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Long-term readers, if any, will recall that I started updating this crap from home back in 2009 after I finally acquired my own laptop. Well guess what? Yup, I've finally acquired laptop number two and this post is the first to be delivered from it. Yay!

Inevitably I'm still trying to find my feet on the new effort, adding the bits and pieces that I'm used to but which do not come as standard and attempting to iron out teething problems as I go. I've been a Windows Vista man since I first started using my own machine and so the sudden jump to Windows 10 has been a culture shock and, as things stand I hate bits of the new set up (switching between internet windows specifically, as well as the inability to resize pictures in that poor excuse for a replacement for Picture Editor or whatever it's called). Still, moves are always traumatic and happen things will settle down when, for instance, Microsoft office has finally arrived (and by God but hasn't that become eye-wateringly expensive).

In some ways I'll miss my old machine and it's still standing at the side in case I need it, notwithstanding the seemingly daily warnings that 2017 is the year in which Vista is going to be killed with fire. But in saying that the clamp that holds the broken hinge and casing place, the sheer weight of the bloody thing, the space bar that only occasionally worked, the "m" key that regularly broke and its general slowness this last year or so can all do one right now. Music and sundry files still need to be transferred over but for now all that can wait until I familiarise myself a touch more with things.

But otherwise woah, new stuff and junk.
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