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It's more or less convention that on this day every year I make a post on here bemoaning this day and disavowing my Irishness for 24 hours as I shake my head in gloomy anger at the chaos engulfing this tired town. But not this year.

No, I haven't been reborn as a "quare bai" and I won't be donning a GAA shirt and entering the melee. Rather it's hard to adopt the doleful countenance needed when, shocks of mighty, the hitherto maligned Flybe have caved in and accepted my demands for compensation for the recent delayed flight. Huzzah!

I complained when I returned home after the trip and went through a process that made about as much sense as the Voynich manuscript and ultimately was left with nothing to show for it, despite returning with idle threats of solicitors and reporting their antics to BBC Watchdog. Finally, in a fit of powerlessness, I took to rotten old Twitter and denounced them as a shower of mountebanks and, sure enough, the public calling-out moved several arses into gear and now the cash offer has arrived. Having invoked an EU directive that allows a passenger to claim compo for a flight delayed for more than three hours (so that's something else we can kiss goodbye to soon - thanks again, England) the little guy has for once triumphed. Heck I take any victory I can get these days and right now the win is gushing out of me like blood from the sacred neck of sweet Mundamala.

Oh and bloody patriotism, refuge of a scoundrel, Sinn Fein gits and all that. Still, yay.
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Doctors = nothing major wrong. I need a few more tests to deal with a slight liver anomaly (just my luck to get a liver problem given that I have severely curtailed my alcohol intake these days) but the rest of the stuff is nothing important and will be looked at in turn as there is no urgency. I had been expecting the blood tests to turn up diabetes as I'm a fat bugger but I'm nowhere near it and, most surprisingly of all, my lung power is better than it should be for someone of my height (why height determines lung power was not explained but you learn something new everyday). Similarly no thyroid trouble, no anaemia (although I never thought that would be the case) and no problem with cholesterol. He seems to reckon some of it is all my mind (I knew I was a nutcase), some is still the after-effects of quitting smoking and others he's not sure about but will get to eventually as they are nothing to worry about. Reasonably good news overall, although I'll be anxious to get to the bottom of this liver thing before too long.

Enough about that as I had some better news today. You know that When Saturday Comes magazine? You see the Season in Brief feature in the issue out today? That's me that is! I fired off a submission for the feature a lot of weeks ago and they weren't interested but then the editor e-mailed me back and asked me if I fancied doing another one about the Irish League 1972-3 season (the one where Derry City resigned over the ban on using the Bradywell) and I was happy to oblige. Just a bit of fun really, but it's always nice to see your name in print. W00t!

Anyway that's my lot for today so TTFN.
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Well, after waiting for what seemed like ages but was actually just over a month it finally arrived today - official confirmation of the award of the PhD in the form of the certificate that I would have got had I bothered going to the ceremony. Finally I can officially call myself Doctor in things. Good show.

Nowt else to report so bye for now.


Oct. 9th, 2008 05:06 pm
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So I rolls down here mid-afternoon and checks the old inbox. As soon as I do I notice an e-mail from the honcho. "Oh heck" thinks I, "aint heard from him in a while". I open the e-mail to read the legend that he has spoken to the external who has decided that there is no need for a second viva and that he endorses all the changes that have been made. He has however found 12 typos that need correcting - about an hour's work. Once I've made the changes I need to send them to the internal for verification (which should be a formality as I now know the internal fairly well and he is a decent enough sort) and I can then get it hard bound and put it in. A lot of form filling will need to be done apparently and it does seem like it will involve a fair bit of fannying around but what the hell?! Shoobie-doo-wah and all that! Cripes, but I've been sweating bullets about either having to do another viva or else being told it's no good so to get the confirmation that everything is in place and I'm almost there is beezer. Woo-hoo!


Aug. 30th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Remember I asked you all yesterday to keep your fingers crossed? Well, I was doing my differentiation and I passed it. Huzzah! I'm nowhere near the home stretch yet but at least I've got past the first big hurdle. Just the job. Now if you'll excuse me I feel like wasting some money I aint got in the town. TTFN!


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