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Given that there was a big scare back in 2011, resulting in my backing everything up on Dreamwidth the recent export has resulted in two copies of each entry from 2003 up to the date when I made the first copies. When it comes to things like this I'm rather anal, even OCD, in my approach and as such I've been going back through all my old entries on Dreamwidth and deleting one of the copies for each, as well as smoothing out the tags so as both versions of this blog are in sync. Quite the experience it has been too, and at times an unsettling one come to think of it.

For one thing in the early days I was ludicrously prolific, knocking out up to three entries a day, most of which had little or no purpose. Bear in mind too that those were the days when I didn't have a home internet connection so you couldn't fault my commitment. That dogmatism of youth was present in those early entries, although paradoxically my intractable approach to Sinn Fein had yet to crystallize as I was more a minor critic in the early years and even spoke out loud about possibly voting for them.

I also seemed to have a deep knowledge of the contemporary ins-and-outs of Italian politics and took it very seriously, for some reason considering that developments there were vital to me personally. The number of times I was practically frothing at the mouth with anger about Berlusconi's latest japes or the political career of doe-eyed hate merchant Alessandra Mussolini rather surprised me at this far-removed distance. Mind you, a lot more things seemed to matter to me back then although I suspect, like manys a young person, I felt that I personally could have an impact on politics, something that I have long since given up on.

On the humorous side, I seemed to be under the impression that the word "meme" was pronounced "me-me", leading a lot of attempted puns that now make no sense. On the bleak side, a trigger warning might have been required for some sections. Let's draw a veil over that.

2006 appears to have been the point where Livejournal (or at least my bit of it) went into decline as, having previously had double figure comments as the norm, entries from that period started to show the "no comments" mark that has been standard for me ever since. And yet, reviewing my own writing I was probably at the height of my powers in 2011, having grown from the at-times barely literate boy of 2003 and being some way above the ideas-bereft waffler of now.

The renaissance that has been hinted at as a result of the recent Russian debacle would be a fine thing and I do rather feel the need to try to help revive things (and I've been more prolific this last week than I have in years). Whether it happens or not who knows, but the fact will remain that going back through very old posts is an at-times uncomfortable experience to say the least.

EDIT: And apparently you can't queue posts on here. Bummer.


May. 6th, 2012 07:54 pm
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When Combat 18 leader Charlie Sargent was sent down for murdering fellow Nazi Chris Castle The Sun, a newspaper that would never incite ethnic hatred with its occasional dalliances with extreme right rhetoric, rejoiced in the comeuppance of the vile bonehead with the headline "the end of the road for the five foot toad". Whilst he may be slightly more than five feet tall (just about anyway) there is nevertheless no doubt that he is a crapaud (with emphasis on the first syllable) so I'm glad to hear the end of the road has arrived for the shrivelled monkey skeleton that is Nicolas Sarkozy. What an odious little man he has been, strutting about with his colossal plastic wife, laying down the law and taking offence wherever he could. If anybody summed up small man syndrome it was M. de Nagy-Bocsa and whilst fellow dwarf Silvio Berlusconi was equally reprehensible he was at least, one would hope, aware of how ludicrous he appeared but carried on regardless. Sarkozy on the other hand seemed to take himself ridiculously seriously, seeking to portray himself as a grand statesman on the world stage, all the while appearing like Casey Kasem's uglier, drunker brother. If I never see him or that bloody Bruni woman and her botox-numbed face again it will be too soon.

I don't for a second imagine Francois Hollande will be anything special as President, given that supposedly left-wing candidates elected to the leadership of countries run on the liberal democratic model always end up being compromising sell-outs (with the notable exception of Salvador Allende). However he is not Sarkozy and as such he will make a bloody welcome change, bringing as he does an end to one of the most shameful episodes in the history of La République.
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As long term readers of this will be aware one of my most consistent targets for venom down the years has been Silvio Berlusconi. As such it is with some joy that I greet the recent news that we are to be rid of the little shit. Again. Obviously we have been here before so I welcome his departure with some caution as the other Teflon Don has a tendency to come back from anything and will no doubt join the cockroaches in the post-nuclear holocaust world. But surely, finally this has to be the end of the road for Il Cavaliere as a politician at least. Mind you, given what he has come back from in the past I am not fully convinced. Let's remind ourselves of a selection of his previous crimes, none of which have inhibited his place as Italy's political godfather since the 90s.

• Berlusconi was a member of the Masonic lodge Propaganda Due, a shadowy extreme right group involved in the 1980 bombing of Bologna in which eighty people were killed and which was active with extremist movements and regimes in Latin America, including with the Dirty War in Argentina. He got off in 1990 after an amnesty was declared for members of this mass murder organisation.
• He has consistently been shown to have been linked to the Mafia, dating back to his early years in business, but has always dodged prosecution through shady means. When he was younger and looked like a human being rather than a capuchin monkey wearing an orange ski mask he proudly advertised the fact that he packed heat.
• Down the years he has bribed more judges than I've had hot dinners and yet has always weaselled out of prosecution, usually through the statute of limitations, something that has got him away with more crimes (including a litany of tax evasion and embezzlement) than you've had hot dinners. To think that Berlusconi sought to present himself as a clean new broom after the mess of Mani pulite!
• He formed governments with radical right parties such as the Lega Nord and the "post fascist" Alleanza Nazionale and then later admitted the Alternativa Sociale into his rag-bag coalition. Under the leadership of former nude model Alessandra Mussolini this alliance of unashamedly fascist parties included the Forza Nuova of Roberto Fiore, a veteran of the neo-fascist terrorist networks of the 1970s. We all know I detest David Cameron but could you really see him forming a coalition with the BNP and English Democrats and then later adding a bloc consisting of the National Front, British Peoples Party and the International Third Position?
• He sullied the good name of our own Tessa Jowell by forcing her against her will/entirely without her knowledge/it never happened (delete according to which excuse she is currently using) to become involved in bribery.
• Bunga bunga. Not only did the whole grubby affair sum up the crassness of this poor excuse for a human being but it also demonstrated how much he blew with the wind. He supposedly learned it from his great mate Colonel Qaddafi but as soon as the tide turned against him Berlusconi rushed to get sticking the knife in. With friends like that etc.
• Lest we forget he still faces trial for bonking an underage girl although I have no doubt that he will worm his way out of that.
• He claims to be a serious politician and yet he gets plastic surgery that makes him look like a burns victim, he flaunts his sexual proclivities in public despite having Veronica Lario at home (and despite consistently trying to present himself as the bastion of the Catholic vote), he brands German politicians Nazis despite sitting in government with self-declared fascists and praising Benito Mussolini as benign, he consistently makes racist jokes about Black people being “tanned” (not least at Barack Obama), he tries to make rape into something to laugh about, he makes crass jokes at the expense of his own people left homeless by an earthquake and tells a litany of crap and offensive jokes directed against (in no particular order) gays, Jews, women, the Spanish, Muslims, the Chinese and the Finns. And he releases albums. Albums, for God’s sake!
• And above all the regular public appearances made by his revolting, shrivelled penis mean that he is the biggest criminal to ever walk the face of the earth. Put it away you horrible old man!

There is an interview that they frequently show in which Tony Blair is grilled by Jeremy Paxman over his relationship with Richard Desmond. At one point (around nine minutes in) Blair visibly squirms as Paxman reads out a list of Desmond's rather more salacious publications. Could you imagine the same interview taking place with Silvio Berlusconi instead of Tony Blair? He would probably get to his feet and start thrusting his emboldened member into the camera. Such is the measure of the man who has been the absolute disgrace of Italy for two decades and has done more to damage the good name of the country that gifted the world the Renaissance since Mussolini. I hope upon hope that this is the last the world sees of the tight-faced old bastard but I retain the fear that his clammy hands will be back on the steering wheel before too long, inaugurating another corruption-riddled government of porn stars in which he uses public money to fun his own taste for whores. Good riddance but please don't come back.
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Good luck to the Libyans if and when Qaddafi does go as they're sure to need it if they think things are going to suddenly be rosy under a new government. Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr's old saw about plus ca change tends to apply where governments are concerned and I have little doubt that it will be the case liberal/monetarist/Islamic fundamentalist/civil war (delete as applicable) Libya is established.

Of course my sympathies are, to an extent, with all these poor saps throwing themselves in front of bullets (although with their headlong rush to hitch their wagons to Saint Barack's star they might as well stick a ribbon on their oil fileds and a tag saying "From Libya to Shell") but I'm not altogether sure what they expect to achieve beyond getting rid of Qaddafi (or whoever else in the other Arab countries). If they had definite plans for a new system with a greatly improved government it might be better but that doesn't seem to be the case. If we take Egypt as a model what has happened that is so great there? The admittedly bloody awful Hosni Mubarak is gone but in his place has come a military dictatorship giving vague guarantees about transitions to democracy which, even if eventually proven true, will simply give people the choice of two failing elite groups rather than one. A slight improvement perhaps but hardly a great leap forward. Libyans need only to look across the sea to their hated leader's former friend Silvio Berlusconi to see just the sort of rubbish voting and democracy can saddle you with. So remember these as halcyon days for when Big Afro has been replaced by Big Oil or Big Turban you might start to wonder if the whole thing was worth the fuss in the first place.

And let's be honest Libya will never find another leader who can get away with the white suit and loafers look quite like the Colonel was able to. Like Mobutu Sese Seko before him he may have been a rotter but you could never argue with the threads. And I may be alone in this but does anyone else get the feeling that our own Dave is obsessing over Qadaffi and ignoring the likes of Assad simply because he wants revenge for Libya arming the Provies way back when and is thus doing little more than channelling the spirits of Airey Neave (albeit killed by the INLA, but a fierce opponent of republicanism nonetheless) and Ross McWhirter in this particular bout of warmongering? Just me then.
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As I approached Carlisle Circus on the northern side of inner city Belfast today my eyes were struck by the sight to the right. Yup, Sinn Fein win the (non-existent) prize for being the first shower to get their posters out for the upcoming parade of pointlessness that will be the Assembly and local government elections in May. Typical SF minor candidate really in being a female with untamed curly hair and a name Irished up for the posters - well, if she isn't actually called something like Carol Cullen I'll eat my hat.

Given the way politics has gone here these could prove to be the most pointless elections since the days of the Parliament of Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein and the DUP seem to be the happiest couple since Flavio and Marita the hip hippos and have settled comfortably into their mutual love-in whilst their respective bits of triangulation have left them both able to claim the middle round so leaving the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP effectively devoid of purpose. Hot air is being expelled about the possibility of Sinn Fein coming top but unless Seamy and Francine have been dropping a litter of octuplets every week whilst Billy and Irene have been on a nooky strike I can't see that happening. The UUP don't look like making any inroads into the DUP vote and I really can't see anything drastic happening in terms of support for Jim Allister and his mob of Ulster nationalists, embittered Ulster Resistance veterans and Enoch Powell lovers. Besides even if Sinn Fein did come top in the interests of money stability I'm sure the new and improved Peter Robinson would happily serve under Martin McGuinness for pots and pots of rhino the good of the Province.

Interestingly enough as I passed Sinn Fein's Ormeau Road offices on the way home I noticed that the crux of their election campaign seems to be one word - "leadership". Nice one. In a place where the people are led around by the nose by monolithic elites who never seem to go away and where the local assembly is about as far removed from democracy in its proper sense (you know, rule by the people) as it is possible to get the one thing we need is to be told what to do and what to think even more. I would laugh if their victory was not so bloody inevitable.

And on a (tenuously) related note as I traversed the myriad delights of the Crumlin Road I happened upon an unusually named street. Lovely place I'm sure (well, no actually it looked bloody horrible but I digress) but I'm left to wonder where it leads. Corruption Place perhaps? Maybe Sleaze Drive? Or even Pathetic Power-Hungry Short-Arse with a Face Made of Orange Clingfilm and a Tiny Penis Mews? Yup, he may be facing all sorts of corruption charges (from which he will no doubt emerge unscathed) but there is a corner of North Belfast that will be forever Berlusconi.

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I have kept my counsel about the latest mess surrounding my old friend Silvio Berlusconi until now but in an attempt to once again breathe life into the near moribund body of this august journal I feel the need to break my vow of silence. Were the stories of orgies involving underage girls and cocaine at plush villas about anybody else one would feel confident in suggesting that the individual involved would be facing not only ruin but a long overdue spell in the hoosegow. This being Il Cavaliere, of course, I doubt it will mean anything as the boy Berlusconi seems to have been coated in Teflon and Silpat and then laminated long ago, given that he has already overcome being outed as both a Mafiosi and a member of Propaganda Due, two facts that by right should land anybody with a ten stretch at least. Still where sex scandals are concerned a shrug of the shoulders from the wee man will no doubt lead to the standard roll of the eyes from the Italians and he can continue to hand over millions of state lolly to unknown Bulgarian actresses with impunity. Good God, if he appeared as a character in a Gabriel García Márquez novel you would reckon it far-fetched even by Gabo's standards. Let's just hope the Spanish press refrain from any front page nudie pics this time - I know they like to have a pop at the Italians but the world can do without any more of SIlvio's meat and two veg!

Elsewhere, of course it would be nice to see the back of Hosni Mubarak, a man who is so far removed from the Arab socialist visions of Nasser that it is untrue. How a dictator who has done absolutely nothing for the past God knows how long has managed to last thirty years is beyond me. Mind you if Mubarak is removed and is replaced by some acquiescent pro-American stooge it will all have been in vain, especially given that they are already in that role under the pro-Israeli Mubarak. At a time when unemployment and poverty are rife the last thing the Egyptians need is a dose of monetarism to make things worse. Mubarak out by all means but I just hope they are careful who they turn if and when it happens.

And finally the fuss about Gerry Adams - can somebody please explain? You and the rest of Sinn Fein have been happily participating in the Queen's own assembly for a number of years now Gerald meaning that the SS Sell-out has long since sailed so suddenly developing a bad taste in your mouth over the Chiltern Hundreds seems rather like locking the stable door after Her Majesty's horse has bolted. A shame the United Left Alliance aren't running in Louth as one of their boys beating Adams would have been perfect.
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Whilst going through the fortnightly post-venesection comedown (yes the haemochromatosis continues apace but I decided to stop boring you all about it ages ago as I know how quickly sympathy turns to ennui) I happened to catch something about those nice people at UKIP having a leadership election. How peachy - the thoroughly nice chaps whom I recently saw praising Geert Wilders on the compellingly awful RT need a new (or possibly old) leader. I had thought that the motley crew of faceless hallions (and Diane Abbott) looking to take the Labour leadership were a queer shower but by heck they have nothing on this lot.

David Campbell Bannerman, an ex-Tory, was a big fan of the rail privatisations that have worked so well. He has also rejected the idea that prisoners should be allowed to vote, apparently on the basis that the only people in jail are paedophiles and serial killers, which must come as news to all those desperate shoplifters and TV licence dodgers rotting in prison because they are poor.

Tim Congdon, an ex-Tory, is a hateful monetarist and a regular columnist for Standpoint, a right-wing, fiercely pro-American rag that has the borderline racist mission "to celebrate western civilisation" (and I'm with Gandhi on that one). His prowess is clearly demonstrated by the time he spent dishing out advice to the in no way hapless Kenneth Clarke. He also suffers from being an even bigger nonentity than Campbell Bannerman and that is saying something.

Nigel Farage, an ex-Tory, we all know of old and it hardly seems worthwhile relisting all his crimes. Still, let's remember him for his lap dance loving, video pirating wide boy that he is. He's as close as Britain has come to a Silvio Berlusconi clone and it is to the disgrace of the working class that so many of the lumpen vote for this champagne-swilling, toffee-nosed, expenses devouring bastard. If only the IPLO was still around to rid us of this real life version of the Martin Clunes character in the Tim Nice But Dim sketches.

Finally we have Winston McKenzie, an ex-Tory (and Liberal Democrat and Labour and Veritas and even his own Unity Party), possibly the weirdest of the lot. A former boxer he is Jamaican by birth but has advocated an end to all immigration (how did you end up in Britain then, Winny), had his bar closed down because of all the drug dealing going on there and even tried out as a contestant on the sodding X Factor. I once talked about the singularly bizarre individual that was the late, unlamented Tony Halme - well it appears his British equivalent has finally been unearthed in possibly the strangest "we're not racist, honest" candidate ever.

The credibility-sapping ridiculousness of all four of these morons should by rights be enough to kill off UKIP once and for all but, like Philip Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Boris Johnson, they seem to be the racists that everybody has a blind spot for and come the next European elections I'm sure they'll romp him with the lovely Mr. Farage (whom I expect to win) grabbing his crotch and parading some 17 year old strumpet in a desperate Vladimir Zhirinovsky-inspired attempt at silencing any of those sort of rumours. Where would we be without them?!
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Far be it from me to laugh at the physical suffering of another human being but, in my best Nelson Muntz voice, HA HA! If ever anybody in the world deserved a good dig in the bake it is surely Silvio Berlusconi, the vilest creature to ever win an election (because of course, George W. Bush never won an election in his life). The delusion of the man is beyond a joke as he suggests people dislike him because he is handsome whilst sporting a face that looks like something a robber would wear whilst holding up a bank and a head of hair that even Mick McManus himself could legitimately critique as unnatural. One can only hope that perhaps he has finally had some sense knocked into him by the whole ordeal but I won't hold my breath on that score.

New Look for Silvio

One for the scrapbook!
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Well, all in all the European elections produced a fairly inevitable series of results. The humiliation handed to Gordon Brown was in many ways deserved although turning votes over to the Tories hardly makes much sense given their own close involvement in the claims scandal. Of course it was equally inevitable that the UK Independence Party would profit, although despite their hot air it was hardly that great a leap forward. They remain the Tories' bitches and indeed this may become more the case now that the Tories are setting up a Eurosceptic group of their own whilst UKIP still have no chance in any other election. Still at least the anti-EU rabble will get a step closer to their wish now as it is the European Parliament that determines Britain's EU membership. Whoops!

Equally inevitable was the success of the BNP, although I must admit that I had hoped they would be restricted to one seat rather than two. Still, the diseased minds of people blinded by hate have spoken and in order to teach one one-eyed tosspot in Gordon Brown a lesson another one-eyed tosspot in Nick Griffin has been elected. Nice to see too that, for all the fuss the BNP makes about not being neo-Nazi, they had Andrew Brons elected, a veteran of Colin Jordan's unashamed National Socialist Movement and John Tyndall's Greater Britain Movement during their synagogue burning and Jomo Kenyatta arresting days. The self same Andrew Brons who, as leader of the National Front, sought to turn them to Strasserism before splitting from the "Political Solider", Italian and Romanian obsessed wing of Griffin etc. "Left wing" Nazism is still Nazism, Andy old son! Given that Patrick Harrington is already back in the fold with the BNP's joke of a union I'm left to wonder which of Griffin's former enemies will he dig up next? Happen he'll recall Joe Pearce from his cushy number at a Catholic fundamentalist university or dig Martin Webster out of whatever gay knocking shop he is holed up in these days. I mean it is bad enough them winning county council seats but now this. Plus Griffin is already on record as saying that he only wants MEPs to use their salaries and expenses to fund the BNP (and his own pocket no doubt) so anybody voting for them due to dodgy claims is in for a shock as they put in a slew of bogus expenses claims to prop up production of the ailing Voice of Freedom. Nice work again voters!

On the wider European stage it was equally depressing, if not more so. Given the trouble that unfettered capitalism has caused I fail to see why people seem to think that voting for its standard bearers is a good idea. Equally how badly does it reflect on France and Italy that they seem to think so highly of their corrupt, megalomaniac, short-arse leaders, especially now that the latter's knob has become public property (NSFW). A big "boo" to the Dutch as well for voting for bouffant aficionado Geert Wilders but I suppose a country based on the twin, highly contradictory pillars of rampant libertarian secularism and fundamentalist Calvinism is always going to drink up Wilders' brand of Islamophobia like so much cheap wine. Bad decision nonetheless and one that reflects badly on a significant section of the Dutch electorate.

The biggest boo of all however belongs to Hungary for giving seats to those bastards Jobbik. Close mates with the BNP, their leader Krisztina Morvai makes no bones about her extremism with her ranting about "gypsy criminality", "Jewish Bolsheviks" and "ZOG". This is a group that happily runs its own private army, the Hungarian Guard, and, in case the obvious Nazi connotations of such a fact were lost on anyone, this fascist thug battalion bases its symbol on that of the collaborationist Arrow Cross. There are certainly obvious parallels between Jobbik's attempts to build up its own storm troopers and Ferenc Szálasi's mass movement in the Arrow Cross and the readiness of some people to still back such violent reactionary nonsense, even after the death and destruction caused by Hungary's quite embarrassing war record as stooges of Nazi Germany, shows that idiocy never goes out of fashion. The character of the Hungarian Guard was summed up on January 17th when their leader Gabor Vona said that a court ruling banning them meant nothing. Nice guy! Above all however I can't be alone in being worried by the fact that a significant number of people are prepared to say "we hate our fellow human beings so much that we are prepared to vote for a return to the politics of the 1930s". A black day for Hungary, a country I have hitherto respected for its strong culture that has only ever been enriched by being a melting-pot of Ugrian, Slavic, Roma, German and even French identities, and a worrying trend for Europe as a whole.

So all in all a pretty horrific round of results that have demonstrated how fundamentally stupid a lot of people are and how a significant minority are prepared to instigate a new shame for Europe in the name of invented group loyalties and prejudices. It's all such a pain in the arse really, isn't it?! Well, I'm off to crawl under the duvet and await World War Three.
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More flaming E-bay drama! Indeed a direct repeat of the previous incident as another tosser has opened an unpaid item dispute for a payment that has been made. I dont mind these things when I'm in the wrong but when I'm not I can really do without e-mails threatening me with no-payment black marks or whatever they call their piddling little attacks. An angry missive has been sent off to E-bay lambasting them for wasting my time with this crap but unsurprisingly I have heard nothing back from them or the idiot who started this as they are pretty damn good at starting these things but bloody slow about dealing with them. I reckon that once my current load of stuff has been delivered my E-bay account will be shut down as two of these things in a fortnight, coming hot on the heels of two separate incidents of security breaches of my account, both of which they tried to blame on me, are more than enough shoddy service for one lifetime.

Elsewhere this made me chuckle a tad and shudder somewhat as there is something deeply disturbing about a man in his 70s being involved with 18 year olds. Given all the sleaze and another recent round of divorce proceedings, could it be that Silvio is going to trade in Veronica Lario for our own Tessa Jowell? No scrub that, he'll probably marry some 12 year old next, judging by the way he's going. Like I say, shudder.

Oh yes and given recent events it is that time of year again when I revisit the predictions I made at the start of the season. Feel free to ignore (which you will):

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Dumb and Dumber. Now there was a crap film. What else could it be when it starred acting's answer to the Hitler-Stalin pact in Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. So bad it was that it spawned a grammatically challenged prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, a bridge too far even for Messrs Carrey and Daniels, hardly men known for their discerning choice in roles. Mind you if they ever do get round to a third instalment (Dumb and Dumbester: The Bottom of the Barrel perhaps?) there are two fantastic actors who would be ideal for the title roles - George W. Bush and Silvio Berlusconi. I'm not sure what's worse about this whole incident - the fact that Silvio would get so annoyed at what are perfectly apt descriptions of him (has he turned into Thin-Skin Sarkozy when I wasn't looking) or the fact that Bush would be involved in describing anybody as an amateur who is hated by many. Given that both men have proven themselves to be decidedly amateurish in everything they have done in politics and given the fact that both have built up enormous feelings of hatred in otherwise perfectly sane people I feel that this is a case of as God made them he matched them. Dumb and Dumber alright, although rated 18 for sex and violence.

And speaking of wallies, the cesspool of YouTube has finally come up with the goods by dealing out one of the Two Ronnies most unintentionally funny moments ever. Go about five minutes or so in and you will soon see the weirdest bunch of weirdoes ever assembled. The women all seem to have the exact same face, the old guy with the mutton chops is far too confident for somebody who makes his living out of ringing bells and what the deal is with the bearded guy in the blue taffeta dress and crown I will never know. And yes, I'm fully aware that this would have been much more appropriate in December but given the highly transient nature of the internet one must grab these things when one gets the chance.

Moving on

Jun. 26th, 2008 02:33 pm
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I'm drawing a veil over Turkey's painfully unlucky defeat last night. Rats! I'll turn my attention instead to another old friend as I see Silvio has been at it again. When a guy as corrupt as him starts complaining about being brought to trial when he has cheated justice so many times it quickly becomes a sick joke. I would be tempted to say that anywhere else he would be rotting in jail but when you look at what politicians here get away with I suspect that it is the same the world over. Still, at least they have the decency not to moan about it whilst parading their dodgy facelifts and dyed hair transplants. And where one short-arsed right wing populist tosspot gets the column inches (hardly apt given the long deleted nudey photo of Silvio that did the rounds) another is bound to follow as Mr. I Don’t Drink had a bit of a scare in Israel. One is tempted to wonder whether the border guard just got so sick of the media circus that follows the little man who can't and his feckless wife that he felt compelled to end it all. After all, who can't help but feel the will to live slip away when this middle-aged retread of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is forced down your throat. Ruddy Philipp Lahm!
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Oh eck, not him again! I notice the Beeb are still persisting in calling Silvio "centre right", an odd title for an anti-immigration, new right populist nutjob who has already promised a leading role in government to Il Duce's little porn star Alessandra Mussolini. Still, perhaps the more important thought is can Europe really cope with Berlusconi and Sarkozy at the same time, puffing their chests out and comparing bedpost notches and hair-dye tips? More to the point, if the two of them ever end up in the same room as Vladimir Putin will the o-zone layer just disappear entirely due to the highest concentration of Brut aftershave ever found in one room? I look forward to the time in 3 years or so when Silvio steps down and hands over the reins to everybody's favourite "post fascist" Gianfranco Fini and the newly ensconced David Cameron welcomes the man who is on record as saying "Fascism has a tradition of honesty, correctness and good government" to Number 10. Happen when the time does come he can get his old mate Neil Hamilton to show him around London. Ah, Silvio, it's like you've never been away!

Mon pénis est plus grand que le vôtre
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One from the "it's a funny old world" file here. Not so long ago on here I revealed, much to the chagrin of [ profile] caddyman as I recall, my fondness for Shonen Knife. Now those of you who also follow them (which I believe is none of you) will be aware that they stuck a new album by the name of Fun! Fun! Fun! out this year. To the best of my knowledge this has not been released in Blighty so after a load of trailing I finally tracked down a Japanese individual on e-bay who was prepared to export to the Province. Now, having been denied a switch card and having no desire to own a credit card I am forced to do that PayPal jazz by bank transfer. If I buy from a chap in Newcastle-under-Lyme or a lass in Dudley I invariably have to wait a week or so until said transfer actually happens which is a little annoying but generally tolerable. That being the case I am left to wonder why a bank transfer to Japan cleared a few seconds after I made it. I had no idea that the Bank of Ireland had opened a Japanese branch, much less that it was their most efficient branch in the world. Well, you live and learn.

One from the "it's a stupid old world" file here. I must admit I quite enjoy these lj tags as they give an idea of what something is about, meaning you can skip what doesn't appeal, and also allow you to find entries a lot quicker. What I don't much like is this new innovation that automatically adds spaces between them. Talk about dumbing down - we are capable of knowing where to add spaces, Frank the goat. I suppose this is aimed at those youngsters on here who are prone to streams of consciousness that say something like "OMGIMGONNAKILMSELFNOIMNOTLOL" but for the rest of us it is a little bit of an impertinence. So, any of you clever computer types know a way to make it stop happening?

One from the "it's a sleazy old world" file here. I notice my old friend Silvio is at it again, this time launching another new party of the "centre right" You've done that before, Silvio. It worked for a while when you brought in 'post fascists' and separatist loonies then stopped working and now you are on the scrapheap. Plus building the mass party is a communist aim and not something the right should be concerning itself with, unless your name happens to be Codreanu or Hitler. God but I would love to sit down with the editor of the BBC's politics output and argue the toss with him or her with regards to how they make out that a right wing populist who enters coalitions with self described fascists is centre right.

Well, that's the files exhausted for one day so you can now return to your normal lives - assuming anybody has bothered to read this far.
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BBC News24, that humdrum-trocious propaganda fest that pollutes the airwaves of the terrestrials of an evening was agog last night with the news that Peronism has triumphed again. OK, so their angle was Argentina electing its first female President but that is what it amounts to. The Beeb can dub Peronism centre left all it wants (mind you this is the channel that has Berlusconi as centre right) what it amounts to is the worst type of co-option of vaguely left wing ideas to an authoritarian traditionalist institutional load of old cobblers. The constant favourable comparisons with "Evita" also left a nasty taste. I've already ranted on here about why this glorification of a falangist moll sickens me so I won't get into it again but when a supposedly respectable media outlet lets its copy be decided by the fact that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a musical about somebody there must be something wrong. So if old toothy belts out "Mussolini the Musical" we'll suddenly hear that old queen John Simpson telling us how beloved Silvio is and how he is the new Mussolini? Sort it out, people. Plus the title previously conferred on Benazir Bhutto remains in no danger of changing hands to Miss Plastic Not-so-fantastic.

Anyway for those of you who have actually bothered to read this far but are thinking "who the hell cares about Argentine politics, you boring windbag" then perhaps a 400 year old clam will be of more interest. "Internet? In my day we had the town crier and liked it!"
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One thing I have been sick to the back teeth of recently is all this constant crowing about how Manchester United are going to win the treble and how the neutral fan should supposedly want Chelsea to lose to them because they have a Russian billionaire whilst United are the people's club because their billionaire is American. So suffice to say I was more than a little happy at last night's result. And yes, before anybody says Berlusconi is every bit as reprehensible as Malcolm Glazer but I haven't been force-fed a diet of AC Milan as the best thing since sliced bread for the last lot of months. Good to see the so-called best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo doing his usual big game performance. The little bitch wasn't even the best player on the pitch as, for my money, Kaka and Gattuso are way in front of him. Good stuff all round!

What else do we have? UVF giving up armed struggle? Ho-hum. No doubt they'll return when it suits them under a different name as the UDA was hell for. Local elections? Don't care as we're not having them and the buggers are likely to screw up a couple of my chapters depending on how the results go.

Not a lot else to report really, except that I'm away to Edinburgh tomorrow and so will disappear from here until Tuesday. I'll see some of you tomorrow but otherwise enjoy the tedium of a long weekend.
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By accident the other night, and then again today, I happened to stumble across the news that Auntie is still flogging the dead horse that is Red Nose Day and that the whole debacle is due to come around again in the next lot of weeks. OH GOD!!! I know the whole thing is for charidee but can there be a bigger waste of time than Comic Relief? The night itself just seems to exist to give Lenny Henry work whilst the whole build-up is toe-curlingly bad, featuring as it does shop workers in clown wigs, idiots pan-handling in low quality Super Mario Brothers costumes (as actually happened to me a few years ago) and ever-so with-it middle managers doing terribly rebellious things like wearing jeans into the boardroom. Zany! Plus not content with all that, they now feel fit to inflict that unadulterated wanker Russell Brand upon us to make the misery complete. Their chances of getting scrouse out of me? Nitto!

Speaking of crass attempts to gain publicity, I see my old mucker Silvio Berlusconi (and just what are Putin and him comparing?!)* is at it again. The latest wheeze to keep his name going seems to be getting his wife to demand a public apology for his ways. Now Veronica Lario, she of the schlock fiasco that was Tenebre, is not a bad bit of skirt, even if she has been showing the same plastic surgery addiction as her husband in recent years (he said like the enlightened, Female Eunuch reading, feminist male that he is) but can there be anything more unlikely than pulling up a serial sleaze like Silvio over a bit of the other? Or do we see another attempt by a fading old has-been to prove his populist manhood (and we've already seen how that measures up, folks!). A bit like this routine really**. Come on Silv, give it up as a bad job and grow old with a bit of dignity, you buffoon. I wonder is John Prescott getting ideas as we speak?!

*Credit to [ profile] queenmartina for pointing me in the direction of that little homoerotic gem!
**And again. Where do you find these things?!
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Told you I might stage a comeback today. Well, it's either this or work and my head really doesn't feel in the game at the mo for that sort of nonsense.

Well, Pinochet's on his last legs and Berlusconi might not be far behind him (chance would be a fine thing) but I feel a tad too ropey to gloat about either of them. Instead I'll bore the pants off everybody with a stack of surveys stole from various people.

Memes, memes, memes )


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