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It's more or less convention that on this day every year I make a post on here bemoaning this day and disavowing my Irishness for 24 hours as I shake my head in gloomy anger at the chaos engulfing this tired town. But not this year.

No, I haven't been reborn as a "quare bai" and I won't be donning a GAA shirt and entering the melee. Rather it's hard to adopt the doleful countenance needed when, shocks of mighty, the hitherto maligned Flybe have caved in and accepted my demands for compensation for the recent delayed flight. Huzzah!

I complained when I returned home after the trip and went through a process that made about as much sense as the Voynich manuscript and ultimately was left with nothing to show for it, despite returning with idle threats of solicitors and reporting their antics to BBC Watchdog. Finally, in a fit of powerlessness, I took to rotten old Twitter and denounced them as a shower of mountebanks and, sure enough, the public calling-out moved several arses into gear and now the cash offer has arrived. Having invoked an EU directive that allows a passenger to claim compo for a flight delayed for more than three hours (so that's something else we can kiss goodbye to soon - thanks again, England) the little guy has for once triumphed. Heck I take any victory I can get these days and right now the win is gushing out of me like blood from the sacred neck of sweet Mundamala.

Oh and bloody patriotism, refuge of a scoundrel, Sinn Fein gits and all that. Still, yay.

Sod's law

Nov. 7th, 2008 04:26 pm
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So, the hard-bound copies are now in my possession. of course, there is some piddling little form that I forgot to have bound inot them. DAMN IT!!! Well, if they will tell me on the day I collect the things then crap like this will continue to happen. I reckon I will just try to force the buggers in myself as I'm blooding sure I'm not shelling out the guts of a hundred nicker to redo them for a couple of lousy pages. I swear this place is run by complete bloody morons!

The end.


Oct. 9th, 2008 05:06 pm
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So I rolls down here mid-afternoon and checks the old inbox. As soon as I do I notice an e-mail from the honcho. "Oh heck" thinks I, "aint heard from him in a while". I open the e-mail to read the legend that he has spoken to the external who has decided that there is no need for a second viva and that he endorses all the changes that have been made. He has however found 12 typos that need correcting - about an hour's work. Once I've made the changes I need to send them to the internal for verification (which should be a formality as I now know the internal fairly well and he is a decent enough sort) and I can then get it hard bound and put it in. A lot of form filling will need to be done apparently and it does seem like it will involve a fair bit of fannying around but what the hell?! Shoobie-doo-wah and all that! Cripes, but I've been sweating bullets about either having to do another viva or else being told it's no good so to get the confirmation that everything is in place and I'm almost there is beezer. Woo-hoo!
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You know the best thing about turning 29? Getting the thesis handed in! I know it's not the most birthday-like activity to undertake but I thought "sod it, I'd rather get this thing out of the way before another week arrives". A sleepless night and an early start were bad ways to kick things off but the whole fuss of getting the thing in proved a lot less than I had built it up to be. I hit the binders about 11, allowing myself about a four hour wait, only to be told "come back in about an hour". Altogether unexpected, as was the equally nice surprise when the chap charged me only 8 of your English pounds for the two copies. Form-filling in was also a surprising doddle and the honcho was on hand to help with a couple tricky bits, bless his little cotton socks1. Hit the office that they needed to go into about 1 and was left outside for a while whilst the surly brass who runs it checked everything was OK. I'm convinced they do that just to put the willies up you. Finally, as before, she returned about ten minutes later all sweetness and light, "John" this and "John" that, to tell me everything was OK and I could bugger off. Nice! I'll be keeping one eye on the inbox/doormat for a an e-mail or letter telling me that something has been buggered up but for now it can go to Hull, Hell and Halifax as I'm considering it done and dusted and myself a man of leisure until the examiners get in touch. Well, I do have to re-enrol on Monday but that's usually a piece of piss/their problem if it goes wrong.

Anyway, that should do it for now. I've a few things to clear up and then I feel like taking a stroll. Stay cool, won't you?!

1Me being nice about himself? There must be ten moons in the sky!
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Yup, it's a lazy dog-dangling day. I needed to come in early to sign that blasted form that I may have ranted about in recent posts. Suffice to say that when it was finally done it took literally five seconds and therefore the trouble it has caused seemed even more pointless. Still, it's done and I intend to take a while longer doing bugger all to do with work. Gives me time to catch up on other projects elsewhere. The legend that is Gyearbuor Asante not on Wikipedia you say? Consider that state of affairs rectified! Ah but I've missed these days in recent months.

Well, that's your lot for now. Need a smoke then a quick run through the e-mails so see you all tomorrow.
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Bloody freezing today. I know it has been for the last ages but today I'm feeling it more sharply than usual. Not another dose of the flu. That's all I bloody well need.

Come Wednesday it will be back to marking essays for me again. Luckily I get paid for each one I do, otherwise I wouldn't bother me arse. I've done it before and found very quickly that it gets unbearably repetitive as people all give the same basic answer and you're really just re-reading another rehashing of the textbook. Still, like I say, at least I'm getting paid for it. Deadline is this Wednesday so I have a fair old suspicion that this week's classes will be echoingly empty due to all the last minute cramming. C'est la vie. I also have to hand around evaluation sheets to those who turn up where they get to have a pop at me if they feel like it, so low turn-outs will be a blessing. Bloody bureaucratic red tape. I've had to do that before as well and it ends up counting for bugger all, other than keeping management types in work.

Not much happening in the world apart from the Saddam trial. For all the good that'll do. The victors will have their justice but Iraq will continue to be no better off. The more things change and all that. All for today as I have stuff to sort out elsewhere. Toodle-pip.
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Form filling had to be done today and like everything else here it involved a hefty dose of Keystone Kops style faffing about. I had to negotiate my way through a building site just to get to the office where they were and when I did get there they had a new wee girl on the desk who hadn't a baldy what I was on about. Still, got it done in the end and now it's off my head.

I despair of people at times. It goes without saying that I find the Tories reprehensible but at least a strong Conservative Party might force Blair and his cronies to buck up their ideas and stop being so damned wishy-washy and conservative themselves. But Michael Howard has proven to be about as good a leader as for them as Hugh Gaitskell was for Labour. Every clatter of weeks there seems to be another Tory defecting to the UKIP or in this case the BNP. All it says to me is that Blair is untouchable ad we'll have to get ready for at least another five years of his horrid rule. I'm not saying I'd prefer a Tory government, merely a stronger opposition to shake him up a bit. The fact that they've made bugger all out of the Iraq war and didn't even mention Blunkett's jiggery-pokery even though Blair wouldn't shut up about Tory nookie while he was leader of the opposition exposes them for the wimps they are. Revolution, you can't come quick enough.


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