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You'll forgive me if I pass on the end of year survey thing this time out as, for more reasons than I care to remember, I'll have little desire to recall 2016 in the future. But nonetheless I'll draw a veil on this most egregious of twelvemonths in my own time-honoured fashion:

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I know how much you all await this so without further ado allow me to present:

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Holy one track batcomputer mind, Batman Jerry Robinson, the creator of Robin, has died I suppose the period at which one approaches Batman determines one's attitudes towards Robin but the run of comics that got me into the Caped Crusader was Detective Comics from just after "Blind Justice" to around the introduction of Tim Drake when Norm Breyfogle was doing the art and Denny O'Neill editing. As such I much preferred Batman as the borderline psychotic lone wolf whose ultra-violent response to crime was increasingly being treated as morally ambiguous, rather than the homoerotic bonhomie of the Dynamic Duo. Equally Robinson's other big creation, the Joker, never really appealed to me either. I know he is seen as Batman's seminal nemesis but for me Joker stories were a chore to wade through rather than a treat, a mere interlude between appearances by the Penguin or my lesser spotted villain of choice the Killer Croc. No for me Robinson's legacy is his role in the creation of Two Face, a ludicrous villain who eventually developed into probably the best as his mind being unbalanced by violent circumstances mirrored Batman so much and added depth far beyond the usual big crime plot-Bats finds out-kapow and zowie plots. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns has always been overrated for me as I feel that the lack of comeuppance for the Mutant gang along with their co-option by the elderly Batman as his stooges pushed the moral ambiguities too far towards Batman himself being just a wrong un. However that criticism does not apply to the sub-plot involving Harvey Dent's plastic surgery which is a wonderful example of the complex Batman-Two Face relationship. Without Jerry Robinson we would not have had all that so ten bells for the man.

And just to show there is nothing to this cultural criticism lark (no really that's what all that old crap you just read was supposed to be) and given that it is December I will resurrect:

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Ōkami is eating my time. Quite possibly the most addictive and seemingly endless game I have ever come across, I find myself sitting down for a half hour go at only to turn round and realise that three hours have passed in the blink of an eye. The old PS2 had been virtually phased out of use in recent months but since that blasted wolf arrived at Christmas the machine has been taking a hammering. As a result (as well as lying in too late over the weekend) sleep was a stranger last night and as such I shall rely for this post on a meme swiped from [ profile] burkesworks

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Quite a long meeting with the old honcho there in which we discussed the ways to move towards the final stage of dragging the whole big mess into a coherent whole. Bloody scary biscuits that I don't particularly wish to think about for a day or two just yet.

Anyway, onto something altogether more important. After considering it for a while I have finally taken the plunge and am now in possession of a Balbo beard. Once again crap telly and the proximity of a razor caused me to start experimenting and get rid of the goatee that I had for a week. Still a bit on the short side but the Trotsky look is only a couple of weeks away. Huzzah!

Speaking of huzzah, I finally got around to reacquainting myself with an old friend last night. Times was Odin Owns Ye All by Einherjer was a perennial favourite of mine but in recent months it fell to the back of the queue as other things got in the way. But I finally dug it out again last night and I must say I had forgotten what a belter it was. Superior Viking chanting, vocals that avoid descending into grunts and guitars heavier than Carol Yager makes it an all time classic in my book. Definitely glad I dug the thing out again. Can't beat it.

Well, that'll do me for now. Fair fa ye as nobody says round these parts despite what Nelson McCausland might think.


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