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You'll forgive me if I pass on the end of year survey thing this time out as, for more reasons than I care to remember, I'll have little desire to recall 2016 in the future. But nonetheless I'll draw a veil on this most egregious of twelvemonths in my own time-honoured fashion:

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I had been fully unaware that the qualifiers for the old Eurovision Song Contest were this week until [ profile] queenmartina mentioned last night just before they started. Was it just me or were they all terrible last night? And not funny terrible like the days of yore but just generally terrible in a "Shane Richie presents a slew of chart banality with Tinchy Stryder and Alexandra Burke" sort of way. I missed out on Tuesday's bill of fare so I'm not sure if anything half decent got through there but having seen last night's and the five automatic qualifiers I can only hope so. Ordinarily somebody goes a bit Nightwish or Fairuz in these things but so far it seems to be little more than massed ranks of Lady GaGa and Ricky Martin clones, advancing phalanx-like in a dread attempt to pollute our ears with blandness. It's meant to be funny, folks, stop taking it all so seriously. Still at least we can avoid the spectacle of Georgia's entry given that they have withdrawn. If anybody would have taken it all too seriously, with deadly results, it would be wee Vlad. Not so much singeing the King of Spain's beard as tweaking the King of Russia's ballcod there methinks.

Of course this will be the first time we watch the whole nonsense-fest without Terry Wogan wittering on over it. I'm on record here as deviating from the standard opinion by dismissing Wogan as a bit of a bore so it's no big loss to me. Graham Norton as replacement I'm not sure about however. Like Wogan he belongs to that group of sell-out Irish who parade their accents for comedy reasons but who constantly refer to England as "us". Beyond that I have little real opinion of the man, although I suspect I may get a little tired of hearing him drooling over those buffoons in galeae and monks who were carrying that elderly Ukrainian lady around last night. Personally I'm rather miffed that Peter Ustinov is dead as I can think of nobody better suited to the absurdity of it all, barring possibly Gilbert Harding. Indeed, it would have been worth it just to see how the young funsters on BBC Three would have coped with Peter. I suspect his baggy face appearing in front of their cameras would have caused the channel to collapse in on itself, releasing mushroom clouds of radioactive fake tan and Two Pints and thus bringing about Armageddon. Or maybe not. Either way enjoy the dubious fun tomorrow night and fingers crossed that [insert name of preferred option] wins it.

For F sake

Feb. 27th, 2008 03:11 pm
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A lack of output yesterday as you probably didn't notice. The reason for that was that I did not feel up to coming here after leaving the dentist. Yes, it was back to that sod again. A quick once over revealed that my yanked out tooth area is finally starting to heal as it should, which is about time given that it is still a bit sore nearly three weeks after the event. A tooth near the front on the top left also needed to be filled, or rather refilled as the existing one was coming loose. A bit of a pain in the proverbials, although admittedly when I had beef for my supper last night the obligatory pain it always causes on the top left was gone so Mr. Dentist must have done something right. Luckily that's my lot until he sends for the standard six month check-up. Thank God! I can take the needles and the fillings but I really cannot stomach the scraping and cleaning - that stuff is as close to unbearable as a procedure can get.

And in case anybody is wondering, no, we did not get any earthquakes in Belfast.

Anyway I will now go ahead and present that meme where you get a letter and list ten things you like beginning with that letter and explain the. Being the mucky pup that he is [ profile] burkesworks has given me the dirtiest letter of the alphabet. You know the score, if you want to do it ask for a letter and I will oblige with a guarantee that Q, Z and X will not be supplied.

FRANK ZAPPA - I'm not sure if you're supposed to take surnames as the letter or not but what the hell, eh? If you can fit the genius of Frank in somewhere then you do.

FOOTBALL - Still the greatest sport there is despite the overabundance of prima donnas. You can keep your rugby, cricket, basketball and lacrosse, there's nothing to beat the agony and ecstasy of the Albion.

FOCUS - One of the bands I grew up with really and, although I haven't listened to them too much recently that is entirely by accident. Can't beat the Dutch prog-meisters for a bit of noodling really.

FAIRUZ - What's not to like about a Lebanese woman wailing about Beirut? One of the first non-European foreign language acts I ever investigated and at least partially responsible for my penchant for big-voiced women from the Mediterranean basin.

FEGS - Or fags if you are in England or most certainly not fags if you are in the United States. When the old hands start to quiver or you get the buzz in the back of the head there is nothing quite like a Berkeley Red to sort things out. Back of the net!

FISH - I love goldfish, I love books about fish and I love eating the little buggers.

FEZ - The comedy hat of choice for both Tommy Cooper and all the painfully unfunny wannabes who have followed him. You'll be unsurprised to learn that a fez is the only hat owned by this painfully unfunny wannabe.'s - Cooky Japanese all-girl rock complete with poor pronunciation of music. Like Fairuz they started a theme within my musical taste and my copy of "Bomb the Rocks" remains my best end of the line, everything must go, we're cutting our own throats here, clearance sale purchase ever. Plus who else could do a song called "Smilly Willy" and get away with it? Pity they're only known for "Woo Hoo" really.

FIDEL CASTRO - Got to be topical have I not? I may not agree with everything he has ever said and done but Fidel remains worthy of respect for resisting the most bellicose country in the world for all these years. He'll be a loss to Cuba and to the world as we take another step towards the grand world empire of America.

FORMBY, GEORGE - OK, I'm breaking my Zappa clause from earlier but F is not an easy letter to fill and the master of the silly song/slapstick humour cross that is sadly absent from modern entertainment is always worthy of a mention.
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What is it about a World Cup that convinces people they are songwriters? You would lose the will to live reading some of that rubbish, most of which has clearly been written by the kind of people who fly mini St George's Crosses on their cars and wear England sportswear to work, despite being about ten stone too heavy for any sport (pot, kettle and black, chubbsie!). Number 1 obviously thinks he's being very witty. He isn't. Number 6 obviously thinks he's being delightfully eccentric. He isn't. Number 10 just needs a good kicking for that terribly derivative name with one of the most painfully obvious puns I've ever heard. Come back Embrace, all is forgiven. If the Sun releases another "Come on England, Page Three stunnahs" song then a killing spree will follow. Plus could somebody do us all a favour and tie-up Wales own Keith Allen until sometime in mid-August. Really that man should have been run into the sea after inflicting "Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)" on us.

Spent last night listening to a fair old bit of (rather better) music myself. Rare Bird were first up, having gotten hold of an album in the sale. Rather nifty, although at times they veer too close towards Average White Band territory for my liking. I had another stab at listening to Tull's 'Broadsword and the Beast' after that. Still couldn't make it to the end. Ian Anderson rasping over 80s style synths just sounds wrong on so many levels. That they continued it with 'Under Wraps' was an even greater travesty. I only hope drugs were involved! Wrapped up the night with a bit of the aforementioned Fairuz and them dug out a bit of Mongolian music. Without meaning to be a Philistine or have a pop at a culture, that khoomii throat singing stuff has me in stitches in every time I listen to it. There's something about a human trying to sound like a didgeridoo that is the height of hilarity to me. Still their big band numbers (which have a proper name but I don't remember it) are rather nifty.

That's me done for today. The heat is given me dizzy spells so I must avast. I face a sober Friday, although I'll make up for it tomorrow in order to stretch the weekend out a bit. Monday, you see, is the dreaded bank holiday with a bunch of pillocks ruining the streets by walking on them. No, not marches this time, the marathon. Who in their right mind would consider that a fun way to spend a day?! Let's hope some local TV tosspot like Mike Nesbitt or Conor Bradford does a Jade Goody and takes a turn trying to do it. Anyway, see you again Tuesday.


Mar. 16th, 2006 03:08 pm
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Those who lack an appreciation for the music of Araby will think my auld head's cut (to use the vernacular) but I really do enjoy the music of Fairuz. The finest thing to come out of Lebanon since Organisation de l'Action Communiste du Liban really deserves as big an audience in the West as in the Middle East. I find myself listening to more world music as of late. Must be a sign of something. God only knows what, mind you.

Caught some of that West Ham-Bolton match last night. Not a bad game although the outcome was unsatisfactory. I never had any feeling about Alan Pardew but his constant bleating about the soul of English football and related crap has turned me right off him. So Arsenal fielded a team with no English players. So shite! Liverpool did the same in the 80s and nobody cared. OK, so they were mostly British but that still didn't help the England team in any way and the English league doesn't exist for the Scotland, Wales and Irish teams. As Wenger quite rightly said it's not Arsenal's job to represent England, that's down to the England team. Any clubs job is to be as successful as possible and if they do that by signing non-English players then so be it. If you ask me (and nobody did, but everybody else has had a go at this) Pardew is just sour-graping it because he never won any England caps and his name has not been mentioned to succeed naughty Sven.

Speaking of blind nationalism, it's St Patrick's Day tomorrow. Big fizz! It's a day when all the biggest tosser fenians go out, get lashed and cause trouble. If the PC, lets copy South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission even though Northern Ireland is nowhere near being settled, get their way then soon you can add the biggest tosser Protestants to that list. I'll be doing my usual and staying well away from the lot of it. Parades of pillocks in the town or titheads in green-white and orange hats going to free gigs by the Bodyrockers (I ask you, the f*cking Bodyrockers??!!!!) then wrecking every pub in Belfast are not for me, thank you.

Well, that's today's dose of fun and frolics. I may do a bit of work later, although there's every chance that I won't.


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