Apr. 8th, 2017

The end...?

Apr. 8th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Not for the first time in memory it seems that a mass exodus from Livejournal is afoot, with several announcing their departures and promising deletions in the next few days. Armageddon it seems is here after some virtually unreadable bit of non-binding legalese that seems to suggest we will all be subjected to Russian laws on here (an extra layer of oppression to go along with the Investigatory Powers Act, if you will). I'm still trying to work out whether or not I care enough and as such am not necessarily adding my name to the exodus. I'm in the process of exporting to Dreamwidth in case they decide to throw me out for saying the Vladimir Putin loves sleeping with men but, having looked at it, it still looks as much like a tinpot knock-off of this place as it ever did. This journal has been on life support for years anyway and I seriously doubt it would survive a move to an even more sparsely populated version and, try as I might, their whole granting access model makes no sense to a 20th Century boy like me. That and a previous import six years ago appears to have led to a lot of formatting foul-ups and I'm far too old and tired to start learning a whole new set of rules on that score.

Who knows? We'll see what happens although I suspect there are a few of you whose paths I won't cross again. A shame really but if our encounters are over farewell to you and it's been really rather lovely while it lasted. For me I may soldier on here, I may give Dreamwdith a go or I might just finally grow out of this silly habit and leave it to rot as a monument the follies of my youth and middle age. As the man said, still to decide.


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