Nov. 3rd, 2008 03:44 pm
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According to the writers' block thing that appears on the home page of this here site it is National Beards Month or some such. Now, I'm well-known for not being a fan of these sort of arbitrary National X Months/Weeks/Days as, for my money, the calendar is already littered up with far too much rubbish as it is (notably the very definition of pointlessness that is Halloween which this year seemed to pass with barely a whimper - at least credit crunch is good for something). Still, it seems an odd coincidence that the day I read this is the day after my beard did one of its occasional disappearing acts in favour of the big moustache. I've worn the big moustache before and there are pictures of it on here somewhere but this time I am wearing it with the most hair I have had since the age of about 18 and for some reason the two combine to give me the most white-African look I have ever had. I'm not exactly sure why it is the case but were I to add a slouch hat I suspect that I could easily pass for a member of the Rhodesian Army or the Herstigte Nasionale Party. Suffice to say, this was not the look I was aiming for. Ooh heck!

Meanwhile, today has been given over to printing off the thesis for what I hope will be the final time. The bugger will be sent to the binders tomorrow after the honcho confirmed that, although I haven't received official confirmation yet, it is in the post as the internal examiner does not want any more changes. Thank the Lawd for that! With a following wind it should finally be off my hands come next Monday. Fingers crossed and all that.

Well that's my lot. I'm off to hide under a bunch of coats until the grinding bore that is the American election is finally. You know, I reckon that once the result is known and it has been analysed to death the recently re-branded BBC News Channel just might disappear up its own fundament as they have talked about nothing else for about a year now. Good riddance!
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Somewhat aptly, given that John Tyndall is a supporting character in my thesis, it was an eleventh hour thing. Late yesterday I got an e-mail notification telling me that the internal needed a soft copy of the thesis to check the corrections (which seemed a bit of an extravagance given that there were only about ten of them, but that's another story). Thus I decided that today I would try to get the thing done, for submission tomorrow. A while in today it dawned on me that I could put it bed in one day and so I went like the clappers to get the printing done. Cue something going wrong. Printers broke. As a result I was left sitting like a sausage until finally a technician came over from the other library and fixed the problem. By the time everything was done it was 4:40 and I knew that the binding place, which takes an hour normally, was due to shut at five. I went over to the place, resigned to a "first thing tomorrow, mate" from the hippy behind the desk but he told me ten minutes instead. Sweet. A quick feg later and I picked it up but then remembered the covering letter setting out the changes made. Bugger! Into the library again to do that by which time it had just gone 5. "Too late to catch the external examiner now" I thought, but I went over just in case. Sure enough, no dice. I tried the honcho just in case, as their rooms are adjacent, but also no dice. I went outside, slightly dejected, and slipped a comforting feg from out of the box. As I was due to light the thing I looked up and saw the external on the other side of the street. Sweet as a nut! Bombing over the road I foisted the thing into his hands and breathed a sigh of relief. The day's travails had ended in the result I had hoped for. A close run thing and no mistake but it's off my hands and the wheels can now be set in motion, with a bunch of lovely forms to look forward to. Just the job!


Oct. 9th, 2008 05:06 pm
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So I rolls down here mid-afternoon and checks the old inbox. As soon as I do I notice an e-mail from the honcho. "Oh heck" thinks I, "aint heard from him in a while". I open the e-mail to read the legend that he has spoken to the external who has decided that there is no need for a second viva and that he endorses all the changes that have been made. He has however found 12 typos that need correcting - about an hour's work. Once I've made the changes I need to send them to the internal for verification (which should be a formality as I now know the internal fairly well and he is a decent enough sort) and I can then get it hard bound and put it in. A lot of form filling will need to be done apparently and it does seem like it will involve a fair bit of fannying around but what the hell?! Shoobie-doo-wah and all that! Cripes, but I've been sweating bullets about either having to do another viva or else being told it's no good so to get the confirmation that everything is in place and I'm almost there is beezer. Woo-hoo!
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You know the best thing about turning 29? Getting the thesis handed in! I know it's not the most birthday-like activity to undertake but I thought "sod it, I'd rather get this thing out of the way before another week arrives". A sleepless night and an early start were bad ways to kick things off but the whole fuss of getting the thing in proved a lot less than I had built it up to be. I hit the binders about 11, allowing myself about a four hour wait, only to be told "come back in about an hour". Altogether unexpected, as was the equally nice surprise when the chap charged me only 8 of your English pounds for the two copies. Form-filling in was also a surprising doddle and the honcho was on hand to help with a couple tricky bits, bless his little cotton socks1. Hit the office that they needed to go into about 1 and was left outside for a while whilst the surly brass who runs it checked everything was OK. I'm convinced they do that just to put the willies up you. Finally, as before, she returned about ten minutes later all sweetness and light, "John" this and "John" that, to tell me everything was OK and I could bugger off. Nice! I'll be keeping one eye on the inbox/doormat for a an e-mail or letter telling me that something has been buggered up but for now it can go to Hull, Hell and Halifax as I'm considering it done and dusted and myself a man of leisure until the examiners get in touch. Well, I do have to re-enrol on Monday but that's usually a piece of piss/their problem if it goes wrong.

Anyway, that should do it for now. I've a few things to clear up and then I feel like taking a stroll. Stay cool, won't you?!

1Me being nice about himself? There must be ten moons in the sky!
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It's all gravy, as they say somewhere or other. The final changes I had to make to the conclusion were hanging over me like the sword of Damocles but a quick meeting with the honcho today revealed that they were nothing of importance and are the sort of thing that I could put to bed in an hour or two. The other thing he hit me with was the need for a covering letter listing all the changes I have made as per the examiners' reports. This cause a few hot sweats but thankfully when I got into the thing it proved to be fairly simple and hopefully I can cross that off the to do list as well, having said I would let the honcho look at it before I call it finished. All in all tomorrow should be me done the real work parts of the corrections, leaving only minor things to do like updating the table of contents and abstracts before sending the thing away from my sight. Sweet! Apologies to all of you if you get the feeling that I have been ignoring you to an extent recently but I have been woeking flat out and so have had to sacrifice to LJ. Still, hopefully I can get back into the groove a bit more now that almost everything is done, if not quite dusted yet.

Anyway, I must go home now and eat my dinner before the banks collapse and food is declared illegal as a result. I would foresee this as the beginnings of the revolution if my inner pessimist didn't kick in and assume that the reaction to financial collapse will probably just be more people shoplifting Heat and buying dodgy cable chips. Oh well.

Oh and a first win of the season - Champion! Keep up the good work, Spurs, and we might yet survive.
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I'm not long out of a meeting with the honcho and the internal, whose room happens to be next door. Overall, good stuff. They both reckon that the corrections involved are nothing too major and can be done in a couple of months. They will probably involve a terribly dull trip across the water to some boring archives place, which will hardly be ideal in hot stuffy weather but needs must. I reckon I'll forget about it for the rest of the week then start doing the necessary on Monday. I had been a tad worried about all this but the two of them seem to think it's nothing major and thankfully a lot of the external's stuff, which went so far beyond anal that it was rectal, was cut when the final report was agreed. So, overall good show!

Elsewhere, last night's match was a chore to watch but eventually justice was done. In the first half Rangers seemed to be deploying two back fours right on top of each other and it made for some of the most turgid football I have ever had the misfortune of watching. Good to see that defeat was taken stoically too! Overall, it would have been a travesty if Rangers had won the UEFA Cup playing that sort of game. Hell, it would even have been a travesty for Rangers fans if such a negative team went down in their history as their best ever, compared to, say, the sides that dominated the 20s and 30s, the 1964 treble winners, the Cup Winner's Cup side of 1972 or the side who did so well in the inaugural Champions League during the nine in a row years, all of whom at least played a bit.

And sticking with Scottish football, a tip of the hat and a fond farewell to timaloy legend Tommy Burns. As a player he played a central role in a number of nifty teams, including the zenith of the centenary double and as a manager he created a neat attacking team that finally drew a curtain on the constant crapness of the early nineties, laying the foundations for O'Neill and Strachan. And just so as nobody can say I'm an unreasonable man credit to Rangers for their mark of respect. RIP Burnsy.
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Well, the days of arsing around doing nowt in particular are over for another while as when I got in today I was greeted by a brown envelope from uni. Opened it up and, lo and behold, the viva report complete with corrections was housed therein. Bum! In fairness I've been expecting it for a while and as soon as I got here I got a few of the fiddly spelling and phrase mistakes out of the way but, nonetheless, bum. I had hoped to avoid a complete read through again but top of the fiddly list was the legend "Inconsistency of spelling viz: 's' and 'z'". Or to put it in plain English "you're reading through the whole thing and finding every bloody one of the buggers and making them the same". For a third time - bum! The more major things can be left until I arrange a meeting with the honcho and the internal examiner but in the meantime I'll need to read some stuff I missed and try to make sense of what the internal and the Kinder Egg man-alike external have written. Just my luck that the in no way conducive to work boiling hot weather has arrived. BUM!!!

Good grief

Apr. 8th, 2008 03:30 pm
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So, not long out of the meeting with the honcho about the day of reckoning that is Friday. By and large he put my mind to rest to an extent by suggesting that as long as I did a lot of talking and it all more or less made sense I should be OK. Still, being the worry wort that I am the old guts will continue doing the conga until the whole debacle is over and done with.

Anyway, just reporting in with little of consequence to say. I'm off to spend my time constructively by wasting money on impulse purchases so toodles.
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Dentist yesterday. Fun. After a bit of faffing about, during the course of which it turned out they had my appointment down for the wrong time, I got to see him. Decent guy, put me at ease. Had a look at my gnashers and decided that three of them wanted filling again but that the main problem one was in too bad a state to save. Thus begins my journey towards toothlessness as, until next month, I've always had a full set. Without any jabs he also ripped a piece of the tooth out with tweezers which was a bloody nightmare at the time but has taken away most of the pain and left the offending chomper merely numb rather than sore.

Today, not long out of seeing the honcho who informed me that the viva is now set for April the 11th and, fortunately, will be held here rather than the garden of delights that is Middlesbrough. The thought of a two hour interrogation session taking place after I have just flown was too grim to contemplate. As such I suppose I should be getting cracking on looking over my work but I reckon I'll leave it for a few days as I'm still getting used to the concept and so am in no state to do much work.

Finally a fond farewell to Jeremy Beadle. He was certainly vilified in his later life but in his day we all loved the bearded funster and would happily have shook his baby hand had we met him. A genuine Renaissance man despite being most well known for downmarket laughs I rarely thought of him from day to day but now feel a little perturbed that he'll never be back on our screens. End of era - of sorts.

Love that fro!

Anyway, enough of this drivel for one day. A little too tired to do much of substance so I think I'll nick off home before the snow comes. Barring a heavy fall I'll be back to annoy you all tomorrow otherwise see you all next week.
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Oh, woe is me. Pain. Waah. Or to put it more succinctly - tooth ache has a grip of me. Those of you who were reading this claptrap back in late 2003/early 2004 (and there are a handful of stout yeomen who have lasted the course) will recall a series of trips to the dentist around then, which culminated in a rather heavy duty root canal being done. Now those of you who were around in late 2004 (and that was a good few more of you) will recall that said root canal began to fall apart almost as soon as I had it done. So Friday night I sit down to a cup of tea and a packet of éclairs (the hard toffee and chocolate sweets as opposed to the cream cakes) and eats them as normal, chewing on both sides of the mouth. Suddenly the toffee sticks to the root canal (which is virtually obliterated as a tooth these days) and lifts the filling up. Explosion of dull pain. Now the thing hasn't come out but I can move it around and even fit my tongue between tooth and filling (which, being an idiot, I keep doing) and so a trip to the dentist is once again in order. So come Wednesday I must lay open mouthed whilst a stranger sticks his fingers in my mouth and come up with a good excuse as to why it has been four years since I had a similar experience. What a life.

Elsewhere I had an e-mail from the honcho this morning. There's new light out of an old window. It seems that the chap who was to do my viva but had scrofula has been forced to give up the ghost and pass the baton to another guy. As such I am now pencilled in for April. Now, on the one hand I am glad to have an end date in sight as it has all been dragging on too long. On the other hand I've quite enjoyed having nothing to do for ages and the new guy (Nigel Copsey if the name means owt to anybody) is somebody who I used quite a lot in my own work and so I'm dreading him coming out "that's not what I meant at all" at some stage. Given his location I also have a sneaking suspicion that it may involve a drag out to Middlesbrough, one of the ugliest cities I have ever sat foot in. Still, fingers crossed.

Outside of my own world I notice that Suharto has joined Stroessner and Pinochet in Hell. Up there with Pol Pot in the bloodthirsty psycho stakes but his anti-communism made him a friend of the West and a good ally of Henry Kissinger, the most undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winner since Theodore Roosevelt. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anyway, just so as this entry can fully run the gamut here's a little meme to kill things off.

Survey from Queenmartina )
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Ah, time to stop and smell the flowers. For the first instance in quite some time I have bugger all work to do today. That being said, of course, I didn't get off scot-free as a lot of fannying about has had to be done. The honcho had asked for a final version of the old thesis for him to rubbish so I got it done on Friday with the intention of handing in today. Of course, when I got to the binding place they told me soft-binding was not available until Thursday as millions of gits are looking it right now. "Sod it", thinks I, "I'll just stick it in a file as it's not the REAL final version". Only problem with that was no hole puncher. Being the tightwad I am I was loathe to buy one but gave in and took a trip to the local stationers. Arsed about there a while, unable to see one and dreading a Mates condoms ad-style encounter where I had ask "any hole punchers, love" before exiting with a red handprint on my face. Finally found the blighters and was forced to part with nearly four of your English pounds to get my hands on it. Yikes! Cue deluge of you stating how you could have got me one for nothing but waiting was not an option and I suppose it was overdue as the three I have are all very poor indeed, the sort that punch one hole and leave the other resembling the pregnants chads of Florida fame. Progress was further held up by all the new intake of kiddywigs who are registering this week and all seem to have that awkward combination of "I think I'm dead hard but am actually shitting myself so I'll be loud to cover it up" that is typical of new students. By the time I had punched my holes and squeezed 200 odd pages into a file that had had enough by 150 I had more waiting to do as the office was on a lunch break. Ended up having to read some terribly tedious book to fill in a spare half hour before facing a queue to hand the thing in. Still, at least it's out of the way and I don't need to worry again until Thursday when I see the honcho and he rips it apart. Good son!

Apropos of nothing, I happened to catch an episode of the really rather ghastly EastEnders the other night. Now normally a show obsessed with horrid London, "they were lovely boys who loved their mums even though they gave people ear to ear mouths for no particular reason" gangsters and chavs would appeal to me about as much as horse-crap sandwich but I was in no mood for a cigar so I decided to tough it out. I mention this only because my interests was very definitely sparked by the appearance of Nina Wadia. By George, but isn't she a deliciously buxom woman?! Twas always a delight to see her on Goodness Gracious Me and I'm very glad she is back on our screens. So makers of tawdry BBC soap, if you happen to be reading this let's have more Zainab Masood and less of those awful Mitchell sisters. Thank you.

Anyway, enough work and licentiousness for one day. All that remains is to say a happy birthday to a fellow mid-September baby in [ profile] the_fi and bid you all a good day.
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Once again the work continues to come thick and fast so apologies again for the lack of update. Saw the honcho this afternoon and I need another chapter to bed by this time next week. Still, on the plus side that bit of France and Germany that was giving me gip has bit the dust. Glad to see the back of that, as you can imagine.

Just thought I would stop in as I can't let this whole Diana business pass without some comment. Today we have the drunken SS man telling us that she was the best mother in the world. Well, number one you have nothing to compare her to and number two I'm sure mothers struggling on low incomes to instil decency in their children have a multi-millionaire who spent her time swanning around the world beat hands down. This outpouring of grief over somebody who based her entire career on manipulating the press and playing the victim has really ran its course. When she died I didn't give to figs and made a point of going out in the lashing rain on the day of mourning (things like that made the young me feel terribly radical) and as time has passed I haven't suddenly started caring. Move on, people! Somebody died young - it happens. The Daily Express might well need her to survive but it's time the rest of us put that particular opiate to one side. End of!
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As you can probably guess I am still snowed under with the work and most likely will be for the foreseeable future. Saw the honcho during the week and he decided that one chapter could do with an extra section on France and Germany so I've been scrambling around trying to knock some old tat up in record time. He might have told me this a few months ago, the bugger!

Elsewhere I notice that some anonymous person has left one of those lj gifts on my user page. Very nice of you, masked stranger, a big thank you if you happen to be reading.

Well, it's Bradford and a lakes worth of alcohol tomorrow so I shall see some of you then and the rest will hear from me again sometime when I get five minutes away from work. Ta-ta.
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Not long out of yet another meeting with the honcho. Nice and easy this time as thankfully he had other things to be getting on with. Upshot is that I now had a week to churn the next bit of work out (for which read tomorrow and the first three days of next week). Bit of a pisser but thankfully it's not that big a job so should be doable.

Elsewhere I caught a bit of the highlights of the England game last night in between watching something else. No great shakes really, just a fairly routine win over a very crap side. So now once again, Beckham is the darling of the tabloid world and the idol of choice for people with miniature English flags on their cars. At least until Victoria decides to rope him into her next enterprise and they turn against him for being hen-pecked that is. Still, all things considered 3-0 over Estonia proves absolutely nothing and they still have no hope of winning the next tourney, assuming they qualify. Plus Wes Brown as an international? Were I the manager of Guam I would think twice about calling him up.

Enough for today as they are about to drive us out of here for overstaying our welcomes so until tomorrow adieu.
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Boring! I was supposed to come down and see the honcho at 12 today (his idea not mine, as 12 is very early by my standards) but when I get here the bugger has only put things back to the more usual time of 2. Turd brain. I have other things to do today but instead I have to arse about waiting on that little nit and wont be getting out of here to probably half three. Gah!

On the plus side, after the rubbish that was the FA Cup final last night's European Cup final was a marked improvement. Not in the same bracket as two years ago but still a good, evenly matched contest between two halfway progressive sides played in a good spirit. Unlucky for the Scousers to lose really but they were very jammy last time out so it evens itself out.

Well, just a quick effort to waste some time. Too tired to do any work so I'll go and kill the final half hour doing something constructive like wasting money on e-bay. Keep bustin'.
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Quite a long meeting with the old honcho there in which we discussed the ways to move towards the final stage of dragging the whole big mess into a coherent whole. Bloody scary biscuits that I don't particularly wish to think about for a day or two just yet.

Anyway, onto something altogether more important. After considering it for a while I have finally taken the plunge and am now in possession of a Balbo beard. Once again crap telly and the proximity of a razor caused me to start experimenting and get rid of the goatee that I had for a week. Still a bit on the short side but the Trotsky look is only a couple of weeks away. Huzzah!

Speaking of huzzah, I finally got around to reacquainting myself with an old friend last night. Times was Odin Owns Ye All by Einherjer was a perennial favourite of mine but in recent months it fell to the back of the queue as other things got in the way. But I finally dug it out again last night and I must say I had forgotten what a belter it was. Superior Viking chanting, vocals that avoid descending into grunts and guitars heavier than Carol Yager makes it an all time classic in my book. Definitely glad I dug the thing out again. Can't beat it.

Well, that'll do me for now. Fair fa ye as nobody says round these parts despite what Nelson McCausland might think.
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Still no snow. Rearrange these words into a popular phrase "talk" and "all".

Been with the honcho going over boring stuff for most of the day so I can't be jiggered thinking too hard. Thus, I shall finish with this rather fine effort from the illustrious [ profile] lady_bogside. Good clean fun for all the family!

[1] - List your top 10 celebrity crushes
[2] - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust (10-1, 1 being favorite)
[3] - Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
[4] - Supply photos for said people.
[5] - Tag five people (persons A, B, C, D and E - takes care of that)

A bit of the other )
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A funny time of year this. Allegedly the whole holiday malarkey is done and dusted and certes we are back to normal term time opening in the libraries round here. Still doesn't seem fully there to me, however. None of the top brass are in here so I'm lumbered with 52 marked essays until the James Whitaker-alike that runs the course gets back from his jollies. No sign of the honcho either, whom I haven't seen since God knows when, largely due to his fault (although a little bit of mine). They can talk about secularism all they want but, in my experience, Caspar, Balthazar and Melchior have been celebrated the whole thing continues to get drag on and nothing gets done as a result.

Anyway, enough excitement for one day. I'll leave you all with a joke as I have nothing of substance to report.

• First man: My wife went to the West Indies for her holidays.
• Second man: Tobago?
• First man: No thanks, I'm trying to cut down.

Iiii thang-you! (*exits to Mary From the Dairy*)

And so on

Nov. 16th, 2006 05:22 pm
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So, today's meeting with the honcho proved fairly productive and we managed to get through a lot of stuff without me running out of things to say. On the downside I do have a new chapter to get going from scratch for the middle of next month but I suppose I can't complain as I've been going doolally having nothing to do.

Elsewhere, what catches my eye? Well, I did see that the biggest waste of space walking (OK, it doesn't actually walk but that's how we express things in this part of the world), the Northern Ireland Assembly, is to have another election which smacks of desperation more than a little. Plus, even though I stopped supporting Sinn Fein years ago, I still think it would be a sell-out too far, even by their own shaky standards, to actually go in to a government as the junior partners to the DUP. Never mind Paisley and his mob bleating about the Provo connection, their own close involvement in Ulster Resistance and the like as well as the involvement of individuals such as Ulster-Scots inventing bushface Nelson McCausland in collusion should make them untouchable for any republican movement. Still, I do so enjoy a nice election, even though I have yet to vote for a candidate who won as it gives me the chance to drive woolly liberals like the Alliance from my door and feel ever so worthy by voting for some no-hoper pedalling a socialist line. Yes, these are the things that keep me happy.
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Well, that's the current piece of work finished and I'll have no more to do until I catch up with the old honcho again, probably some time early next week. Good in one way, but in another way the lack of any work to do has left me as bored as an Alan Yentob programme marathon. Not even anything happening anywhere for me to care. Ho-hum. Anybody know any good jokes?


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