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Immediately before the election we had a statement in which the loyalist paramilitaries endorsed the DUP and now we are to be governed by a junta consisting of the Tories and these paramilitary-endorsed fascists with, worse yet, the UK about to leave the European Union and so all checks and balances on this radical right-wing rabble about to be removed. I knew this election was going to be painful but Jesus actual Christ. Happy now leave voters, you complete and absolute bastards?! If the reaction of the so-called "Republican Movement" to the British government openly realigning itself with sectarian paramilitaries is anything but any and every means of opposition then blood will be on their traitorous, collaborationist hands as much as any UVF or UFF death squad.

I'll attempt to console myself with the thought that this fragile alliance with a micro-majority is unlikely to last very long and that the hateful Theresa May is on borrowed time but right now I am about as disgusted as I've ever been.

But deep in the heart of Ireland has sunk the sense of the degradation wrought upon its people – our lost brothers and sisters – so deep and humiliating that no agency less potent than the red tide of war on Irish soil will ever be able to enable the Irish race to recover its self-respect, or establish its national dignity in the face of a world horrified and scandalised by what must seem to them our national apostasy.

James Connolly, Notes on the Front (1916)
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It's more or less convention that on this day every year I make a post on here bemoaning this day and disavowing my Irishness for 24 hours as I shake my head in gloomy anger at the chaos engulfing this tired town. But not this year.

No, I haven't been reborn as a "quare bai" and I won't be donning a GAA shirt and entering the melee. Rather it's hard to adopt the doleful countenance needed when, shocks of mighty, the hitherto maligned Flybe have caved in and accepted my demands for compensation for the recent delayed flight. Huzzah!

I complained when I returned home after the trip and went through a process that made about as much sense as the Voynich manuscript and ultimately was left with nothing to show for it, despite returning with idle threats of solicitors and reporting their antics to BBC Watchdog. Finally, in a fit of powerlessness, I took to rotten old Twitter and denounced them as a shower of mountebanks and, sure enough, the public calling-out moved several arses into gear and now the cash offer has arrived. Having invoked an EU directive that allows a passenger to claim compo for a flight delayed for more than three hours (so that's something else we can kiss goodbye to soon - thanks again, England) the little guy has for once triumphed. Heck I take any victory I can get these days and right now the win is gushing out of me like blood from the sacred neck of sweet Mundamala.

Oh and bloody patriotism, refuge of a scoundrel, Sinn Fein gits and all that. Still, yay.
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Hell, even I think I've been away too often recently. The joys of growing up in a warzone, I suppose. And let it be known too that the following load of old rambling nonsense should have been published yesterday but my internet provider decided to give me a day of no service just to remind me who the boss is. Thanks as ever Virgin Media, I would denounce you as vermin but recent events have drawn me closer to that class of creature. Intrigued? Didn't think so but read on anyway, it's good for chilblains.

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For several years since his shady, drug-related death in 2000 UDA killer Stephen "Top Gun" McKeag has been commemorated by various murals in the Lower Shankill area that was formerly his home. Rather than give you the full details of his sordid life I'll just point you in the direction of his Wikipedia article which is in this case both reliable and readable, a true classic of the website (yes, I did write the vast majority of it).

A recent bout of redevelopment saw the most recent version removed and a sigh of relief breathed by the relatives of the victims of one of the most prolific sectarian killers of the later years of the Troubles. However a couple of weeks ago a new version went up in the same vicinity (albeit not the exact location) leading to an outcry as well as the inevitable Housing Executive response of "we've no immediate plans to remove it". Well, the UDA's backs are up since Boreland and the Exec have never been the bravest of agencies at the best of times.

Leaving aside any outrage, the mural itself is one of those photo-based, screen-printed efforts that have become the norm on the Shankill in recent years where the sudden surge of ultra-nationalism that followed the horrendous flag protests and culminated in the loyalist support for the extreme right "leave" option at the last referendum (despite the EU having effectively been propping Northern Ireland up since the economic collapse, but hey - foreigners) has apparently killed off any notion of murals as an art form. Be that as it may, this is the result of their efforts:

Just take a moment to drink that in and realise that that is on the side of somebody's house, twenty odd feet high for the whole world to see. I didn't know McKeag personally (not one of the biggest regrets of my life, I must confess) but I've seen the odd picture and I'm pretty sure he had a complete head throughout his life. It does rather beg the question as to why, in that case, his photo-mural tribute has a head that stops immediately above the eyes with a little beret plonked on top, presumably to stop the world seeing his exposed, pulsating brain matter. I mean, was it really that big a rush job that the designer couldn't take a little time to actually make it look vaguely realistic? Or did they accidentally hire a Fenian who decided to have a bit of fun with it? Whatever the rights and wrongs of commemorating a piece of scum like McKeag if you're going to do it at least do it right. Whatever that is supposed to be it is an absolute laughing stock and frankly the UDA themselves, never mind the Housing Executive, should be removing that with their faces beetroot-red whilst doing so. He may have been "Top Gun" but my breath was certainly taken away by that travesty.
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The short version of this is that London was rather good apart from the going and the coming, which were hell on earth. On the off-chance that anybody is still reading this (and I note in my extended absence that I am now down to one person submitting regular updates on my friends list) I shall expand at some length about what took place.

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Normally by now tournament fever would have me in a grip stronger than the thighs of Elizabeth Seitz but so far I've struggled to really immerse myself in Euro 2016. Perhaps it's the relative lack of excitement in many of the matches, a general ennui with the whole build-up, the nagging fears of the fascist nightmare that will be visited upon us when the turkeys of England vote for Christmas for all of us on the 23rd, the undeniable fact that a 24 team tournament is far too big and at least a third of the qualifiers just scream "making up the numbers", who knows? Still, Euro 2016 is here with its high-kicking and low-scoring on the pitch and its war by proxy being waged by boneheads off it.

Being a man who long since disavowed patriotism I have no particular team to root for and that hasn't helped. Before the whole thing started I declared, in a fit of contrariness so typical of me, for Iceland but my heart was never in it and, whilst it would be a delight to see the smallest country ruffle a few feathers, life will go on if they lose all three matches. I did derive a surprising amount of pleasure from Italy's victory over Belgium last night but I suspect it was an isolated incident rather than my rebirth as a great Italian.

As to what we've seen so far, little has really grabbed my interest. I even turned over halfway through the England-Russia match the other night and buggered off shopping rather than stick with the Republic of Ireland's dreary outing against Sweden. Still, I've never been an Ireland fan and the fact that they're now led by an axis of evil every bit as contemptible as Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane seals the deal. Meanwhile the occupied territory represented the real recrement of the tournament, serving up some of the dullest, stalest, olid Pulisball since that awful Romanian team that annoyed me so much that time. Boy was I glad to see them lose and I will be even more glad when they exit the tournament. And yet this happened. Well, it would have been rude to say "no".

I remain hopeful that the malaise will lift. Maybe my eye will be caught by some heavenly Hungarians, maybe the goals will flow as a rampant France put a dowdy Albania to the sword, maybe when the wheat is finally separated from the chaff in the second round things will hit top gear, maybe Michael Gove and Boris Johnson will spontaneously combust as Asmodeus rises from Gehenna to reclaim the debased souls long since promised to him. Either way - must do better, Euro 2016.
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I've been desperately trying to take some crumb of comfort from these election but I can't. Swept on by the biased "reporting" of the BBC and all the tabloids bar the Mirror, those hateful shits of the UK Independence Party have come top in the European elections and done fairly well in the council elections (although their head cheerleader Nick Robinson is talking shite by calling 163 councillors out of 2,101 an "earthquake"). If there's any justice they will follow the lead of the now virtually irrelevant (outside Pendle at least) BNP and become victims of their own success. After all the BNP's brief period of success in the early to mid 00s led to to them splitting into several little factions and saw their thuggish, frequently barely literate, councillors make total prats of themselves at every opportunity. Mind you, the BNP were fighting against a cordon sanitaire, something UKIP won't have to worry about given that they had the sense to get in some tokens in advance. I swear if I see Nigel Farage's hateful, smug, buck-toothed, squinty-eyed, batrachian face once more I'm a gonna kick this screen in! And an especial boo to all the Rangers-supporting knuckle draggers in Scotland and all the forelock tuggers in AndWales for following their English masters in electing that rabble too. Pish on the lot of you.

Elsewhere Little Miss Le Pen has come top in France to show that the British lurch to the extreme right is not unique. Given France's unusual history with right-wing extremists (along with Italy, it's the only Western European country where being a self-declared neo-fascist is no bar to a leading role in public life, as the likes of Alain de Benoist and Dominique Venner have demonstrated) and the mess both major parties have made of government it's no surprise but still a real shame. Meanwhile in Finland the rightist Finns Party have added an extra seat, the Poles have returned their usual quota of hardcore Catholic racists who claim the label "centre-right" with straight faces and even in Greece a left-wing victory has tempered by three seats for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. Stygian gloom the continent over.

Locally we are still waiting on the final results of an election held last Thursday but so far, as I predicted, Sinn Fein have topped the poll and Anderson is back in, with Diane Dodds likely to follow soon. Ho-hum. beyond that it's pick-a-dick between Jim Nicholson, Alex Attwood and Jim Allister for third place with Anna Lo not in the running and bloody UKIP even managing twenty odd thousand votes here. In the local elections the Sinn Fein vote pretty much held and, whilst the DUP shed support, it all seems to have gone to the Ulster Unionists (for reasons unknown) or rewarded the bigoted Strasserism of the Progressive Unionist Party or the reactionary High Toryism of the Traditional Unionist Voice. In among all that the dissident republican campaign got nowhere, with Eirigi, Republican Network for Unity and various independents getting almost nothing (OK, one exception but I'm not much of a 32 County Sovereignty Movement fan personally). Hell even bloody UKIP managed to get three seats here and the total mess that is NI21 took one. If I am to finally take that one crumb of comfort I spoke of earlier it will be from the good people of Black Mountain electing Gerry Carroll, a man I very vaguely know, to Belfast City Council instead of yet another faceless Sinn Fein nobody. On his own and stacked up against the cabal of the big five I can't see him being able to make any real impact on the new council when it finally splutters into life next year (that's right, the old council is continuing for another year in a colossal waste of money) but the fact that somebody, somewhere was prepared to vote against oppression and for the people is heartening anyway.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I'd like to find a pile of coats to hide under for a while.
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You all knew.

You all knew about the racism. You all knew about the homophobia. You all knew about the misogyny. You all knew about the massive expenses claims, the corruption, the xenophobia, the sheer bloody lunacy of the whole shower of them.

And yet you still voted for them. You still made the choice that these maniacs were the people you wanted to represent you locally and on the European stage. No longer can Britain claim to be an oasis of tolerance and no longer can it sneer at continental Europe for it has now given a sizeable mandate to a party whose entire basis is intolerance. Even Alan Sked has recognized that the UKIP monster he created has abandoned its sole purpose as an anti-EU party to make a landgrab from the BNP and yet the British electorate happily endorsed that shift. Never mind the hatred, feel the protest. All the scandals, all the warnings, all the evidence that this is a party of bitter, hate-filled extremists counted for nothing in the end a nation of bigots played its hand and demonstrated that the radical right is what it wants.

We've been forced to endure four years of brutal monetarism and now something even worse is being endorsed by the voters. A future of a Conservative-UKIP coalition looms, with the NHS gone, human rights abolished, the police given a free hand to discriminate at will and unemployment an imprisonable offence, all because you can't stand the immigrants.

The need for a united Ireland and a path away from this unfeeling cruelty has never been greater. The thought of Northern Ireland under a Cameron-Farage alliance is too grim to countenance. A Union Jack flying from every building, the Stormont Parliament restored, Fenian enfranchisement scaled back and every republican area subject to permanent curfew with army bases a fixture. If this is the future then it's time to rise up and reclaim our destiny by any means. Scotland, take your chance and run from these lunatics while you can.

My sentiments exactly.
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What a thoroughly depressing set of results from the local elections. Leaving aside the inevitable, and well deserved, losses for Clegg's collaborators we are left with a situation where the top party in the most brutal and heartless government in years suffers only moderate losses, the left gets nowhere as usual and, worst of all, a sizeable chunk of the electorate decides that the right people to serve as local councillors in charge of street lights and bins are members of a party whose only policies are at a national level and can be summed up as "wogs begin at Calais".

The continuing collapse of the BNP, something I predicted some years ago you'll remember, is heartening but it is ruined by the fact that so many votes have gone over to their posher, public school-educated cousins in the UK Independence Party. I am on record as being no fan of Boris Johnson and his ways but I can at least understand his appeal to a certain section of people as he represents their fictitious view of what being English is about - bumbling, upper class twits who are endearing and quintessentially English, the sort of people who think queuing is something to be proud of and are obsessed with that bloody "Keep calm and carry on" thing. But Nigel Farage, an oily yuppie of the sort one could easily imagine coming in to asset strip a dying Christmas hamper company, delivering the news that customers will be getting neither money nor wicker baskets full of food this yuletide before awarding himself a £2 million pay-off? What is the appeal of this snaggle-toothed gargoyle? OK, I can see why the chinless vermin who "work" in "The City" might see his appeal but what could anybody else possibly like about this diminutive, self-serving, self-publicising bastard? I'm not a great supporter of the European Union but frankly I really fear the dystopia that will follow Britain's exit as human rights legislation is torn up and right-wing governments do what they like to their citizens in the name of security. The Daily Mail might focus on the odd extreme case (and more often than not, make others up) but if the straight choice is a capitalist UK in the EU or a capitalist UK with internment, constant snooping, unlimited detention on remand and the death penalty then I'll take the EU, thanks. And to those morons who say "you need only worry if you have something to hide" - show me somebody who doesn't have something to hide and I'll show you the most boring man in the world. Do you really want a government that can look into your extra-marital affairs, those Justin Bieber MP3s you keep hidden, your dawdling on sleazy porn sites or the tax-dodging booze and fegs you order from eastern Europe? Thought not.

That the reaction of a significant number of voters to a cuts-happy government is to vote for a party that claims to be completely Thatcherite and is one of the few parties that would probably cut deeper than the Tories says a lot about the sort of lumpen morons who are voting these days. However the failure of the left to provide any real alternative is another huge problem, and one that has existed for several years now. Let's face it, there is no left-wing alternative in British politics. You have a supposed focus whose credibility has been shot to pieces for some time in George Galloway, a man who now seems to divide his time equally between trying to convince himself that something as right wing as Islamic fundamentalism is a basis for a socialist party, that rape isn't a crime if you agree with somebody's politics and that a great way to build unity is to alienate as many people as possible. Then you have a bunch of posh boys waving around their Euston Manifesto who are frankly about as radical as the Women's Institute. Finally you have the groupuscular left up and down the country, convinced that they are about to lead a revolution tomorrow on the basis that their recently joined tenth member has access to a van but who refuse to work with that mob on the other side of town because they have a picture of a beardless Trotsky in their HQ/only active member's bedsit.

I despair of it all really. Xenophobia and monetarism rule the day and the prospect of there being any meaningful change is ever more remote as we lurch towards a nightmarish future where a brutal, uncaring government has its few checks and balances removed and is given free rein to crush at will. Hell in a bloody handbasket.

Still, never mind, eh?!
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Well I don't often write on here at any length any more but thanks to the timely intervention of [ profile] bombardiette I am about to. Finally a meme that has allowed, nay forced, me to think deeply and even allowed me the opportunity to get all ideological on your arses. Corking stuff. So anyway -

The rules: "Comment to this post and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself."

The seven topics I have been given are as follows:

1. The Irish Diaspora
2. America
3. The Catholic Church
4. The EU
5. Literature
6. War
7. Look at the city from an outsider's perspective. What do you see?

Very long-winded and pretentious waffle herein )

That's one from the golden days of livejournal when people used this as a forum for extended free form essays before Twitter and Facebook killed off brain cells and reduced communication to a couple of half-formed sentences. Well, I certainly enjoyed doing it even if you didn't enjoy reading a little of it before thinking "sod this" and playing Angry Birds instead. O tempora o mores!
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Isn't David Cameron a fascinating creature. Not a few months after sending our glorious boys over to Libya to give what for to a foreign leader who had turned on protesters he stands grinning like a ninny beside an autocrat asking if he wouldn't mind being a little bit nicer to to civilians, pwetty pwease. OK, I appreciate he needs all the friends he can get after deciding to make an enemy of every country in Europe recently but does the bare-faced hypocrisy of the man know no end? Bomb Qaddafi into the ground because he's bad for turning on civilians but Hamad Al-Khalifa does the same and he's a welcome guest at Downing Street. Sickening.

Meanwhile closer to home we have something else to thank all those brain-dead loyalists who vote DUP for. One of the few successes of the Assembly was the introduction of free prescriptions for all last year, well thanks to the morons who inhabit the estates of Lisburn and Banbridge we can kiss goodbye to them after bat-eared human gargoyle Edwin Poots announced he was sending the issue to consultation. Time and again that phrase in Northern Ireland has meant that a minister has made up his mind and will ask a couple of yes-men whether he is right or just correct. So goodbye free prescriptions it is then and once again I call on loyalists to remember this when they even think about voting DUP again. Fat chance. Sorry to harp on about this but it is so frustrating to see working class people allowing themselves to be lead around by the nose by the millionaires of the DUP. Nobody here voted for the Conservatives and their cuts but the DUP have happily metamorphosed into their local equivalent and their rest of us are having to endure their monetarist crap. And he's a creationist - talk about rewarding stupidity. The more you see of the likes of Cameron and Poots the more obvious it becomes that only complete cretins can make it in politics.
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Shame on Finland falling for the cheap, populist, hate-filled rhetoric of the True Finns. As much as I detest the old school extreme right at least you know where you are with them. The sort of balls-out, supposedly grass roots, Israel-loving nationalist crap espoused by the likes of these snotbags, Geert Wilders or the Tea Party tossers really gets my goat as it is so two-faced pretending on the one hand to be respectable but throwing about the same old anti-everything rhetoric and presenting it as "common sense". I'm certainly not a big fan of the European Union but to fall back on the same old right-wing nationalist arguments to oppose it is tired to say the least. Another victory for the no-goodniks and I'm sure Tony Halme is enjoying a smile to himself in Hell.

Elsewhere it seems that the goons looking to bugger up Scottish football even further by cutting the SPL to ten teams again apparently want to add a British League Cup to the mix. A winning formula there, I don't think. Fair enough certain inhabitants of Old Trafford and Goodison Park might get a kick out of playing Celtic and Stamford Bridge would no doubt be full to capacity if Rangers were in town but on a rainy October night Wigan Athletic v St Johnstone or St Mirren v Wolves would probably struggle to get four figures much less a packed house. Besides whilst the Old Firm, with their delusions of playing in England, might get to feel like big boys I really can't see what English teams would get from playing against the other jobbing sides many of whom would struggle in the third division. Interesting to note, of course, that in the three one-off attempts at this already contested (the British League Cup, the Empire Exhibition Trophy and the Coronation Cup) Celtic triumphed every time. It is equally interesting to note that in the last ever instalment of the Anglo-Scottish Cup Rangers suffered a 3-0 hammering at that hotbed of football excellence Saltergate. Yup, Old Firm allegiances die hard. And above all just what is the problem with the current 12 members of the SPL plus Dunfermline Athletic, Raith Rovers, Falkirk, Dundee, Partick Thistle and Livingston playing each other twice a season with two or three promoted and relegated annually? Too sensible, perhaps?

And finally a video for you all to enjoy. I caught it recently on some show presented by that annoying David Walliams character in which he took the opportunity to sneer at well-meaning people who happened to use different terminology in the past. How admirable of a 39 year old man to find it amusing that children have learning difficulties and that people want to help them. He apparently thought it funny but for me only one conclusion could be drawn - wasn't Barbra Streisand a fine piece of womanhood in her day? Good Lord, she's practically smouldering there. Yes, I am a sick man.
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Well, all in all the European elections produced a fairly inevitable series of results. The humiliation handed to Gordon Brown was in many ways deserved although turning votes over to the Tories hardly makes much sense given their own close involvement in the claims scandal. Of course it was equally inevitable that the UK Independence Party would profit, although despite their hot air it was hardly that great a leap forward. They remain the Tories' bitches and indeed this may become more the case now that the Tories are setting up a Eurosceptic group of their own whilst UKIP still have no chance in any other election. Still at least the anti-EU rabble will get a step closer to their wish now as it is the European Parliament that determines Britain's EU membership. Whoops!

Equally inevitable was the success of the BNP, although I must admit that I had hoped they would be restricted to one seat rather than two. Still, the diseased minds of people blinded by hate have spoken and in order to teach one one-eyed tosspot in Gordon Brown a lesson another one-eyed tosspot in Nick Griffin has been elected. Nice to see too that, for all the fuss the BNP makes about not being neo-Nazi, they had Andrew Brons elected, a veteran of Colin Jordan's unashamed National Socialist Movement and John Tyndall's Greater Britain Movement during their synagogue burning and Jomo Kenyatta arresting days. The self same Andrew Brons who, as leader of the National Front, sought to turn them to Strasserism before splitting from the "Political Solider", Italian and Romanian obsessed wing of Griffin etc. "Left wing" Nazism is still Nazism, Andy old son! Given that Patrick Harrington is already back in the fold with the BNP's joke of a union I'm left to wonder which of Griffin's former enemies will he dig up next? Happen he'll recall Joe Pearce from his cushy number at a Catholic fundamentalist university or dig Martin Webster out of whatever gay knocking shop he is holed up in these days. I mean it is bad enough them winning county council seats but now this. Plus Griffin is already on record as saying that he only wants MEPs to use their salaries and expenses to fund the BNP (and his own pocket no doubt) so anybody voting for them due to dodgy claims is in for a shock as they put in a slew of bogus expenses claims to prop up production of the ailing Voice of Freedom. Nice work again voters!

On the wider European stage it was equally depressing, if not more so. Given the trouble that unfettered capitalism has caused I fail to see why people seem to think that voting for its standard bearers is a good idea. Equally how badly does it reflect on France and Italy that they seem to think so highly of their corrupt, megalomaniac, short-arse leaders, especially now that the latter's knob has become public property (NSFW). A big "boo" to the Dutch as well for voting for bouffant aficionado Geert Wilders but I suppose a country based on the twin, highly contradictory pillars of rampant libertarian secularism and fundamentalist Calvinism is always going to drink up Wilders' brand of Islamophobia like so much cheap wine. Bad decision nonetheless and one that reflects badly on a significant section of the Dutch electorate.

The biggest boo of all however belongs to Hungary for giving seats to those bastards Jobbik. Close mates with the BNP, their leader Krisztina Morvai makes no bones about her extremism with her ranting about "gypsy criminality", "Jewish Bolsheviks" and "ZOG". This is a group that happily runs its own private army, the Hungarian Guard, and, in case the obvious Nazi connotations of such a fact were lost on anyone, this fascist thug battalion bases its symbol on that of the collaborationist Arrow Cross. There are certainly obvious parallels between Jobbik's attempts to build up its own storm troopers and Ferenc Szálasi's mass movement in the Arrow Cross and the readiness of some people to still back such violent reactionary nonsense, even after the death and destruction caused by Hungary's quite embarrassing war record as stooges of Nazi Germany, shows that idiocy never goes out of fashion. The character of the Hungarian Guard was summed up on January 17th when their leader Gabor Vona said that a court ruling banning them meant nothing. Nice guy! Above all however I can't be alone in being worried by the fact that a significant number of people are prepared to say "we hate our fellow human beings so much that we are prepared to vote for a return to the politics of the 1930s". A black day for Hungary, a country I have hitherto respected for its strong culture that has only ever been enriched by being a melting-pot of Ugrian, Slavic, Roma, German and even French identities, and a worrying trend for Europe as a whole.

So all in all a pretty horrific round of results that have demonstrated how fundamentally stupid a lot of people are and how a significant minority are prepared to instigate a new shame for Europe in the name of invented group loyalties and prejudices. It's all such a pain in the arse really, isn't it?! Well, I'm off to crawl under the duvet and await World War Three.
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There was a time when the current MPs take money for solid gold butt plugs scandal would have had me up in arms but these days I find it hard to care about such madness. Finding out that politicians serve Mammon is a bit like finding out that Jeeves serves Wooster and it comes as no surprise whatsoever that they are screwing the system for every penny. Anger is of course justified, particularly at the sort of "we do it because we can so fakk off" attitudes as expressed by that awful Martin man, the like of which one would have hoped had died along with John Prescott. It's as if they are suggesting that we would all do the same were we in the same position. Quite possibly, but equally we would all bonk Nina Wadia senseless were we in the position but that doesn't mean we would want her husband rubbing our nebs in it that we are not. Just me then?!

However, all that being the case, the righteous indignation that looks set to give UKIP all the seats is really quite laughable. Are we really expected to believe that were Nigel Farage (a former commodity broker, lest we forget, and thus a man who knows all there is to know about getting money by any means necessary) an MP that he and his cronies would not be at the same? In a pig's eye they wouldn't. Still, tell that to all the sheep who think that they can oppose the EU by sending UKIP members to the European Parliament even though it is one of the few places where representatives can have no impact on a national government and so cannot make a blind bit of difference to the fact that the UK is an EU member. Plus given the massive banking crisis and waves of despair brought on by capitalism it is surely only an idiot who would think that voting for the most avowedly capitalist party in the mainstream is a good idea. Still, they're bound to do well given that the king of class traitors Norman Tebbit is backing them and his word is rightly revered given his sensitive handling of the aftermath of the Brixton riots and his close relationship to the always noble Saatchi and Saatchi. Mind you at European Parliament election time were Harold Shipman and John George Haigh to rise from the dead and endorse UKIP I suspect all the idiots would still go along with them because electing 12 of them last time was so successful in getting GB out. And far be it from me to suggest that the august Daily Telegraph has done all this now to boost the party that is the very definition of posh boys trying to be down with the plebs...but that's it in a nutshell in my book.

Still, voting schmoting, eh. At least that will certainly be the case for this little black duck. I have finally had a chance to look at the candidates from which I have to choose in this poxy election. What a shower! Ordinarily I get to vote for somebody on the left with sod all chance but not this time. Instead we are left with the tired old unionist rabble, not one of whom I would pish on if they were on fire, the middle class bastions of wishy-washiness that are the Stoopers and the Alliance, the latter having opted for a candidate that appears to be the only former moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church whom you can put on your potatoes, and the all mouth and no trousers rubbish of Sinn Fein, who promised the earth at the last election but are now following the aggressive spending cuts and water charge threats that have defined the pointless coalition government that the assembly has lumbered us with. As for the Green Party - over my dead body! Those plastic bag stealing gits and their "vote for us or the children get it" rhetoric will never get my x as long as I live. And if I'm wrong about them may we all be beset by environmental horrors incorporating changes in temperature. So for once it looks like I will not be using the vote this time. There is nothing whatsoever about any man jack of them that appeals to me and none of them are even tolerable enough for to hold my nose and back like I've done with the Workers Party in the past. Besides, as they have always made clear, MEPs only impact upon farmers here (or at least they are the only gits that Paisley and Nicholson ever mentioned in their literature) and Northern Ireland is much too small to have any influence so why bother?

Democracy, eh? Don't you just love it?!
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The European Union. I really don't care enough about it to get too worked up one way or the other. If it breaks down narrow nationalism then it's a good thing, but when it just protects the interests of capitalism then it's a bad thing. One thing I might have to start caring about, however, is the membership of Turkey. If the EU is to continue expanding, then questions of religion should not come into it. So, Turkey has a largely Islamic population. Big deal. It is one of the most secularised Islamic countries and, unlike some existing EU members I could mention, does not have a religious leader as head of state. The Austrians have been tripping over themselves to turn into right rotters in recent years, putting Haider in government and now getting worked up over the siege of bloody Vienna. It was 1683 when the Ottomans last had a pop at Austria, let it go. To think I come down on the English for living in the past over the Napoleonic War. If The EU is to expand and continue then let Turkey in, and while we're at it let Morocco and anybody else who wants in. To hell with geopolitical bullshit, it's time to open up to other cultures. And if it brings women anything like Türkan Şoray (a few for luck) to these shores then the sooner the better.
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Hotter than the bowels of Hell today, lads and lasses. I hate days that are this warm, especially when I have to pass shrubs and bushes as they tend to take my breath away. I'm not terribly cursed with the old hay fever but it tends to hit me when I'm right on top of plants and it ain't pleasant. It also means my days of wandering up the tow-path are over. Haven't been in years but still, it was nice to have the option.

Seems the Dutch rejected the old EU Constitution as well as the French. I suppose that should be it dead in the water now, but who knows. I'm sure there are plenty of ways that the old Eurocrats (©Associated Newspapers Ltd) could bring it back in a trice. At least it will give wee Jackie Straw the chance not to hold a referendum, which would have been a welcome slap in the face for Tony but an unwelcome opportunity for UKIP to convince themselves that they are the most important men on the block again. Swings and roundabouts, as they say. Bit worried about how right wing Holland is becoming, mind you. Is nowhere safe?!

Little else happening until I go back on the booze on Friday. Still don't feel myself yet but soldiering on is the only way forward. Probably give Artemisia a decko on BBC2 tonight but otherwise I'll be continuing where I left off yesterday and digging out the rest of the Medicine Head albums and giving them another listen. Fine lads who never got the success they deserved (but who did?) and a fine way to waste a Thursday evening.
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Given that my head has been all over the shop recently I had forgotten that there was yet another bloody bank holiday about to creep up on me. Oh, the horror! If there's one thing I hate it's a long weekend. Friday was given over to boozing it up as per (although I'm still nowhere near my usual volume) and Saturday was for recovering but the next two days began to drag. I spent Sunday watching duff TV, including a choice episode of Sykes where Jimmy Edwards had a cameo and a Christmas special of The Two Ronnies which featured a group of bell ringers who had me in stitches (despite not being intended as funny). Went into the town yesterday but found myself beyond bored by the evening. Glad it's all over unitl the next one (which I'm sure will be next week or something).

The telly has been going ga-ga over the French 'no' vote for the EU Constitution and it got me to thinking how I would go if the referendum came here (unlikely now, I admit, but bear with me). Personally I see the Constitution is an enshrining document of a capitalist Europe, which, whilst making provisions for some intervention, puts profit and privatisation at its head. As a result I would also vote no in a referendum. I couldn't give a toss about the Pound, "our" sovereignty or any of the narrow nationalistic concerns that the right would have against it but to me it looks like institutionalised capitalism. Plus the EU is beginning to take on a bit of worrying European nationalist outlook with its reluctance to admit Turkey. If it is to be an alliance of white Christians only then it ain't for me. Admittedly these reasons would probably have very little to do with a British 'no' campaign (which would, no doubt, be driven by narrow-minded nationalism and feature rotters like Kilroy and the UKIP at it's head) but it would still be the way I would go. After all I voted no to the Good Friday Agreement despite being a notorious critic of Paisley and his ilk.

I suppose I should do some work. The honcho will be expecting progress but I'm too warm and woozy. E-bay calls, methinks.
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Oh, those crazy Europeans! Wouldn't put up with such nonsense in Blighty now would we? Pity, as it might actually liven things up a bit. These Euro elections are about as exciting as a holiday to Skegness slide-show. Still beats reality TV, mind you.

I recall making bold predictions for who would do what in the football earlier in the season. I suppose it's time to see how wrong I was.

Premiership-Chelsea to win. Called that one wrong. Believed the hype and as usual it was nonsense. Wolves went down, although not as early as I said. Still I'll give myself that one, particularly as I had Charlton and Middlesbrough to join them. D'oh!!

Division One- "Fancy Norwich City to win it for some reason" was what I said. Well done, old sir. Said my own WBA would go up, and so they did (although not in the play offs as I imagined). I had Sheffield United to take the other place, instead of Palace. Can't win them all. Two from three in the relegation stakes, as well. I got Wimbledon and Walsall, but missed Bradford by plumping for Rotheram.

Division Two- I went for Brighton and Bristol City to go up automatic, with Plymouth to take the play-offs. My two automatics ended up play off finalists with Plymouth as champs. Missed QPR, mind you. Tipped Notts County to go down and they did. Two of my other tips (Peterborough and Chesterfield) just about avoided the drop, although "Hartlepool look like pure rubbish" now looks like pure rubbish itself as they made the play-offs. Live and learn.

Division Three- To go up I said Mansfield, Scunthorpe, Yeovil and a play-off win for Oxford over Lincoln. None out of four. In fairness Mansfield were play-off finalists and Lincoln also got in there, but in all woeful. Carlisle saved me some face by going down, but Macclesfield had to make a liar out of me. C'est la vie


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