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Immediately before the election we had a statement in which the loyalist paramilitaries endorsed the DUP and now we are to be governed by a junta consisting of the Tories and these paramilitary-endorsed fascists with, worse yet, the UK about to leave the European Union and so all checks and balances on this radical right-wing rabble about to be removed. I knew this election was going to be painful but Jesus actual Christ. Happy now leave voters, you complete and absolute bastards?! If the reaction of the so-called "Republican Movement" to the British government openly realigning itself with sectarian paramilitaries is anything but any and every means of opposition then blood will be on their traitorous, collaborationist hands as much as any UVF or UFF death squad.

I'll attempt to console myself with the thought that this fragile alliance with a micro-majority is unlikely to last very long and that the hateful Theresa May is on borrowed time but right now I am about as disgusted as I've ever been.

But deep in the heart of Ireland has sunk the sense of the degradation wrought upon its people – our lost brothers and sisters – so deep and humiliating that no agency less potent than the red tide of war on Irish soil will ever be able to enable the Irish race to recover its self-respect, or establish its national dignity in the face of a world horrified and scandalised by what must seem to them our national apostasy.

James Connolly, Notes on the Front (1916)
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There's very little left to say about Martin McGuinness that I haven't said already but suffice to say I won't be mourning him. As John Stephenson's stooge and then Provisional IRA Chief of Staff he oversaw indiscriminate bombing campaigns that did nothing to advance the cause of Irish unity but instead brought death to civilians. I don't condemn armed struggle as a motor of revolution but McGuinness's strategy of untargeted mayhem accomplished little or nothing. Then he single-handedly brought the peace process (so the obituaries will claim) and in doing so opened up a glorious future of kowtowing to monarchy whilst continuing to (occasionally) call himself a republican and administering Tory rule in the North to the benefit of himself and his own little coterie (equally true of all the parties here admittedly but Sinn Fein are the self-described republicans). On top of that he happily worked alongside a hate preacher like Ian Paisley and propped up the radical right Democratic Unionist Party in government, while also trying to court the feminist and LGBT vote when it suited him. There is also the small matter of the Fisherman business, the truth of which I really hope will come out now that he's dead (although I doubt it as the myth of McGuinness is still important in ensuring that republicans continue to serve their masters in Westminster).

I've already seen comparisons to Michael Collins and I think they're apt. Both firmly belonged to the old Catholic wing of republicanism and ensured that the left was silenced, despite courting the British left (many of whom are now wringing their hands over a man who happily signed off on Troy welfare reform and bedroom tax plans). Both also did their best to ensure that partition continued as long as they were alright, Jack and in that aim both were highly successful. In the final analysis McGuinness was no more a republican than his great mate Paisley and his major achievement was finishing off Irish republicanism and replacing it with a compliant, fiercely pro-British population in Northern Ireland, one part of which happens to watch silly games with sticks and talk a bit of Goidelic now and then. If the taming of the Taigs and their rebirth as nodding dog soft Unionists are to be celebrated then McGuinness is rightly to be lauded as a hero but a hero of Irish republicanism? About as much as Vidkun Quisling is a hero of Norway.


Feb. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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I've avoided discussing the RHI scandal on here as it's just such a depressing microcosm of what a waste the Northern Ireland Assembly really is. Equally I resisted the temptation to gloat about the political retirement of the utterly detestable Martin McGuinne$$ as we always knew he would be replaced by an equally faceless collaborator who would continue on the same devolutionist-unionist path and sure enough along came Michelle O'Neill who was also up to her neck in the same scandal. Plus ça change!

But with all that having been said, the scandal has brought yet another Assembly election on our heads and the circus rolls on as ever. Well, for most of it does as the way things are looking just now I appear to have been disenfranchised for this particular one. Yet again I will find myself in Scotland on the day of the election and on that basis I requested a postal vote but the other day a normal polling card arrived at my house and, as I'll be off in my spiritual home at the time, it appears that I'm to be denied the chance to vote for a losing candidate. Quel Dommage!

I may get up in arms at the drop of a hat but on this occasion I really don't care if I don't get to vote. Since the Tories took over in England it has been clear that the Northern Ireland Assembly, already a pretty weak institution, has been relegated to the role of talking shop. Certainly, the speed with which the hated welfare reform was forced through by the Secretary of State indicates that any important decisions will always emanate from Westminster and Stormont will just have to grin and bear them (ditto Holyrood and whatever the hell the Welsh chatter-house is called, by the way). Effectively the Assembly has been left somewhere between a glorified council (I shit you not, one of its major decision was changing the layout of bus stops in Belfast city centre) and a bribe to the elites as a way for them to keep their useful idiots in line. It's jobs for the boys up there, be it MLAs or their truly pointless Special Advisers so it will continue even though it has no real function any more in a fine example of sod you Jack, I'm all right. Sacrebleu!

If by some miracle they do decide to give me my postal vote I am faced with a very limited selection of candidates from which to choose, although of that mob I would most likely go for People before Profit. Even if they won a plurality in the Assembly (not going to happen) they would still be able to do sod all but they at least talk the talk about austerity and a few more of them on the hill would be preferable to yet more Sinn Fein and DUP apparatchiks (or indeed UUP, SDLP or Alliance ones for that matter). They haven't a hope of getting a seat in "leafy South Belfast" of course (a cliché that always ignores the pile of loyalist estates we have in this constituency too) but if I get the opportunity they can have my vote anyway. Nice to see that the previously mentioned John Hiddleston is back yet again for another election. Pleased to see my exposé had such a great influence! Mind you in these days of the Azov Brigade, Brexit, Donald Trump and (let's hope not) Marine Le Pen I suppose having a past in the National Front might even help him get elected. Zut alors!

But whatever happens no doubt the same old crap will continue. O'Neill will find a way to work with Arlene Foster or possibly a replacement and the gravy train will rumble on, achieving nothing apart from feathering the nests of those involved. Meanwhile the republicans and loyalists on the ground will continue to suffer but will be content that "our ones" are in charge, despite all the major decisions being dictated by our Der Führer Theresa May (and hi Teesie, seeing as the Investigatory Powers Act means you're reading this now). Brûle en l’enfer!
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I've never been a member of a political party in my life but, unbelievable as it seems now, there was a time when I would have identified Sinn Fein as "my" party nonetheless. So long ago. As disillusionment set in that honour was handed instead to the Irish Republican Socialist Party but a combination of the INLA's totally pointless surrender (seriously, they have gained absolutely nothing from their ceasefire unlike the Provies, who at least get huge grants from Her Majesty's Government for being good little boys) and the party's gradual drift to moribundity saw me give up on them ages ago. I mean, apart from that wee office on the Falls do they do anything any more? My days of identifying with one party are long over. If I was pushed I would say that these days I most admire the effort of Eirigi but even then I differ from them on several issues and consider them the best of a bad lot rather than my spiritual brothers.

Of course given that I live in leafy South Belfast there is no Eirigi interest in my constituency and so I am left with rather a motley crew to choose from when it comes to voting tomorrow. Sinn Fein or out of course and would have been even if their candidate wasn't the utterly despicable Millionaire Marty, unquestionably my most detested member of the party outside their two leaders. Their cohorts in that vile, Tory-lapdog rabble up on the hill- the DUP - are out of the question too of course and stick their Little Pengelly up their Stalford if they think they're getting my vote (although apparently they don't as they never canvass my area). As ever the Alliance have addressed several pieces of literature to me, apparently believing that I'm their man (or perhaps that I'm a kinsman of one of their candidate) but their support for the current set-up rules them out, as does one of their candidates' pasts as a flag waver for David Cameron. Due to their pro-Assembly and, by extension, pro-austerity stances both the SDLP and Ulster Unionists are out as well.

Which leaves me, as ever, scraping around in the bottom of the barrel to pick which losing candidate I'll be blowing my vote on. Well UKIP are running for starters. Not bloody likely. The Progressive Unionist Party are having another tilt but they can hit the road too, having lazily sent me the exact same sectarian manifesto as last time with the bit about Protestant boys bad performance at school being priority ahead of Irish Travellers and Roma, both of whom perform worse. Bigots and racists it seems. As previously covered at some length Hiddleston is running for traditional Unionist Voice but I don't vote for apartheid supporters. Ben Manton is, as ever, running for the Tories but, also as ever, he can go swive himself.

There are a couple of loyalist independents running too. Ex-DUP extremist Ruth Patterson is one option although, given that her campaign manager is fleg moron Jamie Bryson, I rather suspect she isn't really aimed at me. Indeed she seems an ideal candidate for the Protestant Coalition, our local attempt at a loyalist arm of the extreme right Britain First, but that seems to be pretty much dead these days. There's also Billy Dickson of course although his manifesto left me rather cold. A former Belfast City councillor, Dickson was a veteran of the dark days of Paisleyism, a staunch opponent of civil rights and a paramilitary on the Donegall Road. He's been through various other parties since, including the Tories and the TUV, but now claims to be leading his own party called the South Belfast Unionists. His literature stated that it was imperative south Belfast has its own unionist party but offered no reason why that was so. I'm sure it's important to him as no other party will offer him a candidacy but it can't be that important as his South Belfast Unionists are unregistered and he is competing as an independent. Next!

It's South Belfast so there are no dissident republican candidates and instead I'm left to pick amongst the debris of the lefty also-rans. There's an independent named Brigitte Anton, one of several running across the place as part of the Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee, but I've never been a fan of the British parties setting up shop here so, whilst I still respect Jeremy Corbyn, I reckon I'll give her a swerve, not least because she didn't bother sending me any bumf so I don't know what she wants. I find the Green party generally a bit wishy-washy but Bailey will probably find her way onto the ballot, most likely in third place. That leaves me a straight choice between Seán Burns and Lily Kerr. Burns in running as an independent, although his posters say he is Cross-Community Labour Alternative whilst he is actually from the Socialist Party. Confused yet? Normally he would be nailed on but his campaign has left me rather cold. Both he and his East Belfast counterpart Courtney Robinson are mere babies and this has been a big part of their campaign but the whole "vote for youth because it means progressive" thing has never really worked for me. As I've said before Tony Benn is the classic example, given how for much of his political career he was a fairly standard Labour Party apparatchik before emerging in his older years as a radical dissident of the first water so that younger = better jazz doesn't wash with me. Also for me this election is about austerity Burns seems much more interest in other issues such as abortion and gay marriage, neither of which strike me as priorities given the "Fresh Start" agreement is about to turn this place Third World. He is the only candidate with a moustache admittedly but I'm rejecting that as a criterion, along with picking on the basis of best looking (Clare Bailey, who has a bit of a mumsy Carly Rae Jepsen thing going on). As such I'll be going with the Workers Party again, the only ones in this constituency to really hammer home the anti-austerity line as the priority it deserves to be. Burns can take second and Bailey third so commiserations in advance to all three on their inevitable defeat.

For whatever its worth (sod all), that's how I'll be going but I fully expect the same old sectarian shite to rule the day and us to be faced with another five years of money-hungry Sinn Fein and DUP scumbags doing whatever the Tories order them so long as they can protect their own interests. Meanwhile their potless voters will be much worse off, having once again followed the same old "keep the other side out" line regardless. Heck, there's so little between the five main parties that they might as well all merge as their all cheeks of the same (admittedly very deformed, given there are five of them) arse. As ever grim prospects lie ahead thanks to England and their propensity for forcing the Tories on us.
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Peter Robinson, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, has never hid the fact that he comes from the "pray for Catholics but hate Catholicism" school of Evangelical Protestantism. That he believes whole-heartedly in his personal interpretation of the Bible is something that he has never sought to hide and so, like all religious fundamentalists, he must, as a matter of course, be an unreconstructed bigot against all other religious belief systems. After all, who thinks he has the indisputable truth but is happy to accept all wrong viewpoints as equal? Robbo has a long history of attacking the Roman Catholic Church and other more moderate Protestant churches who seek to reach some form of rapprochement with what he personally once termed "the evils of Romish worship" so can we really be surprised with his recent Islamophobic outburst? Apparently those Muslims who believe in Sharia are unacceptable to Robbo, which kind of strikes me as saying you don't have a problem with Christians, apart from those who hold the Ten Commandments. The inevitable backtrack has followed although I don't personally think he needs to bother as Northern Ireland lives by its own rules and public expressions of hate by leading political figures are pretty much the norm. Had it happened in England he would be today's fish supper paper already but here he can say what he wants, especially given how ingrained anti-Islamic sentiments are in Northern Ireland, despite the fact that Muslims are a very small minority here and there have been no attacks whatsoever.

James McConnell, the "pastor" behind the hate speech and the head buck cat up at the oddball fundamentalist freakshow that is Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle (formerly Robbo's church of choice) is hardly a stranger to hatred. He's a lover of Enoch Powell (he might want to re-read "Rivers of Blood" - it doesn't mention Islam), considers Barack Obama a Muslim (he might want to re-read the Books of Ezekiel and Zechariah - they don't mention Islam or Russia) and of course belongs to the aforementioned anti-Catholic tradition. Homophobia, of course, looms large in his discourse but when Iris Robinson was bonking for Britain a blind eye was turned. Again, anywhere else (apart from the Deep South, I suppose) he would have had his chips years ago but not here.

Let's face it, the DUP repositioning itself as some sort of moderate group has always had the whiff of nonsense about it. The likes of Ivan Foster may be gone, but creationist nutjobs like Edwin Poots and Nelson McCausland remain in leading positions, the embarrassment that is the Singing Nun William McCrea remains in office as MP for South Antrim and a new generation of enlightened young fundamentalists headed by David McIlveen fils waits in the wings, ready to assume power when the original dinosaurs finally go. Robinson is simply expressing the hate-infused opinions rife within his party and indeed Northern Irish society as a whole (on both sides I hasten to add - where in the past anybody killing British soldiers was feted by republicans they have joined the tabloid-led hysteria against Muslims as readily as their loyalist counterparts). In a civilised society he would be out on his ear but in a civilised society he would have gone years ago and he hardly looks out of place in the new UKIP-loving, Muslim-hating Britain anyway. Religious intolerance, bigotry and hatred have never been considered problems in Northern Ireland and they're not about to become problems. Robbo will continue as boss, McGuinness, for all his big talk, will continue as his stooge and McConnell will continue to spew his vile invective every Sunday unenlightening his captive audience on the Shore Road. If it's tolerance you want, you're in the wrong place. What a horrid little shitehole this place can be sometimes.
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I've been desperately trying to take some crumb of comfort from these election but I can't. Swept on by the biased "reporting" of the BBC and all the tabloids bar the Mirror, those hateful shits of the UK Independence Party have come top in the European elections and done fairly well in the council elections (although their head cheerleader Nick Robinson is talking shite by calling 163 councillors out of 2,101 an "earthquake"). If there's any justice they will follow the lead of the now virtually irrelevant (outside Pendle at least) BNP and become victims of their own success. After all the BNP's brief period of success in the early to mid 00s led to to them splitting into several little factions and saw their thuggish, frequently barely literate, councillors make total prats of themselves at every opportunity. Mind you, the BNP were fighting against a cordon sanitaire, something UKIP won't have to worry about given that they had the sense to get in some tokens in advance. I swear if I see Nigel Farage's hateful, smug, buck-toothed, squinty-eyed, batrachian face once more I'm a gonna kick this screen in! And an especial boo to all the Rangers-supporting knuckle draggers in Scotland and all the forelock tuggers in AndWales for following their English masters in electing that rabble too. Pish on the lot of you.

Elsewhere Little Miss Le Pen has come top in France to show that the British lurch to the extreme right is not unique. Given France's unusual history with right-wing extremists (along with Italy, it's the only Western European country where being a self-declared neo-fascist is no bar to a leading role in public life, as the likes of Alain de Benoist and Dominique Venner have demonstrated) and the mess both major parties have made of government it's no surprise but still a real shame. Meanwhile in Finland the rightist Finns Party have added an extra seat, the Poles have returned their usual quota of hardcore Catholic racists who claim the label "centre-right" with straight faces and even in Greece a left-wing victory has tempered by three seats for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. Stygian gloom the continent over.

Locally we are still waiting on the final results of an election held last Thursday but so far, as I predicted, Sinn Fein have topped the poll and Anderson is back in, with Diane Dodds likely to follow soon. Ho-hum. beyond that it's pick-a-dick between Jim Nicholson, Alex Attwood and Jim Allister for third place with Anna Lo not in the running and bloody UKIP even managing twenty odd thousand votes here. In the local elections the Sinn Fein vote pretty much held and, whilst the DUP shed support, it all seems to have gone to the Ulster Unionists (for reasons unknown) or rewarded the bigoted Strasserism of the Progressive Unionist Party or the reactionary High Toryism of the Traditional Unionist Voice. In among all that the dissident republican campaign got nowhere, with Eirigi, Republican Network for Unity and various independents getting almost nothing (OK, one exception but I'm not much of a 32 County Sovereignty Movement fan personally). Hell even bloody UKIP managed to get three seats here and the total mess that is NI21 took one. If I am to finally take that one crumb of comfort I spoke of earlier it will be from the good people of Black Mountain electing Gerry Carroll, a man I very vaguely know, to Belfast City Council instead of yet another faceless Sinn Fein nobody. On his own and stacked up against the cabal of the big five I can't see him being able to make any real impact on the new council when it finally splutters into life next year (that's right, the old council is continuing for another year in a colossal waste of money) but the fact that somebody, somewhere was prepared to vote against oppression and for the people is heartening anyway.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I'd like to find a pile of coats to hide under for a while.
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So, once again on Saturday the centre of Belfast is to be off limits to all as it is taken over by loyalist marchers, this time an outfit calling itself Loyal Peaceful Protesters, essentially the UVF, sundry hangers-on and a bunch of young junkies threatened with having their drug debts called in if they don't march.

As leader of the Progressive Unionist Party and nominal leader of the protest Billy Hutchinson argued that yet another unwarranted disruption of people's lives over a piece of cloth and the right of sectarian bigots to celebrate UVF murderers in front of their victims "is legitimate and lawful and will also highlight the other issues that are impacting on working class Protestant communities, including increasing poverty." The most depressing possible thought is that Hutchinson actually believes that although I suspect it is just what he has to tell himself to get through the night.

At heart I suspect Hutchinson is a genuine man of working class politics but he has completely painted himself into a corner down the years and is now flailing around in a desperate attempt to justify to himself his decision to crawl into bead with the extreme right. The protests are about flags on City Hall and the fact that republicans don't want Orange Order and paramilitary flute bands passing their houses and have sod all to do with increasing poverty, an issue that impacts upon both communities equally and which is being ignored by the major parties and the British government overlords to which Hutchinson is avowedly loyal. If he really believes that poverty can only be solved by a sectarian approach then maybe Hutch has willingly gone over to the extreme right and is seeking to position himself as the Otto Strasser of loyalism.

In a way his options are limited. There was a time when Hutchinson was a big cheese in the UVF but these days he is cocky on the biscuit tin, flailing around desperately trying to gain some influence but increasingly ignored by the true leaders. He preaches working class politics and the fact that loyalists (and no one else) are suffering poverty but yet he happily hitches himself to the UVF and its drug dealing empire and intimidation of the same loyalists, counting UVF commanders like Winkie Irvine amongst his party colleagues. Billy can soothe his conscience all he wants with fantasy stuff about flag and march protests being about social issues but he knows fine well they aren't and that they amount to nothing more than nakedly sectarian shows of strength by the UVF.

The increasingly irrelevant Martin McGuinness recently broke his silence on the affair by suggesting that the protest was being orchestrated by the UVF before adding that he had heard rumours about Francis I being a member of the Catholic Church, but frankly his opinion is of no consequence as he has happily allowed it to go on. The same goes for the execrable Teresa Villiers - if Belfast is indeed open for business then how about you put in an appearance on North Street on Saturday afternoon, Teesy? Thought not. Interesting too that what is increasingly taking on all the trappings of fascism and has the vocal support of the BNP, National Front and other fringe extremist groups is being totally ignored by Anti-Fascist Action and the rest of the self-declared hard men. But that's the way it always has been here - a privileged group sees aspects of its dominant position eroded and it screams no fair and rises up, completely unopposed by the republicans who, as usual, are satisfied with the merest of scraps from the master's table.

Is there poverty in loyalist areas? Yes, but how is that going to be addressed by stupid and pointless rabid nationalism and flag waving? Poverty didn't suddenly appear the day the union jack came down from city hall and if it went back up tomorrow it wouldn't suddenly disappear, no matter what cloud cuckoo land ideas Billy Hutchinson might be trying to convince himself of. Take your concerns to the DUP, disrupt their lives and above all stop voting for them and stop welcoming a rabid monetarist like Nelson McCausland to your protests when his stated desire to copy the frankly evil policies of Iain Duncan Smith will only push those already in poverty further down instead of wasting all your energies on bigotry. And above all stop attempting to make poverty a sectarian issue and instead reach across the religious divide to the underprivileged of Ballymurphy, Turf Lodge and the rest of the republican sink estates instead of emphasising the constructed differences that your masters made to keep us all down in the first place. Or to put it in more simple language, fuck flags and fuck marches, stop being such lumpenproletariat idiots and then you might start to see poverty being tackled.

The whole "shared future" argument is a load of old bollocks, an attempt by Peter Robinson to neutralise the Irish unity argument by downplaying the sectarian aspects of the British dimension. Yet it's somewhat ironic that the loyalists, who, after all, are the ones who trumpet the importance of Britishness the loudest, are the only ones to vocally object whilst Sinn Fein continue to buy into the whole farce, despite the clear contradiction that a future cannot be shared by two communities who want diametrically opposed conclusions to their situations. On Saturday, once again, Loyal Peaceful Protesters will assert their ethnocentrist identity and I'm sure they'll live up to their name as the event will no doubt pass off peacefully as it is difficult to initiate clashes when you are completely unopposed.

Edmund Burke may have, for the most part, talked wall to wall crap but he was onto something when he opined "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Now, by no stretch of the imagination is McGuinness a good man but alas it seems that the few good men republicanism has left are happy to follow his lead in doing absolutely nothing in the face of rabid sectarian hatred. The bigotry and hatred is something you get used to - it's always been there and always will be. But when resistance dies what is left? Sickening.
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I once used this little forum of mine to suggest that Jim Allister's baby, the Traditional Unionist Voice, could be considered a fascist party. I was being flippant of course as it is at best a High Tory throwback and at worst an extreme right vanity project but either way it falls some distance short of fascism. Recently however I have got to thinking about how the current flag protest movement and its Ulster People's Forum directors relate to fascism and that proves to be a little less cut and dried.

As the establishment unionism and loyalism have always tended towards the right but whether they have ever produced true fascism (and I'm ignoring any nonsensical attempt to use the term fascism as a synonym for racism, dictatorship or "I don't like it") is highly debatable. If we assume fascism should be ultra-nationalist, radically populist, seek to build a mass movement and be desirous of palingenesis or a complete rebirth of society, then the closest fit seems to be the Ulster Vanguard. Of course when they were formed they were simply conservatives adopting the trappings of militarism and when William Craig had his brain fart and decided that his preferred solution was power-sharing with the SDLP they suddenly became the most moderate of the radical unionist parties (and forget the United Ulster Unionist Party splinter group, who were little more than a TUV forerunner) but during the period when they advocated the establishment of a hard-line independent "Ulster" and were seemingly prepared to advocate violence against any opposition they came as close to fascism as this place ever has seen.

But if we turn to the current movement it is clear that some, if not all, elements of fascism can be identified. The flag protest movement are possibly the most populist movement to emerge since partition and their rhetoric is increasingly been couched in a highly populist rejection of the existing politicians. Equally a rejection of liberal democracy, seen by the likes of Gentile and Payne (although less so myself, I must admit) as central to fascism, can be detected from the very basis of the initial protests given that the flag was removed from the City Hall due to a democratic vote and the rejection of that decision clearly represents a rejection of that process. Nationalism goes without saying. The assertion of group rights, the prominence of the flag, the insistence that some are members of the "group" (Ulster Protestants) and that there are "the other" who are without the group and therefore enemies are pretty much textbook examples of ultra-nationalism and really need no more discussion. Similarly the mass movement idea is self evident as the flag protests have been the ultimate social movement, seeking to get as many numbers as possible onto the streets and relying on the sheer force of human bodies for intimidation. Indeed involvement has been as important, if not more so, than ideology at levels not seen since the formation of the UDA or the Ulster Workers' Council strike.

Palingenesis is so far largely absent from official policy, such as it is, although at lower levels the virulent strains of anti-Catholicism that run through the membership hint at a desire for a Protestant state. In typical post-modern fashion, this has manifested itself in social network groups attached to the protests advocating the eradication of Catholics. Their apparently preferred constitutional arragnement of direct rule is a fairly non-radical solution although it remains to be seen whether or not this is Willie Frazer's personal opinion or that of the wider movement whilst a desire for a return to a mythical golden age can in itself be seen as palingenetic. The Italian Social Movement, one of the few post-war groups to ever self-identify as fascist and achieve mainstream levels of support, talked of nostalgia dell'avvenire in this context, a backwards look to the future.

Willie Frazer's former involvement in the Ulster Independence Movement, a group whose Ulster Patriot journal frequently featured the thoughts of Romanian fascist leader Codreanu (a favourite of former National Front organiser and UIM big cheese David Kerr), hints at past associations with a group that was at least tolerant of fascism and, whilst it is rather guilt by association, Frazer's prominent role in proceedings suggests that at least the Ulster People's Forum would not immediately recoil at the ideology. A case can be made for the UIM as a fascist movement in the manner of the Nick Griffin wing of the National Front and the International Third Position but I'll not go down that avenue here and now as it is not strictly relevant.

So far the protests have gone through two stages. The first was as a response to a leafleting campaign by the DUP aimed at whipping up opposition to the Alliance as part of their wider attempts to regain control of their bulwark East Belfast seat from that party for Peter Robinson. In this stage it was an old case of an arch conservative establishment figure trying to use latent extreme right sentiments to further their own ends. From Franz von Papen's disastrous attempts to use the Nazi Party to further his own career all the way down to David Cameron mobilising anti-European xenophobia in an attempt to extricate himself from an uncomfortable coalition that is as old as the hills. Somewhere along the line however the DUP lost control of the protests and they entered a new phase, one of bitter resentment, ethnic nationalism and populist right wing politics in which the initial stated aim of returning a piece of cloth to a building has been confused with the introduction of vague demands for social reform and explicit attacks on the minority community, effectively giving birth to an extreme right, but ideologically weak, protest movement whose demands seem increasingly diffuse and uncertain. Conspiracy theories abound with "big lie" propaganda helping to fuel bigotry by arguing that Catholics get all the good things despite the figures still showing unemployment as higher among the Catholic community than the Protestant community. When proletarian resentment, driven by the decline of the heavy industries that the Protestant working classes traditionally dominated, gets turned on an internal out group rather than the system itself we are clearly in right-wing extremism territory.

Politically they have been so far characterised by an immaturity that is perhaps inevitable given that of the leaders only Frazer has any political background and even that has been very much on the fringes. One need only look at the bizarre events of last week when Jamie Bryson announced that the Ulster People's Forum had severed their ties with Frazer only for them to announce a united front later that same day. Had there been the slightest bit of political maturity Fraser and Bryson would surely have conducted their tiff in private. On a wider level however the absence of this maturity has left them without any real ideology. In some ways many of their followers are comparable to the impoverished people who followed the Chartists in the nineteenth century, feeling that in their own mind there was an agenda for social reform even when the stated aims were clearly solely related to the organisation of government. The flag protest and Ulster People's Forum are as yet not a fascist movement as they haven't reached that stage yet and are still stuck in the wider extreme right mode of resentment and bitterness. It's highly possible that they might never exit that mode and indeed their overall basis is weak and conditional for, were there to be a capitulation and the flag was returned tomorrow, it seems likely that Fraser and Bryson would disappear into the background and the general loyalist population would return to their default position of blindly following the major unionist parties. Equally attempts by the Progressive Unionist Party to cash in on the protests by publicly taking a much more hard-line stance than usual seem unlikely to work as Bryson has shown no desire to become a member and Fraser has old associations with the UVF's bitter enemies in the LVF.

If Bryson and Fraser decide to go the whole hog and build a new mass loyalist party from what they have now Northern Ireland might well find itself with its first indigenous truly fascist movement a good 90 or so years after everywhere else but we aren't there yet (and even if we end up there, there are no guarantees it would excite any interest). Instead we have an extreme right protest movement full of people who are very angry about a lot of things, aren't sure just who to blame and so turn their anger on the people in their midst whom they define as being different to them. Not so much a local version of the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento as a local version of the English Defence League then.
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So in the biggest shock since Barney Bear grabbed a roll of Andrex and said "I'm just off to the woods for a bit" it seems that Martin McGuinne$$ has agreed to shake the hand of his paymaster, no doubt doing his usual grinning like a ninny act the whole time. About as inevitable as it is possible to be that the former leader of the Provisional IRA, a man who made his name in seeking by force of arms to drive the British out of Ireland (through blowing up bus station patrons and other dangerous hard cases), is now happy to shake hands with the titular head of the war machine he once opposed. We're told that it's great, that we have this marvellous shared future to look forward to of swingeing cuts, rampant unemployment and what little money there is being blown on vanity projects but pardon me if I am unimpressed by it all. The implication of McGuinness and his Sinn Fein cohorts is that everything that went before in republicanism is now null and void and that, in the ultimate expression of a Whig interpretation of history, the revolutionary actions of his antecedents were all leading to the glorious present where we can bask in the glory of a coalition of idiots ballsing the place up and so-called republicans endorsing the rule of loyalist supporters like Peter Robinson and Nelson McCausland and idiots like Edwin Poots. It's as if McGuinness and his ilk are saying that the action undertaken from Wolfe Tone to the ceasefire was simply immaturity and that all they need to do is sit around in a permanent, money-spinning rightist coalition with the DUP waiting on one side breeding enough to make it 50%+1 and then we can slip quietly into a unification with the Irish Republic and swap The Tories for Fine Gael. Whoop-de-doo! Surely the point of republicanism was a radical new Ireland in the grand traditions of James Connolly, not endorsing monarchy for years until there are enough Fenians that we can switch over to being part of a failed capitalist state that is effectively owned by the European Union. The time has come for Sinn Fein to take their seats in Westminster because they way they are acting now they might as well declare themselves as the same monarchist party that they were when Arthur Griffith established them in 1905. Were people to turn against them as a result I would say it is worth it but unfortunately Sinn Fein have done such a number on the republican lumpen that if anything it will probably boost their support. Hell, Martin McGuinness could slip on Geri Halliwell's dress, Big Daddy's waistcoat and some prat's knickers and start singing "rebellious Scots to crush" and the Fenians would still vote for the bastard en bloc. Sickening.

But enough about that. I suppose I really should say something about that little football tournament that is going on. I did declare my support for Greece and they were eliminated but I must confess I didn't particularly care that they were as I still can't get into this tournament the way I usually do. Germany looked excellent and the 4-2 score flattered the Greeks enormously but I still feel that the Germans will blow it. If Joachim Löw was going to win a tournament he would have done it by now and let's face it the Greeks, who were surely the hairiest faced team to reach a finals tournament since Hungary and Canada's woolly cheeked squads of 1986, were really no challenge anyway. I've been saying it for a while in person so I will declare on here - whoever wins the game between England and Italy will at very least be finalists and might well be winners. You heard it here first.


Mar. 14th, 2012 09:56 pm
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I hate to flog a dead horse (says a liar) but if further proof were needed that the DUP are money-grubbing scum then it came today when it was announced that eleven MLAs have claimed over £60,000 in expenses and eight of them are DUP. It should be noted that the top claimant Jim Wells was for part of the period in which he was claiming also a member of Down District Council and thus was entitled to councillor's expenses, second top claimant Stephen Moutray remains a member of Craigavon Borough Council and thus is entitled to councillor's expenses, whilst in contrast third top claimant Thomas Buchanan remains a member of Omagh District Council and thus is entitled to councillor's expenses. Peter Robinson is in there too despite his salary as First Minister, his salary as leader of the DUP and his salary as a totally above board property developer.

And isn't it lovely that at a time when the DUP's Nelson McCausland is stating that he will be taking away free public transport from pensioners it is announced that the MLAs are to get an 11% pay rise. Well deserved too. Given that most legislation for this place still comes from Westminster a good place to deal out cuts would be Stormont by getting rid of a bunch of the 108 MLAs, not giving them hefty pay hikes. Crooked game all round. I can only repeat my earlier caveats that loyalists should remember all this before they drone into the polling booth next time and vote DUP even though it is the same party that keeps kicking them. If you must vote unionist vote Billy Hutchinson's mob for God's sake, anybody but Robinson, McCausland and the rest of that corrupt rabble.

Back in the late 1980s when independent councillor Nelson McCausland was also a leading light on the Ulster Independence Committee extolling the virtues of the "ancient and ethnic nation" that is Ulster he commented that "democracy in Ulster is dead". Well, as long as the majority keep forcing this hateful bunch of money-loving monetarists I say it can't die quick enough. And didn't he look so much better with just his moustache instead of that ugly grey stubble he sports now? I wonder where Nelson fits into Keith Flett's ludicrous assertion regarding beards, moustaches and the left?

Some Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation is again needed to take away some of this rage. Aaah, aren't they sweet? There, I feel better now.


Mar. 9th, 2012 07:34 pm
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Well, whoda thunk it? Tom Elliott has followed Reg Empey onto the scrapheap of history already. As shocks go it is up there with stepping in bear crap whilst strolling through the forest. Whatever angle you come at it from there is just no point to the Ulster Unionist Party any more. When Peter Robinson is sitting in government with the IRA (well, Sinn Fein/IRA was his favoured term until recently so to his mind they are obviously identical) it is difficult to present yourself as a moderate unionist alternative whilst for those Ballyhackamore snobs who still think the DUP is a bit working class, based on the fact that they had factory workers and taxi drivers as candidates thirty years ago, there is always the Alliance, which makes no bones about being a unionist party. No, at the ripe old age of 107 the UUP has reached the end of its natural life and the time has come for it to follow the lead of the Vanguard of old and meekly disappear. If they insist on soldiering on (which they will - we all know how pig-headed unionist are) then the next leader will have to be Mike Nesbitt as a man who many moons ago tried to make it as a comedian is surely the only choice for a group that is fast becoming a joke.

And in other, related news (in the sense that all human beings are at some level related to one another) it has come to my attention that, in the annual parade of pap and poop that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Bulgaria is this year to be represented by none other than Sofi Marinova. What do you mean "who"? Sofi Marinova - you know "Stiga Nomera", "Obicham", the Romani nightingale. Around this time last year I revealed my occasional taste for the horrendous Bulgarian chav music known as Chalga, as well its Serbian equivalent Turbofolk, and I often wondered why neither country looked to these partially indigenous forms of noise pollution when entering the Eurovision Song Contest. OK, Serbia's 2010 entry Milan Stankovic dabbles in Turbofolk but as I also revealed a year ago this is, like Japanese garage rock or American punk, one of those genres where only the female contributions interest me. Glad to see that my words are finally holding weight in the Balkans, although perhaps inevitably the song itself has been somewhat de-Chalgaed and given a more westernised sound. Don't be ashamed of your own sound, you Bulgars. Were it up to me Preslava would represent Bulgaria and Stoja would represent Serbia and we would all live happily ever after. But it's not up to me so instead we get the defrosting of Engelbert Humperdinck and those pasty-faced, Max Headroom-haired, hellspawned Irish bastards who join Paul McCartney's ex-wife on the list of people I refuse to name so as not to give them even a modicum of publicity.

And yes it all does sound bloody terrible and I am a man devoid of all taste and discernment but if you didn't know that by now then you never will. Now enjoy some classic Desi Slava before the blonde spiral-perm took over and ask yourself where else you would get a death sentence on the Ulster Unionist Party combined with some choice cuts of awful eastern European bilge. There'll never be another.
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Isn't David Cameron a fascinating creature. Not a few months after sending our glorious boys over to Libya to give what for to a foreign leader who had turned on protesters he stands grinning like a ninny beside an autocrat asking if he wouldn't mind being a little bit nicer to to civilians, pwetty pwease. OK, I appreciate he needs all the friends he can get after deciding to make an enemy of every country in Europe recently but does the bare-faced hypocrisy of the man know no end? Bomb Qaddafi into the ground because he's bad for turning on civilians but Hamad Al-Khalifa does the same and he's a welcome guest at Downing Street. Sickening.

Meanwhile closer to home we have something else to thank all those brain-dead loyalists who vote DUP for. One of the few successes of the Assembly was the introduction of free prescriptions for all last year, well thanks to the morons who inhabit the estates of Lisburn and Banbridge we can kiss goodbye to them after bat-eared human gargoyle Edwin Poots announced he was sending the issue to consultation. Time and again that phrase in Northern Ireland has meant that a minister has made up his mind and will ask a couple of yes-men whether he is right or just correct. So goodbye free prescriptions it is then and once again I call on loyalists to remember this when they even think about voting DUP again. Fat chance. Sorry to harp on about this but it is so frustrating to see working class people allowing themselves to be lead around by the nose by the millionaires of the DUP. Nobody here voted for the Conservatives and their cuts but the DUP have happily metamorphosed into their local equivalent and their rest of us are having to endure their monetarist crap. And he's a creationist - talk about rewarding stupidity. The more you see of the likes of Cameron and Poots the more obvious it becomes that only complete cretins can make it in politics.
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There were be two actions that will forever define the now dead Gusty Spence and they are the loyalist ceasefire in 1994 and the sectarian murders he perpetrated in 1966. There have been plenty of conversions in the history of Northern Ireland but to give Spence his due his conversion from mastermind of the UVF to politician and peacemaker seemed to be amongst the more genuine. He never played the cheap God card, he never pretended that he had suddenly given up on being a loyalist but at a time when the leaders of unionism were sitting on their hands after the Provies' capitulation Spence provided the leadership that loyalism needed at that moment. There were contradictions to the man, such as how he was able to square his apparent embracing of socialism to a continuation of his deferential monarchism and the continuing relationship was the UVF despite their extreme right tendencies and ultimately his attempts to be become a political leader have to adjudged a failure as the Progressive Unionists have consistently been rejected by loyalists in favour of the increasingly gentrified DUP. Equally the fact that the loyalist ceasefires have seemingly existed in name only for much of the time (the murder of Liam Conway, the Tandragee killings, the killing of Tommy English and the others in 2000, the Gavin Brett shooting, the UVF's 2005 spree, etc.) as well as the general crapulence of post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland cast a shadow over his efforts, although to be fair Spence as an individual can be blamed for neither fact. In all I believe his efforts have to be applauded whatever their ultimate results and, whilst I'll not be shedding any tears for the man who unleashed the bigoted killing machine that is the UVF on us, like David Ervine before him I'll doff the hat for the passing of Gusty Spence.


May. 27th, 2011 07:00 pm
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If it's Friday and it's the big junction near the bottom of York Road it must be a bomb alert. I'm not sure what it is that makes that area ever so attractive to "suspect devices", bar the possible proximity to the Alexandra Bar, formerly the favourite hangout of the Shoukri brothers, but once again the area round Yorkgate shopping centre, where the careful shopper can stock up on cheap salmon, has attracted the supposed bombs.

Around 1974 a series of letters were sent to the press, purportedly from the Ulster Citizens Army, in which this supposed loyalist group claimed to have endorsed left-wing beliefs on paper headed with the starry plough emblem favoured by our own James Connolly. Rumours circulated that the Ulster Citizens Army was in fact the UVF under a different name and that they had adopted communism, a dirty word in the right-wing world of unionism and loyalism. Despite the fact that this was one of those rare occasions that the National Front had made the UVF their best mates over here (instead of their usual pals in the UDA) the rumours stuck and the UVF's attempts to organise their own Volunteer Political Party floundered before they had got off the ground. It subsequently turned out that the Ulster Citizens Army never existed and that the letters were the work of the dirty tricks department of the British Army as at that point a politicised UVF did not suit the government's agenda.

I mention all this because my own belief in the veracity of these bomb scares that keep cropping up is not really registering with me. At a time when Northern Ireland is preparing for the full brunt of the malevolent cuts from their DUP and Sinn Fein masters one would think that an easy way to save money would be to ditch some of the thousands and thousands of cops that the Troubles saddled this place with. If they need a place to start might I suggest the short-arsed little shit who stopped me entering Dock Street today. The sort of little turd who reckons himself a hard man because he is carrying a machine gun but whom you could destroy in a bar fight in ten seconds.

But what better way to keep these thugs in uniform in work than a slew of suspect devices, none of which has so far turned out to be an actual bomb? I'm not suggesting that the dissident republicans are nothing more than an establishment canard (although I do wonder for some of them) but isn't it also convenient that the same day the wife of our great dictator Peter Robinson is cleared of all shady dealings (despite the fact that the dogs in the street know she gave public money to her young lover) a bunch of "bombs" suddenly take top spot in the news? Another way to save money - stop all these pointless inquiries when the outcomes are decided in advance. If the state wasn't involved in the deaths of Rosemary Nelson and, as much as I was glad to see the back of him, Billy Wright then I'll eat my hat. A little bit too much nonsense going on to keep the establishment in work at the expense of everybody else if you ask me.
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Interesting angle being taken in these forthcoming elections by the self-declared Democratic Unionist Party. We have all known for a long time that when the DUP talked about democracy they always meant it in its most basic 50% plus one person model with any silly little notion like minority rights never on the agenda. Well judging by the slogan being trotted out this time it seems even that narrow definition of democracy has been whittled down even further. Now not only are Fenian votes to be disregarded but those of unionists who support somebody else don't count any more either. So the message now is the election has already been decided, we are going to win and if you don't vote DUP you are a big idiot and your opinion doesn't matter. OK the chances of the Ulster Unionists or even, God forbid, the Traditional Unionist Voice winning are slim to say the least but surely a true democrat should be happy to allow the electorate to decide rather than announcing in advance that the result is a foregone conclusion. Were there any justice the bluenoses would give these cretins a black eye by voting against them and shutting their arrogant mouths but that will never happen here so the poster will be proven right. Note too that they apparently believe spiralling unemployment with the economy dying on its arse with millions worth of cuts to essential services due and a return to daily paramilitary activity is "Northern Ireland moving forward". You would have to laugh were it not for the fact that we were guaranteed another four years of Peter "Mr. Corruption" Robinson and his grinning bastard of a sidekick McGuinness feathering their own nests and those of their cronies.

Coincidentally another avowed democrat whose commitment was shaky at best came up today with the announcement that Bill Craig has died. To be honest I had actually assumed he had died some years ago so low has his profile been but then I suppose only the good die young. Strange that I should mention his Ulster Vanguard recently with regards to the movement's similarities to fascism but there can be little doubt that if Billy boy had his way then the Taigs would now all be serving time in the concentration camps he would have set up in his independent Ulster state. Like the Nazi Party he maintained his own private SS guard in the form of the Vanguard Service Corps, his own SA style street army that he ditched when he got sick of in the form of the UDA, his own Deutsche Arbeitsfront style scab union to be used for the aims of reaction in the shape of the Ulster Workers Council, sought to build a mass party to support an elite leadership (even telling those lovely people at the Monday Club that he could call on 80,000 stooges to follow his orders), preached a form of extreme nationalism that included the palingenetic element of independence and even had his own take on the Nuremberg rallies at which this supposed democrat made it clear that he was happy to turn his guns on the Taigs whenever the notion took him.

Like his good mate and then enemy Ian Paisley he was a master of megaphone diplomacy and, just as Paisley would do with Jim Molyneaux later on, the two dominated the lacklustre Ulster Unionist leader Harry West despite his lot being the biggest unionist party. Before that as Minister for Home Affairs in the old Stormont government he was probably the harshest voice within the cabinet against any notion of Catholic civil rights. Inevitably, as always happens when one of these auld bastards dies, he will now be lionised by the unionist establishment and their BBC Northern Ireland mouthpiece but Craig was an evil man who actively cultivated a close relationship with John Tyndall and was happy to encourage National Front rallies in support of his own fascist movement. The fact that at some stage he apparently underwent a lobotomy and suddenly decided that he would share power with the SDLP, much to the ire of the rank of file in the Vanguard, cannot excuse his other crimes. And just to show that nothing ever changes around this parts I notice that the earlier mentioned Peter Robinson, who actually won his former seat in East Belfast at Craig's expense in 1979, has been amongst the first to heap praise on Northern Ireland's own version of Corneliu Codreanu. Still why would he not as, after all, this hard-line militaristic pair were always cut from the same cloth. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
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As I approached Carlisle Circus on the northern side of inner city Belfast today my eyes were struck by the sight to the right. Yup, Sinn Fein win the (non-existent) prize for being the first shower to get their posters out for the upcoming parade of pointlessness that will be the Assembly and local government elections in May. Typical SF minor candidate really in being a female with untamed curly hair and a name Irished up for the posters - well, if she isn't actually called something like Carol Cullen I'll eat my hat.

Given the way politics has gone here these could prove to be the most pointless elections since the days of the Parliament of Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein and the DUP seem to be the happiest couple since Flavio and Marita the hip hippos and have settled comfortably into their mutual love-in whilst their respective bits of triangulation have left them both able to claim the middle round so leaving the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP effectively devoid of purpose. Hot air is being expelled about the possibility of Sinn Fein coming top but unless Seamy and Francine have been dropping a litter of octuplets every week whilst Billy and Irene have been on a nooky strike I can't see that happening. The UUP don't look like making any inroads into the DUP vote and I really can't see anything drastic happening in terms of support for Jim Allister and his mob of Ulster nationalists, embittered Ulster Resistance veterans and Enoch Powell lovers. Besides even if Sinn Fein did come top in the interests of money stability I'm sure the new and improved Peter Robinson would happily serve under Martin McGuinness for pots and pots of rhino the good of the Province.

Interestingly enough as I passed Sinn Fein's Ormeau Road offices on the way home I noticed that the crux of their election campaign seems to be one word - "leadership". Nice one. In a place where the people are led around by the nose by monolithic elites who never seem to go away and where the local assembly is about as far removed from democracy in its proper sense (you know, rule by the people) as it is possible to get the one thing we need is to be told what to do and what to think even more. I would laugh if their victory was not so bloody inevitable.

And on a (tenuously) related note as I traversed the myriad delights of the Crumlin Road I happened upon an unusually named street. Lovely place I'm sure (well, no actually it looked bloody horrible but I digress) but I'm left to wonder where it leads. Corruption Place perhaps? Maybe Sleaze Drive? Or even Pathetic Power-Hungry Short-Arse with a Face Made of Orange Clingfilm and a Tiny Penis Mews? Yup, he may be facing all sorts of corruption charges (from which he will no doubt emerge unscathed) but there is a corner of North Belfast that will be forever Berlusconi.

Day 25 )
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I received an interesting leaflet through the door today trumpeting the delights of a forthcoming "Shared Neighbourhood Week" in Ballynafeigh (a vague district of Belfast which I may or not live in depending on where one draws the borders). Shared neighbourhood is the supposed reason for this but the events on offer do little to live up to this claim. For the most part it consists of tea dances, family fun days (anything that has the word "fun" in its title is invariably anything but in my experience) and the like, all fairly neutral in their own way. However three promised events are a talk on Unionism and the Irish language, a tour of the Ballynafeigh Orange Hall incorporating some of everybody's sectarian favourites from the Apprentice Boys band and an Ulster Day celebration. So we get some Unionist wittering on about how the Irish language should actually belong to his lot as well as the Ulster-Scots fantasy dialect (a topic that the so partisan it hurts BBC Northern Ireland have covered ad nauseam), a quick run-through of "Could you go a chicken supper Bobby Sands" from the lodge that mocked the victims of the Sean Graham massacre and then a celebration of the day that led to the formation of the UVF. Certainly plenty of shared community experiences there – both unionists and loyalists can enjoy that little lot. Shared - this doesn't sound a million miles away from the Loyalist Day of Culture that ended with Belfast Deputy Mayor sitting in his robes of office watching as Johnny Adair's C Company blasted off their machine guns back in 2000. It's not even as if I am isolating things as there are no equivalents from the Fenian side, presumably for some arbitrary reason that the Lower Ormeau is on the other side of the river and therefore does not qualify as part of the mythical Ballynafeigh. Very disappointing Ballynafeigh Community Development Association.

Meanwhile I see that £30 million has been blown to demonstrate that there was no collusion in the killing of Billy Wright. Money well spent there! As if the British government would have colluded in killing a loyalist anyway considering how long they spent arming and training the gits. Good riddance to bad rubbish - if there's one thing I hate it is large eared men with forearm tattoos wearing goatee beards! Besides as long as his old mate William "Squeezebox" McCrea is still around the fire of the LVF can continue to burn. A bit like "King Rat" in Hell really. Meanwhile I await the Assembly announcing plans to abolish the NHS in Northern Ireland in order to spend ten billion on a fountain commemorating Lenny Murphy. You have to laugh or else you'd cry.
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So that was the election that was, I suppose. After all the hype the whole thing feels a little pointless. Talk of deals about this and that is being bandied about like there's no tomorrow but for me there is an inevitability that it will all fall apart and that we'll be forced to endure the whole farce again in a couple of months. All in all we're left with a situation where all the Liberal Democrat hype proved to be so much hot air but, despite taking a bath, they have every chance of ending up in government, assuming the children can stop squabbling for five minutes. Good old democracy, full of shite as usual.

Change all round was trumpeted but it was revolting to see gits like Alan Duncan, Tessa Jowell, Frank Field and Hazel Blears retaining their seats despite all being bastards of the first water. Further proof, were it ever needed, that you could put the right coloured rosette on a pigeon in certain places and the morons would still vote for it. However there was some pleasure to be taken from the whole mess as we bade a fond farewell to Lembit Opik, Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke. Opik has always got on my nerves with his fame-hungry ways and his uncompromising physical ugliness although I don't imagine for a second that I have seen the last of him as if anybody was built for the reality TV circuit its Bangor's favourite son. With any luck though PC Big Ears and, best of all, Jacqui Smut will disappear to the scrapheap of history where they both belong. I'm also glad that amidst the carnage neither Dennis Skinner nor Jeremy Corbyn were sacrificed as they are about the only two MPs I have any respect for. A pity, though, to see Dai Davies booted out in Blaenau Gwent for some faceless Labour nobody but I suppose that constituency was due a duff decision after bucking the trends for so long.

As to the others I care not a jot about that Lucas woman but the growth in support for the UK Independence Party was a worrying trend as it is disappointing to see that people are still falling for their line of shite. There again as much as I can't stand John Bercow I am glad to see that he beat Nigel Farage into a cocked hat. For all the macho posturing that old Kamikaze adopts he took the wimp's way out this time by challenging the Speaker and as such got what he deserved when he didn't even manage to finish second. It was also great to see Esther Rantzen getting her just desserts but shame on the 1800-odd idiots who actually voted for the witch.

In contrast it was heartening to see that short shrift was given to the English Democrats everywhere that they stood. They may have token ethnic members but the English Democrats claims to being anything other than extreme right are bollocks, especially given that their candidate in Rossendale and Darwen was Michael Johnson, a man who previously sat as a councillor for the England First Party, a group miles to the right of the BNP. How desperate must they have been for candidates when their chap in Havant was a Bogeyman?! But well done to the Lib Dems on a candidate named Aladdin in Leicestershire South, although the three wishes didn't work this time. Mind you the mind boggles equally at the Peace Party who apparently had a hacksaw in Horsham. But, talking of the extreme right, I was equally glad to see the National Front getting what for (except for that 4.9% in Rochdale - shame on them). We really didn't need them back, especially now that Eddy Morrison is back in the fold. And what do you know - the Third Way staggered into life in Eastleigh with predictable results. The melange of libertarianism and fascism that they offer clearly appeals to nobody. Finally what about the character in Bradford West - any ideas about this one [ profile] burkesworks? He looks a pleasant chap I don't think!

As for the BNP themselves as expected they were no nearer the big breakthrough that they keep imagining they will get and the policy of putting about a load of candidates probably counted against them with some derisory results and a big bill waiting. Of course, it wasn't all rosy as they did score some individual results of note e.g. 8.9% in Barnsley Central, 8.6% in Barnsley East, 10.4% in Rotherham, 9.4% in Stoke South, 9.4% in the awkwardly named West Bromwich West, 14.8% in Barking for Griffin, 11.2% in Dagenham and 9% for Sharon Wilkinson in Burnley. And speaking of Burnley I would like to break with tradition and extend congratulations to a Liberal Democrat. Gordon Birtwistle has been a worthy foe of the BNP for years and he deserves his turn in Parliament. Nice one, old son. As for the rest of the BNP's results there were some nice moments there too, notably Andrew Brons coming a cropper in Keighley where it was even nicer to see that spite remains the watchword on the far right as his former charges in the NF ran against him. Equally glad to see Patricia Richardson in Epping Forest, Eddy Butler in Harlow and Lawrence Rustem in Woolwich getting nowhere. Mind you I am still to see the local election results....

In my neck of the woods of course the big news was the demise of Peter Robinson, which I have already covered in the last entry. Still good riddance, now let's hope he leaves Stormont soon too. Elsewhere it was the final annihilation of the now completely pointless Ulster Unionists, whose link-up with the Tories proved an absolute disaster. Plus well done to Michelle Gildernew of Sinn Fein on holding Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the face of the challenge from Rodney Connor. Don't let anybody tell you that sectarianism is gone when the boys will still come together to ensure one of their own gets in. Hard luck, lads! Still I imagine that talk of a more formal alliance between the DUP and the UUP will kick off in the not too distant, probably once Reg Empey has been put out to pasture. Nice work as well by Jim Allister and his Traditional Unionist Voice (or "True Ulster Voice" as that heavyset man fronting Sky News' coverage thought it was) who proved about as successful as I predicted that they would the last time I decided to waste my typing fingers on them.

All in all a lot of fuss over nothing after a campaign that left me extremely weary and dreading the prospect of a rerun (a prospect which I fear remains all too real). Cameron and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he failed to get his precious majority, Clagknot and his big talk didn't cut the mustard as he actually lost seats and we are left with the possibility that, despite being the worst Prime Minister since Alec Douglas-Home, Gordon Brown might still be around for a while yet. Like I said at the beginning pointless!
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I was going to bemoan the fact that the electorate in Northern Ireland are a bunch of idiots for voting an idiot as sleazy as Ian Paisley Jr in as member for North Antrim but then the good (and bloody awful) people of East Belfast turn round and ditch old gunman Robbo in favour of big, flame-haired media whore Naomi Long. Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. And wonders will never cease that this dump is actually among the first to get its counts finished. In for a crazy one by the looks of things!


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