance.

I have the sum of 62.5USD(Sixty-Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with a financial firm in Europe whose name I can not disclose for now for security reasons until we open up communication. I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund into your bank account for safe keeping and any Investment opportunity. This arrangement will be known to you and I alone and all our correspondence should be strictly on email alone because our government has tapped all our lines and are monitoring all my moves.In view of the above, if you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your Percentage share of the 62.5 USD that will be kept in your position for a while and invested in your name for my trust .

Please note that this is a golden opportunity that comes once in life time and more so, if you are honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children.In case you don't accept please do not let me out to the security and international media as I am giving you this information in total trust and confidence I will greatly appreciate if you accept my proposal in good faith.I am aware of the consequences of this proposal. So I ask that if you find no interest in this project that you should discard this mail.

I ask that you do not be vindictive and destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my family reputation because you do not approve of my proposal.

Please expedite action

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak

Yup that's right, Mrs. Hosni Mubarak wants to make me rich and is playing the poor traumatised damsel in distress harassed by those evil "Muslems" despite being totally innocent card. Now there's no denying that 62 million United States Dollars would come in handy but on reflection I have decided to pass on your generous offer "Suzanne" and will instead be vindictive and destructive by publishing your little e-mail for the amusement of my millions and millions of fans. Well, even if it actually is her (which it isn't), the days when Mubaraks could deal out pain of Alessandro Moreschi proportions are well and truly over. And if that's not the case then eep. Sorry Suzanne, as the Hollies would say, let's you and me have dinner some time.

And meanwhile, in lieu of actually thinking of anything to write about myself, I shall fall back on my former position and follow a meme that is doing the rounds.

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Just doing my usual duty in commemorating the forgotten act of terrorism on this day. I am not seeking any sort of "our terror attacks were worse than yours" rather remembering a great man and calling to mind the fact that terrorism didn't begin in 2001 and that some who are quick to condemn it now were happy to spend the Cold War endorsing it across the world. In terms of ten years ago obviously my sympathies lie with those who lost loved ones but the effect on the rest of the world has been enormous. We have seen imperialism reborn in Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Libya with the rule of sovereignty replaced with a world where the strongest can go where they want and do what they like leaving the United Nations as an emasculated afterthought whilst for the Muslims we have seen the growth of a culture of suspicion and insidious bigotry where the very act of practising one's religion has made a people a target for abuse and attack. Put it this way, could you imagine the English Defence League existing before 2001? Possibly a fringe group of four or five lunatics but not leading mass rallies endorsing extreme militarism and Islamophobia. Meanwhile scaremongering has become the order of the day with repressive governments announcing a sudden rise in "terror alerts" with no explanation whatsoever and introducing more and more unnecessarily draconian measures as a consequence. We had a couple of aeroplane attacks ten years ago and yet attempting to travel by air remains a huge ordeal for us all and God knows what sort of Hell it must be for bearded Middle Eastern men. I would not seek to deny for a second the horror of what happened ten years ago but equally there can be no denying that the attacks have been used by governments to tighten their control on their citizens in order to make things a lot less free. Quite simply anything a government doesn't like now can be stamped out on the grounds that it might include a terrorist threat, as evidenced by the banning of protests near 10 Downing Street. No question about it the human condition has become worse as a consequence of the attacks and the blame for that must be shared by the Americans and their allies who, in the name of democracy, have inflicted untold suffering on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. The war on terror has been a grubby conflict in which all too often the innocent have suffered and people should not become blind to that just because of the date in the calendar.

I really stuck to the script about Allende there didn't I?! But the message should be remember all the innocent dead whatever their nationality and oppose terrorism in all its forms, be it from the bogeymen "terrists" that Fox News show us or from superpower governments and their stooges claiming to be working for the mythical "freedom".
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One thing those horrific attacks in Norway have proven is that those who claim the Islamophobic nationalism espoused by the likes of Geert Wilders should be considered as a separate phenomenon to the naked racial hatred of neo-Nazism are talking out of their hats. Anders Behring Breivik is being widely reported as a neo-Nazi but that wasn't the case. He was a member of the anti-immigration monetarist Progress Party until 2007 and he has only recently praised Wilders and declared his support for Israel as well as his hatred for Islam. Not this time are we faced with a Varg Vikernes-style bogeyman, the sort that could never happen here, but rather a follower of the "respectable" radical right, the sort of man who would not look out of place in our own UKIP. As long as people continue to legitimise hatred against one group the danger that things like will happen will always be present. The next time somebody claims that there is no hatred in the English Defence League, remember that this psychopath shares their views.

And what about Amy Winehouse joining the 27 Club? In a way it's a shock but in another way it's no surprise, although perhaps because she has been out of the limelight a bit recently it was more unexpected. She only has herself to blame, of course, but I must admit I rather enjoyed her music and found her to be a surprisingly engaging personality so it is a bit of a shame that we'll never hear from her again. RIP you crazy cow.
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So it seems the glorious day has finally arrived. Birds can sing again, the children can laugh again and the clouds have rolled away to leave us with only truth, justice and the American way. Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead and the war on terror can be hailed a success as terror no longer exists and we are left only with serenity, love and loving serenity. Or is it just the case that a figurehead has died and things will continue as they were before as any group of five or six Islamists with a few guns and a bit of semtex can call themselves Al-Qaeda and have the same effect as any mythical centralised organisation under one supreme leader? As far as great victories go this looks about as significant as the day Dietrich Eckart died. Sure bin Laden might have been a figurehead who people could admire but to suggest that he was directing a worldwide terrorist network and that his death will see this collapse is just ludicrous. In death he'll remain as much a figurehead as he ever was to those predisposed towards him and the usual activity will continue as it did before through the sort of leaderless resistance that Louis Beam could only dream of. I also wonder if we are actually going to see a body or any proof of this, preferably one that hasn't been shot in the face or conveniently facially mutilated in any other way. Far be it from me (and it usually is) to suggest that St. Barack has invented this or is simply revealing something that was known years ago but isn't it handy that this came along just as people were questioning why a man elected on a somewhat anti-war ticket has just stuck his oar into a third war in Libya. Nope, just me then. And to clear one last thing up Wafah Dufour is pictured in this little missive to underline an important subsidiary point about not judging people by whom they happened to be related to but rather by who they are as individuals and not just because I fancied shoehorning a picture of a pretty Middle Eastern laydee into an otherwise lacklustre post. No, really.

And speaking of long, drawn out and completely pointless things today saw Belfast given over to the horrors of the Marathon. Joy of joys as the streets and roads are crowded with people sweating their way through 26 miles of varicose vein inducement. Any attempt to go anywhere is invariably hamstrung by groups of them who have given up the ghost hanging around on pavements, mingling with the idiots who stand around watching the whole farce unfold. I can perhaps see the point in waiting at the end of the route and watching to see who wins but what is gained by sitting around at a random point on the Ravenhill Road watching a series of non sequiturs sauntering past when the winner has been declared hours ago, clapping like some demented seal as they do? I have to say of all the pointless noise memes that exist in our culture (noises made whilst laughing or crying, saying "achoo" whilst sneezing, yawning, etc) clapping is almost my least favourite. Whoever decided that the way to show appreciation was by slapping one hand against the other in order to make an annoying cracking sound should have their face placed between two hands attempting to clap from now until doomsday (the worst pointless noise meme being tutting, a habit that makes me want to start gouging eyes out, slashing guts and kicking throats). Like Belfast is not already impassable enough with the constant threat of idiots in bowler hats walking on roads; do we really need yet another day given over to it? The pavement is for normal walking, not your fancy walking. Bloody plimsoll-wearing nuisances!
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Well Nick Griffin on Question Time was really rather a non-event, was it not? Inevitable I suppose as it had been built up into the single most important event in the history of the universe when really it was just a fringe racist appearing on a show that is little more than after dinner speaking crossed with a glorified bit of playground name-calling but in the final analysis it was a bit dull really. His performance was quite poor and somewhat hesitant but I'm already seeing coverage suggesting that he was ambushed and allowing him to play on the sympathy vote. I won't be surprised if they turn it into a triumph yet. It didn't help that Jack Straw spent most of the time being evasive about immigration statistics, that the Tories sent a woman in Sayeeda Warsi who only seemed to be there to be a bit of totty (mission accomplished mind, eh, phwoarr, eh) and that the Liberal Democrats sent the most boring man in the world in that poor Huhne character. God, imagine getting stuck beside him on a train journey! I suspect he keeps bees or grows marrows and feels that it is perfectly acceptable to talk for three hours straight on that subject to total strangers. Bad choice by the old LibDums there.

Fair play to Bonnie Greer who at least made Griffin look a fool over the whole indigenous British trip but I wonder how much the historical accuracy or otherwise of Griffin's racial theorising will matter to the average moron who is considering voting BNP. Not a fig would be my guess as long as the BNP keeps on presenting the cheap answers of blaming "them immigents" and "Islamofascists" for unemployment, housing shortages, the lack of junket in shops and the death of Leslie Crowther. Plus the interminable debate about Winston Churchill was a snoozeathon to my ears. He won a war singlehandedly of course (news to Roosevelt and Stalin I imagine) and was the greatest Briton ever ever ever but he was a colonialist and Islamophobe whose views on race were typical of the Cecil Rhodes/Rudyard Kipling/James Wentworth Day white man's burden paradigm that dominated the white, upper class of his time. By today's standards those views are highly racist. Yes it was a different time and place but it would be silly to claim that Churchill was something that he was not and an anti-racist the baggy-faced old coot never was. All in all a mauling for Griffin which resulted in him looking a tad foolish as well as somewhat victimised. I hope it is the former that the voters remember but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be the latter. For once Peter Hain might be onto something as in the long run it could prove a boost.

Anyway that's my take on the whole debacle for what it's worth (sod all, sunshine). I must go now as I have just bought one of those Billy bookcase things from Ikea and it needs filling. Conformity or what?!
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Oh dear. A long time ago I used this platform to attack Jack Straw for his hijab outburst. The whole thing had too much of the whiff of Jacques Chirac and his use of 'laïcité' as an excuse to attack freedom of expression. However now it seems I might have to start respecting him (ever so slightly). I've always felt that by ignoring the BNP you paradoxically feed them as it makes their simplistic arguments look unanswerable. Better instead to confront and point what rubbish they are talking lest people accept their rantings as truth. Whether or not Jacko will have the wit of Griffin is another matter but credit to him for making the effort rather than just hoping old one eye will go away. Still, I will take him to task on one thing - defeating the BNP by fighting them hard was, amongst the mainstream parties at least, the idea of the Liberal Democrats (in a rare moment of insight) in Oldham rather than Labour who were all over the shop in the North-West before finally tackling the BNP head on. Still for possibly the first and last time well done, man of straw.

That's the (relatively) good but what about the bad? After my slightly ill-advised bout of optimism last week Albion turned round and lost ... at home ... to Neil bloody Warnock. Of all the gits to lose to it had to be flaming Colin. Not only that but with a bloody scratch team thanks to that transfer embargo that he only mentions every ten seconds. Trust Albion to lose thanks to a first senior goal for some kid too. I've said it before and I'll say it again despite the odd half decent performance Shelton Martis is, by and large, a dud who needs replacing. It remains early days and we're still second of course so let's not blow things out of proportion as one defeat does not a season wreck. But it would be that rotten shithouse of a git Colin, wouldn't it?!
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Well, all in all the European elections produced a fairly inevitable series of results. The humiliation handed to Gordon Brown was in many ways deserved although turning votes over to the Tories hardly makes much sense given their own close involvement in the claims scandal. Of course it was equally inevitable that the UK Independence Party would profit, although despite their hot air it was hardly that great a leap forward. They remain the Tories' bitches and indeed this may become more the case now that the Tories are setting up a Eurosceptic group of their own whilst UKIP still have no chance in any other election. Still at least the anti-EU rabble will get a step closer to their wish now as it is the European Parliament that determines Britain's EU membership. Whoops!

Equally inevitable was the success of the BNP, although I must admit that I had hoped they would be restricted to one seat rather than two. Still, the diseased minds of people blinded by hate have spoken and in order to teach one one-eyed tosspot in Gordon Brown a lesson another one-eyed tosspot in Nick Griffin has been elected. Nice to see too that, for all the fuss the BNP makes about not being neo-Nazi, they had Andrew Brons elected, a veteran of Colin Jordan's unashamed National Socialist Movement and John Tyndall's Greater Britain Movement during their synagogue burning and Jomo Kenyatta arresting days. The self same Andrew Brons who, as leader of the National Front, sought to turn them to Strasserism before splitting from the "Political Solider", Italian and Romanian obsessed wing of Griffin etc. "Left wing" Nazism is still Nazism, Andy old son! Given that Patrick Harrington is already back in the fold with the BNP's joke of a union I'm left to wonder which of Griffin's former enemies will he dig up next? Happen he'll recall Joe Pearce from his cushy number at a Catholic fundamentalist university or dig Martin Webster out of whatever gay knocking shop he is holed up in these days. I mean it is bad enough them winning county council seats but now this. Plus Griffin is already on record as saying that he only wants MEPs to use their salaries and expenses to fund the BNP (and his own pocket no doubt) so anybody voting for them due to dodgy claims is in for a shock as they put in a slew of bogus expenses claims to prop up production of the ailing Voice of Freedom. Nice work again voters!

On the wider European stage it was equally depressing, if not more so. Given the trouble that unfettered capitalism has caused I fail to see why people seem to think that voting for its standard bearers is a good idea. Equally how badly does it reflect on France and Italy that they seem to think so highly of their corrupt, megalomaniac, short-arse leaders, especially now that the latter's knob has become public property (NSFW). A big "boo" to the Dutch as well for voting for bouffant aficionado Geert Wilders but I suppose a country based on the twin, highly contradictory pillars of rampant libertarian secularism and fundamentalist Calvinism is always going to drink up Wilders' brand of Islamophobia like so much cheap wine. Bad decision nonetheless and one that reflects badly on a significant section of the Dutch electorate.

The biggest boo of all however belongs to Hungary for giving seats to those bastards Jobbik. Close mates with the BNP, their leader Krisztina Morvai makes no bones about her extremism with her ranting about "gypsy criminality", "Jewish Bolsheviks" and "ZOG". This is a group that happily runs its own private army, the Hungarian Guard, and, in case the obvious Nazi connotations of such a fact were lost on anyone, this fascist thug battalion bases its symbol on that of the collaborationist Arrow Cross. There are certainly obvious parallels between Jobbik's attempts to build up its own storm troopers and Ferenc Szálasi's mass movement in the Arrow Cross and the readiness of some people to still back such violent reactionary nonsense, even after the death and destruction caused by Hungary's quite embarrassing war record as stooges of Nazi Germany, shows that idiocy never goes out of fashion. The character of the Hungarian Guard was summed up on January 17th when their leader Gabor Vona said that a court ruling banning them meant nothing. Nice guy! Above all however I can't be alone in being worried by the fact that a significant number of people are prepared to say "we hate our fellow human beings so much that we are prepared to vote for a return to the politics of the 1930s". A black day for Hungary, a country I have hitherto respected for its strong culture that has only ever been enriched by being a melting-pot of Ugrian, Slavic, Roma, German and even French identities, and a worrying trend for Europe as a whole.

So all in all a pretty horrific round of results that have demonstrated how fundamentally stupid a lot of people are and how a significant minority are prepared to instigate a new shame for Europe in the name of invented group loyalties and prejudices. It's all such a pain in the arse really, isn't it?! Well, I'm off to crawl under the duvet and await World War Three.

Take two

Feb. 12th, 2009 02:26 pm
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Well, touch wood the computer seems to be running a dinger again. Indeed yesterday a disc cleanup even got me back some memory when near the end there it was actually costing me memory. All credit to [ profile] ishkhara for the sterling advice and to [ profile] queenmartina for doing the donkey work as even turning a computer on is a big deal to me!

Meanwhile in the real world I see that Geert Wilders is the whole cheese in Blighty today. What a perfect perisher he is! The Geertster cropped up in my thesis a couple of times during brief periods of comparative work therein, even though I largely avoided taking the comparative route as it has a tendency to go wrong. Geert's obsession with Islam and the various other causes espoused by the unlamented Pim Fortuyn have often led me to wonder whether he was Stefan Petzner to Fortuyn's Jorg Haider. OK so Wilders and Fortuyn are not from the same party like Haider and his catamite but Fortuyn made no bones about taking it up the chuff whilst Geert looks a bit too much like bitchy old closet-dwelling Tory David van Day for comfort. Wilders' daft film screening is another matter entirely - it is poison of the worst kind but I'm sure plenty of the bigoted fossils in the House of Lords would love to see it.

Well that's all I have so bye for now.
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Well that was a bumper day of work and as such I am now left with only one thing to do next week (excluding really piddly things like reading back over the thesis for grammar mistakes) before I can print the bugger off, getting it bound and hand it in. Super!

Anyway, enough about work as I seem to talking about nothing but that nowadays and God knows if there's one thing I cannot stand it is people who are obsessed by their work. So moving on completely I thought I would have a little rant about a computer game that is doing the rounds. I should begin by saying that I am not a fan of the mentality espoused by the likes of Keith Vaz and his ilk that violent crime is directly related to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, even though I personally don't play those sort of games and in fact rarely, if ever, play any video games any more. Yes, these games do contain simulations of violent crime but the argument that they are to blame for the real thing falls down on two reasons. On the one hand plenty of people who play these games never commit a crime in their life and rather use the games as a recreation or a chance to do things that they as a human being would or could never do. In that sense a game where you steal cars is not really that different from a game where you play as Tiger Woods, or manage Real Madrid or any other activity that a game contains that you won't really do. On the other hand why should a game inspire crime and not a film or TV show or book or piece of music or painting? If you're going to start attacking or censoring games for their content where will it? Will we see paintings like Turner's "The Battle of Trafalgar", Picasso's "Guernica", Frank Bernard Dicksee's "Funeral of a Viking" or Schönfeld's "Rape of the Sabine Women" declared unfit for view because of their violent imagery? No, Vaz and his ilk have a lot more to do to get to the root of violent crime rather than just jumping on computer games. Still, there are times when people developing games, particularly at the lower end of the scale, just confirm the stereotypes. A recent example cropped up as some idiot has made a game about killing Muslims. I personally do not altogether accept the criticism that it is "encouraging children and young people in a game to kill Muslims" due to my earlier stated belief that the link between games and people's concept of reality is very limited. However I do feel that this game sends out a terribly negative message that Islamophobia is an acceptable and justified reaction in the modern world and that it is a good thing that "American Heroes" are killing those bloody foreigners. The How You Can Help section of the website says "Don't whinge about how offensive and 'edgy' this is." Were I to write a How You Can Help section for the creator of this game I would counter "Don't create such narrow-minded and racist loads of old rubbish and then complain when people get hot under the collar" and "Don't keep confirming in the minds of critics that all video game players are mindless, bloodthirsty idiots". Stupid boy.

Until next week then.


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